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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Straight Talk about Congress, Politics, and the Gun laws

 Simply put, it's as if they pissed on the graves  of the Newtown children! THAT is how low the republican party has, in the interest of POLITICS , sunk with their blocking of Gun legislation!!! And despite all their lies to the contrary , it is all about Politics!!! And   I ask you America, how shameful is it, that they(the republicans) would create a lie, promote a lie, and stand by a lie, even in the face of something that demanded clear action, Which the Newtown Tragedy clearly was!! And rather than focus on the fact and the reality, which is that, due to assault weapons ,20 children, kindergartners, were slaughtered, these supposed men of "honor" these congressmen AND women, instead chose to focus on falsehood and fantasy! The falsehood and fantasy that the "gov" was somehow engineering a mass confisciation of Guns in America!! the BIG LIE of there being a consitutional question here! All for the sake of Politics!!!! Here's the STRAIGHT talk! The republican led congress, to score political points with their base, because thats all it scored with, put the interests of POLITICS above the deaths of Children! It cannot be seen or said any more succintly than that! And that is a sad reflection of the state of this nation and the politics of same!!! Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others, these are the scum of the earth, and anyone who is proud to have them represent them, needs to be considered just as low! Becasue in America yesterday, Congress in the interest of Politics, and Politics alone, spit on the graves of 20 Children, and to me, Arpil 17 is a day that should live in Infamy! And thats STRAIGHT TALK!!!!