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Monday, April 30, 2012

political leftovers!

Let's enjoy some of the political leftovers from the Big dinner over the weekend shall we? Firstly :Do you think the growing elitism of the Correspondents dinner is endearing DC to America or further alienating it? I say the latter! Is the elimination of Bin Laden a camapign issue? If Mitt and the republicans make it one , yes! Simply put this was truly "mission accomplished! And you have to think in retrospect how many American lives  would have been spared if this had been the focus than say, a unnecessary war in Iraq! Who will be Romneys running mate? It will be interesting to see if the republicans can avoid another eclipsing of their nominee by their VP pick!
Is it time for a first lady debate? With the way they are continually trotted out on the campaign trial it just might be!John Boehner is a lame duck as speaker no matter who wins the presidency! Look for a no confidence vote early in 2013! and lastly, no matter what the back and forth in the media and on the campaign trail this summer, this presidential race will be decided where it has gained the most significance: ON THE DEBATE STAGE!!! Ok time to put these leftovers back in the fridge!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

20 years later!(Rodney king & racism in America)

One of the more heinous examples of racism in America in the last century is the beating of Rodney King! A outrage that highlighted the indifferance that much of society had and still has, sad to say, towards the rights, lives, and dignity of black men! And now here, some 20 years later, 20 years after the beating, Simi Valley, and the riots that followed, with the struggle to get justice for trayvon martin, and all other kinds of racism clearly still prelevant in America, the question so succintly posed by mr. King to all of America still remains unanswered: Can we all just get along? And that still is the question, can, like another King before Rodney, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "little black boys and little white boys play together" without the shadow of racism? Can we as a people , as americans, get to the promised land together, without the chaos and confusion casued by those who would use the racist premises of white privillege, and white supriority to divide us? Can we in America end racism as a mitigating factor in our society? Well with Black America still having to march by the thousands to get the simplest of actions to be taken, with brown people being routinely stereotyped and negatively profiled, with asian people being  targeted I think the answer to that question remains very clear, as long as we, by inaction and indifferance, allow racism to flourish and continue, then we will never be able to get along. And that is a sad statement to make, here, some 20 years later in America!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the struggle to command!

Now that Mitt Romeny has sealed his position as the Republican Nominee, the true struggle to command begins! And that battle will be waged in whose message will resonate!!! The office of President will be won in the battle of words! Whose words matter more, how pointed they are, and where they strike!And in this game of thrones, it must be understood that wasted words are the path to opportunity lost! Message must be met  and countered, because indeed, if the strength of one candidates message is effectively blunted, then victory for the other candidate is assured! Mitt Romney is counting on his economic message to Blunt Obama's efforts, in the manner in which Health care was blunted in 2010, so President Obama would do well to focus on overturning that basket, now as opposed to later! The struggle to command is indeed a war, and without the proper strategems employed, it is a war that could be lost, and as such where things stand cannot and must not be lost on either Republican effort or democratic!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The debt!

As Barrack Obama  races for re-election, he needs to recognize and remember the debt that is owed, and has yet to be paid! For as he contends for re-election, it will ,Once again, be the Black vote that provides the foundation upon which he will stand! The black vote that will bolster him when he falters, and it will be the black vote that will shine like a light when he is surrounded by the political darkness! President Clinton, before Barrack Obama recognized the massive debt that he, as a Democratic president Running for re-election, owed to the Black vote, and he never forgot it, and to this day he pays homage to it! And as President Obama struggles to make his way in a contentious election, indeed in a election where most of the contention is formed in and will be based in race, President Obama , I hope will remember that, while so many have wished and worked for him to fail, the black vote has and will work for him to succeed! And that is a Debt Mr. Obama, that win or lose, can never be repaid, and should be allways Honored!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

If I ran the Romney Campaign!!

If I ran the Romney campaign, My prime objective would be to insure that my candidate does not become a one trick pony! Romney's claim of Economic superiority can and should be fast undermined by the reality of Obama's successes economically IE: the Auto bailout, the stimulus, TARP, and the continually improving unemployment rate, so Mitt Romney cannot afford to become a Rick Santorum, locked into one niche. Somehow, I would endeavor to create a greater focus on Mitt, as a everyman, as a person, as someone Id like to vote for. Because in the end, THAT is where Mitt will either succeed or fail! If he is seen as someone that people from New Hampshire to LA would like to see as president, and would vote for then he will win. Because  sad to say (for Mitt  and the republicans) the economic message simply will not be enough! the Ann Romney Ads, for example were a  step in the right direction, but It is Mitt who must take that center stage and create a relatable appeal, and he only has 6 months to do it! That is what id do if I was running the Romney Campaign!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

If I ran the Obama re-election campaign

What would i do if I ran the Obama re-election campaign? Simply put, if i ran the Obama re-election effort, I would run on the presidents record as opposed to running from it IE: Gore 2000.
If I  was in charge of the Obama re-election effort, I would use the presidents record, and successes of same, to paint a picture of success and the effort to create same, and then contrast it against the obstructionism and efforts to create and foster failure by the republicans and Mitt Romney! I'd trumpet the success of TARP, The stimulus, the auto bailout and other such things, and then Id bring, to the public theatre, the contrast of the imagery and public statements of such republican luminaries as Rush limbaugh, Mitch Mcconnell, and Mitt Romney himself. Not to mention Fox News and others, as they wished  and worked for failure in America!!! They say the president has no record to run on, But I disagree STRONGLY, and if I were in the position of running the Obama re-election effort, I would indeed run on the Obama record and the accomplishments of same, while contrasting it with the efforts of the republicans to create and foster failure! Because that contrast, and with the clear establishment of same, positive versus negative, success versus failure, is, in MY opinion, a clear path to Victory for the Obama Re-election effort!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A few words about this & that!!

Just wanna say a  few words about political this's and thats!!! Firstly: While the Secret Svc incident is a embarassment and a dereliction of duty, they are still only human! Heads will roll, and they should, but hey, we're talking COLUMBIAN HOOKERS here!:) I see a few republican rags made a small fuss about Sec of State Hillary Clinton having a little me time. Well I think its high time that we in America address this 18th century version of Morality that we seem to have when it comes to American politics, and how it relates to American sociology!!! If Hillary cant have me time, then who can? Far as the latest WAR photos from Afghanistan goes, if the Muslim world were as outraged over the fact that their people are blowing themselves up as they are over such photos, the world would be a better place! Not saying we are justified, because as long as we profess to be the moral center and guardian of the world, we can never do such things, but when people who revel in such things as beheadings, the maiming and the killing of women, and , as I'll never forget, people who DANCED in the streets after 9/11/01 become outraged over such issues, its like the pot calling the kettle black!! If President Obama doesnt treat this re-election fight like the fight it is, he may indeed have to Pack his bags! Mitt Romney may be a "weak" candidate but he has and will have a lot behind him as this camapign progresses, and if Barrack Obama wants to spare himself, and all those who support him, the ignominity of his being a "one term president" then he'd better ramp it up and keep it ramped up until, as ive said here before, THE REPUBLICAN CONCEDES!!! OK, well thats more than a few words, later!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Long Hot Summer!!

With Mitt Romney finally securing(apparently) the G.O.P. nod, it seems that we in America have a long hot summer of presidentital politics to look forward to! For with the field cleared and with the race now being one on one, look for the media, which has allready gorged itself at the teat of triviality, to engage even further into the depths of mediocre pursuit! This is a race for the future , for all the marbles, for the presidency!And I for one, given the importance and the significance of the next 6 months , do hope that triviality doesnt rule the day! Because this summer is going to be long and hot enough regardless! It;s President Obama, It's Mitt Romney, its democrats, it's republicans, its rhetoric, it's reality, it's fact, and it's fallacy, but most of all IT"S IMPORTANT!!! And lets not let that be lost in the heat of the Long political summer!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Political Potpourri!!!

OK folks here's aheaping helping of all things national.

While it should be clear that Mothering is the hardest job any woman can have, the republicans can in no way stand up for women's right to choose! Last I saw they(The Republicans) were fighting to take away that very right! People keep Talking about Mitt Romney's "unlikeability". I assure you he will become VERY liked among republicans after the republican convention! Sarah Palin, so Hot, both physically and politically, but she keeps saying the wrong things!!!!! Allen West for VP? Are you serious Sarah? On the VP note, I wonder if Mitt offered Sarah Palin the VP job would she take it? President Obama, stop with the statesmanship and remember, this is a FIGHT!!! Your opponents are not, and will not be playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules! Remember 2010 and the health care debate!!!! Nothing has changed, they still want you to be a one term president and a failure!!! And if you revert to that 2010 posture you will be!!! How many months of economic growth & declining Jobless Nos. will it take before it is admitted that the US is recovery mode? The silence from the republican congress lately is truly deafening, they are in serious trouble, and John Boheners leadership position is going, going gone!  Well thats it people,
enjoy the strange political brew!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Republican rhetoric Vs Obama's reality and a few words about 2016

With the republican nomination almost secure in Romneys hands, the final showdown between republican rhetoric(which will now become Romneys rhetoric) and the reality of Obama's policies of the last four years has begun! Will it be a repeat of 2010, where the passivity of the democrats and the Obama administration, and the hubris of same, led to a devastating defeat for democrats and a resurgence of of a republican party that was all but dead, or will it be a aggressive push by the democrats ,as they did in 2008, that regulated the republican party to the fringe? The next 6 months will tell, but   make no mistake, this is and will be a battle between rhetoric & reality! And the voice of same who holds the field will win the day! If  the rhetoric of the republicans drowns out the reality of democratic success, as it was allowed to in 2010 then President Obama will indeed be a "one term president". But, If the president can once again grasp and hold the attention of the nation, and then regale them with the success of things like the stimulus, the auto bail out, the end of the war in Iraq, the killing of Bin Laden, and the steady decline of the jobless rate, and the rise of wall street, then his re-eelction is secure! Rhetoric Vs reality which side are you on America?

And, with this election now in full swing, it is very interesting how this election sets up quite a political stage for the future, because the current republican dustup is nothing to what we will see in 2016, win or lose for the republicans! Because lets be frank here, If Romney does somehow pull it off, unless he has a economic resurgence of clintonian proportions, he will be primaried in 2016, and you can see many of those who will challenge him , if he wins, in support of him now.Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley and more, and of course the shadow of Sarah Palin will more than likely loom over all(especially after her upcoming speech at the Republican Convention later this year! And, if he doesnt win, look for all of these individuals named to be engaged in a political donnybrook in 2016! And dont think that this doesnt extend to the Dems as well, because if Obama wins, you can expect Joe Biden to be primaried(if he decides to run in 2016) as well! with Govs Like Andrew Cuomo chomping at the bit, and with the womens vote becoming a major factor(can you say Hillary 2016, and make no mistake Hillary will be at the top of everyones list in 2016) you can say that 2012 may indeed be only a prelim for the main political even that is to come in 2016!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post primary analysis

The results of the latest republican primaries are in, and as I said, Rick Santorum must now begin to read the handwriting on the proverbial wall, and Indeed he , as a candidate, has his proverbial back to the wall, as he now faces the very real possibility of losing in his own home state to Mitt Romney!! As I said months ago on this blog, Mitt Romney is running the race of his life, and nothing is going to dissuade him or deter him! Rick Santorum, has flashed in the republican pan, but for all intents and purposes this process is over. And after a humbling defeat of Santorum in Pennsylvania in 3 weeks, Mitt Romney will be in a position to proclaim that!