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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday political barbecue

Sarah Palin may be running for president, thats a surprise? I hope she runs, because she will shake up the republicans who have been running away from her! And to those who keep saying she's dumb, I say shes no dumber than the rest of them! The womans been  a mayor and a gov. What are we saying that all Alaskans are stupid?(dont answer that!) Run Sarah Run! Shake up that old boy network! Thank God for Paul Ryan! He has single handledly handed  we democrats back the House in 2012! He needs to talk to Newt about the last outrageous document that was foisted on America By the republicans. What was it called Newt? Oh yes "the Contract with America"! Newt's still trying to live that one down! Why is the republican solution for everything the liquidation of resources IE: voucher programs? When the cash is gone so is the program, and America do you really trust these republicans to continue funding such"voucher programs when the money is gone? I dont think so! Keep up the great work Paul Ryan, we democrats really appreciate it! As far as Pakistan goes two words: F- Pakistan! Im not with president Bush on many things but i was with him 100 percent on this sentiment: Either youre with us or youre against us! And by harboring Bin laden for 10 years, while getting millions of dollars in foreign aid only proves where they stood! F-ck em! With friends like them who needs enemies? And as I close this political barbeque, let us take a moment this memorial day weekend to honor and remember the fallen, those who have given the ultimate to preserve this great way of life we enjoy every day! Thank you to the troops and those who fight and protect our freedom and America!

Monday, May 23, 2011

the great white hope 2012

It has become pretty apparent that the republican campaign for president has become a search for the great white hope!And, as each contender lines up, its apparent that you need not have ideas for all americans. You need not be young, you need not be female, you need not be a person of color! All you need be is rich stuffy , stodgy and white! Great way to endear yourselves to all americans, or to paraphrase Sarah Palin, Hows that working for ya? This and other examples of redundant and retroactive thinking only proves why the republicans are unfit to lead in america   and why, barring a miracle from the heavens, Barrack Obama will win a second term in the white house!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama's Middle east speech:the aftermath

It seems that all of the salient points and wise words the President issued forth on thursday were lost in the aftermath of his speech due to his assertions about israel and it's 1967 Borders( a task that, lets be frank, isgoing to be impossible to achieve. That would be akin to returning the Louisiana purchase to the french) And indeed, as we enter into this elctorial cycle, Im sure the presidents handlers are pulling out their hair by the roots wondering how to solidify their jewish support.( and after last evening when I saw something U never see in NYC , jews in times  square protesting about the issue) because this will be  major issue for same. The middle east is indeed at a turning point, but it could easily turn once again on this one issue, and why the president thrust this issue back into the forefront at this time I'll never know. Make no mistake, Israel must do better for Palestine, because that will do better for Israel in the long run. But the USA must not, and should not, join, in what has gone on for too long in the arab world, the scapegoating of israel and the using of the palestinian issue as a straw man. The full attention of the Arab world finally is where it should be, the last thing we should be doing right now is rediverting it away, as arab leaders and dictators and terrorists have done for far too long! I hope that the statements made by our president serve as a wake up call to Prime minister Netannyu, so that futher Israeli expansion stops, because that is the true reality and issue that must be addressed here. But it must also be understood that the way foreward to peace and a palestinian state in the middle east is forward, certainly not backward!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obama & the Middle east

As the president prepares to speak before the world tomorrow regarding American foreign Policy. One thing, whatever he says ,will remain clear, and that is the fact that America stands with freedom and those who seek it! With the Middle east having finally grown tired of the totalitarianism, greed, injustice and tyranny that has been part and parcel of the region for so long, It will be to the presidents credit as he highlights how that all that those who are fighting and standing up for from egypt to syria , is what America is all about! The opportunity for change is ripe in the middle east and it is to the presidents credit that he is reaching out to grasp the brass ring! And that Brass ring is the trust and acceptance of the arab world. And if the arab world can somhow,even a little, grasp that hey, maybe the USA isnt so bad after all,   then so much the better. It has been over ten years since the world was tilted on its axis by the madness of the middle east. Perhaps tomorrow President Obama can help to restore the world some of the balance it lost!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leadership quality versu Political quanity

With the 2012 electorial cycle beginning, we will hear a lot about leadership and who has provided it or can provide it. But the fact of the matter is, who will be able to say whom has had leadership with quality? Leadership, true leadership that leads, leadership for the people, not leadership that has political agenda or politically quanitative aims. Since before he took Office, our curent president has faced exactly that. Leadership that had a specific political agenda and leadership that had quanitative political aims. Leadership that publically came out and said, and I quote" I hope he fails" So, given these unalienable facts, I for one, do hope that in this upcoming presidential electorial cycle, the american people see and show by their vote that they are for leadership that is of Political quality versus that leadership that is only concerned with political quanity! Because to be frank, it is political quanity that has driven the debate over the last four years, nothing of public quality. And in this electorial cycle America can take a giant step forward by, with their vote, saying enough is enough to those to whom things like birth certificates ,  rappers on guest lists, and having public options matter! Leadership quality or Political quanity which do you choose America?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leadership and the Debt Ceiling (Go Hard Obama Go hard)

With the lines being drawn(partisanly of course)  it will be a question of leadership to see whether or not this matter is resolved positively or politically. Because simply put : It is a fact that ,under the leadership of the republicans , the massive debt that America languishes was created. It is a fact that, under the republican congress , all of the financial issues that plague the American people were created( does anybody still have the 300.00 dollars that Bush gave you back in 2001?)  So, to see the republicans posturing and presenting themselves as the stewards of financial and fiscal responsibility is simply ludicrous! Make no mistake, the only thing that is being stewarded here is the republicans hopes for control  and poltical victory in 2012.Now is the time for the dems to stand firm on a issue(FOR A CHANGE) Now is the time to call a spade a spade and to call politics politics, and if the USA defaults on its debt and is embarrassed internationally so be it.  Because the blame will lie where it should :on the architects of this disaster, the republicans. But this cannot be done without leadership. And it will take leadership on this issue for and from the democrats, leadership that is unflinching and unwavering. Barrack Obama just had a major victory with the success of his administration in getting the job done, in getting the mission accomplished by getting bin laden. But if he shows the proper leadership on this debt ceiling issue, this victory will essentially seal the deal.  So go hard mr president, go hard!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big guns versus peashooters

The first so-called republican debate held thrusday evening was a breaking out of the pea-shooters as it pertains to presidential politics. Because to be frank not a one of those "candidates" have a snowballs chance in hell of becoming president, we know and they know it. But this debate is a signal to everyone in this nation that things are about to get very serious in America politically.A bruising battle is about to take place for the very future of America and some very big guns will be shooting off about it, so take NOTHING for granted america! Because the pea-shooters  of Thursday will soon be replaced by the big guns in the future, the Sarah Palins, the Mitt Rommneys, the John Mccains and many more, and they will be talking about no less than the future of your freedoms, the future of how you live in america, and about your health safety and welfare! So again take nothing for granted america, because if you do, you just might find it(that what you are taking for granted) GONE!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

success is the best revenge

How must Barrack Obama have enjoyed the sweet sounds of silence coming from places like Fox News last evening in the wake of the  elimination from the face of the earth of Osama Bin Laden.The man who changed the world forever is no longer, thankfully  a part of it, and No republican(to their chagrin ) can lay claim to this job well done. They say success is the best revenge, well President Obama is enjoying a good measure of it today, because all his critics have been , for the moment silenced! Bravo President Obama to you  and your entire administration. Those who died in 9/11/01 can finally rest easy! and after 10 years, thousands of lives unnecessarily lost, and two wars, we can finally say Mission accomplished!