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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 to 2015 a whole new ballgame!!!

AS the year 2014 comes to a ignominous end for the National Democratic Party, a end engineered by the disastarous "War on Women" electorial strategy, a strategy that was designed(by WHO I have no Idea) to catapult the election hopes of Hillary Clinton for 2016 into a unreachable stratosphere, it must now be realized for everyone and anyone involved or who had hopes for 2016 ,that come 2015, its a whole new political ball game!!!! The race for the white house has now become a wide open affair due to this epic fail that was perpetrated by the dems, and now dems who hadnt considered the Idea of running in 2016 are now, no doubt ,taking a second look!!!! And as for the republican outlook, they have virtually gone from worst to first in 2014, something that they can thank the ineptitude of the Obama administration for!! You wouldnt think that the Republicans shut down the government in 2014 for pure political reasons, and you have the failed Obamacare rollout to thank for that!!! Its like it( the shutdown) never even happened!!!! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE on the republican side has been revitalized, From Chris Christie to Scott Walker, hell even John Mccain is making noise about running again, emboldened by the epic fail of the Democrats in 2014!! SO, with it essentially being a whole new Ball game in 2015, the main question is: will Hillary run? Because clearly, the road to destiny has gotten a whole lot harder for her! The democrats, instead of paving the way for her have virtually destroyed the road, leaving her dead in the sights of EVERYONE, from the Republican hirearchy to aspiring democrats, and that may be a deterring force for Mrs Clinton because if she runs, she will be ground zero from day one and in for a fight from day one!! So that leads to another question: WHAT IF HILLARY DOESNT RUN? Because that could be as big a disaster for the national democrats  as the 2014 elections were!!!  A disaster in that right now, the democrats dont have  asnwer to that question or possibility!!!! So as 2014  ends and 2015 begins make no mistake when it comes to presidential politics it is a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From Sugar to Sh-t!!! The long fall of the Obama Democrats

It was 2009 and Barrack Obama had just made history, he was president and the Democrats had stunningly took control of BOTH  houses of Congress!!! Hope and change was in every heart and on every mind, but as we now, in 2014, hit nearly rock bottom with the republican victory of 2014  we have to wonder, how did the Obama democrats go from the sweet spot, TOTAL control of capitol hill in 2009, from Sugar, to the Sh-tter, the toliet that they are now in afer election 2014!!! Its quite simple, the courage of their convictions is lacking and has been lacking for years!!! You see courage isnt about compromise, courage isnt about bi-partisanship, courage is about standing up, standing strong and standing tall!!!  What democrat in the last 8 years of Obama has shown that? Be it Allison Lundgren Grimes Squandering a golden opportunity by refusing to stand up and stand by Obama or President Obama himself and the continual harping on "working" with the republicans, its clear that the lack of courage in democratic conviction was not and has not been perceived!!! And the sad fact is that in going from sugar to sh-t as the Obama democrats have done, they have completely failed those who truly believed in the hope and  change that was there for the taking in 2009!!!! This decent into political darkness has taken not only the democratic party into dangerous waters, but it has taken the poor and minorites with them!!!! Immigration, social services you name it, all has been lost or is in grave danger due to the complete ineptitiude, the complete lack of a message or strategy, the complete lack of conviction shown by the Obama democrats over the last 6 years!!! And while blame may try to be placed on the candidates , it is more about the message than the messenger, and as a party the Democrats have not had a message and they continue to lack a message!From Sugar to Sh-t in just six years!!!! And after the long fall of the Bush years!!! Simply put the Obama democrats may be the worst democrats EVER!!!!!!! And that is a legacy Im sure President Obama doesnt want to be linked to!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Border Crisis!!! what it REALLY is!!!

As politics is played with the border crisis, I think its time we see whats going on for what it really is!! And the FACT of this matter is that its not a immigraion crisis, its a REFUGEE crisis!!!! We have thousands of south american refugees at our southern border seeking refuge!  And it is not the american way, nor has it ever been so ,that we ignore or treat those who seek our aid as far too many have would seem to have us do!! The hatred spurred by politics is unconcinable and it is sad that ,for many of these refugees, their first memory of America will be of UGLY americans shouting for them to go home!!!   The fact of the matter is they have no home, that is why they are here, because they want to have a home, a place where they can actually live in peace and safety, where they have a chance, and that place has been and must continue to be America!!! A refugee crisis no more no less, and THAT is how this must be treated!! This is and must not become a IMMIGRATION issue!!!!!! We need to house these refugees and give them the full largress of the USA ,and then we in the USA need to address and deal with what has spurred this migration!! That is how this crisis will be solved!!!! By seeing this crisis for what it is, not by playing POLITICS with it, which is what far too many in America are doing!!!!!!
Let us help those who are clearly in need, and let us stop painting them as something less than that purely for the sake of partisan politics!!!! THAT is the AMERICAN WAY!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Election 2016: The View from up there!

Whomever becomes the Next president in the 2016 elections will have to have a execeptional and open world view if they are to be president, because by 2016 the world and the world view will have indeed changed!! With the Middle east in flux, Europe in question ,and Russia a concern there, while China is challenging the entire asian theatre, the next President of the USA
will have to primarily establish himself, and America along with them, at the forefront of the world view!! And they will have to be a person who understands that it is ECONOMIC POWER, not military strength that will command the day on the world stage! It is ECONOMICS that will dictate, ECONOMICS that will lead, and ECONOMICS that the world will follow into the future!!  They will need to understand the power of the US market and how to wield it!!! Because it is a fearsome thing! ( Just ask President Putin!!) There are those who will push for and hope to pursue the old failed ways, thinking that Guns and troops are the way forward, but the president , the next president must be strong enough to advance a economic agenda that strengthens America's ECONOMIC position at home and in the world!! Because that is the key to the future!THAT is what will change and influence the world view, and the person who undertands this best WILL BE the next president!!!! The next president whomever that will be, will be called in global service as a leader, and they will have to come from a position of strength, ECONOMIC strength to do so!!! To be able to address the threats and issues of agression, terror, and failed states! A ECONOMICALLY Empowered America, and the president who leads it, will be quite the future force. And in 2016 we will see just who comprehends and is ready to wield that force!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Election 2016:The contenders and the pretenders!!

So as yesterday, we addressed the Leader of the 2016 pack, Hillary Clinton and why I think she should run( and more than likely WIN) let us now address those who would, will, or like to also contend for the White House in 2016! First, on the Democratic side, (and lets face it, Hillary will be primaried, its only a matter of time to see who are going to be the ones who will step in front of that bus!) But one who almost certainly will is ,of course ,Vice President Biden. He has wanted to be president for a long time now, but he faces in Hillary, what Hillary faced in Obama,, a trancendent candidate!And as was shown in 2008, its very hard to beat trancendence!!! Not to mention that in that same election, he was involved ,but faded rather quickly. Joe will go, but not without at least a little  FIGHT!  After Joe, we have a pack of contenders who have been mentioned and can be considered contenders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, and even Cory Booker, but they, like most of the democrats at this point have a national profile that is very lacking, and they have  records of service that will look like ameteur hour compared to Hillarys long record of service! So while Hillary will be primaried, it is highly unlikely that her run at destiny will be deffered this time, as it was in 2008.

Now on the Republican side, the republican face major problems, beause the combination of overt and rampant fanaticsm and a cast of not ready for prime time candidates have the party in major trouble. People are talking about Hillary's gaffes, but almost every day, someone from the republican ranks who is supposedly a contender for national office makes a cringeworthy remark, or takes a cringeworthy position! That, coupled with the scandal that plagues the republicans major hopes, hopes like Scott Walker and Chris Christie, leaves the republicans wondering like the song sez, "where have all the cowboys gone"??? Jeb Bush may run, but the shadow  and memory of the last Bush administration is casting a long shadow, perhaps too long for him to emerge from.Rand Paul is trying but lets face it , he has nothing to stand upon! Marco Rubio is fading fast as a republican star, and Ted Cruz, while a national nightmare, is a democratic dream candidate, as is Rick Santorum, who is making noises about upsetting the apple cart once again!! The only other  option for the republicans is Condoleeza Rice, who would indeed be a perfect foil against the Hillary factor for the republicans, or A draft of Mitt Romney, who is still stinging from 2012.

So there are indeed Many possible contenders out there for 2016, and the field of dreams is ready to be played upon!! The only question is is anyone besides Hillary really ready for the prime time of 2016? The next year and a half will tell that tale!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hillary Clinton:Why she should run in 2016!

As it has ever been since she , and her husband, came to political prominence in America, Former 1st lady, Former Sen, and Former Secretary of Satte Hillary Clinton dances in the eye of a political storm. A storm of questions and concern with what she is thinking, what she is doing and most importantly of all what she will do? And while noone can truly profess to know her mindset(except of course her husband)  People can speculate or , as I am about to do, suggest. And MY suggestion is that Hillary Clinton answer the call of history and destiny and run for President in 2016! Because as a candidate, as a Democrat, and as a woman, noone is better suited for the run! She has the experience not only in terms of a elected official, but as someone who has run for office at the presidential level, but as someone who has been privvy to the workings of the office of the president itself on a daily basis!! Simply put she knows the office inside and out!!!! And when you get past all the nonsense and naysaying, all of the media hyperbole and the rest,  She has the mentality, and leadership quality, that America could benefit from, not to mention the connections and friends in high places that she can call upon to aid her in the white house if she is elected President. For nearly a quarter century Mrs Clinton has had a Birds eye view of the world and the nation, a quarter century of knowledge and experience that she could readily apply, and that nearly all who would run against her would pale in comparision to! And, unlike President Obama, she will not be as hamstrung by political or legacy concerns as he has been, because as I have said here, this is not her first time at this dance!!!! Vast experience, vast intelligence, and Vast resources of people to call upon. And that is why I suggest to Mrs Clinton that she should run, because she is NEEDED!!! Plain and simple!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Terrorism and the world( a analysis)

Remember when terrorism was all about Israel and Palestine? When the Arabic world had seemingly come together to stand up for wronged arabic brethren? Well those days are apprently  forever behind us, and the world now suffers under the burden of the BIG Buisness of TERROR! Make no mistake, from Boko haram in Africa ,to IsiL in Iraq now, terrorism has devolved from the cause of the palestinians to the cause of money and power, from the cause of freedom and justice, to the cause of greed and self service! And the worst part of this buisness strategy is that it hides behind the guise of Islam, and the false prospect of imposing "Shria Law" !!!The big , wholesale buisness of terrorism has become nothing more than a profit and power driven devil, the very western evil that terror organizations like Boko Haram and IsiL swear they are against, and that, more than anything else, is what has placed the globe in concern! These are not heroes, fighting in cause or for a cause, these are no more than little greedy men, empowered by guns, and the fear of others!!! Little men interpreting The Koran to serve their own ends and their own means!! For too long in the world community we have taken a lackadasical stance towards them,, and that stance is what has allowed them to thrive, but when nations are endangered, when school children are not safe in their classes, and when men  and womens daughters are not safe in their beds, or on their streets, then it is time to take a stand!!! And when I say take a stand, I dont simply mean let the USA come to the rescue! AS  this type of terror has taken on a international scale, I believe it is time for a international response. and that response should begin on the floor of the UN! I think it is time for the President of the USA to come to the floor of the UN and put the addression of inter national terror on the agenda. And it is time to push for the international resources and manpower to be put forward to bring a end to the Buisness of terror that is becoming too popular of a buisness model for far too many! It is time to bring terror to the terrorists from boko Haram to IsiL! And the best way to do it is for the International community to unite against them!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Republican Primary Analysis(and other political points!!!)

The Frankensteins monster that is the Tea party continues to wreak Havoc on Capitiol hill, with its creators!!! And as it claims its latest victim, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, it is clear that the Tea Party has become the REAL political danger for the Republican party!!! Because from Shutting the Gov down to unpalatable stances on EVERYTHING, the Tea Party has become the Drunk Uncle at the gathering Embarassing everyone with drunken antics!!! And lets make this clear this Tea party showing is a danger for Republicans and republicans only!! Because as the Tea parties continue with that good old Todd Aiken, Richard Murdoch type rhetoric on issues like Immigration, their rejection, and by association the rejection of the republicans at the national ballot box is assured!!  So as the Republican  snake continues to eat its tail, the Democrats can only rejoice at a party being hoisted on its own petard!!!

I am appalled and insulted by the assertion in the political media that Immigration reform is now dead, due to the Cantor loss. I would say it is THAT type of racist and self serving action that continues to divide this nation and is destroying the republican party from within!!  Immigration reform is a priority and it is time that the US Congress faced that fact!!! Instead of catering to racist rabble!!!

Why was Hillary Clinton being blamed for the MEDIA"s equation of her statement about struggle to the struggle of everyday average americans? Lets not put the feeding of the media grist mill above the well being of the nation shall we?

Another day another Congressional hearing, when will the republicans finally realize that action speaks loder than WORDS at the ballot box?

And lastly, as the president says nowhere else in the WORLD does this gun violence and mass shootings happen, the only question is when are we going to abandon the politics of the issue to do whats right? We need a NATIONAL registry of ALL gun and ammo sales in America! That is something that will save lives!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Blame Game(republican weakness)

AS once again the republicans ,led by Speaker Boehner ,choose to Blame the president for a ongoing issue, and for looking"weak" on foreign Policy, I wonder when they will learn as a party that it is they( the republicans )who are looking weak!!! We have had two important elections since the  republicans have embraced in earnest this policy, and it has garnered them NOTHING!!! And as we approach he 2014 mid-terms, where it's looking increasingly that the status quo will be maintained on captiol hill, and the 2016 Presidential election, where it is looking like the Democrats will continue to hold the white house, for the Republicans to continue to pursue the simple blame game and finger point , for political gain, is nothing more than a clear and present sign of weakness !!! Weakness of message, weakness of  record, and weakness of policy! Tearing the president down, has not built the republican party up and it will not build the party up!! The republican party dodged a major bullet this past winter, after shutting down the Gov. due to the misfired launch of the afforable care act. And they need to understand that they are dealing from a position of weakness not strength, and simply put the Blame game is not, in one IOTA, increaing their strength or viability!!! The Republican party is riding for a serious fall and unless the realize it and abandon this failed policy of blame the president and finger point at the president they are going to take that fall, and fall hard, perhaps into marginalization!!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The future of America A.O.(After Obama)

AS President Barrack Obama  approaches the end of his historic presidency, we in America, and espeically in the Black community, must begin to address and ponder what will the future of America be in a Obama)! For while President Obama has acquitted himself admirably in his historic position of being the first man of color to become president of the USA, other than the breaking of the white ceiling of leadership in the highest office in the land, Very little, if anything, has changed in America since the presidents Historic victory!! The poor are still poor, the rich are still obscenely rich, the  wars still rage, and in response to his historic victory, racism in America has resurged! And while he has been a inspirational and positive figure in America, and particularly in the Black community, for indeed the positive image he has presented as a man of color and as a family man of color has served the community of color and the nation very well, The standstill that he has been held to by the political status quo has prevented him from making any real advances or the real changes that Americans , especially BLACK americans, were hoping for when they turned out in droves for him! Simply put, the Obama presidency stands now as a bulwark, a finger in the dyke so to speak, preventing the deluge of social issues and discussions that need to be had and were wanted by those who put him in office! And the fights that needed to be waged were essentially put on hold in order to fight to maintain the validity of this presidency and to sustain same!!! SO the future of America, America after Obama, will remain a future of questions, questions that once the Obama presidency and all it represents is over, will have to be answered!!!!