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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 to 2015 a whole new ballgame!!!

AS the year 2014 comes to a ignominous end for the National Democratic Party, a end engineered by the disastarous "War on Women" electorial strategy, a strategy that was designed(by WHO I have no Idea) to catapult the election hopes of Hillary Clinton for 2016 into a unreachable stratosphere, it must now be realized for everyone and anyone involved or who had hopes for 2016 ,that come 2015, its a whole new political ball game!!!! The race for the white house has now become a wide open affair due to this epic fail that was perpetrated by the dems, and now dems who hadnt considered the Idea of running in 2016 are now, no doubt ,taking a second look!!!! And as for the republican outlook, they have virtually gone from worst to first in 2014, something that they can thank the ineptitude of the Obama administration for!! You wouldnt think that the Republicans shut down the government in 2014 for pure political reasons, and you have the failed Obamacare rollout to thank for that!!! Its like it( the shutdown) never even happened!!!! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE on the republican side has been revitalized, From Chris Christie to Scott Walker, hell even John Mccain is making noise about running again, emboldened by the epic fail of the Democrats in 2014!! SO, with it essentially being a whole new Ball game in 2015, the main question is: will Hillary run? Because clearly, the road to destiny has gotten a whole lot harder for her! The democrats, instead of paving the way for her have virtually destroyed the road, leaving her dead in the sights of EVERYONE, from the Republican hirearchy to aspiring democrats, and that may be a deterring force for Mrs Clinton because if she runs, she will be ground zero from day one and in for a fight from day one!! So that leads to another question: WHAT IF HILLARY DOESNT RUN? Because that could be as big a disaster for the national democrats  as the 2014 elections were!!!  A disaster in that right now, the democrats dont have  asnwer to that question or possibility!!!! So as 2014  ends and 2015 begins make no mistake when it comes to presidential politics it is a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME!!!!