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Monday, October 31, 2011

Not past racism yet!!!

With the rise(if you wanna call it that) of Hermain Cain in the republican ranks, once again people are presenting the silly notion that America is getting past racism, as usual blinding themselves to the fact!  And the fact is that too many folks are co-opting their race in order to simply get by ,to get in and be accepted, particularly on the conservative side. And that is doing very little to get us past racism in America! We need leaders who are going to stand up and speak out as it pertains to the continued problem of race in America, not leaders who are going to turn a blind eye to it! We need leaders who are not going to shy away from the challenge! As the saying goes what good is the man who gains the world at the cost of his own soul? And quite frankly that is what we face here, not the needed addressing of Race and racism in America, but the gain of the individual, not people as a whole! Asa leader rises so should his people, and if the people aint rising then quite frankly you arent leading!!! SO lets not get it twisted, we are in no way near, in America, in any way towards passing racism or putting it behind us! And until we get leaders of color, who are in the position to foster the debate, to ACTUALLY DO SO, we wont get past it!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Change & the occupy movement(yes we were SERIOUS!!!)

What is being missed in the rise of the Occupy movement by the media and the Political establishment is that the people, the same people who voted for change in 2008 were serious about it!!!! And the fact is that it was the failure of  it(change) to be delivered, and the stonewalling of  it(change) that has led to the growing frustration of the people as a whole and  it has manifested itself  into this occupy movement!  So it is beyond belief when you hear the current mantra that there is no message by the Occupiers! It is the same message that was shouted throught America in 2008! It is the same candor that vaulted a first term Senator into the white house! It is the same furor that took the republicans out of power in 2008! It is the clear and overall need for CHANGE!!! And, as can be clearly seen now(except by the establishment media and politicans) the people were very SERIOUS about it!!!
America is ready for change, America wants change and its time to stop stonewalling it, and slow walking it and begin to  fast track it!!! Change Now!!!!
because as can be seen all over the world the people are seriously ready for it!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Barbradying of the Occupy Movement

If you have ever watched the Tv series "South Park" then you have heard of the character "Officer Barbrady" who, in the middle of all the chaos that usually arises in South Park, admonishes the people to'move along, theres nothing to see here!" This is the stance that most leaders, politicans and media have taken towards the Occupy movement! And make no mistake this is a movement, A social movement, Not a political vehicle like the Tea Party! But while the route of silence and convienent blindness has been taken in response to the Occupy Movement, it continues to grow!It has spread nationwide and globally, and while people hope for it to simply go away, or be policed away it just aint happening people! The people have issue and they are speaking with one voice from Wall street in NYC to City hall in Oakland CA. Now the only question that  remains is when  will elected leadership get the message and begin to address the concerns that have clearly been expressed?! Because though  you may not want to see it America, though you may want to deny it America, though you hope it will simply go away America, this is a rising tide! A tide that will sweep away the status quo created by greed and the pursuit of same! Yes there is something to see here, and the people in the Occupy movement demand that you Look!!!And yes America the world is watching!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The REAL Matrix(Occupy wall street)

People protesting injustice and inequality in the streets, its American history, as american as apple pie, as important to our lives and the quality of same as breathing. something that is consitutionally written and supported, So knowing this why do we continue to hear Americans pooh,poohing and propagandizing the Occupy movement? It's clear that we in America  need remedial courses in American history for many ASAP!!! It's clear that we in America have not learned from the mistakes of the past, and we are indeed now repeating them in what was supposed to be the future!!! Its sad that in America we have people who are aware that they are in A corporate matrix, that they are nothing more than food for the corporate beast, and they like the Joe Pantolino character in the movie would rather be a slave to the machine than fight for a better life! Well excuse the you- know -what out of me! Excuse me for not accepting injustice and inequality, excuse me for not accepting greed, excuse me for being in the spirit of DR King, of Ghandi, of the founding fathers of America.! Excuse me for not wanting to be a slave of the machine! In America and all over the world people are standing up and speaking out! As they have throught history! Because real freedom is not free, and protests like the Occupy movement are the price you must pay! Simply put, for those of you truly content in ther matrix, I feel sorry for you. But I brim with pride for those who struggle against it, like Washington at Valley Forge, Like Ghandi in india, Like Dr King in Selma! This struggle is a battle that must be fought, and for you and your children, and your childrens children, it is a battle that must be won! Or do you really want to be nothing more than Cogs in the Corporate matrix?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where the blame is!!!

As the occupy movement grows and as the politial season flows, I have observed that most politicans are blaming the victims as it were, to the state of affairs in America today.Be it republicans like Herman Cain telling the Wall Street protestors to'blame yourself" Or Michelle Bachman saying to"blame the white house". Or be it Democrats like Barney Frank on MSNBC blaming the protestors for not voting democrat in the 2010 mid terms, it seems that the people are being blamed for the mess that politics and politicians have wrought! Simply put, the republicans were virtually handed tax cuts BY president Bush way back in 2002! A major surplus was squandered, everything was done, under a then republican controlled captiol hill to facilitate the climate that, to this day republicans swear  would create jobs! Well news flash republicans, it hasnt!!!! The unemployement rate has risen ,along with the income of the rich, steadily since the republicans took control back in 2000! So for that we, the people, should "blame ourselves"?

And the democrats? In 2008 we, the people, spoke in one voice for change!We handed Barrack  Obama the keys to the car, we gave him a democratic majority, control of the house and senate, with a unpredecented public mandate, and what did we get? Compromise to surrender and political capitulation!!! And promise and opportunity lost due to same!!! And its somehow our fault for your failure democrats, to take the ball that we gave you and run with it?

I think we all know where the blame lies, and that is why people from Wall St to Hong Kong are now out in the streets, because the people know who has failed who!!! The failure is clear and both Political parties Repubican and Democrat are culpable!!! And due to that failure the people have risen up , as they should in times like these! And for that they should not be castigized, they should not be cast as radicals, or hippies. What they are, is Americans one and all! Looking for the leadership and action that you, to a man, continue to fail to provide! Like Nero fiddling as Rome burns! And until you somehow find a way to become leaders, become what the people have for far too long waited for, then it is you and only you who bears the blame here!!! Thats where the Blame lies, right on capitol Hill in Washington DC!!! Not with the people who Occupy Wall St and other city streets worldwide!!! They are the leaders that you should be, they are focused on what you shuld be focused on, and they are taking more action than you ever will!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Iraq unoccupied & America Occupied

As we prepare(finally) to unoccupy Iraq, finally correcting the wrong turn we made in our "war on terror' We need to have greater focus from Both the current occupant of the white house, and those who would like to take up residence in it, on A movement that is sweeping not only America, but the world!!! From Wall street to Tokyo Cites are being occupied by people, everyday citizens of the world who are crying our for justice! People, everyday citizens who are crying out for action! And with the voice of the people being raised WORLDWIDE, you are going to sit there and act like you cant hear it? And even worse act like you dont understand, you cant comprehend?
You try to politicize the issue and say that we need to lay it at Obama's door? Well, when people are protesting the same issue in far away places like Tokyo, Or Rome, that arguement doesnt really hold water does it? The issue of justice, inequality, and greed is not confined to America, but the symbol of all that is wrong in this world has become clearly defined, and it is WALL ST!!! The economic terror and policies of Wall street have done far more damage to America and the world than Al Queda ever has, and those polices are a proven threat to world order and security!
So, with these facts and truths being so evident, and with the people AROUND the world being so fcosued on them, I think that it is time to stand down from a War footing, its time to stand down from the war on terror, and focus on the REAL threat to world security! The policies and politics of greed and inequity!The people are demanding it, and as representitives of the people you need to simply address the issue, not try to spin it, or co-opt it for political use! Smply put, the people are demanding ,worldwide, for you to take action, and rather than look for leaders in the occupy movement, you need to do what you were elected and entrusted to do and LEAD!!!! The people have spoken and  are speaking! They want a end to inequality, inequity and blatant greed! The people want jobs, and fairness, but most of all the people want to see ACTION, and a end to politics (AND MEDIA)that seek to preserve the status quo!!! A status quo of greed inequity and injustice that around the world far too many have grown comfortable with!TO paraphrase Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 2" Lets see some action U dumb son of a BITCH!!!!"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Potpourri(and a word about the occupy movement)

One down & one to go! The Iraq war, a war we should have never been in , is finally over! we will be out of Iraq by years end! Now about Afghanistan----! Yes its time we got tough with the Pakistani's! For indeed they have become the new Afghanstian for terrorists, and we give them far too much aid for that!!!  With the brusing pre-primary campaigns being waged by the republican hopefuls, will any of them have anything left for when the real process begins? what happens now In libya will decide the future of the middle east, there is too much unharnessed chaos afoot there, and we must keep a watchful eye on the region and do everything necessary to see that democracy gains there! Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, why do these fools and tyrants wait around to die? If I had a tyrants money, its either switzerland or brazil for me!  What fools these tyrants be!!! Who Killed Gaddfi, who cares?, Dead and gone end of story! Despite all the political harrumphing and the like on capitol hill, nothing concerning jobs is moving, keep up the bad work congress!!! that end the potpourri for today!

Now a word about the occupy wall street movement

In the sixties the people were aroused and the counter culture movement was born, and despite all of the efforts to the contrary,   it succeeded and America was the better for it,!America, due to the efforts of the counter culture movement, became a more moral place, a fairer  place, a more equitable place, a decent place. Now here we are, some 5 decades later and the people have arisen once again as the situation has demanded. Because once again, America has forgotten its true morality, America has forgotten fair play, America has forgotten equity, America has abandoned decency! And with the situation demanding action, the people of this nation have risen to answer the call!All over this nation people, young and old, have risen and took a stand for decency, for fairness, for equity, for morality, against the one place in America which has come to symbolize  immorality, indecency, inequity, and unfair treatment, WALL ST! Because Wall Street and the values of same have co-opted and corrupted America! Wall St. and the worship and politics of same has created the America we now live in where it is acceptable for some to have all and for more to have none! A America where its acceptble for people to be homeless, to lack what should be every citizens guaranteed right to have a home, to have enough to eat, a job and a education, to have basic human rights and conditions denied them! These values  are what the Wall st movement stands up against, as did the counter culture movement in the 60s before them! It's not the end of the world. This nation survived the 60s and became better for it, and this nation will survive the occupy Wall st movement, and it will the better for it!(despite what the panicked establishment of today might say) The world isnt ending, its changing for the better, and the people, as  usual, not the politicans, not the media, not the ESTABLISHMENT, are creating the change!!!! SO its time to face facts! Change is coming, real change! And if youre smart from Washington to Wall st, you better get on the band wagon!!!!Occupy wall st!!!!!! The counter culture lives!!!!! God Bless America!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the Obama watch

The hits keep coming on the Obama watch!!  With the liberation of Libya now complete, President Obama has a whole lot of Foreign Policy success to present to the people in 2012, and while they may try to spin it, and they will, simply put, A win is a win!!! America's out of Iraq, Bin laden is dead, the Arab spring is changing the Middle east for the better, and now Libya is free!Not bad for a president and Administration with no foreign policy experience!!! ALL this on the Obama watch! And with Syria and Yemen tettering on the brink there is more good news to come!
So while they debate over who will be the one to challenge the president for his seat in 2012 from the republican side, they clearly better come with their A game! Because while the economy may be tanking, our foreign policy is definately better off than it was four years ago!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Pubs Vegas debate

Simply put, the Republican debate last evening in vegas was great entertainment , if nothing else! The chaos and high drama of last evening was more like a episode of jersey shore than it was a debate between prospective leaders of our future here in America!! From Anderson Cooper smiling Like the cat who ate the canary in the midst of the madness, to the said madness of the debate itself, This was a showcase of what is truly wrong with the political process and why People in America have taken to the streets! As far as who won the debate, clearly it was CNN, because they garnered enough sound bites to fuel their political hyperbole for days to come! But as to who lost, I'd say america lost.Because with this show of pandering and political posturing, not for the interest of America, but in the interests of Power and Politics served nothing! We have had several debates now on the republican side of the Aisle, and i ask you, has any opinion really been formed, is anyone benefitting from this besides the media? This is not about ratings and sound  bites this is about the future of the nation, a nation in chaos and turmoil, and instead of hearing and seeing leaders addressing issues we have candidates acting like Ron, Snooki and all the rest of the Jersey shore cast! Simply put we  can and must do better than this, there is too much at stake here! Lincoln and Douglas must be turning over in their graves right now! Debates are supposed to shwocase leaders , and last night showcased none!!! And if this is the best that the republican party has to offer, then Barrack Obama will be a two term president guaranteed!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A evening With the Occupy Wall street movement

After rah, rahing, and huzzahing for far too long to the actions of the Occupy movement, I felt that it was time that I stepped forward and actually saw what the movement was all about. So yesterday, I went to a general assembly in Albany NY. to get a sense and feel of the movement!
 Let me say here, the people involved in Occupy Wall Street, if they are anything at all like who were assembled last evening in Albany, they make me proud to be a American, and it should make everyone feel the same! This is no tea party( a pox on you Eric Cantor!) These are no closet racists rising up in response to the premise of a black man in control of America! These are no political tools or puppets! These are people, young & old ,rising up and giving  the voice that current leaders arent using, these are people, young & old, addressing issues that the leadership isnt!  The occupy wall street movement is the voice of the people as one!And I love how they are doing all they can not to create leaders and such figures, figures that the media will focus and build strories around as they would very much like to do. Since the media is more about entertainment and less about information everyday! They are focusing on the issues at hand! The issues of unemployment, homlessness, education and such, and how disparities are somehow acceptable and status quo in this the richest nation in the world!! The occupy wall street movement is indeed democracy in action! Real democracy not the controlled BS that we have been fed everyday!!! It is a movement in the spirit of DR King, a movement for decency, a movement for humanity, a movement for justice, a movement for the people By the people! And it is something that hasnt been seen in this nation since the 60's!! And that is why so many of the people who were around in that time are being drawn back to it! The counter culture is alive and kicking, and the fact that it is youth standing up in conscious revolt, that is it youth speaking out against greed, intolerance, injustice and all the like should and does speak well for the future of this nation! So I can truly say that my evening with the Occupy wall street movement was a evening well spent, because something is stirring in America, and that something is CHANGE!!!!!POSITIVE CHANGE!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Slow to go(Obama & the Jobs bill)

AS usual President Obama is too slow to go when it comes to really fast tracking his legislation! The People are in the streets! It's practically insurrection over congress's inaction and instead of riding this wave, the president plays it in the middle! As Rick Perry has said of late Mr. president This is now about RISK! You need to risk a little of the political Capital that you have left and get out in front of this issue!! Your Jobs bill clearly failed because of politics and as you say, you are a man of the people, well WHERE are you???? The people are speaking, the Occupy Wall street Movement is something you need to embrace PUBLICALLY!!! Its a no-brainer!!! But as usual in being overly cautious, you have missed a prime political opportunity! Your efforts and the efforts of Occupy wall street are clearly synonomous, SO you need to Link up with them!!! They say speed kills, But in your case sir, Lack of speed is killing all your efforts!!!! Stop being so slow to go sir, and GO!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The company U keep( the differance between the tea party & the Occupy Wall street movement)

What a huge insult it is to compare the Tea party movement to the Occupy Wall St Movement! While the tea party stands up for millionares and the status quo, the Occupy wall street movement is pushing for real reform and equity, While the tea party lives and breathes class warfare(remember Joe the plumber) The Occupy wall street movement has went to war against the real enemy! The 1 percent who have feasted on the ignorance and social apathy of those who comprise the tea party! The tea party came into being for one reason and one reason only, to destroy the Black democratic presidency and the democratic control of congress! The occupy wall st movement came into being to address the greed and ramampnt disenfranchisment of everyday americans! Simply put there is no comparison! To take a page from Hank Williams Jr's playbook, It's like comparing Hitler to Moses!The Tea party is politically motivated, and controlled, the occupy wall street movement is people oriented and refuses to be politically connected or controlled There's a BIG differance! and It will be seen tomorrow all over the nation as they try to evict Occupiers!!!
The tea party is nothing more than the republican establishment,wolves in sheeps clothing! The Occupy Wall street is the latest in a long line of truly alturistic people movements in the spirit of Gandhi, in the spirit of DR King! And the Tea party has never kept such company!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Post debate analysis & a letter to the 1 percenters!!!

Simply put last nights debate was much ado about nothing! For a economic and jobs debate few salient points were made, Herman Cain ventured ever further into "the rent is too damn high" territory, and for all their efforts the rest of the candidates simply were talking loud and saying nothing. Clearly until the primarys actually begin in 3 months ,we wont know who the true front runner and  potential nominee will be. And these debates have done nothing to exclude anyone from having a shot. There's another debate next week, hopefully it wont be as big a snoozer as this one was!

Niow a letter to the one percent

Hello job creators, we the 99 charge you, and only you with failing in your self-professed role! You have enjoyed the benefit of tax breaks, loopholes, and deregulation for nearly 12 years, 8 years of that under republican control, and unemployement has gone up during that time steadily! You keep crying about spending, except for when monies are being spent on you! Well as you can now see, it is the people, not you that are too big to fail! And you should be addressing the thousands in the streets around this nation with the same urgency as you did during the economic meltdown!
A great man once said, "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". I ask you job creators, what have you done for America lately? If China was in the same economic crisis we are in, do you think they would continue to outsource work, to hoard monies? Do you think Japan would? No! With but a word to their buisness communities, China and Japan  would put their people, their nation first! But you? I think we know the answer to that! Where would you be, job creators, without America? Without the american markets, the American people!? America built you, made you strong, made you successful! And how do you repay America, not with loyalty or pride, but a simple greedy focus on your bottom line! I think its time, Job creators, that, as that great man once said, dont ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!!! And what you can do for your country right now is CREATE jobs! Bring back the jobs from overseas, stop outsourcing! Unfreeze the monies so lending can free flow, Put America first!!!! Put the American worker first not the dollar! It's what the 99 want and what America deserves!!!Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country and Job creators that means you!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another blolivating session(the bloomberg republican debate)

So tonight we will be treated to yet another blolivating session on bloomberg television, the latest republican presidential debate.And ,with the pre primary field being narrowed down to Mitt Romney versus everyone else, it will be interesting to see and hear what will be done tonight! How much of the blame will be laid on President Obama, and how many  fallicies will be treated as reality? What outrageous moment will come from the republican audience, who have celebrated death and intolerance in past debates? Will Rick Perry, who is clearly in a do or die  position rise to the challenge, or flame out? Will Herman Cain prove himself a serious candidate, or simply token entertainment for the republican masses? And how much will they duck Michelle Bachman in thsi debate? I guess we'll all have to see, tonight on Bloomberg TV. But remember the 99 will be watching!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tone deaf politicians & media?(Occupy wall Street)

With the Music playing loud and clearly down on Wall Street and  around this nation, it is simply astounding how tone deaf our political leadership and media have become towards it! Between the politicians, in the face of people screaming to the contrary, fighting against taxing the rich, and the media trying, with all its might, to co-opt  and undermine the message being sent, its clear that Occupy wall street, like No Other Movement in recent history has put FEAR in the establishment! Fear in the national media, and fear in Political leadership! Because the reality here is that they are not calling the tune, they arent conducting the orchestra! The people have created a symphony of protest, a oveture of outrage! And for a system that has for so long been too unfair, too inequal, and too unjust for many, a system where 1 percent of the people have profitted corpulently,
the people are playing its swan song! And with political leaders and media leaders being so tone deaf to the song that is now swelling across america, I think the Old adage says it best, either lead, follow, or get out of the way!!! because REAL change may have finally come to America! Perhaps troy davis didnt die in vain !!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

the fall of the western wall(occupy wall street)

Perhaps the most famous american quote of modern times was uttered by Ronald Reagan in germany during his time as president when he famously said"Mr. gorbachev TEAR down this wall!! Well now another wall of division is being addressed, this time in America. And while no leader of Reagans stature and position has come forward( clearly due to a lack of character and the courage to do so among our so called leaders of today) today, the american people who are down on wall street and throught america are speaking with one voice, and that one voice is saying TEAR DOWN THIS WALL STREET! Because the wall they have errected there is a wall that divides america economically,a wall that divides us socially, a wall which divides racially! The wall that is personifed by wall street is a great a obstacle to american progress, freedom and equality as the berlin wall ever was! And that wall has stood for far too long! And finally to the credit of the American people they are standing up and speaking out against it! When 1 percent of the population have 99 percent of the wealth,money and power, it is not a fair or equal system. When 1 percent of the population control 99 percent of the money,power & wealth it leads to and perpetrates inequalities in justice, freedom and sociology! It is classism at its worst! SO I join with the 99, as should every American in saying with one voice: TEAR DOWN THIS WALL STREET!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The counter culture lives!!!

It's the 60's redux on wall street as, with a resounding hello, the counter culture once again rises! And what better time than now, with a America awash in greed and corpulence, with a America filled with intolerance, and racism, with a America veering as far right as it can get!  It was only a matter of time before the counter -culture, the force responsible for such things as civil rights, unions, womens rights and so much more was awakened! And, as is allways the case, the 'establishment" has rushed to poo-pooh the efforts of these individuals, to castigize the Occupiers of Wall street as leaderless and without goal, even though that goal is omnipresent and clear. IT's the counter culture stupid!!! They are standing up(finally) against a culture and establishment in America that thinks its ok for 1 percent of Americans to have More gross wealth than the other 99 percent of Americans combined, they are standing up against greed and selfishness, they are standing up against racism and intolerance, they are demanding CHANGE!!! And given that I ask President Obama what are you waiting for? You want to galvanize the troops? Then you need to come out in support of this effort! The counter culture lives!! And America is better off for it!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Political potpourri!

In todays potpourri: If Chris Christie allows himself to be pushed and shoved to this presidential race, by those republicans and republican media who are only interested in hype instead of a substantive message, then he runs the risk of being politically ruined as Rick Perry has been! Stick to your word Gov. Christie, Stay out of it! Speaking of Rick Perry, what white person  out there doesnt have a racist skeleton in their closet? In a blink of a eye Perry's campaign has went from Sugar to crap! And it wont be long now before Gov Perry is on his way back to texas! How insulting is the Anyone but Mitt campaign being waged by republicans and republican media to Mitt Romney? He's been the only candidate of steady timber in the race for the republicans, but in the rush to appease the red meat fanatics they(the republicans) are ready to cast him aside at the drop of a hat! Frst perrys hat, and now Christie's! Mitts being treated like the Ugly girl at the dance, only to be chosen  when there's no other option and that in itself is sabatoging republican hopes! The president has said he wants the Jobs bill "bad" well then he needs to highlight the differance on his stance and the republican stance! And, by any and all means avoid the word or the premise COMPROMISE!!! This is a fight and he must simply fight it and win it!!! With the Niggerhead and Gay booing controversy, things arent looking too good for the republicans.  And with occupy wall street growing it will get a lot worse, especially if President Obama gets on and rides that wave! Well thats enough of this stew for today folks! BY the way, moving up the primaries,bad idea! And it again  showcases what is wrong with Republican politics!!!