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Friday, October 28, 2011

Change & the occupy movement(yes we were SERIOUS!!!)

What is being missed in the rise of the Occupy movement by the media and the Political establishment is that the people, the same people who voted for change in 2008 were serious about it!!!! And the fact is that it was the failure of  it(change) to be delivered, and the stonewalling of  it(change) that has led to the growing frustration of the people as a whole and  it has manifested itself  into this occupy movement!  So it is beyond belief when you hear the current mantra that there is no message by the Occupiers! It is the same message that was shouted throught America in 2008! It is the same candor that vaulted a first term Senator into the white house! It is the same furor that took the republicans out of power in 2008! It is the clear and overall need for CHANGE!!! And, as can be clearly seen now(except by the establishment media and politicans) the people were very SERIOUS about it!!!
America is ready for change, America wants change and its time to stop stonewalling it, and slow walking it and begin to  fast track it!!! Change Now!!!!
because as can be seen all over the world the people are seriously ready for it!!!

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