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Friday, July 27, 2012

The road thus far travelled( a analysis of the Presidential race at this point!)

As we look at the road thus far travelled on the presidential campaign trail, it is clear that the engagement on the field of political battle by the president, as opposed to allowing the republicans a unchallenged theatre as was done for nearly all of the past 3 years, is bearing significant fruit for the Obama re-election campaign! For by forcing and driving the debate, the Obama administration is driving the Romney campaign into making serious mistakes and serious public blunders, the latest of which is the London Olympic fiasco!! The Obama administration  is setting itself up for a a good strech run into the fall debates and vote, and it is this meeting on the summer field of battle that has engineered it! As for the Romney campaign it is quite simple, as long as Mitt Romney continues to try to be THE republican that everyone wants, instead of focusing on being the Mitt Romney that everyone wants, he will continue to falter and misstep! Mitt needs to be Mitt! Not firebrand Mitt, not conservative Mitt, not foriegn policy Mitt, Just simply Mitt! And he needs to start being Mitt Now and not later! Because while Obama is a clearly weakened president, Romney will not stumble into the white house with continued public fumbles like this!
Mitt needs to go back to being the Mitt who won in Mass. because the Mitt who outlasted the other candidates in the republican primary season isnt cutting it, and will not win the white house!
Mitt must serve only one master, and that must be himself! Because this trying to be everything to everyone is pulling his campaign and hopes for the white house aprt!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Political Potpourri!!!

A few things to add to the National Political stew! First, It can be confirmed, Rush Limbaugh is a big fat Idiot! Bane is about Bain? Really Rush? If you ever read something besides a menu, you'd know that Bane has been a primary comic book villian since 1993! And then you have the nerve to crow about the Romney people are listening to you? For their sake I hope not! Speaking of Bain, it must truly be excruciating to the republicans! Because as a one, from Fox to their operatives, they are trying to turn the public debate to anything but! But when the National Review says to release the taxes, the handwriting is on the wall! The best member of the Obama cabinet has proven to be Hillary Clinton as Sec of State. Steady, professional, and now respected worldwide. On the other end of the political spectrum, when will the republicans get around to Honoring Sarah Palin? Like her or not, she was key to the republican resurgence and she deserves their respect,  she should have a place at the convention table. Even though she may eclipse Chris Christies star turn! Will it be a battle of the Port Authority Govs for Keynote speeches? Because its very concieveable that Andrew Cuomo could Keynote the Democratic convention! Will someone tell MIchelle Bachman that the rabid republican act is getting old! And lastly to the First couple, when the Kiss cam is on, dont  miss your  cue, it's as simple as public relations 101!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Bain of Romneys existance?

The Obama campaign has clearly scored a major political point with the continued focus on Bain capital, and , with the agony being so apparent on every major republican face, Mitt Romney must find a way to pull this thorn out of his side, because the longer it festers, the more damage is done! Mitt must remember that this is it, there is no tomorrow for him, he cant afford to hold back, to be private! For all intents and purposes this Bain  issue has become his "birther "moment and he needs to bite the bullet and release his tax forms, and hope for the best! Because as the question continues to linger in the minds of the voter, Mitt is losing the most important ground of all: Perception in the minds of the voter! Positive perception that is! Release the information to the public Mitt, because until you do it will continue to be the "Bain" of your political existance!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Best defense------!

It is appropiate that today is the day Rick Santorum steps forward on behalf of Mitt Romney, because it is now that Mitt romney finds himself once again in the position that Santorum had placed him in, losing ground! The strong play on the media field By the President, Like Santorum before him, has Romney on the ropes, and indeed the very same issues and questions that Santorum, Perry, and all the rest raised during the primary season are coming back to haunt the Nominee. AS the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense, and with the failure of the republican Media machine strategy at the supreme court level, they are, at a VERY inopportune time, finding themselves sputtering, their candidate stuck in(once again) the political mud, and President Obama surging out on the campaign trail! They say the best defense is a good offense, and while the Obama camapign has clearly found theirs, Mitt Romney and the republicans are at a loss at how to find a offense of their own!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goofus & Gallant( the Biden speech)

The differance between the Vice president Biden's sppech before the NAACP today, and Mitt Romneys speech yesterday was akin to the old "Goofus & Gallant" comic strip that used to be seen in the "Highlights" book series!( the main reason I used to love my G-moms house god rest her beautiful soul was the MANY books she kept there!) Biden was Gallant, he got it right, and Mitt was  Goofus, he got it all wrong. And it made a telling point! Biden was home, he was among friends, people he knew, people he had related to. While Romney was among strangers , people he would never know, and prior to yesterday, people he didnt care to know, as do the majority of republicans! The Biden speech indeed was a blueprint that even the president would be good to follow, for indeed if President Obama called out the republicans on their obstructionism on the campaign trail as Vice president Biden did at the NAACP conferance, this wouldnt even be a race!You want to know why the republicans cant make inroads with the minority vote, its as simple as Goofus & Gallant! There's a right way to do it, and a wrong way, and the republicans allways seem to choose the wrong way!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MItt in the "hood"

SO today Mitt Romnney took a trip down to the"hood" so to speak ,in his appearance before the N.A.A.C.P's national convention today, and while he clearly failed to make any inroads with the black vote, he did serve to provide a textbook example of why the republicans continue to have a disconnect with most minority voters! For no matter how stark the differance, no matter how dire the condition, no matter how egreious the situation may be for the minority before them, be it black ,latino, or asian, the republicans just refuse to relate! News flash! Minorites dont want to be taked at, or even worse talked down to, but constantly, and I mean constantly, and Mitt Romney was no different today, republicans treat the black vote as "you people" our issues as" you peoples " and our concerns as "No concern of mine!"  And this "taking for granted" of  minority concerns is why, more than anything else, the divide  remains between the republicans and most minorites! Going down to "the Hood" or "the Barrio" Or "Chinatown isnt enough! You need to know and RECOGNIZE why you are there, because there are people with valid concerns and issues, issues that as a republican president you will have to address, American issues!!! But once again another republican came down to "the hood" and held his nose until it was all over! Sad.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The romney campaign(swimming with a anchor)

It is so highly amusing to hear all the conservative commentators and their remarks on why Mitt Romney isnt winning this race handily, and why he isnt pulling away from President Obama in the polls and things of that nature when the answer is oh so very clear!Mitt Romney was indeed the Best candidate that the republicans had to offer when this election cycle began.   He was a Progressive Republican. A republican that could appeal to moderates and conservatives, a republican that could win a national election. But, Like John Mccain before him, Romney has been Hamstrung and hoisted on the petard of rabid and unreasoning Tabloid republicanism, and Fox news conservativsm! He has been forced to go from a Mass. Moderate whose signature, Achievement ,Health Care, was lauded and celebrated as the way to go, to a rabid conservative who,like all others in this tabloid regime, are toeing the media line! And that is why Mitt isnt winning, that is why he cant make up any ground, because he has to be careful not to step on any toes! It's sad that He(Mitt) is running to be leader of the free world, but he has to be more concerned with what Rush Limbaugh might say, or what Fox news might present as opposed to say foriegn  policy or Economic strategy! It's like swimming with a anchor!!! And to be frank if Mitt is going to  sooner or later he is going to have to take a stand and prove to the american voters that he is his own man, as opposed to placating the media fringe, for if he doesnt, he will lose, and he will have noone but the tabloidism and media of the new republican party to blame!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The economy stupid!!!

Here we are, some 13 years after the clinton economic expansion and its still about the economy stupid!!! And as Romney & President Obama Jockey for position on the issue, it is clear that he who makes the case to the american people about the economy will win the white house! And when it comes to making a case, I find it strange that President Obama, who is supposedly  a Harvard lawyer, cannot seem to make a stronger case publically on the economy!!! I would think that legal expertise would serve him well in that regard, pointing to the facts and evidence to lead the impounded jury, that jury being the American public to a conclusion regarding who is better suited to address the economic misfortunes of america and more importantly, who indeed is responsible for same!!! America has had the "benefit" of the Bush tax cuts since the Bush administration and what has it garnered? 8 percent unemployment and a ever widening gap between rich and poor, the Job creators have not been doing what they are vehemently stating the Bush tax cuts will do IF they are maintained! And there are other facts of evidence that have yet to be put forward by the president to the court of the American voter that would, if presented correctly, lead even the most stubborn of voter to the conclusion that Mr. Obama is not the culprit here! But that is what it boils down to. It is indeed now, in 2012, what it was in 1992, its still the economy and its way past time for the American public to stop being stupid about it!!! And that task, that education on the fact, must be done by President Obama! He must make the case, in a lot stronger manner than he has,perhaps abandoning Harvard reserve for Johhnie Cochran Bombosity!! Because Ignorance on the economy is turning into electorial bliss for Mitt Romney and the republicans!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Straight Talk on the presidential election

With the latest anemic job report the focus continues to be, in this electorial cycle, on the economy! So, given that,   it's very well met that President Obama has denied the republicans a media theatre unchallenged as he did with Obamacare! By being out there and engaging on media ground ,the president has negated a huge advanatge that the republicans had and still hold! For even with the failure of their saturation bombs at the supreme court level, the republicans remain relentless in the media, and they will up until the vote is cast! So a summer on the road engaging the republicans on media ground is time well spent for the Obama administration! As far as the continued unemployment crisis in America goes, my question, as should the question of all americans be is: Where are the Job creators, and where is the job creation? And why isnt congress, instead of playing politics, working to stimulate job creation in America? AS they used to say on arsenio HMMMM? Who would have thought that Mitt Romney would be this close to becoming president a few short months ago? He has weathered the storm, but the greatest challenge is for him yet to come! Because barring any major miscue, it will indeed be his acceptance speech at the republican convention, and his performance at the first presidential debate that will decide if the destiny he has pursued for so long will be realized! And oh yes there is the little thing of choosing a running mate!!!! I think that's enough straight talk for now, and by the way given the stubborn nature of this unemeplyment crisis, I do think that congress should be considering a Jobs stimulus for the millions of Unemployed that they are supposed to serve!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4 1776

July 4 1776, a day unlike any other, for on that day the future of the world was writ! For on that day, people came together and decided that, as one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for ALL ,they would step forward into the forefront of the world! July 4 1776 ,when the future and fortunes of the world would shift irrevocably from the eastern world forever into the west, from the old world into the new! And as we mark this momentous occasion ,we ,as americans, need to remember the significance of that! From the old world into the new! And not with trepidation or doubt, but boldly with the hope and intent of finding that something better! Be it a life free of percecution or a simple new start. July 4 1776 the day that a nation was born. A nation that became far more than just that, because on July 4 1776 a Ideal was created and a standard was set, the Highest of standards! And ever since that fateful day in 1776 the world has striven to follow and reach that standard. So as we ,Americans, celebrate the date, let us not forget what it stands for, what we stand for, who we are! WE are americans, and this is America! The greatest nation in the world, the highest standard ever set by a nation and its people in world history, let  us continue to live up to that standard!!! Happy B-day AMERICA!!!!