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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MItt in the "hood"

SO today Mitt Romnney took a trip down to the"hood" so to speak ,in his appearance before the N.A.A.C.P's national convention today, and while he clearly failed to make any inroads with the black vote, he did serve to provide a textbook example of why the republicans continue to have a disconnect with most minority voters! For no matter how stark the differance, no matter how dire the condition, no matter how egreious the situation may be for the minority before them, be it black ,latino, or asian, the republicans just refuse to relate! News flash! Minorites dont want to be taked at, or even worse talked down to, but constantly, and I mean constantly, and Mitt Romney was no different today, republicans treat the black vote as "you people" our issues as" you peoples " and our concerns as "No concern of mine!"  And this "taking for granted" of  minority concerns is why, more than anything else, the divide  remains between the republicans and most minorites! Going down to "the Hood" or "the Barrio" Or "Chinatown isnt enough! You need to know and RECOGNIZE why you are there, because there are people with valid concerns and issues, issues that as a republican president you will have to address, American issues!!! But once again another republican came down to "the hood" and held his nose until it was all over! Sad.

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