the Mosque in NYC yes or no

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tyranny & triumph

simply put, Israel is to be shamed for the tyranny it is esposuing with this continuance of its expansion of settlements and the encouragement of settlers. This is not the way to peace and the fact that the Israeli gov is dragging its feet or even wrose ignorning the issue is totally unacceptable. How can the nations of the world stand behind and supprt any nation that is in effect a tyranny? Can you imaging the wailing that would come if the situations were reversed? If Israel is so ready to squander the peace process due to stubborness then we as a nation must seriously being to rethink out alliance and support of Israel. Because how can we , as America, support Tryanny? How can we reprimand Iran, invade Iraq, challenge The taliban when our ally is as great a malefactor as they ever were! Stop the settlements NOW!!!!!!

Last evening MSNBC held a special education prtogram regarding the state of education in America, a subject and issue I have been grappling with for years here in Upstate NY and for all of the hype and hyperbole of last evenings programming the fact remains that we are just as far away from solving our educational problems in America as ever. And why, because we refuse to see the forest for the trees!  the Problems with American education lies in American sociology. and until we adress the continued flaws that are in our social structure until the same resources, opportunities and facilities that are available for one and avialable for all we will continue to decline as a nation. the problem with education has been highlighted for quite a while now, but as is allways the case in Ameirca rather than taking the steps to solve the problem we simply create another one. Public education had declined, and the creation of charter schools and the like sounded that alarm, but what has been done since the alarm sounded? Now instead of one functioning educational system for all we have two, one that isnt functioning and another that's barely fucntioning. there was much talk last night about helping the kids, but how can it be done when the continual jockeying for position has become more important than the kids themselves. when the politics that surround and permeatethe situation take predecesnce over the issue itself! When will the future of America  take priority over politics, posturing, pontificating, and the like? We know its a problem in America why cant we solve it? Because the solution is so simple .Resources, opportunities, and facilities no more no less thats all thats needed! I think it is so sad that we are so focused on charter schools and ignoring the fact that there are successful public schools throught this nation. And in every community they reside in are three things. resources, opportunties, and facilities, right here in Albany, where we have more charter schools per cpaita than any where in NYS , less than 20 miles north or west of albany we have school that have continual graduations and   exceptional students, so what is the difference between these students and the students in the more shall we say Urban areas? resources, opportunities, and facilities its that simple! THAT is what needs to be addressed, because to be quite frank the schools arent the problem!The teachers arent the problem  its as simple as Black and white, have and have not, its as simple as resources, facilties and opportunities. and until that mantra is crerated until we create a resource zone in communities nationwide that dont have them, until all communties mirror one another with resources, and facilities and opportunity education wont improve indeed america wont improve. That is the model we must follow, not some Indoctrination, it is outrageous that rather than fight the REAL fight we settle  for less. Forgert charter schools, forget childrens zones. I know where to look for success, and I know why there is success there, give me the resources, give me the opportunities, give me the same facilties that are in those communtieis that thrive without charter schools or childrens zones, and Ill give you A better america!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Presser

Simply Put: It is things like the settlements issue that stand in the way of true peace  and solutions in the middle east! This shouldnt even be a issue, it's wrong and everyone knows it wrong, so whats the problem? There should be no further expansion By Israel into Palestinian lands, and If Israel expects their right to exist to be respected then they should respect the sanctitiy of Palestinian land as well
Hate for hates sake. Be its the Mosque issue, immigration, gay rights U name it, hate for hates sake is allways appealing to the boors of our society.And boorish politics is allways appealing as well. That, more than anything else, is the allure of Tea Party Politics! Where haters can give voice to their hate and feel right at home!

Its sad that with his administration in such question and political trouble,   President Obama would learn such hard lessons about politics on the Job! It must be remembered that when the republicans are down, youve got to take them all the way out! Because they will work and stop at nothing to do the same to you!
the samaritian and the snake its that simple! Political nature. THEIR political nature!

And for all the squawking, the republicans need to learn and accept that it has been the outsider who has had the most success. Former Gov George Pataki came from nowhere to be the most suscdessful republican in NYS   Recent History. It is that kind of candidate, tea party or No, that republicans need if they are going to contend as a viable party again. And no, Carl Palladino and Christine Odonnell arent in the Pataki Mold.

And lastly Velma, Velma, Velma!what more can be said that she hasnt allready said herself?Way to stick the knife in Velma! House negros everywhere and Uncle Ruckus would be proud of you!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday GRAB bag!

To those decrying Andrew Cuomo's candidacy, hey, he was ELECTED to ATTY GEN and has served well. He has put himself in the postion he is in now by deed and action as much as anything else. The position like it or not as frontrunner was earned, so it is not wrong for him to enjoy the fruits of his labors. The travails of Carl Palladino only serve to show the true weakness of the Tea party and Tea party candidacies, sells well with red meat republicans not so well with everyone else! The promise to america, a promise of cotninued economic disaster if elected back into office! What will the next 2 years in office be like for President Obama? I dont like what has happened in the wake of the rise to leadership for black men in America.
What is the Gov of NJ doing camapigning in California? Why does Bill OReilly allways whine about white people being mistreated? I mean, how much have white people suffered in America? Will Sarah Palin run for president in 2012? R there bears in Alaska? And finally after president Obama , with efforts led by Sec of Satate Clinton secures, a 2 state solution for israel and palestine will they both share the credit?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deja vu?

So the republicans have  made a promise to America. Is it anything like the infamous Contract with America?Is it all about tax cuts and all the other republican mantras that we've heard so many times before, mantras and ideas that in every decade for the last 40 years have led america to ruin and financial insolvency? If that is what their promise entails and it does, All America should, In the words of our former first lady ( and fellow red afficinado)Nancy Reagan  JUST SAY NO!!!!! We've been down this road before with the republican party, we allready know where it leads, or has America forgotten the Gingrich led shutdown of the Gov in 1996?
So why in the h-e double hockey sticks would we, as a nation, consider going this route again? The promise the republican party is offering to America is to continue to cut taxs for the rich, abandon govermental responsibility, and leave all those who are poor, or disenfranchised, or not a certain color, to fend for themselves! We know this truth to be self evident because we've see it all before. Now the only question is America: Do we want to see it again?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tempest in the teapot.

So The republcan media is desparately trying to find a way to control this tempest that they have created called the tea party. As evidenced by the powder puff Interviee given Christine O'Donnell Last evening on fox with Sean Hannity, republican hopes for control are fading fast!!! This Election is rapidly  becoming  about choice and the covert racism and hatred that has been espoused  should not be the choice in 2010. And as the political waters are coming To A Boil it must be clear that
 it is the republicians not the democrats who are in danger of being Burned! Radicalism and out of control rhetoric, while a easy sell among the republican consituency is far harder to convert to votes among the general electorate. So  what we have here is  A proverbial tempest in a teapot. a bitter brew indeed for the republicans and hopes that seemed so lofty just two weeks ago!

40 something days until election time and I forone dont see the republican landslide that was so highly touted. Palladino made a bold statement with his victory in Ny ,but it was a statement for the republican party only. he'll get one shot, one debate with andrew in the next month and that wont be enough. Cuomo is too polished and too professional. he wont lose his cool, he wont make mistakes in the words of the greatest float like a buttefly sting like a bee! odonnell is a sham and soon to be a shame,and other than Sarah Palin Alaska doesnt matter at all. So this temptest in a teapot for all the tooting and steaming will soon be at a end, and the reality is that it will be the republican party, not the democrats who will be drinking its bitter swill!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

empire state edition

As NY is a microcosm of this nation, today we will begin by examining the state of state politics in NY! As you know  Andrew Cuomo, the odds on favorite to become the next Gov of NYS, is facing a long shot challenge from Carl Palladino, who won the Republican nod Via his tea party connections. And ,as most tea party candidates are known for, he has extremism in both his politics and his personal life. So as usually is done with ticking time bombs you maintain a safe distance and let it explode! Because that way it will do more damage to itself than anything else. Palladino will wing away for the next month, but as it sets in that Cuomo is a lock, the shots he will fire will become more and more ineffectual. It's too bad that Palladino didnt run for Senate, he might have won that race! But simply put the experience in public life and Leadership quality that Andrew Cuomo has will virutally lock this race down for the Dems. But crazy or No Carl Palladino was and is a shot in the arm for NY Republicans, who  at least now have a challenger as opposed to Rick Lazio, Who was never a threat.  Andrew Cuomo can and should preserve his energies for the storm that is to come in 2011. Because what David Patterson went thru with the Budget process is nothing compared to what Andrew will have to grapple with in 2011! As far as Rep Rangel goes ,like the wily old soldier  he is, he has weathered the media and political storm that surrounded him, and He is a lock to maintain his seat in congress and indeed perhaps even regain the power he lost on capitol hill. To be frank in the tough political times that are coming for the national dems and for NYS a man like Mr. Rangel is and will be needed! Experience and leadership personified in Rep Charlie Rangel. someone that President Obama needs to look to in the tough times that are ahead! The Mosque issue is offically over, so lets wind it down. The right of freedom to practice your  religion has been protected, but relations between Americans and Muslims have been set back a bit. But the say has been had both pro and con, let us now all go in peace!
so thats it for now on the NY  state side of Politics.

I will say about the town Hall meeting that was plastered all over the NY post today, there is a old saying there are none so blind as those who will not see.  And there is another saying, something that is being lost in all the political manipulation and hype that has blinded America to the effort that President Obama has made in just shy under 2 years! That saying is: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! And come Nov., we will see just how big a fool the American voting public is!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inmates running the asylum?

It's quite karmic to see how the republicans , who have been touting how much the democrats have been running away from President Obama  and his record in this election, are now running, indeed scarmbling away from the tea party and the assorted nuts who are coming forward as their standard bearers in this election!  Odonnell, Pallidino, Paul earlier all of them have had their WTF moments and Im sure their will be more to come. And now with such madness reaching the pinnacle  due to the revelation of Candidate Odonnell's former interest in Satan ,the republican party , as well as the american voting public, are wondering: Are the Inmates running the asylum in the republican/tea party? Usually it is the democrats who snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory in crucial elections, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that 2010 may become a missed opportunity for the republican party! And it is a missed shot that is clearly of their own making!

As far as the economy goes, simply put its time for some tough talk and some even tougher action coming from the white house and capitol hill regarding unemployment and the economy!  Simply put there is no money flowing, no money for expansion, no money for jobs! So where is all the money? Same place it has been for the last 2 years ,locked up in the banks!!! Banks who have benefitted and profitted at the expense and from the grace of the american people! Unusual times call for unusual measures! The white house must take the lead and make it understood that it cant be buisness as usual.Too many people are unemployed and facing hopelessness! The banks must be forced to free up credit, the Gov must take action to stimulate expansion, and I think that a small buisness Tarp fund , specifically created to create and facilitate jobs would do that!  We are facing Tough times  here in America and as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, its time to get going!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah Palin, from Joke to Juggernaut!

How the political worm has turned, as in the space of 2 years ,Sarah Palin has went from national joke to political juggernaut!  From the poster child for political inepetitude to the face of the republican party. How did this happen?Firstly Sarah has prvoen herself a lot more politically savvy than people gave her credit for, she took the ball that that was handed to her, and she has ran with it admirably! And ,as she spoke in Iowa last evening, it is clear that she is the one to beat in 2012. Who would have thunk it 2 years ago, but it looks like Sarah Palin, political force and kingmaker in the republican party, is having the last laugh on all her critics!

As far as the election goes, it is clear that thsi election will be a refferendum on America.With the forces of extremisim taking center stage. And I for one, find it hilarious how hard the republicans are now fighting to minimize the damage that these extremists are inflciting on their party and the public image of same. As the adage goes, when you lie down with dogs---

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chaos ,or would you like some sugar with that tea?

It seems that the tea party has brought the true nature of Chaos to the republican party. Choas, knows no party, has no allegience. Chaos only breeds chaos.Chaos feeds upon itself, and when you have the lLikes of Michelle Malkin, who worshipped at the altar of Karl Rove for all 8 years of the Bush administration rebuking her Lord in the manner in which she did on National TV last evening. You can see what sort  havoc that the chaos which is the tea party is reaping with the republican establishment! Nationwide, the question facing the republican establishment is What is happening? And the answer quite simply is :CHAOS! And who will bring order to this chaos come Nov? Looks  more and more like the Democrats! Michelle Malkin attacking Karl Rove?Whats next, Rush Limbaugh endorsing Obama?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primary potporurri

Last evening said a lot about the political situation in America. For one thing, the hype was dispelled by the reality and fact that the incumbents being thrown out in America are republicans not democrats. Last night also said that both the Tea party, and Sarah Palin, are becoming a force to reckon with in the REPUBLICAN hirearchy! Last night was also a powerful statement about Political love and loyalty as Rep Charles Rangel ,despite being under a cloud of ethics charges, won his primary challege with nearly 50 percent of the vote!  Note to those of you out there in Politico land who think you know, such status and loyalty can only be earned. People standing with  you thru thick & thin is a beautiful thing! Only In NY! In the space of 24 Hours the republicans have went from juggernaut to once again teetering on the brink of marginalization, and it is something of their own making. Simply put, the extremism of the tea party wont sell across the Board, there will be no Scott Brown miracles , No  mishandled camapigns. The Democrats stand poised and ready to score a significant victory in 2010 and the republicans are faced with the one thing that they have struggled against for the last two years  becoming crucial to their very political existance:CHANGE! Talk about supreme irony! The Tea party was created in resistance to the change promised in 2008 and it may be the force that creates change in the republican party and America in 2010!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Common Sense Cuts reality over rhetoric

A huge political victory was scored by President Obama over the weekend, when House Minority Leader Boehner was forced to admit that he would have no choice but to accept the common sense policy advocated by the president regarding the Bush tax cuts.For it was radically clear to him that even the most partisan of arguments could not stand in the face of common sense, plain and simple! And the realization that this was something that could not be spun negatively or misrepresented in the media by the republicans or the Tea parties! And this victory of reality over rhetoric is one of  what hopefully will be a series of victories lead By the president as he, and the democrats push forward in the Next 60 days!

Reality over rhetoric!( A tack first advanced at this blog) The keys to victory for the democrats in 2010 and the key to the marginaliozation of the party of NO  in 2010!

As the tea party continues to assert itself, it is clear that the republicans have created their very own little monster in this out of control movement! And as they continue to unseat republican after republican, you have to wonder, given a positive result for the tea party in Nov, will Sarah Palin be a tea party candidate for president instead of A republican standard bearer? Curiouser & curiouser!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama,turning the political tide, bible burning idiots, and 9/11/10

Can Obama turn the tide, can he break the back of the republican party by denyiung it the victory it so desparately needs in Nov.? It's very possible, but its is going to take a massive campaign level effort by the president to do it. The issues are there to stand upon, and there are many points that can be driven home, but this will take a campaign level push, day in and day out to make victory a reality. I guess it all comes down to how bad does President Obama want to push his legislative agenda and see it succeed? The ball is in his court and ,simply put, the future of his administration and democratic control is now in his hands!
Speaking of points to be driven home, it is the pointed headedness of these Bible burning Idiots in Fla, these mornonic mullahs of misguided madness that remind us all of just why we need to stand against fanaticism and out of control rhetoric in America! Sarah Palin came out against this plan as should all conservatives of merit in America, because this is the idiodacy that the rhetoric of the Sean Hannitys, the Glenn Becks, the Laura Ingrams, the Michelle Malkins, and the Rush Limbaughs of the world, and Fox news have produced! You cant preach morality from a immoral foundation! A pot can't call a kettle black! I call upon all media in America to ignore this action if it is taken, because that will send a stronger message and serve a better purpose than the telvising this burning could ever acheive. Responsible journalism. I know its hard ,but Have a little deceny please!
 And lastly:
‎9 years ago , in the greatest city in the world, the forces of hatred ,fananticism, and intolerance struck a blow the likes of which had never been seen on american shores. It was on that day that everything changed for americans and the world. It was on that day that Fear took a firm grasp.That day was 9/11/01. A day when hate felled the greatest of Mans achievements , his reach to the sky, the World Trade Center! I remember how it was pre 9/11, how carefree the world was, before fear and terror became the watchwords for a generation, and  now ,9 years later, as the world continues to writhe in the grasp of fanaticism, terror, and hate and fear mongering , I wonder :Will we ever return to those care free days of pre 9/11/01/? I for one truly hope so, but we must never forget that on that day THOUSANDS of lives were lost! Innocent lives to a cowards blow. Lives that shared only one commonality: they were in America! These were white lives, black lives spanish lives indian lives, asian lives! These were chrisitian lives, hindu lives ,buddist lives, even islamic lives! All different but with one commonality :They were lost in America! And that we must never forget to honor: that commonality! Because as americans we all lost a piece of ourselves on that day, we all became a little less safe, a little less free, a little less happy, a little less american. On 9/11/01 a piece of America was taken from us, but as we commemorate that sad date on 9/11/10 let us, by standing united in commonality, the commonality of being Americans, speak loudly to all thsoe who would still wish us ill in those dark and primitive corners of the world that you will never take anything else away from us again! and never forget 9/11/01 and what we lost that day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fighting fire with fire!

Yesterday the deafening silence that has been the democratic response to the media onslaught and siege waged upon them by the Republicans/Tea parties was broken in a big way as President Obama got very loud and very in your face with the republicans and their policies. And to be frank, that is what has been missing both from the Democrats and in the media, the other side of the story. While the Dems dont enjoy the luxury of a propaganda wing(Fox news) They still should have long ago made some kind of effort to get their side of the story out for public consumption.But I guess if they had done so they wouldnt be the Dems Ive known and watched snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory so many times in the past! But what the repsident did yesterday was a telling point and it will be interesting to see if he presses those points in the next sixty days, for indeed he must! Because this is his agenda, his political future at stake! A massive republican victory in Nov means in all likelihood that he may be a one term president, or a very ineffective 2 termer. They say those who dont learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them in the future. And its clear that the dems have yet to learn that the republicans are single minded when it comes to political power,   that they plan  and strategize from day one and clearly their strategizing is paying off once again! Like them or not, they are a well oiled political machine and if the dems, excuse my cantonese dont get their sh-t together, Both they & Americaa re going to once more be in the dog house! So I was very heartened to see Obama finally beginning to fight fire with fire here.  I was hopeful to see him calling a spade a spade as it pertained to republican policies and republican agendas. Because the only way this election will be won is thru confrontation, with the dems voice getting as loud as the republicans has been, the only way this election will be won is with the dems calling out the republicans as much as they have been calling out the dems on the issues, the only way this election will be won, and the legislative future secured is for the Democrats to fight fire with fire! So to President Obama for the Next 60 days its time to burn baby burn! And let your fire light the way for the Democrats!

And speaking of fire, once against the ugliness and stupidity of racism raises its head in america as some idiot preacher decided he's going to burn islamic bibles for 9/11. Genius move, just what the world needs more hate & violence spread in the name of "God" Nice to know that we are, in america, so ready to sink to the depths of hate that those who wrought 9/11/01  were so ready and willing to do! Youre not calling attention to radical islam, only american hate and racism! We must never forget 9/11/01 but commemorating it with hatred and ignorance is a insult to all those who died, and to all that we stand for and fight for in America! 9/11/01 was about hate, blind and unreasoning. Ring a bell Islamic bible burners?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


P. Sarah Palin is definately going to be in the running for the Republican nomination for president, and come 2012 she may even be big enough to run independently If the republicans establishment gives her too much of a hard time. But she must wean herself away from the fringe and the loonys that Fox continues to link her to IE:Glenn Beck If she is to truly make a run for the white house!
O. Obama(thats the president not the first lady) made a great speech(as he allways does) regarding the end of the iraqi war. Simply put, he did what he was elected to do, put us back on the right track ,and with the ending of the iraq war he did just that. And no amount of political spin or hype can change that fact! Well done Mr. president.
L. Labor. as we enter into this labor day weekend, President Obama and indeed all of washington DC's next task, the real war that must be fought, is to create the investment of capital by american corporations into america! We need jobs and in order to get them we need MONEY!!! A new stimulus in time for the Holiday season should be fast tracked, but due to politics it clearly wont be and that is a shame. But with more and more people suffering ,its time for partisan politics to take a back seat to united action on Labor! Labor meaning Jobs for Americans.As this is the lead issue, so must the president and the Democrats take the lead on it!
I. Information: Something which the public is clearly lacking as they ,like rabble, are bing roused byu the very Bums they just threw out, to put them back into power. Go figure!

T. Triumph Let us all hope for the ultimate trimuph in global diplomacy as the palestinians and Israeli's are once again at the peace table. Many have tried, but the ultimate trimuph, peace in our lifetime, has allways been just out of reach. Perhaps finally we can get what is indeed long overdue, two states living in peace side by side!
I. Illumination. As we prepare to commemorate all those lives lost on 9/11/01 it wwill also be time to once again shine the light of freedom worldwide! A light that all of us must remember. There is a reason why so many died and why the towers came down, and it wasnt Islam! It was because of freedom, freedom the like of which has never been seen and is like nowhere else on this planet! American freedom! A light brighter than allah, a light brighter than islam, a light that will never die out!
C. Community, the world community. Do not forget the people in pakistan. Give what U can, and do what U can. We are our brothers keeper and I hope that the USA is at the forefront(as it allways is) in this humanitarian effort.
S. Support, speak out and stand up! Remember, in less than 2 months the future will be decided for us here in America and for the world! This is a milestone election coming up! Too important to be decided by media hype , partisan hyperbole, and exploited ignorance! So support change, stand up agaisnt ignorance ,racism, and hate! And speak out and spread the word about Nov 2010! Because its about the future your future!

Enjoy the Holiday weekend!