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Monday, September 20, 2010

Inmates running the asylum?

It's quite karmic to see how the republicans , who have been touting how much the democrats have been running away from President Obama  and his record in this election, are now running, indeed scarmbling away from the tea party and the assorted nuts who are coming forward as their standard bearers in this election!  Odonnell, Pallidino, Paul earlier all of them have had their WTF moments and Im sure their will be more to come. And now with such madness reaching the pinnacle  due to the revelation of Candidate Odonnell's former interest in Satan ,the republican party , as well as the american voting public, are wondering: Are the Inmates running the asylum in the republican/tea party? Usually it is the democrats who snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory in crucial elections, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that 2010 may become a missed opportunity for the republican party! And it is a missed shot that is clearly of their own making!

As far as the economy goes, simply put its time for some tough talk and some even tougher action coming from the white house and capitol hill regarding unemployment and the economy!  Simply put there is no money flowing, no money for expansion, no money for jobs! So where is all the money? Same place it has been for the last 2 years ,locked up in the banks!!! Banks who have benefitted and profitted at the expense and from the grace of the american people! Unusual times call for unusual measures! The white house must take the lead and make it understood that it cant be buisness as usual.Too many people are unemployed and facing hopelessness! The banks must be forced to free up credit, the Gov must take action to stimulate expansion, and I think that a small buisness Tarp fund , specifically created to create and facilitate jobs would do that!  We are facing Tough times  here in America and as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, its time to get going!!!!

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