the Mosque in NYC yes or no

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Presser

Simply Put: It is things like the settlements issue that stand in the way of true peace  and solutions in the middle east! This shouldnt even be a issue, it's wrong and everyone knows it wrong, so whats the problem? There should be no further expansion By Israel into Palestinian lands, and If Israel expects their right to exist to be respected then they should respect the sanctitiy of Palestinian land as well
Hate for hates sake. Be its the Mosque issue, immigration, gay rights U name it, hate for hates sake is allways appealing to the boors of our society.And boorish politics is allways appealing as well. That, more than anything else, is the allure of Tea Party Politics! Where haters can give voice to their hate and feel right at home!

Its sad that with his administration in such question and political trouble,   President Obama would learn such hard lessons about politics on the Job! It must be remembered that when the republicans are down, youve got to take them all the way out! Because they will work and stop at nothing to do the same to you!
the samaritian and the snake its that simple! Political nature. THEIR political nature!

And for all the squawking, the republicans need to learn and accept that it has been the outsider who has had the most success. Former Gov George Pataki came from nowhere to be the most suscdessful republican in NYS   Recent History. It is that kind of candidate, tea party or No, that republicans need if they are going to contend as a viable party again. And no, Carl Palladino and Christine Odonnell arent in the Pataki Mold.

And lastly Velma, Velma, Velma!what more can be said that she hasnt allready said herself?Way to stick the knife in Velma! House negros everywhere and Uncle Ruckus would be proud of you!

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