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Friday, June 7, 2013

Nothing from Nothing!

There was a Old song By Billy Preston called "Nothing from Nothing". And as people continue as they have, from day one of the Obama administration, to criticize the job numbers among other things, we need to remind those who criticize and those who lead the criticism on Capitol Hill in Washington DC that, if your not putting anything into it, youre not going to get anything out of it! Can anyone name one jobs bill that has come out of Congress since President Obama came into power? Besides the stimulus of course? Anybody? How about a Jobs initiative? Anybody? NO? So since noone has done ANYTHING to spur economic growth in America how can they relentlessly criticize? Simply nothing from nothing, as Billy sang, leaves NOTHING!!! Except, of course, for millions of Americans out of work, and giving up on ever returning to work!!! The simple fact is that Since President Obama came into power the republicans have done NOTHING! Except of course, jockey for political power and politican gain!And since they have done essentially nothing they have essentially gained nothing! Nothing from Nothing, quite a simple concept really! Its too bad that the republicans just dont get it!!!!But as long as nothing gets done, you can believe who will get, and deservedly so, THE BLAME!!!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Political Summer Spread!

OK folks here's a spread of the issues of concern in the political world!  The non stop Politcs over the IRS scandal, havent we been here before? And when will they learn that if they dont have a smoking Gun, that Eric Holder isnt resigning!!!??? And it is amazing how there is, all of a sudden, so much concern about public privacy and peoples rights, but when the publics privacy and rights were being clearly, delibarately,  and ILLEGALLY violated, there was nothing but silence and cheering of it on by those who are now the loudest critics! There's a word, what is it? Oh yes, DEMOGOGUERY!!! Like the way the FLOTUS stood up against the overkill that is the Gay rights lobby the other day, and the support that backed her! Going too far is going too far, and alienating those who support your efforts is not the way to go! Speaking of overkill, wouldnt it be nice if once in Political America, a politician was seen as doing something because its the right thing to do?! Gov Christie's calling for a special election to fill the Lautenberg seat was simply the right thing to do! Is that so wrong? And lastly it is american greed that is fueling China's rise, and they are simply laughing all the way to the bank at America's expense!!! OK, that ought to fill you up for a while folks!:) and BY the way George Zimmerman is GUILTY and racism is still alvie and floursihing in America, floursishing I guess by eating its Cheerios!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dream Ticket Vs Dream Ticket?

In 2016 we could actually see, for the first time in  a presidential race, a dream Democratic Ticket versus a dream Republican ticket! Yes Im talking Hillary Clinton & Andrew Cuomo Versus Chris Christie and Jeb Bush!! The Battle of the dream tickets! And what a battle it would be! The destiny that beckons for Hillary Clinton versus the resurgence of the Republican guard! The reserve of Hillary versus the In your face style of Chris Christie, and Andrew  Cuomo Versus Jeb Bush Finally A VP race that actually matters!!!! Dream Ticket Versus Dream Ticket!Just try to remember in Four Years people , that you heard it HERE first!!!:)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping Up Appearances!!!!

YOUD think that Congress, with its never ending series of hearings, committees, and investigations are in fact doing their jobs, but, as we well know in America , APPEARANCES can be deceiving!!!! All Congress is doing, and indeed has done for the last 5 years now, is keep up appearances!!! Pursuing scandal and Politics in order to avodi the real issue in America, the UNEMPLOYED and the long term Jobless, something that will require and does require WORK, and INVESTMENT!!!!! But with  the huge challenge such a REAL issue presents, and with it also being a political minefield for most Republicans, you can bet that it would be, and it has been, avoided like the plague!!!! Yes This congress hasnt yet met a scandal or concern that
they havent embraced, because they have to at least keep up the appearance of doing it's job! But, as the Millions of Unemployed and long term unemployed can tell you, they havent done ANYTHING!!!!! A little less politics and scandal, and a LOT more working for the PEOPLE Washington DC!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

When the BULLY gets bullied!!!!

Of all the wusses, there is no bigger crybaby than a bully who finally gets bullied!!! And that is whats happening here in the advent of this IRS scandal!! The republicans have done and broken every ethical and traditional practice in order to unseat Barrack Obama, the TEA Party  itself was a frankensteins monster created for the sole purpose of garnering republican power and undermining emocratic interest, the Birther madness, the questions about the presidents faith,  that and so much more, and there was never even a glimmer of outrage in the republican eye!! But now, when the shoe is on the other foot, when the script has been flipped, when the BULLY is actually the one being mistreated, being bullied, now listen to the wails and the caterwauling!!!! While the IRS scandal is clearly taking it too far( and who indeed has been the architects of this extreme political climate republicans?) I do think that America can, and should be spared the outrageous hypocracy that has emerged from the republican party regarding this matter! As the republican party has said on numerous occasions after a outrageous public faux pas has been discovered:"This does not represent the democratic party as a whole" so lets end the Martyring please!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

THe NEVER ENDING story(Politics as usual!!!)

AS Washington ,once again, focuses more on scandal than substance, on politics more than the issues of concern in America, the NEVER ENDING story that is politics  as usual in America continues!!! It is sad that in the last quarter century in America, Beginning with the Clinton Administration and continuing to the present day Obama Administration, the republican party has pursued a NEVER ending story of Politics as usual!! A story filled with the muck and mire of scandal, innuendo, speculation, smears and schemes!!! And the sad fact is,for the American people, this story never has a happy ending for us! And just when you think the book is closed on this practice, be it from whitewater to lewinskygate the republicans find a way to reopen it!!!! SO now, once again, the republicans are reading from that same failed tome! Hoping that it will finally prove to be a story with a happy ending as they see it, with the republican party back in control of America!!! But the republicans need to come to grips with the fact that America just  read another book in 2012, and it had a happy ending!! And despite everything from IRS gate to Benghazi, they will more than likely want to read that same book over again in 2016,   to the republicans dismay!!!! I only hope that in 2016, the republicans will finally put down their preferred reading material, for a better read!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Straight Talk about Congress, Politics, and the Gun laws

 Simply put, it's as if they pissed on the graves  of the Newtown children! THAT is how low the republican party has, in the interest of POLITICS , sunk with their blocking of Gun legislation!!! And despite all their lies to the contrary , it is all about Politics!!! And   I ask you America, how shameful is it, that they(the republicans) would create a lie, promote a lie, and stand by a lie, even in the face of something that demanded clear action, Which the Newtown Tragedy clearly was!! And rather than focus on the fact and the reality, which is that, due to assault weapons ,20 children, kindergartners, were slaughtered, these supposed men of "honor" these congressmen AND women, instead chose to focus on falsehood and fantasy! The falsehood and fantasy that the "gov" was somehow engineering a mass confisciation of Guns in America!! the BIG LIE of there being a consitutional question here! All for the sake of Politics!!!! Here's the STRAIGHT talk! The republican led congress, to score political points with their base, because thats all it scored with, put the interests of POLITICS above the deaths of Children! It cannot be seen or said any more succintly than that! And that is a sad reflection of the state of this nation and the politics of same!!! Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others, these are the scum of the earth, and anyone who is proud to have them represent them, needs to be considered just as low! Becasue in America yesterday, Congress in the interest of Politics, and Politics alone, spit on the graves of 20 Children, and to me, Arpil 17 is a day that should live in Infamy! And thats STRAIGHT TALK!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Endless repetition(republican budgeting)

Flash back to the 80's where after 12 years of "Trickle down" economics America finds itself in a recession and a unemployment emergency! A economic state so drastic that even the scoring of a major and merited military victory couldnt save the presidency of then president George H. W. Bush!  Then, 8 years later, after the democratic lead greatest economic expansion in modern American history, The republican party was handed Surpluses in both employment and fianances! A grand american state that the republicans  turned completely around and down in 8 short years!!! And now here we are, once again with the republicans ready to continue down the destructive path that they have been known to travel throught modern history! Simply put, republican budgeting doesnt work! Didnt work for Reagan, didnt work for Bush 1, didnt work for Newt Gingrich, and it didnt work for Bush 2!! And it wont work for Paul Ryan!! This is not speculation, this is HISTORICAL FACT!!!! America cannot afford the endless repetition of economic ineptitude and failure that is republican budgeting, and republican economic strategy!!! When will America get tired of deficits, and high unemployment? Because that is the REPUBLICAN specialty! This is not politics or opinion its HISTORICAL FACT!!!! And with the Facts being so clearly against the republicans, so too should America be against them!! Enough is enough dont you think America?! Are we really going to drink this economic poison yet again?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Days of future past!(the Budget process)

It seems like a repeat of the days of future past in this budget process. Because, in the past, President Bill Clinton faced a hostile republican congress, led by a stubborn and inept House Speaker, who , while in the throes of high unemployment and recession chose to put balancing Well, to make a long story short, Bill Clinton  stood firm against those republican efforts and the rest is history! Indeed his stand made him the most successful democratic president in modern history!  Now again, here in the future the past is repeating itself as, once again, A popular deomocratic president is facing a hostile republican congress led by a stubborn and inept Speaker! And as, once again ,the republican party seeks to balance the budget on the backs of the poor, placing that as a priority once again over the more pressing needs of the unemployed, the underemployed, the homeless and the poverty stricken, President Barrack Obama needs to follow the lead of History, of those days of future past , and stand firm against the misplaced priorities of the republicans!!!! Because, just as in those long ago days, history and the success of conviction beckons!!!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Q & A(questions and answers)

Hello Folks, Im back! Let's have a little Q & A about whats going on in politics today!
Q: Whats the differance between Paul Ryan & Sarah Palin? A: Lipstick!! 15 mins and counting Paul! Q: What has the republican party done to address the social issues of America IE: unemployment, homelessness, poverty? A: Nothing! Q: Is the anti-gun control lobby being willingly exploited for political gain?A: Hell yes!!!Q: Is President Karzi of Afghanistgan a Pain in the ass?: Yes, and a dead man walking as well! Q: Is North Korea writing a check it cant cash? A: Yes, this aint the 1950's!!!! you better slow your roll Kim jong Un! and you can keep Dennis Rodman by the way!Q:Is the debate about who is running for President in 2016 taking away from the issues of today? A: YES! how about dealing with today people? From congress to the media, all they are talking about is the future! There are people unemployed today, people homeless today! Let's make today priority, and deal with tomnorrow when it comes!!!!Q: Was the soda ban a overreach By Bloomberg? A: Hell yes! Get a clue Mayor Bloomberg, focus on the good fights like gun control!!!! Leave personal choice alone! Q: is that the last question?A: Yes!~ Later people!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Buck stops here!!(the president & the Stupidquester)

It only seems like yesterday , after four long years of lies, misrepresentation, and outright obstruction by congressional republicans, Barrack Obama won his second term as president, and the change that had been forestalled by the backlash of the political status quo was finally on the threshold of realization! The will of the people had been heard AGAIN, and the republicans, in defeat, had finally been quelled, and Barrack Obama it seemed, was finally ready to be President! But now, a scant two months after being re-inaugurated, we in America are right back where we started from!!! The republicans are back in camapign mode  and that means obstuction and pain for America and Americans!! Simply put President Obama, how many times will you bang your head against    the stonewall that is the republican party before you accept the fact that they will not work with you?! That they still want you to"fail"!!! Because America is tired of being dragged along as a unwilling partner down this primrose path you keep trekking upon! YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT!!! And it is long past overdue for you to start acting like it!! It's long past time for you to stop being , for all intents and purposes, John Boehners BYTCH!!! The stupidquester and all that has come with it, is yet another in the long line of political tools and efforts engaged in by a congress that is not serving and will not serve the American people! There are millions of unemployed that need action now, millions more who, due to the stupidquester, are losing their jobs now! Children whose education is in jepoardy now, whose very food they eat is in jepoardy now!!!  The republicans are not interested in dealing with you, that is a proven fact, now its time for you to deal with that fact an get this country moving!!! Not with this continued back and forth that is getting this nation nowhere fast, but by being the president! The president that you were elected TWICE to be!!! Enough is enough Mr. President, its time for action!!! Because the Buck stops here with you!!!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Stupidquester aftermath!(politics as usual!)

With the abject failure of Congress to do its duty, with the republicans back in obstructionist mode, and with the Obama White House as passive as usual, we in America are once againt back to square one! With the "stupidquester" now offically the law of the land, we in america have to suffer due to the political idea and ideal that the problems of the future are more important than the problems of the now!!We in the PRESENT with over 12 million unemployed, millions  more than that on economic and social assistance, thousands of newly minted veterans coming home and so much more, we, in the PRESENT have been forced, due to a failed political agenda fermented by republicans, to bear the  burden of the future now, so that future generations do not have to!!!! SO , according to the republicans who led this effort, the future is far more important than addressing the issues of the now! And this somehow makes them better legislators, ignoring the issues and the problems americans face today, in order to save "the Future"!!!??   What about the millions unemployed today? The millions uninsured today? The millions who require and cannot live without Governmental assistance right now? This Blind ignorance displayed by the republicans on Capitol hill, is only heightened by the fact that THEY, and they alone were the prime mover in brining this "stupidquester "into being! And it is that fact which they should and will bear responsibility for in 2014!!!! Simply put the "stupidquester" is nothing more than Politics as usual, the continuance of the never ending cycle of  the republican party pursuing total control in America at ANY COST!!! And if we in America are ever going to end this cycle of politics as usual, then in 2014 we need to throw the republicans out of power and out of congress!!!! Remember the "stupidquester"!!! And remember Just  who it was, what party it was that put the people of tomorrow as a political priority over the people and problems of today!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A kind of Madness(blaming Obama for the STUPIDQUESTER!!!)

Simply put, it is indeed a kind of Madness, as Bob Woodward has stated, that allows republicans, and some people in the Media to actually blame President Obama for the "stupidquester" that is looming over the American people and economy like a sword of Damocles!!!! You have had your pick of crisises over the last five years, and at the heart of each and every one of them has been the Republicans and their need  to Massively resist President Obama in order to advance themselves politically!!! And as we close in on the deadlne before the point of no return, as we reach the latest republican created "fiscal cliff", The republicans continue in their political vein!!! Speaker Boehner, the picture of a former speaker walking that he is, effectively kicking the can down the road to the Senate!! Simply put the "stupidquester" and the president's role in it, is a role created by necessity, a necessity created by the republican party and their clear and stated intentions to undermine the the Obama presidency at any cost and by any means necessary!! And it is a kind of Madness, the madness called Denial, that would lead anyone to even consider blaming President Obama for the madness of the" Stupidquester"!!!! Esepcially given the recent public hiistory of the matter and the FACTS!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the Buisness of Politics Vs the Buisness of the People!(the Stupidquester!!!)

AS the "stupidquester" and other such republican fueled nonsense continues unabated on capitol hill, it is clear to see who is engaged in the buisness of Politics on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and who is trying to engage in the buisness of the people there! For as the republicans, lead by John Boehner continue to play politics with the american economy and the american people, it should be radically clear, to even the most partisan of Americans, just what buisness the Republicans are in! Simply put, Politics is the buisness of Politicans while Government is the buisness of the People!!! And the republicans are and have been so busy conducting the buisness of Politics that they cant get the buisness of  the people done, which is governing!!!! You werent and arent elected to be Politicans republicans, you were and are elected to Govern, and you cant govern by politicking!!! Politics isnt putting people back to work, keeping kids in school, keeping needed facilities open, or keeping families and this nation safe!! And the sooner you realize that the better off this nation will be!!! Its time to end the political buisness IE: the "Stupidquester" and get down the the Buisness of the People which is Governing!!!!!!!! Which is what you were elected to do!!!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Massive resistance 2013( Whats really to blame for the Stupidquester!)

AS Black History Month comes to a close, we in America can use history to answer some of the inane questions that the present tends to offer us concerning the continual financial crisises that are perpetually arising from Capitol Hill in America! For instance, back in the 60's after the courts forced intergration of the schools in the south, In BACKLASH to that effort, the powers that be in the south, determined to resist CHANGE & PROGRESS, embarked upon a program of "Massive Resistance" to intergration in schools among  other things! This massive resistance program brought the full legislative weight and co-operation between agencies of power, and people with same ,against the betterment of the qualitiy of life for people of color, and in clear defiance of the law of the land! This resistance lead to the shutting down of Governments and government facilties among other things! Sound familiar? It should, since the republican party and the congress of same since 2009 have been engaged in "Massive resistance" against President Barack Obama and his administrations legislative efforts!!! This is not speculation, this is a FACT, and has been a fact exemplified in statements from republican leaders like Mitch Mcconnell, and countless republican figures like Rush Limbaugh! It has created political Movements like the "Tea" party! History repeating itself shamefully in America!! And the fact that this continuing policy of Massive Resistance continues to be ignored, even by journalistic Icons like Bob Woodward, only proves that America still has a long way to go in its journey to becoming a more perfect union! But that aside, the FACT remains that it is the MASSIVE RESISTANCE ,and that alone, lead by the republican party that has since 2009 put the American people and the economy of America in continued jepoardy!! And until Journalists like Bob Woodward call the republicans on the carpet for this "policy" America will continue to be damaged by it! MASSIVE RESISTANCE the more things change------!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Republican Realization(the ramifacations of the "stupidquester)

AS the "Stupidquester" and other issues of financial concern move forward in America, and as the republicans continue to push their political agenda of cuts, cuts and more cuts on same, it is only a matter of time before the results of this agenda, which is hardship and economic question lead to a stark realization among the republican faithful and rank and file! A realization that will lead to the eventual downfall of the Republican party from power in America!!Because it is only a matter of time before the republican rank and file, and the tea partiers ,realize that they are the "Them" that they have been talking about and struggling against! When the massive cuts actually kick in and they head out in droves, looking for the assistance they never though "they" would require, and the benefits "they" never thought they would need!
When the subsides that they have so long become accustomed to dissapear, and the jobs they take for granted dry up, when no more gov dollars are awarded, and when the Gov . Pork their Republican congressman quietly brought home is trimmed, that is when the republican rank and file in states like Arizona and its Ilk will come to the stark realization that they are the "them" that they have been mislead into fighting so hard against! That they are part of the 47 percent not the 1 percent! and the resulting backlash from that stark realization and the hardship they created will bring about, and rightly so, the end to power for a political party that has mislead the american people for far too long! As the saying goes, "We have met the enemy and he is us!" A republican realization that will be sped along by the"stupidquester"
And it will be the tolling of the bell for Republican power in America when that realization is finally had!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The "Nero" Congress!

AS the story goes, Emperoro Nero Fiddled while Rome burned, and now it seems that this republican congress is following Nero's example by being out of session (again) while economic disaster looms!!! How is it that you are elected , essentially  hired to do the peoples buisness, but yet, whenever there is a IMPORTANT issue to be dealt with, Speaker Boehner and his fellows allways, and I mean ALLWAYS pick up the ball and go home!!! This is the picture and height of governmental irresponsibility!!! That while America is, for all intents and purposes, nearly ready to be set on fire fiscally and socially,   instead of burning the midnight oil, addressing the issue, this congress would rather fiddle around at home!!! And of course its allways the same excuse, "the president wont engage, its the presidents fault"! Two words and the first one is BULL!!! Simply  put, this congress needs to be in Washington, PERIOD! And it is a disservice to the American people that they are not! And the blame for that is certainly not with the President of the USA, it is with the leadership of the congress, specifically the leadership of the House!!! And as America burns, this congress, and Speaker Boehner should be the ones to feel the fire!!!!
Irresponsibilty and failed leadership, its that simple, and they(The Republican Congress) should be called, VERY PUBLICALLY, on the carpet for it! Because they should be at work, not at home!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Placing the blame where it lies!

AS the continuing suspense builds over the "stupidquester" and the cuts it will bring, it is VERY appropiate thsat as this matter progresses that blame is placed where it should lie over the issue, and that is with the congressional republicans! Simply put you cant blame the presidents leadership when you have made plain and clear PUBLICALLY, that you will not follow that lead! When you have said publically that you hope he fails and you will do everything you can to insure he fails!!! But that being said, it is to the president's fault that he continues to attempt to work with people who have no intention of working with him! What more do you need to convince you of their intentions President Obama?! Must they, like Caesar, stab you to death on the floor of the Senate(or House) before you understand? America is in danger, and that danger is not from the Chinese, it is not from the Russians, and it is not from the North Koreans! Its not from Al queda, or from the middle east!! The danger, the clear and PRESENT danger to America, is from the Republican party of America, who for politics sake, and for politial reasons, continue to deny the  importance of the PRESENT  economic situation of America!!!! There are millions unemployed, millions who are using social services, and millions homeless! And there are millions more who may join them due to actions like the "stupidquester"!! and for that and so much more it is time to place the blame where it lies, and it lies squarely with the REPUBLICAN party!!!! Because it is their political stubborness and avarice that is deny America the real action it needs during this difficult economic and social time!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playing Chicken!!!

I wonder  what it will take for the republican party to stop playing chicken with the financial fortunes and social welfare of the USA! Because as we continually careen from one legislative/fiscal crisis to the next, it is unacceptable that our elected officials, for the sake of politics and political ambition, continue to flirt with disaster for the american public!!!!
Playing chicken , simply put, is no way to run a government!!! Playing chicken, to be frank is no way to LEAD! and it certainly is no way to meet a responsibility given you! I wonder how the founding fathers would look upon the congress if they could see it now!!! I am sure that all their fears , all their reservations that they had way back when would be realized in the current republican lead House of Representitives!!!! Simply put, it is way past time for Political games and gamesmanship to be ended, and it time for this congress, as they did back in 1776, to put aside politics, put aside differances, and beliefs for the good of the UNION!!! Stop playing chicken and stop flirting with disaster!!! Honor those whose seats you now sit in, whose steps you now walk in!!!! And stop acting like Ignorant petulant irresponsible children!!! Because when the inevtiable happens and you wreck the car, it will be others who have to pay for your irresponsibility!!!!! Others who can, given the situation in America NOW, cannot afford to do so!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thorw the bums out!!(the republicans and the stupidquester

Remember a short 5 years ago, when things like" Sequester", and "Fiscal Cliff" werent even  part of the American lexicon? And when the "Debt Ceiling" and shutting down the Gov. werent even the republican agenda and or radar? Well that was Pre Obama of course, and now, as we have come to know in this Post republican controlled world, the sins of the republicans are , as usual, visited on us all due to the republican party being out of power! When America, are we going to say enough is enough? How many times will we look on  as the republicans, for politics sake, take the american economy and the american people to the brink of a economic abyss?!! How many children and families, how many seniors, must live in a never ending world of political fear and fearmongering due to the political posturing of the republican party?! When will enough be enough America!!!? We as a nation took a bold step into the future when ,in 2009, we collectively threw the bums out! The republicans were uncerimoniosly thrown out of political power in America, and we, as a nation were the better for it!! We began to clean up their mess, and take the actions needed to make this nation a better place for all, not just a minute percent of us! But then, capitializing of the naievete of a fledgling and new president, and the racist(yes I said it) backlash against said new president being of a certain color, the republicans, who were soundly rejected by americans eager for change, resurged to power on the backs of the hateful, the racist, the intolerant, the bigoted, and the completely crazy! Which has lead us back full circle! For five years now the republicans have done everything they can to regain their political status and power, and it has come at the expense and security of the American people!!! And it is time for every American to say enough! It is time for the republican party to stop holding America hostage to their political desires!! Its time for them to show a true measure of responsibility and decency! Not to politics and political gain, but to the nation and the people of same! NO STUPIDQUESTER!!!! Enough is ENOUGH!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Making history for all the wrong reasons(The Hagel Saga)

Once more America, the Republican party in America is making history for all the wrong reasons! The Hagel filibuster, like all of the other republican filibusters before it, is nothing more than a continuance of the politically minded obstructionism that has gridlocked Washington DC! And with President Obama successfully re-elected despite all of the stated  efforts to the contrary, why are the republicans continuing to operate in that failed mode? This congress continues to make history for all the wrong  reasons!It is the lowest regarded, the least productive and now it can add the Hagel filibuster to its growing lists of "achievements"! Yes Congressional republicans you are really showing us! Showing us how NOT to run a democracy!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union Post analysis(the Good, the Bad, and the downright UGLY!!)

IN the aftermath of the Presidents State of the State address, and the responses from the republicans and their tea party, we can truly say that it was a picture of the good, the bad and the downright ugly!!! The good being President Obama's speech, which hit upon the usual "pedestrian"( and Im using that sarcastically Mitch Mcconnell) rationale of Gov stepping up for those who cannot step up for themselves, pushing for economic action and the furthering of education and training, as well as pushing for action to address the out of control gun culture in America. In response to this good came Marco Rubio, who, with his public access level speech, and actions during same( by the way Marco, every public speaker knows to hydrate before speaking, even those on public access) proved that he is not ready for prime time or the national stage! It seems that the republicans are in a never ending camapign mode, and Mr. Rubio's speech clearly reflected that! And then we get to the downright UGLY, which was Rand Paul and his full and public embracement of the madness that is the TEA Party!!! According to Rand,  Obama  is king, and we need assault weapons to defend ourselves from him and his agenda! Rand Paul for president? Good luck with that Rand! In the end, it was and is clear that, for far too many in America, politics is more important to them than rational and needed policy! And that is sad, not only for President Obama but for America who , if last night was any indication, has nothing to look forward but more of the same old political same old from the republicans and their tea party!

Monday, February 11, 2013

State of the Union pre analysis

AS President Obama prepares to Give his first State of the union  speech in his second term, It is hoped that he will return to one of the primary advents of his first term, and use the bully pulpit of the speech to advocate for the "fierce urgency of now" as it pertains to politics and policy in America! Because it must be prioritized and made understood on capitol hill in America that there are over 12 million people who are unemployed NOW! That there are kids  dying by guns and under the threat of gun violence NOW! That poor and elderly people are concerned about what the future holds for them, the near future as in tomorrow , NOW!!!
For four years due to politics sake, the state of this Union has been one of question doubt and fear, but now, as President Barrack Obama begins his second term as the American president, he must use this opportunity to reassure America! Reassure that we wont morgage away the security of today for the future, as the republican party has so politically painted! The fierce urgency of Now! Because it must be understood ,especially on capitiol hill, that NOW is the future! And that America cannot afford to ignore the concerns of today in order to preserve the future!
Simply put ,without today there will be no tomorrow! NOW cannot be sequestered, Now cannot be cut, now cannot be reduced! The stakes and human costs are too high to pay! The state of the union is both hopeful and concerned, and tomorrow, it will be up to President Obama to reassure the nation that the fierce urgency of now is also PRIORITY!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

When Right is wrong( The new republican Push for "minorities")

I dont know whether to be appalled or insulted by the new push from the Republican Party towards minorities, but I think one glaring fact says it all! The republicans main focus , main reason for this new minority outreach is not in the cause of minorities, is not in the support and advancement of minority issues and interests, but it is in the interest, the POLITICAL interest of the republican party! Another case of the repubican party thinking they are doing it right, and getting it completely wrong! And isnt this the same party that scant months ago was lambasting the "47 percent" for being bought and sold in this manner by the Democrats? This new political outreach by the republicans towards minorities is insulting and self serving! Its not being made in the intersts of minorities  and If the republican party does indeed want to forestall its eventual marginalization, it will have to make a radical change within itself! A change that does actually put the concerns and interests of minorties as a priority as opposed to the political interests of the republican party! Because this self serving left turn by the right is being done for all the wrong reasons!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Time Rush!

 AS the republicans continue to put the rush on everything in order to maintain the image of fiscal responsibility, I would say that what they continue to do, and threaten America with, is the height of irresponsibility!!!! America, has for the last five years, struggled out of a recession. A recession mind you ,of repubican making! Arecession that put millions out of work, and out of their homes, a recession that nearly destroyed the American economic system! So what do the republicans do? Take actions that could destroy the American economic system of course!!!! Simply put it is time for the Posturing to end. The republicans just lost one election BIG, due to this posturing, and in 2014, if this contin ues they are set to lose another!!! It's time for the republican party to end the Big time rush they are putting on the American people regarding the defict! It's time to actually show some fiscal responsibility as opposed to posturing about it, because the fact is that the sequester and the Massive cuts that they would apply to America and Americans is the heigh of irresponsibility! You cant plan for the future by destroying the now! You cant build for the future by destroying the foundation of today! And it is time that the republicans stop with the politics, and the political posturing and accept that fact! We cant balance the budget of tomorrow on the backs of the poor, the elderly and the children of today! Today first and tomorrow later republicans!!!!!! End the Big Time Rush!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Politics, Politics.Politics!!!(notes from the Political pad)

A few notes from the political pad: What happened to John Mccain? Where is the model of fairness and consistency? The guy everybody liked? The straight shooter? The MAVERICK?!!! Because this bitter, petty, and partisan old man is not the John Mccain America has come to know and love! Hooray for immigration reform!! But the best way to reform immigration is for Arizona to become a blue state! Marco Rubio as the savoir of the Republican party? Nah, I dont think so! Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot!Now that Hillary is out of the Obama administration, it will be intersting to see what high profile posittion she assumes to keep herself in the public eye until 2013. Perhaps the Chair for NOW(National Organization for Women) 2016 is a long way off, too long for even Hillary to be out of the public eye, if she is to contend for history again in 2013. Gabriele Giffords may be the most powerful advocate we have IN America to advance gun regulation and the banning of assault weapons!  Farewell to Former Mayor Ed Koch, a true NYer in every sense of the word. and farewell to Sarah Palin as well the clock on the 15 mins has finally ran out! And lastly with our children becoming targets and prey in America, I think it would make good sense to taking any and all actions to keep them safe, and that includes gun control!  Pray for the children and then act on their behalf America!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Handwrting on the wall( CHANGE)

 With it being so apparent  that the handwriting is on the wall regarding the future of the republican party, with Speaker John Boehner remarking about the possible "annillation" of the
republican party, and how it is in danger of being "regulated into the dust bin of history", with this handwriting on the wall being written in proverbial fire, the republicans must finally come to understand that the only thing that can and will prevent their destruction, a destruction that is of their own making, is, for the republican party as a whole, to CHANGE!!!!!!!! Because America has changed as this last election has proved! Diversity has taken over and now holds sway ! Diversity is the future, and when you have effectively alienated nearly all races and cultures by your actions beliefs and policies, you have a serious problem!!!! So, simply put, the face of the Republican party must change! Change in actions, change in policies and change in belief! And yes, as a party, it must begin to reach out! Not only across the aisle in bi-partisanship, but across the nation! The republican party must reach out to hispanics, to african americans ,to women, to gays, to all!!It can no longer afford to be the party of white men, because that is the path to a dead political end! It must become a more socially concious party, sensitive to public concerns and not party mantra! It must do what to this date hasnt done, it must be less rigid and of course, less radically conservative!!! Because THAT has been a disaster for the republican party! The handwriting on the wall is very clear for the republican party, and ,like it or not, the only way for it to avoid the coming political apocalypse is to CHANGE!!!! Change or be destroyed!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The beating of a dead horse( The Benghazi hearing)

SO finally, the republican led congress got their opportunity to flagellate Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi affair and, Led by John Mccain , the republicans wasted no time in jumping in, but as the same old tired rhetoric of"The american people being misled by the Obama Administration" "Leading from behind" and " Susan Rice" It was rapidly apparent to all that, yet again, the republicans were more concerned with politics and partisanship than the real issue!!!! But to her credit, the professionalism and status, and of course,class of Hillary Clinton served to dampen any and all efforts by the republicans to amp up the hysteria once again surrounding this tragedy! This , as the phrase was coined, is a teachable moment. A tragedy we should learn from. This tragedy is a poltical dead horse!And as many at the hearing noted, it was quite sad that Hillary Clintons appearance on capitol hill, was largely used as a political football, as opposed to the honor, and transitional opportunity that it should have been ! This horse is not just beaten, it is mutilated!!!! Ye can and should learn from, and that has far more value than the continued flaggelltion of what t another sad example of misplaced priorities and politically motivated pretenses that continues to gridlock Capitiol hill!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The fight that must be fought( The assualt weapons ban)

As the US Congress prepares to enagage in the debate they dont want it must be understood that this fight, the fight to ban assault weapons in the United States is the fight that must be fought!!!! Too many lives have been lost in America for this cause to not be taken up! And to the fringe republicans and such who, with fear , hysteria, and gutter politics, would trivialize the issue, all i can say is shame!!!! And I wonder if your stance would change if you were one of the parents who buried a child in Newtown? I wonder if your rabble rousing irrationale would remain if you were one of the people in the theatre in Aurora Il. on that fateful night?
 I wonder if your politics would change if it was your son who didnt return home from fighting the good fight,from fighting a fire in Webster NY?!!! Simply put this a fight that must be fought, and this is a fight that must be won, because quite frankly the bllod of all these and many more is squarely on the hands of Congress!!! A congress who lacked the courage to do whats right and  a congress who put politics ahead of the public welfare!!! This is the  fight that must be fought!  A fight for common and pure decency in America!This a fight of truth against lies, of greed vs the public interest! And it is the height of cowardice that far too many in congress are afraid to wage it.! It's time to dispel the smoke and mirrors, the misinformation, and the outright lies!!! Its time to ban assault weapons in America! They are a danger to the public health and welfare and it has been proven time and time again, from Columbine to Newtown!!!! This is THE fight that must be fought on Capitol hill, and for the soul of America, for the perception of America in the eyes of the world, and its citizens, it is a fight that must be won! And shame on the cowards who are afraid to fight it ,and the cowards who are forcing it to be waged!!!! Assault weapons have NO, I repeat , NO value in America!Ad it will not impugn  one persons right if they are banned!!! This is not a fight for rights, this is a fight to save lives! And if you believe otherwise, then you are on the wrong side of things! Right now the eyes of 20 Children are looking at us from heaven, and they are no doubt wondering what the hell is going on???!!! Why there is so much doubt and fear in America, and hesitation to do what must be done, to do what is RIGHT!!!!???? This fight must be fought, in the honor of those children that died too soon, and who didnt have to die, if only congress had the courage to act! So with the blood of these children still fresh in our memories congress, the time has once again come! Do you have the courage to act? DO you?!!! Ban assault weapons in America!!! It's the right thing to do, and well worth the fight!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For the Children!

AS the Obama administration put what is important back out there for the public to consider in regards to Guns and gun violence in America , I can only say AMEN to the effort! Because in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newton, Americans, lost in hatred, racism and hysteria stoked by conservatives and radical republicans, have represented themselves to their fellow citizens and the world poorly! What  was Americans response to the Murder of Children? We buy guns off of the shelves and out of the stores!!! Instead of having a primary concern about saving our children and ending gun violence, our concern is to save GUNS and the gun industry!!! In the aftermath of Newtown, we have seen nothing but UGLY!!! From madmen talking revolution, to the usual fol-de-roll regarding the issues of guns on capitol hill!!! And not one word about the Children!!!!!! People are ready to go to war over guns, but they avoid and shirk the fight for children!? SHAMEFUL!!!
AS this conversation continues and as action is taken, I for one, hope that , in America, on  this issue, we can get our priorites in order!! Its not about Politics, its not about money, its not about TV or radio ratings, Its about the children!!!!And if there is any decency left in this nation we should be able, be we republican or democrats, conservative or liberal, to do what needs to be done to preserve them!!!! For the Children damn you!!!! BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS NOW!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Political Happy Hour!!!

OK folks, lets belly up to the Political bar for a few belts of political opinion on the issues!
First shot: How does President Obama feel about cleaning up the GIANT mess made by the Bush administration in Afghanistan & Iraq? And how successful would the war on terror had been if we had focused on Afghanistan? Second Shot: The venerable Rep Charles Rangel says President Obama should be"embarassed as hell" about the lack of diversity in his appointments. Very True! But thats our first Black president, and we love him Warts and all!
Third shot: The NRA says that the Meeting held by VP Biden is a attack on the 2nd amendment, well I say that the stance taken By the NRA and far too many in the aftermath of Newtown is pure indecency!!!! when will enough be enough! how many more  kids will have to die before Politics becomes less important than the gun market? Fourth Shot: It is a insult to the northeast region that Congress continues to delay needed Disaster relief to the tri state area! The 16th is fast approaching!A lot faster than aid is arriving in NY & NJ!!!! Fifth Shot: weve just had a presidential election in America and the media is on Overdrive handicapping the next one!! Im sure there are many other issues in America that deserve punditry and endless babble!! give it a rest!!!! Ok, youve reach your limit! Back away from the bar and give me your car keys!!!! :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Demogoguery and hypocracy!

I was amazed over the last weekend at the level of demogougery and hypocracy that was unleashed by republican "leaders" on shows like Meet the Press! I mean how could Sen. Mitch Mcconnell , of all people, get on national television and state that he, and congress, needs President Obama to "lead them on spending cuts" The same Mitch Mcconnell who now imfamously stated to the nation that his only purpose was  to insure that Barrack Obama was a one term president?! This type of demogougery, this type of hypocracy, is the very bedrock of the republican posture on these spending cuts! It's not the public interest that they are concerned with, it is, allways has been, and remains as POLITICAL interest, plain and simple!!!
In order to be lead, you have to follow, but can ANYONE name a instance in the last 5 years where MItch Mcconnell and the Republican senate and house have followed President Obama?
Demogougery and Hypocracy in action!!!!!!! Unbelieveable!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hurry up and Wait!!!(Hurricane Sandy Aid)

On Oct 30, 2012 Hurricane Sandy vented its full fury on NY, NJ and the tri state area,devastating the metropolitian captiol of the USA with floods and structural damage. Flash forward to Today, Jan 5, 2013. MONTHS later, where ,due to politics, and politics alone, NO money has been appropiated by the US congress to address the situation! The metropolitian capitol of the US, and indeed the world, was crippled by a act of nature! Thousands of Americans homeless and with earned doubt about their future and all the US congress can do is tell them Hurry up and wait!!!!??????  This is a travesty, and as this congress is so keen to call for investigations and hearing and such, why dont they call for hearings into the abysmally slow response time of the US Congress to the needs of the American people in NY & NJ?!!! Where is John Mccain, Kelly Ayotte and their likes on this issue? Or Darrell Issa? How many people have died or suffered irreparable harm due to the US congress essentially telling the Governments and people of NY & NJ to Hurry up and wait?!!!! It is unacceptable that some 3 months after Sandy hit, the US congress is dragging its feet as it pertains to Disaster relief, and this hurry up and wait posture, and the damage that it causes, is definately cause for a congressional hearing and review, and I hope that the congressional delgation of NYS pushes for same!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The re-election of Barrack Obama and race(came far still have far to go!)

AS we, in America, prepare to celebrate the re-election of our nations first president of Color, President Barrack Obama, and as we also in that same time period memorialize One of the greatest Americans Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , We only need reflect on the first four years of the Obama presidency to see , in regards to race in this nation, just how far weve come, and more importantly just how far we need to go!! Because for one shining moment, a moment when a black man was elected to the highest  office in the land, America had finally, in the eyes of some people, moved beyond race! That indeed ,we were in a "Post Racial America"! But as President Obama's first term progressed, oh how wrong was that assumption proven! And as the first president of color endured and suffered every affront and question imaginable, from being called a liar in front of the world ,to having a personal friend assaulted, from having his qualifications and citizenship questioned, doubts in his faith and commitment to his nation, this and so much more, The president solidered, in the spirit of Dr King, ever onward! So, as we prepare  to inaugurate President Barrack Obama to his second term, and as we prepare to memorialize A great American DR Martin  Luther King Jr. WE need only look to the first term in office of the first
President of Color, the first Black President,Barrack Obama, to be reminded that, while we in America have come THAT far in regards to race, we clearly have VERY FAR to go before we reach that promised land that DR King spoke so eloquently about all those years ago!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Horror Story(The new Republican Party

It's the typical American Horror Story! Driven by madness, a creation is made. A creation that, contrary to its creators wishes, begins to run amok and wreak havok on everyone, not just who or what it was originally intended to do! The typical American Horror Story, and it has become the Republican Party and Speaker John Boehners living nightmare! The new republicans IE: the tea party, were supposed to be a covert wing for the republicans that would engineer, with their extreme conservatism, a groundswell movement that would give total control of Washington to the republicans, but, just like in the horror movies, this monster had a mind of its own, and that mind didnt and doesnt much agree with its creators or their original intentions!!! So now the republican party is now in great danger, due to a monster of its own making! A monster that has even the most staunch of so- called conservatives living in fear! The new republicans are now the future of the republican party, and that means, to the horror of the the old guard, that there may be no future for them!!!  But while this development may be great for the future of democratic politics, this republican monster presents a great danger to the nation as a whole, because when debts cant get paid, when emergency appropiations cant be made, it is clear that it is time for , just like in the horror movies, the villagers to rise up and destroy the monster!!! And bring a happy ending to this American horror story that the new republicans, the tea partiers of capitol hill are starring in!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Last days of the Republican Party

With the resounding defeat in Nov. The embarassment of the fiscal cliff, and now the shame of the Hurriace Sandy backlash, it should be readily apparent to even the most layman of politcos that we are witnessing the last days of the republican party in power on capitol hill! And that reason is all too clear! For the last five years the republicans embarked on a strategy, a political startegy, they went for all the marbles, forsaking everything in the quest for total power in America, and it failed! But that aside, and more importantly, that failure didnt sink in! The republicans continue to think and believe somehow that they are in control, that they lead this nation and this denial of reality has led to bad decision after bad decision!  And the lowest regard that politicans have ever been held in!The republican party led, or should we say MISLED by the House majority is on the brink of political illrelevance, and ,with the mid term elections of 2014 looming, they are on the brink of destruction! The last days of the Republican party, like the last days of Pompeii, because, due to republican denial, and republican hubris, a Mount Vesuvius of public opinion is about to erupt, a unnatural disaster of their own making!!!!