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Monday, January 7, 2013

Demogoguery and hypocracy!

I was amazed over the last weekend at the level of demogougery and hypocracy that was unleashed by republican "leaders" on shows like Meet the Press! I mean how could Sen. Mitch Mcconnell , of all people, get on national television and state that he, and congress, needs President Obama to "lead them on spending cuts" The same Mitch Mcconnell who now imfamously stated to the nation that his only purpose was  to insure that Barrack Obama was a one term president?! This type of demogougery, this type of hypocracy, is the very bedrock of the republican posture on these spending cuts! It's not the public interest that they are concerned with, it is, allways has been, and remains as POLITICAL interest, plain and simple!!!
In order to be lead, you have to follow, but can ANYONE name a instance in the last 5 years where MItch Mcconnell and the Republican senate and house have followed President Obama?
Demogougery and Hypocracy in action!!!!!!! Unbelieveable!!!!!

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