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Friday, December 28, 2012

The petty and the political(the Fiscal cliff)

AS congress returns for last minute negotiations regarding the fiscal cliff, first let me say that President Obama , If necessary ,needs  to issue a exectuive order that protects the american people from the negative effects that will be created ,due to the continued petty politics that the republicans continue to engage in on capitol hill! America and Americans should not be made to suffer fiscal and personal harm due to the stubborness of one political party! This complete abandonment of responsibility by the house of representitives to the american people is both appalling and astounding!!! And the fact that it is being done in the interest of politics is unforgiveable!!! So while, due to the petty and the political, America may be going over the fiscal cliff, I call upon the president to use his executive privillege and power to do what must be done!
Take the lead President Obama!!!!! That is the only way at this point that the petty and the political will be cast aside!!!! And the only way that America's fiscal state can be secured at this point!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rock Bottom( the fiscal cliff and change)

As America prepares to hit Rock Bottom by going over the fiscal cliff, I ,for one, hope that this politically fueled debacle for the American people( engineered as usual by the republicans) is the beginning of political change in this nation!!! Because as taxes go up when Most americans can least afford it, it must be remembered that it is the republcian party, and the republican party alone that is to blame! It must be remembered, As Sen Harry Reid pointed out today, that ,with the American economy at clear risk and in  present danger, the republicans and their "leadership" went home! Instead of doing their Jobs!(jobs that they are paid far too much for by the way) They went home! And why? Because America isnt important to them, the  American people arent important to them, the American economy isnt important to them! Make no mistake the Fiscal cliff will not affect one member of the house negatively! For them, payday will come regardless of what happens!!! But what about the long term unemployed who are counting on the Gov to make sure their families are fed, who are counting on them to keep a roof over their heads?! What about the small Buisnesses, the Job creators who they are supposed to champion, what will happend to them  when they are taken over the fiscal cliff? Simply put ,The House republicans dont care about the will of the people, the ballot box, nothing but their own partisan politics!!! And sadly, it may take the American economy to hit rock bottom before voters realize this!!! It is said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, well let it now be said, and said correctly, that the House republicans, lead by Speaker Boehner played politics while the American economy hit rock bottom!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The results of Excess Giving( The Fiscal Cliff & Guns)

With the two major concerns of recent times currently holding firm at center court , those concerns being Gun control and the fiscal cliff, it is hoped that President Obama learns the lesson of excess giving as it pertains to both the Republicans and the Gun lobby! Because A scant few weeks ago, by taking a firm stance on the Fiscal cliff the ball was moving and it was moving in his(President Obama's) direction! But as soon as he(President Obama)began to give a little( in the interest of making the deal, which is to his credit) the republicans of congress, as they have done thought their recent history, seized the opportunity and once again began to try to take, A LOT! AS the myriad issues of concern begin to arise in the Second term of this president, he must learn that these republicans are not interested in doing whats right for the country ,or for politics! They dont care if All americans go over the fiscal cliff, they dont care if it was 200 children who were killed by a weapon that has no place in society! All they care about is the new republicanism and those who back those interests!! There can be no balanced and bi-partisan approach, there can be no excess giving, because the more you give Mr. president, the more they will take! SO while you may be, like santa, loathe to do it Mr. President, you must take and maintain your hardline stance! Because excess giving in to the republicans will only lead to excess taking by the republicans!!!!! And on the many importnt issues that are coming forward in your second term, the american people cannot afford the excess taking that your excess giving in to the republicans will create!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mccarthy lives!( the NRA and the Gun Lobby)

AS the defense begins to intensify by the gun lobby and  the gun nuts in the aftermath of the Newtown child killings, it is so good to see the NRA and Wayne La Pierre continue to miss the mark when it comes to the issue of Guns in America!!! Its not about the 2nd amendment, its not about the use of guns, its about the guns themselves!!! Assault weapons that serve and are for no other purpose than to kill people!!!! Doesnt matter if youre a collector , or a afficiando, it still doesnt change the fact that assault weapons are for the specific purpose of eliminating personell , which are people!!! So how do you defend the indefensible? The answer is, YOU DONT!!! You simply shoot at a million targets with public pressers and statements and continually miss the mark!! The NRA and the gun lobby have allways been on the low end of American political society, but their conduct and stance on assault weapons in the aftermath of Newtown only proves that In America, Mccarthyism lives, and it still has no decency!!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The NRA's buffoonery and the GOP's bad Haircutting

Firstly to the NRA's Buffoonery, and really America, could we expect anything less from Wayne La Pierre  one of the biggest buffoons of modern times! No Mr. La Pierre ,everybody having guns or being armed isnt the solution, its the problem!!! The protestor who interruppted your speech was right, the blood of not only the Newtown 26, but so many more are on the hands of the NRA and their republican supporters!!! Simply put there must be  a Ban on assault Weapons in America and severe  penalties on those who violate it!! THAT is the only way we will avoid the continued incidents of mass shootings in America!!! When Mr. Lapierre, will enough blood be enough?!!!!

Now to the Fiscal cliff, simply put the republican party is trying to give America a bad and unnecessary fiscal buzz cut! And in the dead of a economic winter like this one, Americans dont need  to be buzzed by the republican party!!! Simply put, this issue requires a balanced approach, like what the president is offering, and it is time that the republicans stop with the politics, stop with the partisanship, and get the deal done!! And if they fail to do so, If Americans are faced with fiscal hardship because of the out of control politics and partisanship of the republican party, then EVERY republican needs to be held accountable! Its not the time for a buzzcut for America , its time for a precision styling, a Balanced approach!!! And if the Republican party doesn come to this understanding and FAST, then in 2014 the american peopl need to give them a well deserved buzzcut in the ballotbox!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fuzzy Math( the republicans & the fiscal cliff)

AS the political struggle continues in DC over the fiscal cliff, it is clear that the republicans, led this time by John Boehner are continuing the tradition of "Fuzzy Math" as it pertains to the  "balanced approach" towards cuts and "revenue"! The literal approach, as it is now being employed by the republicans, is hardly balanced! Indeed it is as unbalanced as the current distribution of wealth and income in America! It is a simple concept, those who have more should bear more, a simple and logical concept! But when you are dealing with the republican party of Modern times(POST REAGAN, because these republicans are as far away from Reagan republ;icans as you can get) Logic NEVER dictates!!! A balanced approach is not having the people in the middle and the bottom carry as much of the burden as those who are  on the top, a balanced approach is those who have the capability to bear more doing so, to ease and allievate the burden on those cannot afford to!!! THAT is a "balanced approach Speaker Boehner! THAT is what has been at the heart of this issue all along! And it is appalling and insulting to the intelligence of the American people that you would apply Literal  terms to this important negotiation! It is far past time for the republican party to end this continual defense of the rich as it pertains to the economic future and well being of this nation! So let's end the "Fuzzy Math" Speaker Boehner! Let's end the appalling and insulting posturing around your demands for a LITERAL "Balanced Approach! Becasue if you dont, if you continue to use every means necessary to protect the interests of the rich at the expense of the nation, You and your party, the Republican party will be responsible, you and noone else, for a major tax increase upon EVERY American!!! LITERALLY!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Handwriting on the wall!!!!!(ban assault weapons!!!)

Ban assault weapons in America. Its that simple!And as we contend with the funeral of 20 Children in America, I for one, am not going to beat around the bush here!!!!!   It is the Republican party who we have to thank for this, as much as Adam Lanza!!!(Who if I could reach into hell, and pull back to life so he could suffer true justice for what he did, I would!) Because it was the Republican party who fought against and undermined the Brady bill, it is the Republican party who leads the charge and stands against all efforts to control and regulate the gun trade, and it is the republican party which has enabled, in America, such gun tragedies! The simple sad fact of this matter is that, IF the brady bill that banned assault weapons would have been in play, in all likelihood the children of Sandy Hook elementary would still be alive today! SO let us all thank the republican party for yet another legislative job well done! That being said, The han dwriting is on the wall when comes to assault weapons, and let it be clear here before the gun lobby and their republican lackeys begin to spin it otherwise, this is about assault weapons plain and simple! Weapons whose only purpose are to kill PEOPLE! Not to hunt or protect, but to KILL people in a MASS fashion!!!  A WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION!!!! This is not about the 2nd amendment, this is about protecting the American people from a clear and present danger! This is about banning assault weapons! And any republican who comes to the floor of congress, or on Fox news blathering about how its a violation of the 2nd amendment or personal rights, needs to think of those 20 little children who suffered the ultimate violation due to the selfishness, self servic,e and greed of the republican party and the gun industry! I commend Sen Diane Feinstein for coming forward and stating that on day one in 2013 ,she will put forward a bill that bans assault weapons in America, and I hope that every memeber of congress will , for once, step forward in unison to do what must be done, to do the RIGHT THING!!! Because the handwriting is on the wall as it pertains to this issue, and that handwriting is written in blood! The blood of 20 tiny children! Children who should be looking forward to x-mas!Children whose blood is indeed on republican hands!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Moral Cliff( the republicans and Gun regulation)

AS the nation and the world reels from the horror of what took place in Newton Conn., it is time to pose the question to the republican party, which has stood  far too  long poised over a moral cliff so to speak, as it pertains to gun regulation! Have you no decency?!!! For too long the Republican party has manipulated their supporters to defend the corporate interests of the gun lobby, among others.Taking corporate concerns and spinning them into consitutional concerns and rights violations! But now, with the blood of 20 children, babies, still fresh on the ground in Newton Conn. The time has come to find out where the republican party's alliegences truly lie! It is time to see if the republican party can continue the immoral stance that they have taken for too long as it relates to gun control and regulation! And if they do, then they should be held in the same regard as the shooter who perpetrated this heinous act!!! The time for politics and the protection of corporate interests has now passed in the aftermath of this heinous act!!! We need a assault weapons ban in America and we need it now!!! We need stronger regulations of gun AND gun paraphanalia, and we need it now!!! Because the purchasing of such goods is and should be as big a red flag as the purchase of guns themselves!!! Simply put if we do not do this and now then not only have we failed the 20 children who were murdered in Newton Friday, but we have failed as a nation! Failed the test of morality!!! We stand at a moral cliff in America, let us see, if, yet again, the republican party will take us over that one into yet another abyss of corproate interests as well!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fiscal cliff(one more time with feeling!)

AS the Republicans continue to obstruct and politic with the fiscal cliff looming, it is clear that the voice of the people must be raised, and the president should call for it one more time WITH FEELING!!! Because after their moment of humility in the aftermath of the President's Re-election, and the failure of the Republican party to take the Senate, they(the republicans) are swiftly returning to being the party of obstruction  and the party of Misrepresentation!!! This aint about austerity, this isnt about the future, or about spending, its simply about maintaining the status quo for their supporters!!!! It's not about the country its about, once again , Politics as usual!! And, after losing so convincingly in the election this past November, it is appalling to see the republicans acting, like they did in 2009,as if the election didnt happen! It seems that the only voice the republican party heeds or listens to, is the voice of Millionaires and Billionaires, and that must change if we are to solve issues like the fiscal cliff or the upcoming debt ceiling!!!!! The people have spoken Republicans, Speaker Boehner, what part of no to your  version of austerity dont you understand?!!!!  If America goes over the fiscal cliff, it will be due to the arrogance of the republican party, no more no less!! Because it is simply your arrogance and hubris that , due to and for politics sake, that you would, as a minority party, and with a  losing election fresh not only in your minds , but in the minds of the american people, that you would continue in this vein and stance!! So I call upon President Obama,, and Vice President Biden to, ONCE MORE WITH FEELING , bring this to the attention of the american people and call them to action!!!
Because what the republicans are doing in this process is both self serving and a disservice to the american people!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff( looking into the abyss )

AS we continue on this Path to the "fiscal cliff" we must take a look into the abyss, and that abyss is not the cliff itself, but the continued failure of REPUBLICANS as "leaders"! Simply put they have ZERO creditability when it comes to their continued stance as arbiters of austerity, and the fact that they simply refuse to"get it" is what rea lly hampering this process!
Speaker Boehner and the rest say that Obama is "out of touch".News flash republicans! Who just won re-election, and winning that re-election in direct oppostion to what the republicans continue to stubbornly stand upon? The fact of the matter is tha,t while republicans continue to hem and haw about what the democrats wont do and wont show, it is what the republicans will do and intend to do that remains the REAL issue!!!! And it is a sad reflection on their leadership and agenda that things like education, social services, social security and all the rest is within their crosshairs!!! Simply put as long as the republicans continue to fight to the political death over taxing the rich, and standing against those who they feel arent"entitled" choosing bullets over bread for the poor, choosing coporations over children, oil over old folks, you name it, then not only will we continue to face the abyss that is the "fiscal cliff", But the republicans will continue, and rightly so to be perceived as having a abyss where their souls should be!!! Speaker Boehner, Leader Mcconnell and all the rest need to take a good hard look into the abyss that has become republicanism in America, because that is the true "fiscal cliff"!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

WHY the Aid must be given to NY!!!

New York, the greatest city in the world.The city that never sleeps, the gateway to America! The City that sets the standard that all others must follow! NYC, the mecca of mankind in the world today! A city of dreams and a city of sometimes harsh reality!   And , for NYC, nothing has been harsher than the devastation that was inflicted upon it by Super Storm Sandy! Because Sandy did what nothing, not even 9/11/01 could do. For days NYC was asleep, shuttered by natures fury! And the aftermath was, for many, the unthinkable, tunnels flooded, whole communities devastated, a picture window of the apocolypse now!!! And with the gateway of the nation closed, the effects of same were clearly felt internationally! The stock markets down, travel in limbo, all because NY fell victim to the power of Nature amok! But Sandy has given a showcase to the importance of NY in the global scheme of things!It has shown what a intregal part of the world and lynchpin of America NYC is, and that is why NYC above and among all others must receive the lions share of aid being offered By the federal Gov! That is why NYC must be of priority and of plan! Because what does America do when its gateway is closed? What does the world do when the mecca of mankind is shuttered? We have seen a small screen shot of that, and it was, and is , not a pretty sight! The Federal Gov must insure that this never happens again, because to be quite frank, the world cannot afford it!!!
So I hope that the coffers are opened wide, and the credit limits negated, because simply put,
NYC is worth it!!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Going Down with the Ship?(the republicans & the fiscal cliff)

Simply put, it seems that Speaker Boehner and his Republicans are poised to go down with the ship, still lost in the fantasy that somehow public opinion and sentiment is on their side! Well news flash Mr. Speaker: THEY ARENT!!! And, after the failure of the republican gamble for total control this past election, you, and your republican collegues, should recognize just where you are at! It's called a sinking ship! I remember the last time such a boat was floated. The captain of that ship was another speaker, and his name was Newt Gingrich. And he too was under the impression that, if he flew America off another cliff, that somehow he and his republicans would be lauded for their being arbiters of austerity! And so he shut down the Gov. and the rest was history, as was Republican control of the House at that time! And seemingly not having learned from that Lesson, Speaker Boehner is poised, along with his colleagues, to repeat it! The speaker says that the president needs to "come to him", speaking as if they are somehow equals! News Flash  Speaker Boehner: YOURE NOT!!! He is the sitting president, a sitting president re-elected by a overwhelming majority to a SECOND term! You cater to him and those he represents, he doesnt cater to you! It is time for the House of Representitives and the republican party to recognize the pecking order here ! White House & Senate: Democrat, House:Republican! In America majority rules, minority follows and it is time that the republicans, lead by Speaker Boehner, fold their tent on this Taxing the rich issue!!! Because Simply put, going down with the ship is still going down plain and simple!! And it is irresponsible leadership and a disservice to the american people for the speaker and the house to take the American economy down with them!!! This is no gallant struggle Mr. Speaker, and the american public certainly arent going to reward you for this stance, so show some real leadership and end this political farce!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Long Term Politics( can U see what i see?)

AS the politicing(and the obstruction) continues on Captiol hill, I am of the wonder if the democratic party  can see what I see? I am of the wonder if they(the democrats) have a long term political strategy or plan in place?  Because opportunity(due to the continued stubborness of the republicans to see reality) is knocking! In recent memory or history, there has not been a extended period of democratic control on Capitol hill. Carter failed, Clinton set a template but Gore couldnt deliver, and now we have Obama! And with Obama securing a second term, political template, and history for himself,  As I said, opportunity knocks!  Can you say 2024? Because, if the democrats play their cards right, and due to the republicans extreme inability to change, they have MANY cards to play!!! The political future in America could be a Democratic one  to shape! But in order to achieve this, the democrats do have to open their eyes to the opportunity and possibility that has presented itself! Control of the white house and congress until 2024! Can you see what I see? Because I see the future in politics, and it can be a bright one if the Democrats open their eyes to it!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Image Vs Reality(the Fiscal Cliff)

AS the politicing continues regarding the Fiscal Cliff , I for one, believe that is is way past time to dispel the political imagery and address the stark reality here! The republicans continue to present the failed image to America that they are somehow THE stewards of the American dollar, even though they are the party that created this prediciment!!! And they continue to try to keep the American peoples involvement to a minimum( I mean can you Imagine the REPUBLICAN party making a call to the people about anything?) Simply put, the public rejected the premise of the republicans as guardians of financial austerity in America! So they (the republicans)need to drop the political act and image, because thats what it is a act and image!!! Simply put there are two ways to go about the addressing of the Fiscal cliff, there is the Republican way, which is akin to Jumping into a Ice cold pool, or the Democratic way, which is more akin to easing into a hot tub! We have the ways and the means, and despite all the political posturing from the republican party on this matter, It doesnt have to be addressed in a Major Ice cold shock!!!  Rome wasnt Built in a day, and neither was this debt, and it needs to be addressed in a gradual manner, like easing into a hot tub!!!! SO its time for the Republicans to abandon the political image and imagery of being the arbiters of austerity because it didnt sell in the just past election, and it isnt selling now!!! Ease into the hot water, not jump into the cold, THAT is the way to address this fiscal cliff and to continue to falsely posture  and push for
a cold shock republicans is a disservice to all americans!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Move republicans, get out the way!!!!!

SO the president ran on a policy of moving"forward" in America, and the american people agreed, sending President Obama back into office for a second term with over a million vote margin, so with the people ready and willing to move forward the question remains: WHY are the republicans continuing to stand in the way of the will of the people? Why with the entire nation ready and willing to go ahead into the future are the republicans continuing to bog us down and hold us back with the same old obstructionism and the same old politics as usual? Its time ,actually way past time for the people, and the issues that affect them, to be put above Politics , in both agenda and goal!To quote JFK, "Its time not to ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!" Its time for the Republican party to MOVE, and get out the way! And if they wont move, then it is time to take the steps that are required to move them!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Less Talk, more ACTION!!!!(from Congress)

IN the last 5 years I ask you America, has the republican led congress been a body of talk, or a body of action?  I think the answer to that is simple and plain!They've been a body of POLITICAL talk and POLITICAL action!!!! IN the last 5 years, only one party has taken action for and in the interests of the people, and it hasnt been the republicans! This is a FACT!!! As this economy has created all manner of problems for Americans , what has the republican party done to stem the tide, to assuage the pain, to relieve the suffering of AMERICANS??????!!!!  The answer is NOTHING!!!!To the Stimulus they said NO! To Healthcare(Obamacare) they said NO! To the bailing out of the Auto Industry they said NO!!! Anything in the interest of the AMERICAN people, anything to address what is the most relevant issue for Americans which is Jobs and the economy they have said NO to!! And what has the Republican party devoted their energies to for the last 5 years? Politics, Politics POLITICS!!! well to the republicans I say ENOUGH! Enough of Future debt, enough of Minor scandals, enough of  Politically motivated attacks!!!!  Its time for less Politically motivated talk, and  more congressional ACTION!!! You werent elected for political  purposes, you were elected to serve!!! And quite frankly the 25 million  or so unemployed individuals in America are and have been ill served By you, the republican led congress!!!! And In My view that is a Far greater crime against America than Benghazi, or Fast & Furious, or any other politically motivated scandal you can dream up!!! Where is the republican LEADERSHIP on JOBS, On the ECONOMY? Becasue as Bill Clinton said back in 1992 It's the economy stupid, and guess what IT STILL IS!!!! SO enough with the political grandstanding and talk, Its time for action please!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why do we need A Republican Party?

America, Why do we need a Republican party? Given what they have done and brung over the last quarter century, You'd be very hard pressed to come up with a valid answer! Simply put, after the Reagan Renisannce, and the Bush I adminstration, the republican party went down a road, a radical path from which they've yet to return, and, as a result, America has suffered because of it! Scandal, abuse of power, corruption, conspiracy and political agenda, politically motivated and waged war,political obstruction, partisanship and so much more, the list is very long on the "Con" side as it pertains to republicanism in America. Racism, sexism, tokenism, intolerance, classism in the last 25 years these have become the watchwords and hallmarks of the republican party. And while they are the stauch advocates of "trickle down" , in the last 25 years, that is about all that has trickled down under republicans, the "isms"! So, with Post Reagan republicanism being such a clear and present failure in America, and as a political system and party, the question remains Why do we need a Republican party? Anyone?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pre Thanksgiving Political stuffing!

 Before you load up on family & food this thursday, here's some political stuffing to enjoy.

HIllary Clintons run as Sec of State will be a tough act to follow, and If Susan Rice is President Obama's choice  it's clearly going to be a VERY tough act! Benghazi was a tragedy, But the republican's clearly political minded pursuit of it as a issue is making it into a travesty! The famous quote applies here" Have you no decency sir!!!???"

Mitt Romney say nothing until your first major post election interview PLEASE!! That will give you time to put together a RATIONAL explanation!

Republicans, please learn it  will take REAL, not  feigned concern and committment to diversity
and the diverse issues of concern for the American electorate to change your political fortunes!
American didnt and wont fall for tokenism! I have seen your future and it is Condoleeza Rice!
You should beg her to become National Republican committee chair!

If America goes over the fiscal Cliff it will be due to the republicans committing political suicide!

If anything is signalling that Post racialism is on the rise in America, it would be that the Minority vote carried the presidential election, but if anything is signaliing that racism is still a problem it would be that only 39 percent of white voters voted for President Obama!

In 2013 the first thing on the congressional agenda must be a "jobs" bill. Anything less is a continued disservice to the american public!

The wall street sell off is not a vote of confidence for President Obama, strange that considering that Wall street has never profitted more than under the Obama Administration.

And lastly; BAIL OUT HOSTESS!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best defense-----!

AS the saying goes "The best defense is a good offense". And as he prepares to move forward into his second term, It would behoove President Obama VERY well to apply this philosophy and methodology towards his endeavors policywise and as he deals with the Republicans on Capitol Hill! Because, as he saw and was subjected to for the last four years, the republicans excel, indeed thrive when on the political offense! The republicans thrive when they dictate the debate, and control policy ebb & flow, that is where they are at their best! But, as seen during the campaign of 2012, when they are forced to the defense, having to explain their positions and the whys and whereforse of same, that is where they, quote unquote,FAIL!! So, knowing this, I would strongly advise President Obama, His Administration, and the National Democrats to embark upon a national and sustained offense of their own! Putting the Republicans on the defense, calling them out on what after four years of same, the american public roundly and soundly rejected at the ballot box! The scandalization and the partisanship! We dont need John McCain on capitol hill likening President Obama to Nixon , and Benghazi to Watergate! We dont need Lindsay Graham pontificating about Susan Rice and what he"believes" about the president! The people have spoken, they dont want that, they want action on Jobs  and the future! And as the republicans begin the same old political same old, its time for the Democrats, led by President Obama, to CHANGE THE GAME!!! And that"game" will be forever changed by going after the republicans, holding them to account before the American public  on their relentless partisianship and scandalization! It's time for the democrats to go on the offense here, because if they do, simply put, the republicans have NO DEFENSE!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Second Chance( for a democratic future)

AS the first salvo is launched by President Obama in the fight that MUST be had with the republicans about jobs and the restructuring and refinancing of the Bush tax cuts as they relate to the National debt, I am hoping that this second chance that this nation has, in the re-election of President Obama, converts itself into a productive paving of the way for a democratic future in America! Because in 1996, like 2010, after a concentrated and orchestrated political assault by republican politicians and republican interests, the republicans took roost in the House of Representitives. And, seeing the Holy grail in reach, total political control, the republicans embarked upon a major effort of scandalization and obstructive politics in order to achieve that goal! And, due to Then Vice president Gore's running away from the solid record of achievement that was delivered to him by then President Clinton, GW Bush was elected, and the opportunity for a productive Democratically  lead age in America was lost, as was peace and our financial security! But now ,with the re-election of President Obama the opportunity looms again for a protracted and productive democratic age! Indeed ,with a agressive legislative agenda coupled with a even more agressive political one, America could see, and enjoy a democratic rule until at least 2024,  IF the democrats plan and play the cards right! But they msut begin with the planning and the playing now and not later! The marginalization of the republicans must begin now and not later! It is very rare in this world that you get a second chance to do things right, but that is exactly what the Democrats got in the re-election of President Obama on tues! I strongly urge the president and the democrats to see the Big picture here, because a legislative and social utopia is within their reach, they only need to reach out and grab it!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

the New legislative reality(when the Hunters become the Hunted!)

Now that President Obama has resoundingly secured his second term in office, it is time that  those who relentlessly, for the last four years, politically hunted the president and his administration become the hunted! It is time that those in the republican congress and party who preyed upon the presidents politcal naievete and hubris to become the prey! For four years obstruction , marching in locked step, and flat out denial led america to suffer, due to
the political designs and dreams of a party who sought total control of America! But that dream was completely shattered on election night! And with that dream dashed, those who fancied themselves political predators now realize that they are indeed vunerable, that they can easily become political prey!!! Four years ago President Obama reached a hand across the aisle, only to have it nearly bitten off! And now four years later the lesson must have been learned! It's time for the Hunters to Become the Hunted, and a agressive legislative agenda pushed by the President can do just that! Putting jobs and the jush tax cuts front and center!!!! Its time to push for the restructing of the Bush tax cuts so they can assist with the refinancing of American debt, its time to push for a new American jobs act so Americans can regain the dignity of work! The long grass of Politics is gone, and the republicans can no longer hide in it! Its time for the real work to be done and for the nation to move forward! And in this new legislative enviorment and political reality those who were, for four years, the Hunters, are about to become THE HUNTED!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012 (the aftermath)

With the victory of President Obama last evening, a legacy was salvaged and a foundation for the future was secured! Because if Mitt Romney had succeeded in his effort, not only would have Barrack Obama had a sad legacy as president, but the scar his loss would have inflicted on African American politics would have been long in its healing! But the Romney effort failed.And while Mitt has nothing to hang his head about, indeed, If he still has the stones for it, he should give it a go in 2016, the FACT remains that Barrack Obama has won a second term as President! And, with that second term, he has been handed a clear mandate to LEAD!!!  Not to compromise, not to obfusciate, but to LEAD!!! That is what was invested into him last evening by the American people, and this investment needs to register with the republicans and their cohorts on Wall St!!! No more politics, no more obstruction of same, no more schorched earth!!
The american people want President Obama to lead and they want you to get out of the way!!!
They want Jobs and economic relief, and they want you to pay your fair share!!! Last night the 47(and a few more ) spoke and it was with a voice that rang throught America! And that voice spoke with a african-american voice, a latino american voice, a womans voice, a homosexuals voice, a Unionized voice and it said ENOUGH!!!! And it(the voice) cannot be denied! The four year effort to unseat President Obama has failed(Ironic isnt it) and with its failure let the putting of politics before the peoples interest die! Let there be a laser beam focus on the 25 Million americans who, this holiday season, have NO INCOME, NO JOB, NO PROSPECTS!! And if
there is a continued failure by the republicans to focus on that, then President Obama must lead the effort to regulate them to the fringe where they belong!!!! This election said one thing
Americans are ready to move FORWARD!!! So Lets go!!!!And this time with Feeling Mr. President!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Potential vs Propensity( The 2012 Vote!)

As we in America on Tuesday prepare to enter the ballotting process and choose a President, it is clear, at least to me any way, that this vote will be a statement on where we stand as a nation! This vote will either state in its result that we are indeed,moving forward to our true potential as a nation and a people, or that we are once again living up to our historical propensity to stagnate our own growth as a nation and a people!
Simply put, this vote will state that either we are moving forward away from the politics of division, of racism, of discrimination, of sexism, that we are indeed seeking to live up to the potential of America, a America where we all are counted , where we all matter, or we will will , in this vote, take a giant step backward where on one side will stand 47 percent of the nation and on the other side will stand those who beleive in and support stereotypes, who harbor racism, who practice sexism, who believe in profiling, those who beleive that they have a greater claim on this nation than others have! Potential versus propensity. Never have the stakes been higher! And while I will be very happy to see America embrace, by a vote for President Obama, its true potential, I wouldnt be a bit surprised to see America, with a vote for Mitt Romney, embrace its  historical propensity!
All that remains is the story that the vote will tell! Time to choose America! Potential or Propensity?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Countdown to History!

Now with 10 days left until this historic election, we in America have much to ponder! Because whether or not Mitt Romney finally realizes his dream and becomes President, Or if President Obana is elected to a second term and salvages his legacy, we in America have much to consider! Racism, sexism, classism, religion, politics and personal beliefs. Much has been unearthed during this election season, and the picture of what we have seen is akin to the picture of Dorian Grey! While America presents A image to the world, the picture hidden presents the ugliness within! And that ugliness, more than anything else, on Day one, As Mitt Romney likes to say, is what we, as Americans in America must prepare to confront! Because as we countdown to history in America, we have seen the enemy, and he is US!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Calling a spade a spade( the end of black Political passitivty

As President Obama struglgles to maintain both his presidency and his place in history, I would hope that, finally, it is understood that the path of least resistance, the path of political passivity, is the path of political destruction if we are to advance ourselves into the positions of highest office and control in America! AS the saying goes "Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade!" WE can no longer concern ourselves with perceptions, if we are seen as angry black people so be it!!! If we are seen as "threatening" so be it! To paraphrase another saying, faint heart aint going to win us any elections!!!!WE cant, if we to advance ourselves, keep running away from the confrontations that must be had! Being the"good" negrow politican isnt working!!! Look at David Dinkins, David Patterson, Doug Wilder and now President Obama we need a little less political passivity and a lot more Militancy! And a good bit of that old fashioned fear!!! I want them to be worried about how our elected leader might react to being called a liar, to being called a fraud, to being called a empty chair, because that would mean they have learned the respect that is needed if we are, as black people, to advance ourselves into places like the Senate and like the White House! We need to be worried about, instead of wrrying about how we are being percived ,if we are, as people of color, going to take gubernatorial positions! We can no longer be restrained, or be the "non threatening negrow"!!! We have to be that "spade"(excuse the racist term) and more importantly we can no longer be afraid to call the proverbial spade a spade! Because to continue the path of political passivity is to marginalize and deny ourselves the political power we must have and demand!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are you ready( If Romney Loses)

So if, on a week from tues, Mitt Romney falls short in his final campaign for President, are the reupublicans ready for the fallout that will come from his loss? Becuase if Mitt does lose, this will stand as yet another national repudiation of  republican extremism! In  2008, after their being repudiated in this manner, President Obama failed to capitalize on the opportunity to marginalize the republicans and extreme republicanism, in a extreme show of hubris and  political naievete, but if he gets the chance once more, do you think he will make the same mistake twice? And while much talk may be made about the fiscal cliff, if Romney loses, you can say that the republican party will stand, due to it, on a political cliff, one that the democrats can and should push them over with issues like obstructionism and all that has come from it! IE: the fiscal cliff, major unemployment, war footing, racism and sexism as policy, and the negative influence of religion on same! Simply put ,close race or no, a loss is a loss, and close as Mitt is, he still can lose!And if he does, it will be 100% due to republican extremism and the american publics opposition to same! And if the American voters show, by their vote, a rejection of such extremeism, if they do decide to, as president Obama has run on, to go forward, to keep walking into the future that his election was a giant step toward, the question for the republican party is:Are  you ready???

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

are you ready? (if Obama Loses)

While many are hoping, and praying that it isnt the case, I Hope that America, particulalrly BLACK America is ready for the debate and discussion that must be had IF( and make no mistake its a BIG if) Obama loses his re-election bid! Because in MY opinion, a Loss by the president would be the completion of the steps backward that America has been taking ever since this president, this BLACK president was elected!  It seems that ever since Barrack Obama stepped forward into history, a concerted effort has been made to turn back the clock on that history! This president has suffered Jibes and insults, far more than any who has come prior to him save perhaps President Clinton! And while the Clinton ordeal was purely political, the Obama ordeal has been purely racial in its motivation, again in  My opinion! From day one this president has fought a uphill struggle, with NO Co-operation at all, and while his own hubris may have lead him to downfall, it is clear that the slope was adequately greased!!!! And with this being so clear and apparent to us in Black America, the question is: What will we, as a people, do  in the event of A Obama loss? Of course if the Obama ship goes down ,like rats on a sinking ship, those defenders of the status quo, those who are allways deployed to keep the "natives" from getting restless to coin a phrase, will come forward to placate us with platitudes and their like!  But rather than being sedated, I would hope that the black community NATIONWIDE gets more seditious than sedated! Especially after examining the last four years of having a black president in office, seeing what he has gone thru, and knowing the truth, the REAL truth of why he has gone thru it!!! We have seen where playing the game and the role has gotten us, and, as they virtually run the First Black president out of town on a rail, I would hope that rather than being complacent about it, we as a people get MILITANT about it!!! Because you can bet if  the president Himself had been a little more militant about it, he would be getting called out by people Like Donald trump and the many others who have done so over the last four years! SO the question is out there Black America, Are you ready if Obama loses? We'll see!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post debate Analysis

AS the final debate fades into memory, it should be clear that, in this debate season, Mitt Romney was the Luckiest man on the planet!! Becuase clearly, if President Obama hadnt been so pre occupied with his anniversary at the first debate, this election(given his strong and forceful performances at the last two debates)would have been out of reach for Romney! But He didnt and now the rest is potentially history!
Clearly The president has won the last two debates, and last evening he actually looked the part of a strong and confident president, while Mitt Romney looked as inexperienced as he is! But for all that has gone in these debates, they turned out to be nothing more than making up the massive amount of ground that the President lost in his intital debate "performance"! Millions of people have been watching these debates, the voters actually tuned in, and That viewership will be a major factor on election night! But now that is all behind us, It is time for the stretch run, and for Both these candidates that is exactly what it will be, A stretch run! Neither of the candidates can afford to come off the campaign trail until virtually election day and they wont, because this race is now that close! So prepare for a long election night america, because clearly, (as has been said at this blog before) this race wont be over until  the concession speech!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pre Presidential debate analysis

AS we prepare for the final presidential debate this monday between President Obama  and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney, it is clear that this debate should live up to the billing of being "The Smoka in Boca"!! Because this will be, for all intents and purposes, the candidates final opportunity to make a major impression on a large amount of voters! The previous debates between these candidates have had some of the largest audiences in American history, and I dont see why that trend wont continue! After the strong performance by President Obama in the last debate, both candidacies are back on even keel. But thanks to what may amount to a historic failure in the first debate by the President, victory and the presidency is wtihin reach for the Romney camapign! And considering that it( The Romney campaign) was all but dead in the water some 3 weeks ago, only speaks to the magnitude of Obama's failure!  So look for the final push to begin this Monday. The president, though he is clearly loathe to do it, must  connect with his inner animus, his inner angry black man, and he must convert it into another strong and forceful performance, because he cannot afford a slip this close to election day!  While Mitt Romney must, after the debacle of the Libya fact check, must be more pointed and resolute with his attacks! He(Romney) got back in the game big time due to his first debate performance, but in the second, he performed like he was still  out of it! And the unnecessary agression that came due to that cost him the second debate! So as the Smoka In Boca arrives on Monday, this will be the beginning of the end, Destiny, or Historic legacy which will win the day?

Of course look for a Post debate analysis on tuesday folks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Post debate Analysis

So they had a do-over in NY last  evening and President Obama took full advantage of the opportunity! He was strong, he was forceful, he was everything that he wasnt at the first debate. And while Mitt Romney gave as good as he got, clearly the public got what they wanted last evening, A clear and focused Obama who did not disapoint! But while the president may  have won the debate last night, he has no time to rest on the laurels of same, or bask in the spotlight! Because, come  This monday, He must have a repeat performance! Clearly the town hall format benefitted the president, helping him to become more comfortable with a style that he is all too uncomfortable with, that style being confrontational! But the president needs to come to grips with the fact that this is indeed a Fight, and that not only is it something worth fighting for, but that he is indeed fighting for many , not himself alone! As for Mitt Romney, despite all the attempts to regulate him to the nebbish fringe,  he remains in this race, and last evening he did little to change that fact! Last night was all about President Obama getting back in it, and he did, and now all eyes will turn to the rubber match in Boca this monday! And while he may not have a taste for such political violence, the president must be prepared this monday, as we return to standard debate formatting, to employ it! Because like it or not, Mitt Romney is close enough in this race that he can win it! All he needs is another lapse in Obama concentration, or another night of pulled punches from the president! So Monday its the SMOKA in BOCA!!! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

the Wing Chun of debating!

AS President Obama prepares to redeem himself in the eyes of the world and perhaps save his presidency, he would do well to apply the principles of wing chun as he debates tomorrow night! Because this is a match where each strike must have a counter and each counter must lead to a strike! The principles of sticky hands and legs, the basis of wing chun. If the president can counter each strike that will come from Gov Romney tomorrow and turn it into a strike of his own then he will win this contest hands down and redeem himself in the eyes of the world! But he must be prepared to do this! He must undertsand that this is a match, no different from Boxing or fencing or Kung Fu!(see what U make me do Lucy Liu!:) ) He must come to fight and not hesitate to strike, when the opening is presented he must go there, pulling punches is not a option! Counter strikes and allow Romneys strikes to lead to counterstrikes! Now ENGARDE!!!!! And may the Best candidate win!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pre Presidential Debate analysis

AS the second Presidential debate is less than 72 hrs away, in the "friendly" climes of Long Island, President Obama will have the opportunity to rectify the debacle of last week, when he takes on Mitt Romney! But as he prepares, he cannot let the negative media that came forth in the aftermath of the Biden Victory( and anyone who tells you that Joe Biden didnt win is a MORON plain and simple) sway him(President Obama) into being restrained in his posture! Because make no Mistake, Mitt Romney will "go there", and he will have no problem doing it! He is filled with confidence, and why not?! He's won one debate, why not another?! President Obama MUST be strong, he must be forceful, and he must convey confidence not only to the audience in the town hall, but to the Millions around the world who will be watching! Confidence  in his positions , confidence in his policies, confidence in himself!!! Because make no mistake, LOSING IS NOT A OPTION!!! A loss here by the Obama campaign will be nothing less than disastarous! Indeed, a loss here could insure a one term presidency for Team Obama! So, for President Obama, it's time to play the position! It's time to play up to your status, no three pointers Mr. President, its time to go to the hole, and get the points and the call! Simply put If you are to win this debate you must "go there"  and often, without hesitation! Because if the Big Morning Buzz on Weds is about Mitt Romney, then The Obama administration may find itself in a hole that nothing will be able to dig them out of!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Post VP debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of the VP debate  it should be very clear to anyone with any intelligence at all, that this debate proved that Paul Ryan is not ready to be president! This is what the VP debate is supposedly all about, THE main litmus test! But, after a night and most of the day monitoring the airwaves, I have yet to hear any media outlet even addressing that fact! Proof positive that the Media is full of, as VP Biden said "Malarkey"!!! That aside, it was clear, even to the NY Post that Joe Biden won the debate. It was , in my view, akin to a virgin being fed to a porn star! It was a rough,rugged, and raw first experience for the Virgin Ryan! And while the media may want to make fodder out of the rough  treatment given Ryan by Biden, the Facts last night spoke for themselves. Who would you trust between the two, Biden & Ryan, to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Last night the answer was clear to all, except for the twitterverse and those focused upon the trivial! so with this now aside, all focus and I mean ALL will now turn to tues Oct 16 and the next debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama in NY!!!
Because to be succint, Tues one of the tow is going to take a Giant step towards the Presidency!
(Look for a in depth pre debate analysis this weekend right here!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pre VP debate Analysis

With the debacle of President Obama's debate performance still fresh in the eyes and minds of the world, it will be up to VP Joe Biden to deliver the big payoff tomorrow evening as he contests against Republican nominee Paul Ryan. And while this looks like a slam dunk, we again must turn to the events of last week to remind us not to assume! But if anyone can deliver the goods under pressure like this, it will be Joe Biden! And indeed, in all likelihood, given a strong performance ByVP biden, Ryan may assume the empty chair position tomorrow nitgt on stage! Tomorrow Joe Biden, in one fell stroke, can not only rescue the Obama presidency from the  hole last week's debate non performance put it in, but it will also be a major barometer and statement regarding VP Bidens own presidentital hopes in 2016! So tomorrow night, before the biggest audience EVER to watch a VP debate, VP biden will either prove himself to be Derek Jeter, or A-Rod!

Look for Post debate analysis tomorrow people!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why you should be following Politics125( a pirme example!)

If you havent, you should be following this blog because if you were you would have garnered info like this:


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oct 3 2012!!!

Oct 3 2012, the most  important date on the political calendar! Because it is on this date that the future of the nation will be decided!!! For on that night President Obama will Face Mitt Romney, one on one! No hype , no superpacs, no commercials,no punditry!!! Just the candidates, the issues and their records! It is there when question will be posed and answered, and truths will be heard! And when the dust clears and the words are sorted out, a clear piciture will be had in the hearts and minds of ALL americans about who will and should be the next president of the United States! So, as the camapign season winds down, as we prepare for the conventions and the speeches and the hoopla that goes along with them, understand this America: On Oct 3, 2012 the true Endgame will begin!!!!
This is why you need to follow! THE BEST political blog in America!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

sage wisdom redux!

Not to say I told you so, but frankly I did! and in support of that statement of FACT I now,for your enjoyment and information, repost from my blog this from june 2012:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Straight Talk!!!(Political paint job)

As I have allready stated, this presidential election will be decided during the late summer early fall debates, indeed the first debate may be the key debate! But in the struggle for positive perception in the minds of the voting public this summer, it will be Straight and Hard talk that wins the day!!!! There will be much speculation and much agitation in the media and from media pundits about who is gaining and holding ground with the voting public.But the fact of the matter is, the picture of leadership is the one that will reasonate with the public over the relentless summer of media soundbites and pursuit of relevance!! If President Obama looks like a president, acts like a president and sounds like a president, then he will win the day, but if he looks like anything less, and sounds like anything less, then he will not! Perception is reality, and he who paints the best picture of reality will be percived as president! And for the President it will take straight talk, hard and fast! Mitt Romney is attempting to Paint a political masterpiece, on the canvas left him by four years of republican stonewalling, and if the American public is allowed to simply view that painting then the reviews will be in ,and they wont be good for President Obama! But if the president Begins to paint another picture, with the canvas left Him but four years of republicans tonewalling and more then the reviews will come in and they wont be good for republican hopes!
Straight talk plain and simple!!!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going there!

With the embarassing loss to Mitt Romney still fresh, It is nice to see President Obama ( in his No drama Obama way) Beginning to "go there" as it pertains to the Romney campaign and this presidential race! Because it has been Obama's continued reluctance and reticence to "go there" when it comes to things like Obamacare, and the Obstructionist congress among other things that has placed him in this situation that he now finds himself in! Sometimes the truth, harsh as it is, must be told! And sometimes even a statesman must get down and dirty in the political trenches, particularly when the stakes are this high! This race remains a race, more than anything else, due to the fact that the president, for four years now, has taken the long way around, has avoided confrontation, has avoided "going there"! We've had compromise, beer summits, and teachable moments, and all that has done is edge him and his presidency ever closer to the abysss! A abyss of the ignominity of being portrayed as one of the worst presidents in Modern history! And while he has stubbornly refused to fight fire with fire, the republicans have enflamed the landscape with questions about his faith, his beliefs, his citizenry and his integrity among other things! They(the republicans) havent had any doubts whatsoever about "going there"! The latest example of that being the allegation of "cooking the books" when it came to the recent unemployment numbers! This refusal of the president to "go there" is a clear weakness that the republicans have exploited for years now, and a weakness that they exploited to devastating effect this past week at the debate! And it is a weakness that they will exploit all the way into the white house unless President Barrack Obama makes the hard choice. the choice that sometimes presidents must make, and begins to "go there"!!! Defeat with honor is still defeat, so I say to the president "go there"! If not for yourself, then for the people who support you, and if not for them, then do it for BIG BIRD!!:)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post presidential debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of one of the biggest political upsets in history, Mitt romney has gained a new lease on political life and as he basks in the glory of his unexpected(except by Chris Christie, who now, thanks to the  presidents lackluster performance, looks like a political sage)debate victory, while  the Obama campaign, and more imprtantly, his supporters are left to wonder, WTH happened?????!!! Maybe the president was distracted by thoughts of Mrs Obama and their anniversary, but whatever the case the president did not look presidential last night! Mitt Romney was STRONG, he was FORCEFUL, he was CONFIDENT, simply put he was PRESIDENTIAL! And even when he opened the door to being taken down, IE: cutting funding for Big Bird, and talking about reaching across the aisle and being Bi-partisan, the president just was too slow on the political uptake and didnt pull the trigger! This race could have and should have been over as of last evening in Denver, but the Obama of the last few months didnt show up, the Obama of the health care and 2010 landslide , the compromiser, the retreater did, and the result was political history! This wasnt Romneys debate to win, it was the presidents to lose, and he did plain and simple! And now the pressure is squarely off of Romney and onto the Obama campaign! Because if they lose the VP debate and then another against Romney, this entire race, as Gov Christie said, changes! SO its clear that the pressure is indeed on VP Biden, but THIS is the moment for which he was picked to be VP!The exact reason why! I only hope, for the sake of the Obama camapign, and those who support it, that it pays off! And now that  President Obama has had a taste of what defeat is like, I hope that he has indeed learned from this experience, and that he applies those lessons to the next debate with Gov Romney! Because for him(President Obama) That debate could concieveably be a last stand!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pre debate analysis

AS tonights presidential debate looms, it is safe to  say that this debate will be perhaps the most watched debate in Presidential political history, and I dare saythat it may just indeed live up to the hype! there is much to be talked about and discussed, particulalrly on the domestic front, and it will and should be well debated between candidate Romney & President Obama!

Despite all of the media efforts towards same, this will not decend into a contest of one upmanship and one liners, and I do hope that Mitt Romney doesnt play too much into the urgency of where his camapign now is. This is a chance between two asute statements to be as such, but Im sure that the surroundings will be a factor, But I hope that it is remembered that this is a presidential debate, not a wrestling match! I hope the crwd is kept as far out of this debate as possible, and that the issues and the candidates records on same are allowe dto take center stage.

I will ,of course, review the results tomorrow afternoon so until then, to your corners candidates, and come out swinging!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Partisan Politics and foreign policy!!!

I wonder when will we learn that, when it comes to our image problem as it pertains to our foreign policy, our greatest enemy is ourselves!!! Ourselves and the relentless partisan politics that we wage regarding same(foreign policy!)!! How can we truly fight a war on terror or Illegal immigration when every time we take a step on the path it is weighed down by partisan politics?! If partisan politics has its way every misttep is grounds for resignation and every mistake is gross incompetance! Except of course 9/11/01 and the Iraq war, the silence  has been and continues to be deafening from congressmen like Peter King on those miscues! This pot meeting kettleism aside, I think its long overdue for politicans to stop playing partisan politics when it comes to Foreign Policy! Because we embarass ourselves in the eyes of the world , and our enemies when we do!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

the Brawl for it all!(debate pre analysis)

AS the Obama & Romney camps prepare for the brawl for it all on weds night it will all come down to who recovers the best from the inevitable knockdown that will take place! For while Both candidates are ex tremely vunerable to political potshots, Mitt Romney must face the prospect that in this debate , if he is not extremely careful in the agressive pursuit he must take, he could be knocked right out of contention! But he must be the agressor in this debate, which opens the door for President Obama. The Obama campaign ,like a good counter puncher, has to be thinking wait for it, wait for it, wait for it! But while the president is wating for the monumental shot that WILL come in that first debate, he need to protect himself as well, because a well placed shot By Mr. Romney could change things quickly in the fickle, self serving media that we have today! So, simply put, on weds, we have a debate people!! Perhaps the first real presidential debate in a long while! And it is a debate that all America will be watching! To your corners people, and come out fighting!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Lead from behind(the real reason why Mitt is losing!)

As everyone tries to assess why the Romney campaign is suddenly falling behind in the polls, the answer is quite simple, and Ironic in its premise! The reason, the REAL reason why Mitt is falling behind in the polls, is due to something that the republicans have relentlessly accused the president of doing! Romney is falling behind due to the fact that, in this entire election season, he(Romney) has essentially been lead from behind By the conservatives and conservatism! From dealing with Rick santorum in the primairies up until now, debate eve, Mitt has had to follow the dictates of the conservatives and conservatism, morphing from Mitt the moderate into Mitt the staunch conservative! And this change, this being lead from behind, may well have cost him his presidential dream!!! Mitt sacrificed himself and his public and political integrity in order to secure the presidental nomination! And as he reminices on what might have been in the future, I think the old saying will say it best"to thine own self be true"!!!
Because the only thing worse than leading from behind is: Being lead from behind!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Its the unemployment stupid! tell it like it is!

AS there has been a concerted focus on capitol hill in the last few years to make Barrack Obama a "one term President" I think it is time for a little telling it like it is session in America! Because, as we enter into the Holiday season, for over 25  million people there will be no happy holiday! No thanksgiving, or x-mas, and the prospect of a happy New year is dim!And why you ask? B ecause they are unemployed or underemployed, thats why!!! 25 Million americans without a job, or a lousy one, and despite this crisis in America, what can we say has congress done? The silence has been deafening on capitiol hill as this problem has grown! And in response to that, our congress, those same republicans who have been hoping for failure in America, have done nothing except try to cut unemployment benefits, and aid to citizens who sorely need it! When will congress get it?! To paraphrase the Clinton campaign slogan, ITS the Unemployment stupid!!! It is a pervasive and negative factor that is affecting this entire nation! It is the foundation of crime, of youth issues, of the decline of our education, of the increase of our national debt!Lack of jobs and the dignity of work!  Its unconcinable that in America, we have people who have worked all their lives reduced to digging ditches because of the inaction of congress, that we have children hungry and homeless because of Politics, and as the holiday season approaching that we have AMERICANS facing despair while congress shamelessly focuses on the games of power instead of the needs of the people!25 Million people unemployed in America, and as you go to the ballot box in Nov, remember that the republican led congress has done or said nothing about it EXCEPT 1> try to cut unemployment benefits 2> try to cut food stamps and three. Blocked any and all efforts to stimulate Jobs in America IE the american jobs act! Simply put in the pursuit of political control the republicans have crossed the loine and proven themsleves unfit to lead and that is telling it like it is!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bad paint job!

As the Romney campaign continues to sputter, the question must be asked: Who gave the republicans the paint brush? Because with the amount of paint that has been splattered all over their candidate, it is obvious that they have done a horrible job in painting this election cycle! Indeed the republican paint job that they hoped would render President Obama a one term president has effectively painted their own candidate into a corner! Shackling him to the most extreme of positions  and focing him to hop from whatever dry spot he can find to whatever dry spot that has been left available! As the Presidential campaign heads into the home stretch, and with the repubican nominee needing essentially, A knockout punch at the debates to win, it can and should be said of this election, that  it was the extreme conservatism pushed and pandered to by the republicans that painted Mitt Romney into the corner he now finds himself!And it was the extreme conservatism and the horrible paint job that was waged in service of same that engineered a second term for Barrack Obama, not anything that Mitt Romney had done!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stumbling across the finish Line?! And other political thoughts!

AS Mitt Romney continues to stumble and fumble his way along in the presidential race, it would not be wise for anyone to count this race over until, as I said a long time ago,"until the concession speech is made" Because Mitt has that peculiar ability to, in this election cycle , allways wind up on top of the most blatant of gaffes or foibles! Combine that with a suspect electorate, and the marshalled forces of extreme republicanism and media and, for all his(Romneys) warts, we still are in a tight and serious race! So I advise the Obama campaign and those who have the most to lose from A Romney victory to stay focused and on point! Because Mitt Romney could virtually stumble across the finish line into the presidency!

AS far as the Chinese and Middle Eastern issues go, they share a common thread: Arrogance, and a overstated sense of self! Its clear from the death to america riots in the middle east and the confrontations China is initatating throught Asia: IE: Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, that Both the Chinese and the Muslim world have read too many of their own headlines, or as we say in America, they are beginning to believe their own hype! And that Arrogance of course is leading to unrest! You cannot live a a world of arrogance, and whether you are choosing to reignite ancient asian feuds, or relive the crusades its way past time for both the Chinese and the Muslim world to get a grip!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Antionette!

This latest furor surrounding the ever conservative comments and positions of the Romney campaign only reflects why Republicans cant make any inroads with anyone but white men!
The "Let them eat cake" nature of the commentary made by Mr. Romney is what most people belive is par for the course as it pertains to the republicans and Mr. Romney, and this video all but confirms it! Now, as a person of intelligence and reason, I understand what Mitt was trying to say and why he said it, but it is that very "why" and the wherefor of same that make the comments such a incendiary issue! For you see, Mr Romney , and the choir he was preaching to in that video, have ,thru no fault of their own I might add, a VERY myopic view of America, A view from the top! And the Myopia there, Like Marie Antionette before him, doesnt allow  him(Romney) to see, and it doesnt allow those republicans who symphathise with such views to relate to the reality of " WHY!" Because for Romney and the republicans its so simple, and so cut and dried. Becauase for the rich, the powerful, for the ELITE, America works!!!But they need to somehow find a way to see that  while America works and functions for those ELITE, for most Americans it doesnt, and those people for whom it doesnt work they are indeed ENTITLED to a gov that works for them! It alters between being sad and being outrageous that people are so blind as this! That they fail to understand or relate to the problems and issues of this nation, and it is such a" let them eat cake" attitude that renders them unfit to lead! And now Mitt has cemented his status as "one of THEM" Not smart at all!
I agree with Mr. Romney what he said was not indeed "elegant"at all. It clearly smacked of class warfare, and unless in the next Month , Mitt finds a way to connect with the 47 percent of
people he just in effect cut off, the only "cake" he will be eating on election day will be humble pie!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Occupy Anniversary(what might have been)

Today in America, they celebrated the Anniversary of what might have been, that what might have been being the Occupy Movement! For one year ago, from Wall Street to Hong Kong, change was in the air! People were up and motivated and in the streets! And, flushed with the idea that something might actually be done and achieved, I rushed to the streets to join in! But now, as I look back one year later, we can see that Occupy, for all its promise, for the opportunity that , due to immaturity and lack of real leadership, failed to be capitalized upon, was nothing more than a Giant Party! A party under the premise of committing to action, to commiting to change! There were issues to be addressed and indeed occupy was well on the road to addressing them, but when the issue became the occupation, and not the issues themselves, it was then that this movemnt began to falter and eventually fail! Occupy had a chance to be more, a lynchpin moment in american history, but in the end, it became  sadly forgettable, and as they tried  today and failed  to recapture that moment, we in America can only, sadly, muse on what might have been!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Political Stew

Whats in the Pot: Bernanke coming out for JOB stimulus is something that is long overdue! There are 25 Million people unemployed in America and ,other than the American Jobs act, we havent heard anything from capitol hill! JOBS!!!!!! That is more important than the debt, than the budget,  than anything!!! JOBS! Which create revenue, which fuel the economy, JOBS!!! And it is to the discredit of the republican congress that they have put jobs on the backburner in Favor of POLITICS!

The current Unrest in the"Arab world" is just the latest in a series of petulant actions that need seriously to be reined in! They take offense at their religion being criticized, but say and do nothing about the myriad of offensive things that have been done "in the name of Allah"! Maimings, killings, the encouraging of murder of Innocents, war, rape and so much more! Simply put ,due to overindulgence they actually think that we should be afraid of them , that we should be scared of them. I think its time to remind them in the Arab world who wears the Big boy pants!!!

I think its the height of hypocracy to try to blame Obama for this current terrorism situation. Especially when the same voices who are raised in criticism now of his presidency  were  oh so silent in the aftermath of 9/11/01 and all that it wrought and the presidency that it happned under! Hypocrites and demogogues  one and all!

No more Big sodas? Are you serious? So there is now a black market for Large sodas? in the words of Ed Lover Cmon son!!!

I think that's a satisfying pot of stew, dont you?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Romneys Last stand(the debates)

With the public being underwhelmed by the Republican convention, and with the Democrats having perhaps the greatest convention of all time, and the subsequent boost vaulting the Obama Campaign into the first real lead poll wise of this campaign, it can be said that ,For Mitt Romney, the Debates that are set to begin Oct 3, will be for the Romney Campaign, and for Mitt Romneys dreams of being president, the last stand!!! And it is kind  of  sad that it has come to this, because the Original Mitt Romney, the Romney that was generally percieved as a Republican moderate Prior to the Republican primaries, could have won this election handily!But, unfortunately for him, he was pushed to the extreme by the red meat conservatives and Rick Santorum, into becoming  a complete mockery of himself! If Mitt Romney is to have any chance of winning this election, he must somehow, during the debates, convince America that the Real Mitt Romney is not the caricature that has been created by the extreme conservatives! Because the simple fact, something that continues to elude said conservatives, is that Mitt Romney is running for President of the United States, not President of the Conservatives!!! And as long as Moderation remains a dirty word among the republicans they, and Mitt have no chance of winning this election! This is something that George W Bush knew actutely, and that is why he won two terms, because, say what you might about the man, he maintained his moderate status!!! SO simply put,As Mitt Prepares to make his last stand, he must somehow find a way to take the lead, somehow find a way to be presidential, somehow find the way back to moderation! Or he will watch a dream so nearly in his grasp once again slip away!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Politics and Policy (foreign and otherwise)

With the insanity of radical elements in the middle east once again giving rise to senseless violence there, America again is put on the spot regarding its foreign policy. And ,once we are put on that spot ,we are(as americans) subjected to Politics as foreign policy! Politics, foreign or otherwise has become a serious hinderance to any and all efforts to address situations that arise, from terrorism and the chaos in the middle east, to the economic situation in the west!!! Does EVERYTHING have to be politicized? Does it?!!! Is politics solving the issues in the Middle east, or excaserbating them! Politics is certainly not doing a thing to help the millions of Americans who are looking for work! There is a place and time for many things, but in times of crisis, and issues of same, THAT is never the place for Politics!!! And it would and will be a better world when Politics is not THE driving force behind every action by those who are supposed to be LEADERS!~!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11/01 from hate to hope!

Tomorrow we in America will observe the 11th year after the Attack on NY & America that was 9/11/01. For on that day in America ,the towers fell and Hate rose! But, as is allways the case when Hate has its moment in the sun, it was quickly and forever eclipsed by the picture and premise of hope that was personifed in the global response of the world to the henious act, and, more importantly, by how Americans united as one! In the aftermath of 9/11/01 we became, in the shadow of hate, what was hoped for when this nation was first created, A nation  of equals! A nation where race , color, or creed didnt matter! In the shadow of hate we became Americans, not black Americans, white Americans, arab americans, whatever! We became Americans, ready and willing to stand, one and all, against hate! And we did! We stood against hate and turned the tide, and for a minute there was hope in America! But while that hope was lost amid exploitive politics and all the rest, 9/11/01 stands as a testimony to all that America is and all that America can be! Because from American tragedy came American triumph, and the renewal of(if only for a brief time) the American spirit! Because in the aftermath of the towers felling, you didnt hear wailing and crying,
nothing that was cause for celebration for the terrorists and those who supported them, dancing as I'll never forget in the streets after the strike was had, but a chant that shook the world and gave pause to all those who think that Hate will prevail, the chant of U-S-A! U-S-A!!!! Because that chant, and the hope it brings ,to A people and to the world, will allways prevail over hate and the Merchants of same! And that is what every American should remember on 9/11 not the hate but the hope that it spawned, the hope that is the American spirit!!! Something that Not even a event like 9/11 could destroy! USA!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama/Romney A flip of the coin!

Obama, Romney, two sides of the same coin you could say by their political experiences and regard recently! But, as America prepares to choose which side will that coin land on when America flips it in Nov? This is a very serious choice for America, a choice that will decide the veritable fate of millions, and to be frank it will be decided on as random of a factor as the flip of a coin! choice and how its made1 Important choice and how its made, that will decide the future of our nation and the future of America in a few short weeks! So we must do everything to insure that this choice isnt taken or made lightly! After all you wouldnt want the future of yourself or your family to be decided by the flip of a coin would you?

Friday, September 7, 2012

DNC final night review and analysis

Simply put, as the DNC came to a close last evening, America may have witnessed the greatest Political convention of all time! The democrats put on a powerful show for the last three days one that will not soon be forgotten, and if they carry the energy, the attitude, indeed the SWAGGER out onto the camapign trail, then not only will the Democrats hold the White House, and defend the Senate, but they may very well reclaim the house as well!!! This week America bore witness to a democratic party the likes of what has not been seen in America, in and since ,well, forever! Fired up and galvanized, and as they(the democrats enter into the final stage of this long campaign season THAT is exactly what the democrats need!! Giving as good, indeed better than what they get from the republicans!! That is the key to victory for the Democrats in 2013, and if this Convention was any indication, victory is within grasp!!! The democrats are back baby! With a vengence!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC review day 2 and analysis

And the pounding continues! Day 2 of the DNC continued to resemble the famous beating that George Foreman Put on Smoking Joe(RIP) with speakers like Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren(next time drink it all in Lizzie!) and of course THE president, former President Bill Clinton tearing into the republicans! To think that if the democrats were motivated and galvanized like this in 2010, the TEA party wouldnt be the danger to America that they now are! And what can be said, that hasnt been about Bill Clinton?! He was at his best last evening! Factually solid and speaking from great experience! And How big is he  , of all people, talking about not hating, even those who tried to destroy him and his family all for the sake of political power?! So many telling points were made last evening,  and it should be clear, to even the most jaded and partisan republican, that the Democrats will no longer be passive on the issues, passive in the media, and passive in the voting booth!!! This convention may have awoken a sleeping giant, and that giant is the democratic base!!! But the fact is , this has all been a buildup to the BIG show, the main event, the acceptance speeches of VP Biden & President Barrack Obama! And with the many events going on across America tonight, it can be safe to say that this one will be the biggest!!! I will of, course review and give a final analysis of the DNC tomorrow so until then, Mr President, the stage is yours!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC day 1 analysis & review

In boxing there is one sure way to win without dispute, its by knockout! And while last evenings opening ceremony at the DNC wasnt a  knockout punch to the republicans, it was clearly a "Down goes Frazier" moment"!!!! Speakers like Corey Booker, Lilly Ledbetter, Gov Deval Patrick, Keynoter Julian Castro, and of course, the FLOTUS ,Michelle Obama Gave the democratic party  a explosive and high energy opening to their convention!A opening so powerful that even Fox News( the network that I am watching the convention on), was speechless! As soon as one good speaker left, another came out, and after a while it was plain to see that the dems were fired up and ready to go! Touching stories like Lilly Ledbetter's and Tammy Duckworths, fired up political oratory like Cory Booker and Deval Patrick, and a stellar Keynote speech from Julian Castro rendered the republican convention a faded memory and then the First lady came out and closed the show!!!! Hitting as hard as George Foreman with both her beauty and her words, the democrats couldnt have asked for a better night than last night! And with Bill Clinton set to speak this evening, setting up President Obama to accept the Partys nomination thursday night The republicans are indeed on the political ropes facing a convention knockout! See you tomorrow with Day 2 of the DNC review!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNC preview and Analysis

As the democrats open their national convention this evening, it is my opinion that, unless they take the initiative, and the advantage of this national spotlight to remind America that the specific agenda of the republican party for the last four years has been the seeking and securing of political power and not "the economy" they may lose this election! The reason why the republicans remain in contention, despite all that they have done in the primary season alone, is that the democrats hav scrupluously failed in assessing blame to the republicans for their actions!
It is their being able to dish it out without taking it(blame) that has allowed the republicans to resurge from the brink of extnction in 2009 to nearly assuming total power in 2013! The democrats, starting tonight need to remind the American people of republican actions and more importantly the republican record on captiol hill! They need to remind the american people that they are and remain the party of no! That they have, in fact, stood against legislation that would have created jobs, that it is their agenda that, more than anything lese has contributed to Americas economic nightmare! For the next 4 days America needs to be reminded that it is the republicans who have sought and created failure while the democrats have fought for and achieved success! Simply put for the next 4 days the democrats must make the case for re-election but they must stop avoiding the issues and facts of the case!!! And beginning tonight, the FLOTUS(First Lady of the United States) Mrs Michelle Obama must lead the charge! There will never be a more golden opportunity for the democrats to put the blame where it lies, and that will and can be done by a contrast of the facts! But you cant do it, by running away and avoiding them! Let me put it in boxing terms, sometimes you can lose a fight by appearances alone! You may be the better fighter but if your opponent LOOKS like he's fighting harder than you are, the judges will rule against you and thats what the democrats must address! You may be better but its time you let the people see it!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC day 3 Final review and analysis

As the RNC came to a close, it can be said that they made a successful launch into political space! The final night of the Republican convention was a success. Mitt Romney got a appropiate sendoff, but clearly, the highlight of the evening was Clint Eastwood! Because he, more than any candidate or politician who took the podium at the RNC this past few days, exemplified the REAL republican! Indeed he was as close to a republican dream candidate as you can get! His minutes conversing with "invisible Obama" were highly entertaining, and while pundits and so called political experts were pooh-poohing it, the republican base were eating it up like the political candy that it was!!! I wouldnt be surprised to see either Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or republicans running for office reprising that bit on the campaign trail! That aside, the RNC  and the acceptance speech was, for Mitt Romney, yet another hurdle that he has cleared cleanly.And now, for him and his dreams of the presidency, only two hurdles remain to be cleared! The debates with President Obama and the ballotting itself! But they are the two biggest hurdles of all! Does Mitt have the "legs' left to finish this long race strongly? The next 66 days will tell the tale!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The RNC day 2 review

It is sad that in the face of henious racism at the RNC, a Black woman may have saved the Presidential hopes of the G.O.P.! Condolezza Rice extended her VERY long Coattail and the entire republican party latched on to it! Pulling a convention that was tettering on the brink back onto solid ground! Last night the republican political rocket launched, and it was due to Condoleeza Rice providing the rocket fuel! She set it up and Paul Ryan knocked it down!But the story from last evening was clearly Dr. Rice because, to quote her phrase,"she could be president of the USA if she wanted to be" a bold statement made by a person of color at a convention where racism has raised its cowardly ugly head! That aside ,with Dr Rice having set the stage, it now falls to Mitt Romney to bring it all home this evening! Tonight is the most important speech of Mitts political life! Tonight is the night that his dreams are finally realized or once again deferred! Its Mitt and America tonight, and yes Mitt the nation will be watching! Final review tomorrow folks, see you then!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The RNC Day 1 review

Clearly the RNC has been blunted by the onslaught of Hurricane Issac, because while Issac brought the thunder, the opening speakers of the RNC didnt! Ann Romney proved ,beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is a beautiful person and a very nice lady, but her speech didnt deliver the political goods that Mitt desparately needs! And Gov Chris Christie, he of the bombastic personality, failed to generate the thunderation that is clearly needed to lift off the Romney Ryan rocket!The story of day 1 of the convention, indeed the differance maker in the entire convention, may indeed be Hurricane Issac! For while it's proving to be a curse to Americans living on the gulf coast, it is becoming a gift from heaven for the democrats!

Tonight will be two major speeches, one from the fabulous Condoleeza Rice, and one from the Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan , and all eyes will indeed be upon Ryan, who must disprove himself as a lightning rod for criticism tonight! But I think that it is clear that Mitt Romney must, on Thursday evening, shoulder the republican party and the hopes and dreams of same, and deliver a Reaganesque , "shining city on a hill" speech, Or have a George H.W.Bush "thousands points of light "moment! Something that will give his candidacy the launch it needs. More tomorrow folks, I'll be watching tonight, as you all should be!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Hurricanes!

AS Hurricance Issac makes its presence felt, putting the carefully orchestrated Republican National Convention in serious jepoardy, It must be understood that it is not one,but TWO hurricances that are of issue and of concerning effect in Tampa Fl for next week! One of course Is Issac, because if the convention is delayed it will have a substantial blunting effect for the republicans, and right now the Romney ticket needs all the big "Mo"(momentum) it can get!
But more importantly is the hurricane of rhetoric that will spill forth from Tampa next week! As the republicans convene, and as all of their leadership and political figures coalesce, we, and all America will watch and wonder: Will this be a wave that Mitt Romney can ride to the presidency, or will it be a torrent of extreme statments and policy that will, like a true hurricane, wash his hopes and dreams of the presidency away? Two Hurricanes! One filled with natures fury, the other
filled with unchecked rhetoric! Which one, I wonder , is Mitt Romney more concerned with?
Because both will have lasting after effects in America!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Speak now or forever hold thy peace!

As the presidential race heads into the red zone, the time has come, particularly for the Obama Campaign, to speak now or forever hold its peace as it pertains to its second term ambitions! One of the things that has pariticularly galled me in this re-election effort, is the deafening silence by the Obama campaign regarding Congress and the record of same! Because given the record of congress, particularly in comparision to the record of the Obama administration, it is a gong that should be relentlessly banged! If I was a strategist for the Obama campaign, I would say to, lets say Stephanie Cutter(she's cute)  that the president should be saying things like "They say i cant run on my record, but lets look at my record in comparison to congress! They tried to criticize me for deficit spending. I enacted a stimulus that saved america from recession, congress gave us a war that was unnecessary and a war that i didnt support! I enacted legislation that saved the auto industry and resotred them to global prominence, congress was willing to let them die! I created health care for all americans, congress fought for tax cuts for the rich! And they say i cant run on my record?! For the past four years while Ive put forward legislation like the American jobs act, congress one and only stated purpose has been to make me a one term president, to make me fail
they say I cant run on my record well I say to the republicans can you run on yours!!!" This is what I would have the president state from the podium in North Carolina later this month! And is something that should have been , and should be part of the debate as this election comes to a end! because there is no tomorrow, there is no time to wait, the time is now to speak or forever hold thy peace! Because with congress being the main problem, they should be part of the solution! Can you run on your record mr. president? YES YOU CAN!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romneys Night Out!

AS Mitt Romney prepares for his big night out in Tampa Fla. next week he has finally reached the top of the Republican Mountain! And as he prepares to reach for the brass ring, the presidency of the United States, he(Romney) Must convince the American people at his big night out next week that the foundation , THAT foundation on which he stands, that republican foundation is solid and believable! This will be the biggest night of Mitt Romneys life, and this must be the best speech of his life! Because next week in Tampa he must convince America and americans voters that he is ready to be president! This will be his debut, his coming out party and he must present himself as the"belle of the ball"! Because there will be no second chance, no do overs! Mitt Romney must be, if only for one night, a man of the people, not a candidate! He must realize that the race has been run, and the nomination won!Next week, and every week after that Mitt Romney must be presidential! And next week in Tampa Fla. Will be a VERY big step toward that goal! So put on your dancing shoes Mitt, because the floor is now yours!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hillary was right!!!!

Back in the 90's then First Lady Hillary Clinton was villified for famously claiming that there was a "Right wing conspiracy" that was acting to undermine and create for then first term President Bill Clinton a one term presidency! Well now, here in 2012, as President Barrack Obama struggles under virtually the same conditions as President Clinton in the 90's it should be radically clear to all that Hillary was right!!!! There is a vast right wing conspiracy at work to grab power in Washington DC and they have become so blatant and secure in that effort that they have gone unashamedly public with their actions!!! Be it in the media, or on capitiol hill ,or in American buisness , there has been a concerted effort made to insure that the Obama presidency "fails'! We have quote after quote from congressional leaders and media figures stating publically that goal and intention, so with it being so clear and incotravertable in evidence and with the republican congress, media, and the business community committed to that stated goal, we can now see the sage wisdom of then First lady Clinton's statement!!! There is a vast right wing conspiracy in America that has put power and control above the needs of the American people, and if the Obama campaign addresses the clear and incontravertable facts of that, if they hammer away at the fact that there has been a concerted effort made to insure that they "fail" then this election will be a cakewalk as opposed to the race that it now is!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cold hard truths!!!!

The time is approaching in this presidential election, when cold hard truths will be told and focused on, when records will be explored, and policies will exposed! Where positions that are and have been taken will be viewed and vetted, and where actions that were or were not taken will be judged!!! In the next few months cold hard political truths will be told, and heard!!!
And as we are deciding the future of this nation and the world, they should be! The rug must be beaten and beaten well ,to coin a phrase! Be it the obstruction in congress, the why and wherefore of Mitt Romneys tax records, Paul Ryans voting record, or the leadership of President Obama! Cold hard truth must now become the focus of the media and the american people!
Cold hard truths. not political speculation or  political tabloidism!! Cold hard truths, FACTS!!!!
AS it should be, because the most important decision that the american people will make in Nov, A decision that has global implications, should be based in the cold hard truth of fact, Not politics!!!!