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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post presidential debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of one of the biggest political upsets in history, Mitt romney has gained a new lease on political life and as he basks in the glory of his unexpected(except by Chris Christie, who now, thanks to the  presidents lackluster performance, looks like a political sage)debate victory, while  the Obama campaign, and more imprtantly, his supporters are left to wonder, WTH happened?????!!! Maybe the president was distracted by thoughts of Mrs Obama and their anniversary, but whatever the case the president did not look presidential last night! Mitt Romney was STRONG, he was FORCEFUL, he was CONFIDENT, simply put he was PRESIDENTIAL! And even when he opened the door to being taken down, IE: cutting funding for Big Bird, and talking about reaching across the aisle and being Bi-partisan, the president just was too slow on the political uptake and didnt pull the trigger! This race could have and should have been over as of last evening in Denver, but the Obama of the last few months didnt show up, the Obama of the health care and 2010 landslide , the compromiser, the retreater did, and the result was political history! This wasnt Romneys debate to win, it was the presidents to lose, and he did plain and simple! And now the pressure is squarely off of Romney and onto the Obama campaign! Because if they lose the VP debate and then another against Romney, this entire race, as Gov Christie said, changes! SO its clear that the pressure is indeed on VP Biden, but THIS is the moment for which he was picked to be VP!The exact reason why! I only hope, for the sake of the Obama camapign, and those who support it, that it pays off! And now that  President Obama has had a taste of what defeat is like, I hope that he has indeed learned from this experience, and that he applies those lessons to the next debate with Gov Romney! Because for him(President Obama) That debate could concieveably be a last stand!!!!

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