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Friday, October 26, 2012

Calling a spade a spade( the end of black Political passitivty

As President Obama struglgles to maintain both his presidency and his place in history, I would hope that, finally, it is understood that the path of least resistance, the path of political passivity, is the path of political destruction if we are to advance ourselves into the positions of highest office and control in America! AS the saying goes "Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade!" WE can no longer concern ourselves with perceptions, if we are seen as angry black people so be it!!! If we are seen as "threatening" so be it! To paraphrase another saying, faint heart aint going to win us any elections!!!!WE cant, if we to advance ourselves, keep running away from the confrontations that must be had! Being the"good" negrow politican isnt working!!! Look at David Dinkins, David Patterson, Doug Wilder and now President Obama we need a little less political passivity and a lot more Militancy! And a good bit of that old fashioned fear!!! I want them to be worried about how our elected leader might react to being called a liar, to being called a fraud, to being called a empty chair, because that would mean they have learned the respect that is needed if we are, as black people, to advance ourselves into places like the Senate and like the White House! We need to be worried about, instead of wrrying about how we are being percived ,if we are, as people of color, going to take gubernatorial positions! We can no longer be restrained, or be the "non threatening negrow"!!! We have to be that "spade"(excuse the racist term) and more importantly we can no longer be afraid to call the proverbial spade a spade! Because to continue the path of political passivity is to marginalize and deny ourselves the political power we must have and demand!!!!

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