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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going there!

With the embarassing loss to Mitt Romney still fresh, It is nice to see President Obama ( in his No drama Obama way) Beginning to "go there" as it pertains to the Romney campaign and this presidential race! Because it has been Obama's continued reluctance and reticence to "go there" when it comes to things like Obamacare, and the Obstructionist congress among other things that has placed him in this situation that he now finds himself in! Sometimes the truth, harsh as it is, must be told! And sometimes even a statesman must get down and dirty in the political trenches, particularly when the stakes are this high! This race remains a race, more than anything else, due to the fact that the president, for four years now, has taken the long way around, has avoided confrontation, has avoided "going there"! We've had compromise, beer summits, and teachable moments, and all that has done is edge him and his presidency ever closer to the abysss! A abyss of the ignominity of being portrayed as one of the worst presidents in Modern history! And while he has stubbornly refused to fight fire with fire, the republicans have enflamed the landscape with questions about his faith, his beliefs, his citizenry and his integrity among other things! They(the republicans) havent had any doubts whatsoever about "going there"! The latest example of that being the allegation of "cooking the books" when it came to the recent unemployment numbers! This refusal of the president to "go there" is a clear weakness that the republicans have exploited for years now, and a weakness that they exploited to devastating effect this past week at the debate! And it is a weakness that they will exploit all the way into the white house unless President Barrack Obama makes the hard choice. the choice that sometimes presidents must make, and begins to "go there"!!! Defeat with honor is still defeat, so I say to the president "go there"! If not for yourself, then for the people who support you, and if not for them, then do it for BIG BIRD!!:)

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