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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Down to the wire?(the debt ceiling)

As our so called elected leaders continue to posture and pontificate while achieving nothing when it comes to Americans financial foundation, it shows a political myopia about priorites and concerns on capitol hill. I mean hello, peoples lives are at stake here! Today and next week, not next month or next year! So excuse me for believing that this is a lot more important than financial projections about future solvency! The legacy that so many republicans keep crowing about leaving is the memories of this time that will be left in the hearts and minds of those who are witnessing this great and epic failure of responsibilty  and lack of vision by congress! As this debt ceiling issue goes unconcionably and unacceptably down to the wire, it is seniors, veterans ,and all the rest who are the potential losers here, along with everyday americans, and every person who stupidly got manipulated and swept along into the tea party wave, every voter who fell for the usual repub lican BS, ought to be ashamed right now! Because it is you who are jepordizing the health and welfare of our seniors, of our soldiers, of everyday americans! So i hope youre happy! Because as the saying goes, you have cut off your nose to spite your face with this debt ceiling issue! And with that said, I am once again calling on the president to step into the breach using any and all congressional power at his command to raise the debt ceiling to prevent a national catastrophe with global implications! Its time for action, not to simply sit back and watch it happen!!! because that is indeed a EPIC FAIL!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The debt Ceiling, A simple guarantee, part II

As the Debt ceiling Impass continues to slough along, and with the quality of life for the american people in danger and question, I call once again, for President Obama to take control of th situation, and guarantee to the American people that there will be no default! Because No American should spend a sleepless night or day due to this political madness! Clearly the Tea party is a monster of republican making,  a out of control monster at that, but the republicans will pay the price for that. But the American people should not be harmed due to the empowerment of a lunatic fringe! Because while they are crowing about the future, people are being harmed right now!!!! SO I, once again, demand that President Obama guarantee to the American people that a default will not be had on his watch! And In referance to the political cost or benefit of taking such a action, here's a potential campaign sound bite:" and when the republicans threatened to force America into default for political gain, it was President Obama who took action insuring that seniors and veterans social security and benefits were uninterupted  and that Global financial catastrophe was avoided!" This action, one simple Guarantee, is a sure fire political victory! But more important than that is the security of not only the American people, but our Status and the perception of same worldwide! So again I say to the President, do what must be done! Take the lead! And make that guarantee! The American people will thank you for it, both now and in 2013!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The debt ceiling solution( a simple guarantee)

Simply put this debt ceiling furor can and should be solved with one simple guarantee from the white house: President Obama should make the public statement that on aug 2, if no agreement is reached in Congress that he will use the power of his office, as consitutionally authorized, to raise the debt ceiling! If he does that, end of story, and end of controversy! That is whats called a "game changer" and at this point it is clear that the game must be changed! The repubicans have had the run of the table, but its time for the President to take action to change the game, the only question is will he? For the sake of the American people, the global economic system and his own personal re-election situation I hope he does! Because to continue to allow the republicans to dicate the debate like this is serving no cause and benefitting noone! Its time for that Guarantee President Obama, because those are words that would be very welcomed by the American people and the nations of the world!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The new decider(president Obama)

With the debt ceiling issue spinning further and further out of control, and with the financial health and global prestige and status of the USA at risk, it is clear that president Obama must become what his predecesor, GW Bush declared himself as, he must become "THE decider" in this debt celing matter. For while the republicans are clearly to blame for this politically motivated debacle, it is the president's duty to solve it!Like him or not, Bush was elected to 2 terms as president because he was seen as a leader and seen as in charge, he was indeed seen as "the decider" and that is a role that President Obama must assume here and now! The president Must be president, he must be seen at the lead in control , in charge!Because that is what is clearly missing in this debt ceiling issue: clear and decisive leadership! Our global prestige is falling along with our credit rating and while the tunnel visioned republicans are not seeing that, it must be seen by the president, and he must take action! commit   to leading mr. president, instead of waiting for compromise!!! That is how things get done!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Executive Decision( the debt ceiling) and the Carterization of president Obaba!

Simply put with the nation in crisis, and with this debt Ceiling issue threatening the security of the nation and the world, its   time for President Obama to stop calling for compromise, and instead he needs to grasp the reins and take the lead on the Debt ceiling issue! Its executive order time! I mean is he the President or is John Boehner!!! It's time to lead President Obama, and your continued failure to do so is what has led to your  Carterization by the republicans, and it has led to that republican serpent that was so quelled and humbled in 2008 to come back with fangs dripping with venom towards the democrats and the American people! This tit for tat back and forth, this tying  one issue to another is not good government, its not government at all, its politics as usual!!!!  But when Politics and political theatre put the security of the american people at risk, when it leads to doubt and sleepless nights for seniors, for the jobless, and for all the rest,its time for leadership, it's time for the PRESIDENT, to step up!!! The House of representitives does not run this country, nor does the speaker of the house!It's time for a executive decision mr. president. because just as the failure of leadership from the executive branch led to the downfall of president Carter, so too will it do so for you, unless you LEAD!!!! Stop being passive Mr. President and show em who is Boss!!! Because  that is whats clearly needed here, and what has been needed on capitol hill for sometime now! Comannder in chief, Now command!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

the debt ceiling debate(more drama for Obama)

The current debt ceiling debate, like everything else that has been of issue in America the last three years, has become nothing more than something that can be used by the republicans to create more political drama   for President Obama, no more and no less! For the Last three years we have endured the antics of the republicans as, on nearly every issue, they have acted like nothing less than Drama queens! From the stimulus, to health care, to the Bush tax cuts! You name it and the republicans have raised the drama level to epic proportions! And , indeed how is a president to govern, when each and every issue, brings  out the master thespian, in the oppostion?! The debt ceiling must be raised, this is something that noone can deny, but since, like everything else, its ripe for political theater, it simply means more drama for President Obama! The only question now is ,when will the American people finally start to pan the performance the republicans are continually putting on? Maybe in 2012, we can only hope!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

common sense is clearly lacking( the debt ceiling)

Simply put, invidually , we wouldnt want to default and negatively affect our own personal credit ratings now would we? So why in the hell are the republicans trying to sell america this bill of good that its ok to default and adversely affect that nations credit rating? Is their common sense so truly lacking? Or are they , yet again, insulting our intelligence in order to secure power over America  and Americans! In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, GETTRDONE!!! This is way too important to be used as a political football! So save the voodoo economics republicans, listen to the experts, and raise the damn debt ceiling!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

where's the fierce urgency?

As President continues to struggle along with his presidency , I think the greateest fault in his leadership has been the lack of the fierce urgency of now! Something that he championed and ran on as a candidate. Since assuming the office we have very rarely, if at all, seen urgency from the Obama administrration on ANY issue, from health care to Unemployment! And if this what the president terms fierce urgency as it pertains to the debt ceiling, then he has a serious problem with his message and how he is conveying it! The fierce urgency of now has been completely co-opted by the republicans and Unless the president can grasp that concept, and come down from the mount where everything is a "teachable moment" he will have a very hard election road to hoe!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hitting the ceiling!

As America gets ever closer to hitting the ceiling as it regards to the debt issue, it is sad to see that, yet once again, a major issue that affects the american people is being used as a political football! And as the republican seek, once more, the ttoal control that led us to this pass, we must ask them a question to what we allready know the answer: Have they no decency? Scaring seniors, jepoardizing the poor, undercutting our status and regard internationally, It is clear that when it comes to power and the gaining of same, the republicans will stop at nothing! And though they, in the two terms that they were in total control of America, squandered surpluses and incurred this massive debt thru unfunded mandates and wars, they continue to blame the Obama administration and the democrats for the mess that they made! How much hubris does that take? apparentley that and more, since they now are presenting themselves as the financial stewards of our future!,  This should be a rubber stamp, not a political football, and everyday that the republican party plays political chicken with the financial status and health and well being of America is another day of shame for them! Shame, shame shame!

Monday, July 11, 2011

a factoid in referance to the Debt ceiling(BIGFOOT EM OBAMA!!!)

One bit of history that was  and is lost on the world regarding what DR King did, is the fact that it was the Federal Gov that had to step in and BIGFOOT the states on equal rights for blacks, because if it was left up to the states, we would still be separate and inequal! Something that the president needs to consider as he continues to look for compromise with those who are clearly uncompromising when it comes to him! to qoute a phrase Mr. President, what is power if not for to be used?!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Give em a inch------!

As the negotiations for the debt ceiling are being undetaken, it is clear that the lessons of the 2010 elections were completely lost on  the Obama white house. And the lesson that should have been learned is that if you give the republicans one political inch, they will take the entire political mile! From day one they have told this president, in no uncertain terms, that they intend for him to fail, but with the understanding of their relationship  and intentions being clear and present President Obama continues with his 'reaching across the aisle"! How chamberlainesque! Do the words "giving away the store" mean anything to our president? He puts the poor and seniors on the table, while the republicans steadfastly stand behind the rich? Who do you think is really winning this political war mr. president? When the architects of disaster essentially have you taking the blame for their failures, its time to reassess!
2010 should have been a wake up call to the Obama administration politically, but it is clear that they are still sleep walking politically, and unless things change and soon, Michelle Bachman may be proven a prophet! Because Barrack Obama, due to his continually giving political ground, will be a one term president!!!