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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Executive Decision( the debt ceiling) and the Carterization of president Obaba!

Simply put with the nation in crisis, and with this debt Ceiling issue threatening the security of the nation and the world, its   time for President Obama to stop calling for compromise, and instead he needs to grasp the reins and take the lead on the Debt ceiling issue! Its executive order time! I mean is he the President or is John Boehner!!! It's time to lead President Obama, and your continued failure to do so is what has led to your  Carterization by the republicans, and it has led to that republican serpent that was so quelled and humbled in 2008 to come back with fangs dripping with venom towards the democrats and the American people! This tit for tat back and forth, this tying  one issue to another is not good government, its not government at all, its politics as usual!!!!  But when Politics and political theatre put the security of the american people at risk, when it leads to doubt and sleepless nights for seniors, for the jobless, and for all the rest,its time for leadership, it's time for the PRESIDENT, to step up!!! The House of representitives does not run this country, nor does the speaker of the house!It's time for a executive decision mr. president. because just as the failure of leadership from the executive branch led to the downfall of president Carter, so too will it do so for you, unless you LEAD!!!! Stop being passive Mr. President and show em who is Boss!!! Because  that is whats clearly needed here, and what has been needed on capitol hill for sometime now! Comannder in chief, Now command!!!

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