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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hitting the ceiling!

As America gets ever closer to hitting the ceiling as it regards to the debt issue, it is sad to see that, yet once again, a major issue that affects the american people is being used as a political football! And as the republican seek, once more, the ttoal control that led us to this pass, we must ask them a question to what we allready know the answer: Have they no decency? Scaring seniors, jepoardizing the poor, undercutting our status and regard internationally, It is clear that when it comes to power and the gaining of same, the republicans will stop at nothing! And though they, in the two terms that they were in total control of America, squandered surpluses and incurred this massive debt thru unfunded mandates and wars, they continue to blame the Obama administration and the democrats for the mess that they made! How much hubris does that take? apparentley that and more, since they now are presenting themselves as the financial stewards of our future!,  This should be a rubber stamp, not a political football, and everyday that the republican party plays political chicken with the financial status and health and well being of America is another day of shame for them! Shame, shame shame!

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