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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Countdown to History!

Now with 10 days left until this historic election, we in America have much to ponder! Because whether or not Mitt Romney finally realizes his dream and becomes President, Or if President Obana is elected to a second term and salvages his legacy, we in America have much to consider! Racism, sexism, classism, religion, politics and personal beliefs. Much has been unearthed during this election season, and the picture of what we have seen is akin to the picture of Dorian Grey! While America presents A image to the world, the picture hidden presents the ugliness within! And that ugliness, more than anything else, on Day one, As Mitt Romney likes to say, is what we, as Americans in America must prepare to confront! Because as we countdown to history in America, we have seen the enemy, and he is US!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Calling a spade a spade( the end of black Political passitivty

As President Obama struglgles to maintain both his presidency and his place in history, I would hope that, finally, it is understood that the path of least resistance, the path of political passivity, is the path of political destruction if we are to advance ourselves into the positions of highest office and control in America! AS the saying goes "Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade!" WE can no longer concern ourselves with perceptions, if we are seen as angry black people so be it!!! If we are seen as "threatening" so be it! To paraphrase another saying, faint heart aint going to win us any elections!!!!WE cant, if we to advance ourselves, keep running away from the confrontations that must be had! Being the"good" negrow politican isnt working!!! Look at David Dinkins, David Patterson, Doug Wilder and now President Obama we need a little less political passivity and a lot more Militancy! And a good bit of that old fashioned fear!!! I want them to be worried about how our elected leader might react to being called a liar, to being called a fraud, to being called a empty chair, because that would mean they have learned the respect that is needed if we are, as black people, to advance ourselves into places like the Senate and like the White House! We need to be worried about, instead of wrrying about how we are being percived ,if we are, as people of color, going to take gubernatorial positions! We can no longer be restrained, or be the "non threatening negrow"!!! We have to be that "spade"(excuse the racist term) and more importantly we can no longer be afraid to call the proverbial spade a spade! Because to continue the path of political passivity is to marginalize and deny ourselves the political power we must have and demand!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are you ready( If Romney Loses)

So if, on a week from tues, Mitt Romney falls short in his final campaign for President, are the reupublicans ready for the fallout that will come from his loss? Becuase if Mitt does lose, this will stand as yet another national repudiation of  republican extremism! In  2008, after their being repudiated in this manner, President Obama failed to capitalize on the opportunity to marginalize the republicans and extreme republicanism, in a extreme show of hubris and  political naievete, but if he gets the chance once more, do you think he will make the same mistake twice? And while much talk may be made about the fiscal cliff, if Romney loses, you can say that the republican party will stand, due to it, on a political cliff, one that the democrats can and should push them over with issues like obstructionism and all that has come from it! IE: the fiscal cliff, major unemployment, war footing, racism and sexism as policy, and the negative influence of religion on same! Simply put ,close race or no, a loss is a loss, and close as Mitt is, he still can lose!And if he does, it will be 100% due to republican extremism and the american publics opposition to same! And if the American voters show, by their vote, a rejection of such extremeism, if they do decide to, as president Obama has run on, to go forward, to keep walking into the future that his election was a giant step toward, the question for the republican party is:Are  you ready???

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

are you ready? (if Obama Loses)

While many are hoping, and praying that it isnt the case, I Hope that America, particulalrly BLACK America is ready for the debate and discussion that must be had IF( and make no mistake its a BIG if) Obama loses his re-election bid! Because in MY opinion, a Loss by the president would be the completion of the steps backward that America has been taking ever since this president, this BLACK president was elected!  It seems that ever since Barrack Obama stepped forward into history, a concerted effort has been made to turn back the clock on that history! This president has suffered Jibes and insults, far more than any who has come prior to him save perhaps President Clinton! And while the Clinton ordeal was purely political, the Obama ordeal has been purely racial in its motivation, again in  My opinion! From day one this president has fought a uphill struggle, with NO Co-operation at all, and while his own hubris may have lead him to downfall, it is clear that the slope was adequately greased!!!! And with this being so clear and apparent to us in Black America, the question is: What will we, as a people, do  in the event of A Obama loss? Of course if the Obama ship goes down ,like rats on a sinking ship, those defenders of the status quo, those who are allways deployed to keep the "natives" from getting restless to coin a phrase, will come forward to placate us with platitudes and their like!  But rather than being sedated, I would hope that the black community NATIONWIDE gets more seditious than sedated! Especially after examining the last four years of having a black president in office, seeing what he has gone thru, and knowing the truth, the REAL truth of why he has gone thru it!!! We have seen where playing the game and the role has gotten us, and, as they virtually run the First Black president out of town on a rail, I would hope that rather than being complacent about it, we as a people get MILITANT about it!!! Because you can bet if  the president Himself had been a little more militant about it, he would be getting called out by people Like Donald trump and the many others who have done so over the last four years! SO the question is out there Black America, Are you ready if Obama loses? We'll see!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post debate Analysis

AS the final debate fades into memory, it should be clear that, in this debate season, Mitt Romney was the Luckiest man on the planet!! Becuase clearly, if President Obama hadnt been so pre occupied with his anniversary at the first debate, this election(given his strong and forceful performances at the last two debates)would have been out of reach for Romney! But He didnt and now the rest is potentially history!
Clearly The president has won the last two debates, and last evening he actually looked the part of a strong and confident president, while Mitt Romney looked as inexperienced as he is! But for all that has gone in these debates, they turned out to be nothing more than making up the massive amount of ground that the President lost in his intital debate "performance"! Millions of people have been watching these debates, the voters actually tuned in, and That viewership will be a major factor on election night! But now that is all behind us, It is time for the stretch run, and for Both these candidates that is exactly what it will be, A stretch run! Neither of the candidates can afford to come off the campaign trail until virtually election day and they wont, because this race is now that close! So prepare for a long election night america, because clearly, (as has been said at this blog before) this race wont be over until  the concession speech!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pre Presidential debate analysis

AS we prepare for the final presidential debate this monday between President Obama  and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney, it is clear that this debate should live up to the billing of being "The Smoka in Boca"!! Because this will be, for all intents and purposes, the candidates final opportunity to make a major impression on a large amount of voters! The previous debates between these candidates have had some of the largest audiences in American history, and I dont see why that trend wont continue! After the strong performance by President Obama in the last debate, both candidacies are back on even keel. But thanks to what may amount to a historic failure in the first debate by the President, victory and the presidency is wtihin reach for the Romney camapign! And considering that it( The Romney campaign) was all but dead in the water some 3 weeks ago, only speaks to the magnitude of Obama's failure!  So look for the final push to begin this Monday. The president, though he is clearly loathe to do it, must  connect with his inner animus, his inner angry black man, and he must convert it into another strong and forceful performance, because he cannot afford a slip this close to election day!  While Mitt Romney must, after the debacle of the Libya fact check, must be more pointed and resolute with his attacks! He(Romney) got back in the game big time due to his first debate performance, but in the second, he performed like he was still  out of it! And the unnecessary agression that came due to that cost him the second debate! So as the Smoka In Boca arrives on Monday, this will be the beginning of the end, Destiny, or Historic legacy which will win the day?

Of course look for a Post debate analysis on tuesday folks!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Post debate Analysis

So they had a do-over in NY last  evening and President Obama took full advantage of the opportunity! He was strong, he was forceful, he was everything that he wasnt at the first debate. And while Mitt Romney gave as good as he got, clearly the public got what they wanted last evening, A clear and focused Obama who did not disapoint! But while the president may  have won the debate last night, he has no time to rest on the laurels of same, or bask in the spotlight! Because, come  This monday, He must have a repeat performance! Clearly the town hall format benefitted the president, helping him to become more comfortable with a style that he is all too uncomfortable with, that style being confrontational! But the president needs to come to grips with the fact that this is indeed a Fight, and that not only is it something worth fighting for, but that he is indeed fighting for many , not himself alone! As for Mitt Romney, despite all the attempts to regulate him to the nebbish fringe,  he remains in this race, and last evening he did little to change that fact! Last night was all about President Obama getting back in it, and he did, and now all eyes will turn to the rubber match in Boca this monday! And while he may not have a taste for such political violence, the president must be prepared this monday, as we return to standard debate formatting, to employ it! Because like it or not, Mitt Romney is close enough in this race that he can win it! All he needs is another lapse in Obama concentration, or another night of pulled punches from the president! So Monday its the SMOKA in BOCA!!! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

the Wing Chun of debating!

AS President Obama prepares to redeem himself in the eyes of the world and perhaps save his presidency, he would do well to apply the principles of wing chun as he debates tomorrow night! Because this is a match where each strike must have a counter and each counter must lead to a strike! The principles of sticky hands and legs, the basis of wing chun. If the president can counter each strike that will come from Gov Romney tomorrow and turn it into a strike of his own then he will win this contest hands down and redeem himself in the eyes of the world! But he must be prepared to do this! He must undertsand that this is a match, no different from Boxing or fencing or Kung Fu!(see what U make me do Lucy Liu!:) ) He must come to fight and not hesitate to strike, when the opening is presented he must go there, pulling punches is not a option! Counter strikes and allow Romneys strikes to lead to counterstrikes! Now ENGARDE!!!!! And may the Best candidate win!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pre Presidential Debate analysis

AS the second Presidential debate is less than 72 hrs away, in the "friendly" climes of Long Island, President Obama will have the opportunity to rectify the debacle of last week, when he takes on Mitt Romney! But as he prepares, he cannot let the negative media that came forth in the aftermath of the Biden Victory( and anyone who tells you that Joe Biden didnt win is a MORON plain and simple) sway him(President Obama) into being restrained in his posture! Because make no Mistake, Mitt Romney will "go there", and he will have no problem doing it! He is filled with confidence, and why not?! He's won one debate, why not another?! President Obama MUST be strong, he must be forceful, and he must convey confidence not only to the audience in the town hall, but to the Millions around the world who will be watching! Confidence  in his positions , confidence in his policies, confidence in himself!!! Because make no mistake, LOSING IS NOT A OPTION!!! A loss here by the Obama campaign will be nothing less than disastarous! Indeed, a loss here could insure a one term presidency for Team Obama! So, for President Obama, it's time to play the position! It's time to play up to your status, no three pointers Mr. President, its time to go to the hole, and get the points and the call! Simply put If you are to win this debate you must "go there"  and often, without hesitation! Because if the Big Morning Buzz on Weds is about Mitt Romney, then The Obama administration may find itself in a hole that nothing will be able to dig them out of!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Post VP debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of the VP debate  it should be very clear to anyone with any intelligence at all, that this debate proved that Paul Ryan is not ready to be president! This is what the VP debate is supposedly all about, THE main litmus test! But, after a night and most of the day monitoring the airwaves, I have yet to hear any media outlet even addressing that fact! Proof positive that the Media is full of, as VP Biden said "Malarkey"!!! That aside, it was clear, even to the NY Post that Joe Biden won the debate. It was , in my view, akin to a virgin being fed to a porn star! It was a rough,rugged, and raw first experience for the Virgin Ryan! And while the media may want to make fodder out of the rough  treatment given Ryan by Biden, the Facts last night spoke for themselves. Who would you trust between the two, Biden & Ryan, to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? Last night the answer was clear to all, except for the twitterverse and those focused upon the trivial! so with this now aside, all focus and I mean ALL will now turn to tues Oct 16 and the next debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama in NY!!!
Because to be succint, Tues one of the tow is going to take a Giant step towards the Presidency!
(Look for a in depth pre debate analysis this weekend right here!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pre VP debate Analysis

With the debacle of President Obama's debate performance still fresh in the eyes and minds of the world, it will be up to VP Joe Biden to deliver the big payoff tomorrow evening as he contests against Republican nominee Paul Ryan. And while this looks like a slam dunk, we again must turn to the events of last week to remind us not to assume! But if anyone can deliver the goods under pressure like this, it will be Joe Biden! And indeed, in all likelihood, given a strong performance ByVP biden, Ryan may assume the empty chair position tomorrow nitgt on stage! Tomorrow Joe Biden, in one fell stroke, can not only rescue the Obama presidency from the  hole last week's debate non performance put it in, but it will also be a major barometer and statement regarding VP Bidens own presidentital hopes in 2016! So tomorrow night, before the biggest audience EVER to watch a VP debate, VP biden will either prove himself to be Derek Jeter, or A-Rod!

Look for Post debate analysis tomorrow people!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why you should be following Politics125( a pirme example!)

If you havent, you should be following this blog because if you were you would have garnered info like this:


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oct 3 2012!!!

Oct 3 2012, the most  important date on the political calendar! Because it is on this date that the future of the nation will be decided!!! For on that night President Obama will Face Mitt Romney, one on one! No hype , no superpacs, no commercials,no punditry!!! Just the candidates, the issues and their records! It is there when question will be posed and answered, and truths will be heard! And when the dust clears and the words are sorted out, a clear piciture will be had in the hearts and minds of ALL americans about who will and should be the next president of the United States! So, as the camapign season winds down, as we prepare for the conventions and the speeches and the hoopla that goes along with them, understand this America: On Oct 3, 2012 the true Endgame will begin!!!!
This is why you need to follow! THE BEST political blog in America!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

sage wisdom redux!

Not to say I told you so, but frankly I did! and in support of that statement of FACT I now,for your enjoyment and information, repost from my blog this from june 2012:


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Straight Talk!!!(Political paint job)

As I have allready stated, this presidential election will be decided during the late summer early fall debates, indeed the first debate may be the key debate! But in the struggle for positive perception in the minds of the voting public this summer, it will be Straight and Hard talk that wins the day!!!! There will be much speculation and much agitation in the media and from media pundits about who is gaining and holding ground with the voting public.But the fact of the matter is, the picture of leadership is the one that will reasonate with the public over the relentless summer of media soundbites and pursuit of relevance!! If President Obama looks like a president, acts like a president and sounds like a president, then he will win the day, but if he looks like anything less, and sounds like anything less, then he will not! Perception is reality, and he who paints the best picture of reality will be percived as president! And for the President it will take straight talk, hard and fast! Mitt Romney is attempting to Paint a political masterpiece, on the canvas left him by four years of republican stonewalling, and if the American public is allowed to simply view that painting then the reviews will be in ,and they wont be good for President Obama! But if the president Begins to paint another picture, with the canvas left Him but four years of republicans tonewalling and more then the reviews will come in and they wont be good for republican hopes!
Straight talk plain and simple!!!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going there!

With the embarassing loss to Mitt Romney still fresh, It is nice to see President Obama ( in his No drama Obama way) Beginning to "go there" as it pertains to the Romney campaign and this presidential race! Because it has been Obama's continued reluctance and reticence to "go there" when it comes to things like Obamacare, and the Obstructionist congress among other things that has placed him in this situation that he now finds himself in! Sometimes the truth, harsh as it is, must be told! And sometimes even a statesman must get down and dirty in the political trenches, particularly when the stakes are this high! This race remains a race, more than anything else, due to the fact that the president, for four years now, has taken the long way around, has avoided confrontation, has avoided "going there"! We've had compromise, beer summits, and teachable moments, and all that has done is edge him and his presidency ever closer to the abysss! A abyss of the ignominity of being portrayed as one of the worst presidents in Modern history! And while he has stubbornly refused to fight fire with fire, the republicans have enflamed the landscape with questions about his faith, his beliefs, his citizenry and his integrity among other things! They(the republicans) havent had any doubts whatsoever about "going there"! The latest example of that being the allegation of "cooking the books" when it came to the recent unemployment numbers! This refusal of the president to "go there" is a clear weakness that the republicans have exploited for years now, and a weakness that they exploited to devastating effect this past week at the debate! And it is a weakness that they will exploit all the way into the white house unless President Barrack Obama makes the hard choice. the choice that sometimes presidents must make, and begins to "go there"!!! Defeat with honor is still defeat, so I say to the president "go there"! If not for yourself, then for the people who support you, and if not for them, then do it for BIG BIRD!!:)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post presidential debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of one of the biggest political upsets in history, Mitt romney has gained a new lease on political life and as he basks in the glory of his unexpected(except by Chris Christie, who now, thanks to the  presidents lackluster performance, looks like a political sage)debate victory, while  the Obama campaign, and more imprtantly, his supporters are left to wonder, WTH happened?????!!! Maybe the president was distracted by thoughts of Mrs Obama and their anniversary, but whatever the case the president did not look presidential last night! Mitt Romney was STRONG, he was FORCEFUL, he was CONFIDENT, simply put he was PRESIDENTIAL! And even when he opened the door to being taken down, IE: cutting funding for Big Bird, and talking about reaching across the aisle and being Bi-partisan, the president just was too slow on the political uptake and didnt pull the trigger! This race could have and should have been over as of last evening in Denver, but the Obama of the last few months didnt show up, the Obama of the health care and 2010 landslide , the compromiser, the retreater did, and the result was political history! This wasnt Romneys debate to win, it was the presidents to lose, and he did plain and simple! And now the pressure is squarely off of Romney and onto the Obama campaign! Because if they lose the VP debate and then another against Romney, this entire race, as Gov Christie said, changes! SO its clear that the pressure is indeed on VP Biden, but THIS is the moment for which he was picked to be VP!The exact reason why! I only hope, for the sake of the Obama camapign, and those who support it, that it pays off! And now that  President Obama has had a taste of what defeat is like, I hope that he has indeed learned from this experience, and that he applies those lessons to the next debate with Gov Romney! Because for him(President Obama) That debate could concieveably be a last stand!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pre debate analysis

AS tonights presidential debate looms, it is safe to  say that this debate will be perhaps the most watched debate in Presidential political history, and I dare saythat it may just indeed live up to the hype! there is much to be talked about and discussed, particulalrly on the domestic front, and it will and should be well debated between candidate Romney & President Obama!

Despite all of the media efforts towards same, this will not decend into a contest of one upmanship and one liners, and I do hope that Mitt Romney doesnt play too much into the urgency of where his camapign now is. This is a chance between two asute statements to be as such, but Im sure that the surroundings will be a factor, But I hope that it is remembered that this is a presidential debate, not a wrestling match! I hope the crwd is kept as far out of this debate as possible, and that the issues and the candidates records on same are allowe dto take center stage.

I will ,of course, review the results tomorrow afternoon so until then, to your corners candidates, and come out swinging!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Partisan Politics and foreign policy!!!

I wonder when will we learn that, when it comes to our image problem as it pertains to our foreign policy, our greatest enemy is ourselves!!! Ourselves and the relentless partisan politics that we wage regarding same(foreign policy!)!! How can we truly fight a war on terror or Illegal immigration when every time we take a step on the path it is weighed down by partisan politics?! If partisan politics has its way every misttep is grounds for resignation and every mistake is gross incompetance! Except of course 9/11/01 and the Iraq war, the silence  has been and continues to be deafening from congressmen like Peter King on those miscues! This pot meeting kettleism aside, I think its long overdue for politicans to stop playing partisan politics when it comes to Foreign Policy! Because we embarass ourselves in the eyes of the world , and our enemies when we do!