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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Only in the Bizarroworld that is republican politics, conservative politics, tea party politics, could Donald Trump now be considered a front runner for the nomination of president! Not for being a valid candidate, not for his contributions to society, but simply due to his somehow taking a issue that is clearly and has been clearly wrong, the Birther issue, and making it, for many, somehow right! Its very sad that for many Americans things like hope and change arent as  important as the Birther issue, but it is a clear statement that there is something VERY wrong with america, republican america, conservative america, when a issue that is clearly wrong and has been wrong can propel and serve as a platform for a presidentital run! Bizarro world! Where right is wrong, wrong is right, up is down, and down is up! Bizarroworld! The bizarro world of republican politics, of conservative politics, of Tea party Politics. A world where Donald Trump is now a front runner for the nomination of president. Not because he wants to create hope or bring change to America, but because he reaffirmed, for far too many americans that right is wrong!!! To be quite frank thats is some F-ed up shit!! And they wonder why so many are disillusioned with politics/!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the Birther Issue: Is Obama the sherrif of Rock Ridge?

Simply put, THIS BIRTHER ISSUE  was demanining  to the office of the presidency, demeaning to Barrack Obama as a man, and demeaning to the great country that we call America!It shows that for all the high ideals we espouse  worldwide, we are at heart ,and in our nations core evidently , a nation of intolerant, racist haters! Nothing more than racial profiling! The fact that the president, the elected president, has to stoop to address  such a issue speaks volumes agaist America, and against americans!  When will black be good enough? Apparently never! As a black man who endures his share of racism, a black man who allways has to defend himself and who has to bear the burden of racism and other peoples  BS  Because (SHAME ON ME) I have dreams, wants, aspirations and desires, I can emphathise  with how our president has to feel. Its like being the damn sherrif of rock ridge( see the movie blazing saddles if you dont know what i mean.) This is a black mark on America and it only proves that  while we have come a long way in america when it comes to race & racism, we sure do have a long way to go!!!! And I dont know about you, but as a black man, Im tired of wandering in the racist wilderness!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

boycott gas


Simply put, its way past time for someone to put out the call, somome in a high leadership position to boycott gasoline until the outrageously high prices come down! Its unacceptable for the american people to be essentially gouged at the pump, and for the leadership of this nation to simply say"there's nothing that can be done." This is the USA!! there is  nothing we cant do when we put our mind to it!Just  imagine what would have happned if President Obama, instead of saying there's nothing we can do, came out and took a position that galvanized the american people, and what if he was joined in this by members of congress and other public figures? Talk about a sea change! And to be frank that is what is needed as it pertains to this gas situation, A sea change! We dont need to simply wait and ride it out! We need action! And the action we need is to BOYCOTT gas! A one week Boycott of of gas would speak volumes!  One week would make a sea change. I think its a valid idea, what do you think America? I know youre out there!!!! BOYCOTT GAS! Are we cash cows or americans?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

political easter basket

Political eatser basket

Here's a few eggs in the political basket this easter weekend: Speaks volumes that Donald Trump is getting so much political heat as a leading republican potential presidential candidate. Trump has to decide if  is hes going to be a true candidate or if he will be the next Carl Pallidino! Like a zombie moive here comes yet another attempt to elect Mitt Rommney, when will they learn, the public just doesnt elect stiffs! Michele Bachman replacing Sarah Palin? Now that's a stretch, and a big one! Sarah is  like a alaskan salmon swimming upstream! Nature has given her all the tools to succeed and she will, like it or not, and clearly the party does not!  It's dog pile on the USA as it pertains to the debt rating. The USA is still the USA last time I checked. I for one, hope that Obama isnt soley counting on that old Obama magic to win the white house in 2012. Dont know anyone who caught lightning in a bottle twice! There is no Hillary to ride in this election! But there is Paul Ryan! Why is John Mccain Touring the middle east like he's responsible for the change that is happening there? Its the arab people stupid!And with that ,Happy easter everyone!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The body Politic

Question people: why must everything embody politic on capitol hill? What is more important the people or the body politic. Evidently, from the continued unceasing republican efforts, it is the body politic hands down! While people are unemployed by the millions, while many americans cannot afford decent health care, or decent schools, the efforts to address these pressing issues and others that affect americans are being delayed and deferred, even denied, by the body politic! And to be frank, that is so wrong! Instead of spinning and trvializing the issues for again, the body politics, dont you think, as (and I use the term loosely) LEADERS, that the issues need to be addressed in a responsible apolitical way? Because that is the illness, the virus that so affects the body politic, politics for politics  sake. And that ,more than anything else ,is what has most contributed to the decline of America as a nation! The body politic, enough allready!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama's stand

With his speech yesterday on America economic future, President Obama took a stand , one that I hope evey democrat and every american will join him on! Because it is unconcionable, and unacceptable for the rich ,as americans bear and share the burden of massive cuts in services, to not want to pay their fair share! It is unacceptable for the rich and for those politicans who support them to not want to end the bush tax cuts for those who dont need or frankly deserve them in this time of economic crisis! Simply put the president has staked out a prime position on this issue. And if he and the dems continue to POUND away and focus on this issue. it will propel them very well into the 2012 electorial cycle! I hope that the lesson of the health care debacle has been learned here, because we have seen where capitulation and running away can get us! Its time to take a stand a stand on whats right and whats wrong and simply put, the republicans and the tea party areas wrong as wrong can be onstanding for massive cuts while sitting back and allowing the rich to baisically be unscathed in the process! And every politican who stands on the wrong side of this issue, be they republican, tea partier, or coweardly self--serving democrat, needs to be held to account on this point! Obama took a stand, and it is a good one, because it is on the political high ground! and everyone needs to join him there!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the Prez, the pubs, and priorities!

As President Obama prepares to speak to the nation about the withering cuts that are about to  be inflicted on Americans, and as the repubpicans prepare to make political hay out of the situation at the expense of the poor, familes and all the  rest, I would  say to all in washington, that it is well past time to get your priorities in order! Because if there is something that is too big to fail it is the american people! And they are too big for you to fail washington! And make no mistake every cut is a giant fail, every slash is a giant fail! How is it that education, medical care, and all the rest can suffer,but millionares and billionares cannot and will not bear any burden, any fair share? Where is the bailout for education, for health care, for everyday americans? Washington, in its pursuit of fiscal prudence has clearly lost sight of the true priorities of this government and of this nation, and that priority is to its people! The everyday people, the people who are and will be the most hurt by the draconian cuts that are about to be imposed! Priorities Washington DC get them in order. Or to paraphrase, protect women ,children, seniors and everyday people, not millionares!!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

in praise of the prez and a repost!

With the Shutdown avoided, I'd just like to offer some well deserved praise for our current president, Barrack Obama! It is amazing how he perseveres, in the face of such overt bias, racism and politics, and he meets it all continually with a smile. And though Im sure the unbelieveable pressure of his office and station has taken its toll(which can be seen in the grays and wrinkles that werent there 3 short years ago) Barrack Obama has , as the first BLACK president, done it well and has laid the foundation for the future! And he has done it in the tradition of Dr. king which speaks volumes, because in his position and enduring all that he has, im surprised that he hasnt exploded! As the first Black president while he hasnt been, for black people, all that we would want, he has demonstarted to the world, that he is all we could be! And I, as a black man am VERY proud of the president for that!!! So as OUR president continues onward thru all the brickbats, browbeating, and all the rest, I hope he knows that we in the Black community have taken great pride in his conduct as president, which has been beyond reproach!

And now, in Honor of that conduct, Id like to repost something which shows just how amazing the conduct of the president is in the face of all that he has faced in his first term:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Political stew 125

Here's a yummy stew of all things political folks! Firstly: If Donald trump is truly going to run for president, then he needs to get away from the same old mantras because they will diminish and trivialize his campaign very quickly! And to the mantras of which I speak, let us ONCE AND FOR ALL bring a end to the"birther"Nonsense! So are all those who keeping brining up this insulting and frankly racist nonsense saying that ever since Barrack Obama became a public officical noone in the city of chicago or the countyof same, Noone from the state of Illinois, noone from washington dc, the Us senate, CIA,NSA, FBI,SECRET SERVICE,IRS, SOCIAL SECURITY, noone has definitive knowledge of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES citizenship?  this is a most insulting and racist statement and it indeed speaks volumes on just how far we havent come in America! enough with the "birther" BS, and anyone who is truly trying to be a public official or is a public official or Media person needs to stop with such drivel! because its ignorant, insulting and racist"Ni--er wheres your Id?" WTF????

Friday, April 8, 2011

The worst kind of Hypocracy, the Political Kind!

AS America lurches towards A govermental shutdown, the fact that it is purely  politically motivated is one thing, that fact that it is filled with hypocracy is another! And the worst kind of hypocracy that is afoot here, is the hypocracy   that allows for the Gov to be shutdown, putting millions of people out of work and putting their services on hold, while the politicans who engineered this are continued to be paid regardless! There are tax payer dollars and then there are tax payer dollars! Hypocrites! Where are the tea party members of the republican alliance about that little fact? You want to talk about saving money and being fiscally responsible, where are the tea party memebers or the republican on giving back part of their salaries to bring down the budget, or for taking a pay cut?! What happened to leading by example!? The example this shutdown will set is once again, politics as usual!! Washington doing what Washington allways does, posture and self serve! And the hypocracy being exhibited here is the worst kind the political kind!! And once again the republicans have taken in the lead in it!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Phyrric victory???

ARE the republicanss really ready to win a phyrric victory with this  Gov shutdown? is their tunnel visoned blind focus on beating Obama clouded their minds so much that they would cast away what little good will the public has left toward them? AS the shutdown deadline looms, we can only wait and see just how truly obsessed with political victory the republican party has become. because with not only the quality of daily American lives at stake, but with the eyes of the world watching the decisons that the republicans make will be the decisions that decide their political fate! Is the victory worth the cost? Tme for a gut check Speaker Boehner!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1996 Redux?

Shades of 1996 ,its another threatened Gov shutdown! Well what the heck, newt is back, so why not!? The more things change the more they stay the same! We had the gingrich republicans in 96, now we have the tea party! We had  the "rising tide" propaganda wing in 96, we have Fox news today! The more things change the more they stay the same, and today, just like in 1996, the republicans are about to learn a hard lesson!Radical republicanism out of control only leads to republican destruction! So let the inmates run the asylum speaker Boehner, just as speaker gingrich did in 1996, Ask Newt where that got him!!! yep  the more things change----!