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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deja Vu, the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision and all things political!

In the aftermath of the supreme court decision upholding "obamacare, I find it disheartening that rather than press the political advanatage, the president instead has chosen to try to remain above "politics" Uh this is a RACE Mr. President, and a very close one, and you just scored a needed political victory, you should have taken the victory lap!!  Speaking of the race, it is eerie how 2012 is mirroring 1996! The names have changed  Clinton to Obama, Gingrich to Boehner, Dole to Romney, Reno to Holder, Starr to Issa, Whitewater to Fast and Furious. The names have indeed changed, but the political song remains the same! And in 1996 ,as history tells us, the democrats pulled out a resounding victory in the face of clearly politically motivated scandalizing of the incumbent administration  by the republican party! Can you say deja vu anyone? People keep decrying Mitt Romney but he just keeps coming! As i've said he is running the race of his life, and if he is not taken VERY seriously, he can win!!!! Will Justice Roberts ever be able to live down his not playing partisan politics for the conservatives! Talk about a bunch of sore losers!!! And its so blatantly political that with America teetering on the brink of a unemployment emergency, the republicans can seem to do nothing but focus on the overtly political ! When have I seen this before----?

Friday, June 22, 2012

race&politics(the political race)

From stop & frisk in NY to papers please in Arizona and more, the role, the shameful role I might add, of race in politics today is simply Unamerican! And of course who is at the forefront in spearheading this effort? Republicans and those who can only see in four colors, black, white ,brown, & green! I mean are they stopping and frisking Italians down in little Italy, or perhaps red headed Irish on the lower east side of NY? Or are they stopping Nordic individuals or brits in  Arizona and asking them for "papers please?  Of course not! And notice how whenever race comes into play they can allways find a willing token to step forward and be a "credit to their race"! But I ask you ,can anyone cite just what Marco Rubio has done to advance the cause of Latinos' in America? The sad and shameful fact is that, In America, race has become THE primary motivaor and tool as it pertains to politics. It is a slimy undercurrent, the proverbial scar on America's face that everyone is trying not to look at! And as this race for the presidency becomes more and more political, we, as Americans need to take a good hard look at the horrendous politics of race that is being pursued in 2012!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Slanted View

It is amazing how the republicans, yet again in their question to secure total republican power in America, have went all out in their efforts to slant the political view in America. And its so sad that it seems the Dems have not learned the lessons of 2000, when the republicans with a onslaught of lies, mispresentation, racism and all the rest, sntached a sure thing away from Al Gore and Gave us the 8 year republican nightmare that we are still recovering from in America! From White water and Swiftboating, then, to Solyndra and Birthers now, from Janet Reno then to Eric Holder Now, its picturebook republicanism, a slanted view of racist colored glasses that leads to where weve allready been! And the sad thing is, there are a lot of Americans who are ready yet again to fall for it!!! The time has come for the Obama Camapign to unleash hell! And By hell I mean the realities of republicanism! Tell the truth, show the examples and remind everyone before its too late and we are right back where we, as a nation ran away from in 2008!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Straight Talk!!!(Political paint job)

As I have allready stated, this presidential election will be decided during the late summer early fall debates, indeed the first debate may be the key debate! But in the struggle for positive perception in the minds of the voting public this summer, it will be Straight and Hard talk that wins the day!!!! There will be much speculation and much agitation in the media and from media pundits about who is gaining and holding ground with the voting public.But the fact of the matter is, the picture of leadership is the one that will reasonate with the public over the relentless summer of media soundbites and pursuit of relevance!! If President Obama looks like a president, acts like a president and sounds like a president, then he will win the day, but if he looks like anything less, and sounds like anything less, then he will not! Perception is reality, and he who paints the best picture of reality will be percived as president! And for the President it will take straight talk, hard and fast! Mitt Romney is attempting to Paint a political masterpiece, on the canvas left him by four years of republican stonewalling, and if the American public is allowed to simply view that painting then the reviews will be in ,and they wont be good for President Obama! But if the president Begins to paint another picture, with the canvas left Him but four years of republicans tonewalling and more then the reviews will come in and they wont be good for republican hopes!
Straight talk plain and simple!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Much Ado about Nothings?

It is becoming more and more appararent that, in this electorial cycle, there continues to be much ados about nothings when it comes to statements and supposed missstatements being made by the candidates! I mean you take a clear fact based statement like the one the president Made about the private sector, and in a matter of Hrs its twisted by the media machine into speculative nonsense! And the candidates arent doing much to help themsleves, playing right into the hands of the media grist mill clarifying and walking back "misstatements" that werent even so!!! Enough allready!! There are real issues and real facts that are not being addressed on this presidental trail we dont need this catch as catch can, gotcha type of politics that are being played! Lets talk about Jobs, the economic order, the state of the world, not he said, she said, speculative BS!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Bullying from the Pulpit!

As President Obama struggles with the morass of media surrounding him and his re-eelction bid, he must begin to take advantage of the bully pulpit his being president offers him, he must indeed BULLY FROM THE PULPIT on the facts and issues that are and would be otherwise ignored in this presidential cycle! And he must do it with fire and brimstone! Im talking fist pounding, finger wagging ,the whole 9!  From the gut with fire in the belly! He must take control of the field so to speak, because if he doesnt every statement will be twisted and turned into political fodder by the media. And If the beast must be fed, and its clear that in this electorial season the beast will be fed, It is in the best  interest of the Obama campaign to control the feeding!!!Bullying from the pulpit! Growing and expanding the re-election message instead of allowing it to be controlled and supressed! The power and advantage of the Presidency!! Use it President Obama!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

a look into the future(Via Krystal Ball)

Let us take a look into the future via Krystal Ball(wink wink) I see in  America  IF Mitt Romeny wins the race of his life and is elected president! :  Major cuts in social services and education, major deregulation of Wall Street, and corporate america, the further partisanization of the Supreme Court, a major effort to privatize social security a major war in the middle east, a raising of tensions in the pacific rim and between America and Asia and the marginalization of the Democratic party! Seen enough? I know I have!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

random thoughts in the aftermath of the Wisconsin Vote

After a night of loathing and revulsion about America in the aftermath of the Wisconsin vote, I decided to craft together a few random thoughts about the political situation in America and the repercussions of the Wisconsin debacle! Firstly, it clearly shows how committed the republicans are to winning in 2012! They knew that the significance of a loss would be of major effect to  their national efforts if Walker fell, and that is why so much resource was devoted to bolstering him!Now if only  the democrats could muster that same level of commitment to their cause! In the aftermath of the Wisconsin vote , it should be readily apparent that the greatest danger to America is not some arab terrorist, but a midwestern Tea bagger!!!! I wonder just how many of these people who supported Walker and who support the undercutting of Unions in America would be secure financially and in their lives if it wasnt for unions!!!???? Wisconsin shows just how deeply divided this country is, and whos dividing it!!! Can anyone truly explain to me their reasoning on how America is somehow better off economically without collective bargaining rights? And lastly this debacle in Wisconsin should serve as a wake up call, because it has placed the republicans in a primed position, without debates or any real question facing their candidate, congress and the republican media can carry the load!  Right now the theatre of public perception is the field of political battle, and it is time that the President understands this! Because make no mistake this is WAR, as in AutoBots and Decepticons, and its winner take all!!! Its time for the democrats to mount a major Media surge, and maintain it all the way until Nov.!!! Because if they dont, the Wisconsin debacle, coupled with another major public debacle(as in a partisan Supreme Court verdict on Obama care) then both the Obama presidency and perhaps this nation and world is toast!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Obama & the Clinton legacy!

AS Presidents Obama & Clinton fundraise and work together to promote the democratic agenda in the NYC this evening, it is poignant to realize that for President Clinton, President Obama is just the latest to try to carry forward a legacy un-realized! That legacy being the Clinton legacy. For the Clinton years, when they ended, had set the stage for a era of clear democratic prosperity and progress. Unemployment was low, we were at peace, and we had a balanced budget with a surplus. Yes President Clinton had left us with the foundation for a golden age in America, and then the republicans arrived, with scandal, with political intrigue,with war, with divisiveness, you name it!  And when they(the republicans) arrived, America diverted away from the path , the opportunity for  lasting peace and prosperity that was laid out for them into the crisis that we now have. and to this day, they(the republicans ) have stymied any and all efforts to realize the legacy that was left america by the Clinton presidency! And now as President Clinton stands with yet another democrat to try to raise America to the standard we, not less than a decade ago had, It has to be wondered, especially by the archiitect of a modern golden age, if the legacy of of the Clinton democratic years will ever be realized in America!

Friday, June 1, 2012

a Grim Fairy Tale!

Let me tell you all a VERY grim fairy tale!On a cold january day in 2013, after taking the Oath of office Mitt  Romney declares that Change has finally come to America! A Grim Fairy tale indeed, but one that could become reality, if America doesnt get up on its P's & Q's!!!!! Because lets be frank, can anyone, anyone tell a time in recent memeory where the republicans have fostered economic growth in America? Or created a jobs boom in America, or created a budget surplus in America?The fact of the matter is the architects of the economic chaos we continue to struggle against in America were, and are the republicans! And another fact is if the republicans return to power in 2013, for the majority of Americans things will go from bad to worse, as in Greece worse!!!! Mitt Romney may be a fine candidate for office, but it is the power behind the throne that we, as americans must be concerned with! Because it is they who  are crafting and creating a Grim fairy tale! A grim fairy tale, that will become harsh reality if President Obama is not re-elected in 2013. A fairy tale with no happily ever after! Guaranteed!!!