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Friday, June 8, 2012

Bullying from the Pulpit!

As President Obama struggles with the morass of media surrounding him and his re-eelction bid, he must begin to take advantage of the bully pulpit his being president offers him, he must indeed BULLY FROM THE PULPIT on the facts and issues that are and would be otherwise ignored in this presidential cycle! And he must do it with fire and brimstone! Im talking fist pounding, finger wagging ,the whole 9!  From the gut with fire in the belly! He must take control of the field so to speak, because if he doesnt every statement will be twisted and turned into political fodder by the media. And If the beast must be fed, and its clear that in this electorial season the beast will be fed, It is in the best  interest of the Obama campaign to control the feeding!!!Bullying from the pulpit! Growing and expanding the re-election message instead of allowing it to be controlled and supressed! The power and advantage of the Presidency!! Use it President Obama!!!

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