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Monday, June 4, 2012

Obama & the Clinton legacy!

AS Presidents Obama & Clinton fundraise and work together to promote the democratic agenda in the NYC this evening, it is poignant to realize that for President Clinton, President Obama is just the latest to try to carry forward a legacy un-realized! That legacy being the Clinton legacy. For the Clinton years, when they ended, had set the stage for a era of clear democratic prosperity and progress. Unemployment was low, we were at peace, and we had a balanced budget with a surplus. Yes President Clinton had left us with the foundation for a golden age in America, and then the republicans arrived, with scandal, with political intrigue,with war, with divisiveness, you name it!  And when they(the republicans) arrived, America diverted away from the path , the opportunity for  lasting peace and prosperity that was laid out for them into the crisis that we now have. and to this day, they(the republicans ) have stymied any and all efforts to realize the legacy that was left america by the Clinton presidency! And now as President Clinton stands with yet another democrat to try to raise America to the standard we, not less than a decade ago had, It has to be wondered, especially by the archiitect of a modern golden age, if the legacy of of the Clinton democratic years will ever be realized in America!

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