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Friday, December 30, 2011

the last post of 2011 and the first politics of 2012.

AS 2011 ends 2012 begins and with it the future of the nation . Beginning in the wheatfields of Iowa, America will begin the procress of who will govern, and who will rule!( and as to who will win the Iowa caucuses, the repubican primaries may end on tuesday with Mitt Romney surging due to the (and finally I might add) suddent demand for lucidity in action in Iowa!)  There is very much at stake next year, and the least of that is the re-election of Barrack Obama! We are talking civil and personal rights, personal and social welfare and health, employment and employee rights, income equality and peace on a global scale! So as this year ends and a new one begins, make it your new years resolution to stay informed( hopefully by reading this blog) and get involved! Because its your future at stake!!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

How the Democrats stole X-mas(from the republicans)

With the republicans stinging from the groundswell of public rebuke over this Payroll tax cut fiasco, it is clear that for the republicans considerable doubt has arisen in the wake of this issue as it pertains to 2012. For the first time in a very long time, the republicans are looking vurnerable on the issues that are most important to the American people. And with the veil being lifted from the eyes of the people in the aftermath of this Tax cut deal, you can truthfully say that the democrats stole x-mas from the republicans as opposed to the other way around! Which was the intent of the republicans all along!! They say that this is the season of miracles, well for the democrats This was a x-mas miracle and they have Speaker Boehner to thank for it!!! because with this defeat, the speaker may have indeed handed President Obama the keys back to the White house in 2012!!

Merry X-mas to all my readers, viewers, passerbys and fans!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saying No to the party of no!!!

A turning point may have been reached with this furor over the expiring Payroll tax cut. Because with the american public recoiling in horror at the sheer politics of the effort, and with republican leadership recoiling in horror of the thought of the tide turning in their effort to unseat OBama, and take back full control of capitiol hill, morning may have finally come to the House Of Representitives!!! This is clearly a hand that was overplayed, the veritable straw that broke the camels back! And as someone who was around for the last such tide turning debacle in the 90's, Sen Mcconnell sees a disaster in the making!!! America has finally, along with President Obama, said no to the party of no! America is saying enough with the politics and the posturing and though they may not like it, it is time for the House of Representitives to listen! This is people lives that you continue to manipulate for political fodder and benefit! The American people are tired of crisis after crisis, political game after political game, and despite all the efforts to paint the Obama administration as the culprit for everything that has gone wrong in America, this Payroll tax cut fiasco is showing the situation in America for what it truly is! The nightmare scenario for the republicans is coming to pass, a nightmare that Sen Mcconnell allready lived thru once, and clearly doesnt want to live thru again! America is finally saying no to the party of no and if they know whats good for them they better listen!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Politics and repercussions

As they on capitol hill( as per usual) cotninue to jockey for political position at the cost of the American  peoples peace of mind and security, we the people need to understand that in 2012 we have the chance and the power to make our voices heard, and to make our feelings known. Because make no mistake, there are those on capitol hill who count on our silence! Who take into account our supposed ignorance, who feel we are apethetic to all their doings there! Myself, I look at how, from day one, the republicans have focused on insuring that Barrack Obama fails( and if Obama is as smart as he fancies himself to be, he, and the DNC for that matter, needs to saturate the airwaves with advertisement after advertisement highlighting the statements of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman & Mitch mcconnell hoping that he fails, that he is a one term president and that stopping his agenda is my primary goal, statements made by those individuals in that order!) What has happened over the last four years, and indeed ,what continues to happen on capitol hill is a affront and a insult to the intelligence of America, and I am of the mind that Americans dont like being insulted or played for fools! And that, more than anything else, must be the repercussion for the politics that have been relentlessly played on captiol hill!! Nothing would please me more than to see the architects of all this political chaos run out of power as they were in 2008, and as they should be again in 2012, run out of Washington DC!!! Because to be frank, as long as the outrageous, powermongering, self serving, millionare defending, racist republicanism continues to have even a part of the stage, we as a nation will continue to suffer the repercussion of such politics!!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here we go again?

So, once more America is taken into the political breach by the naievete of President Obama in ever believing in Bi-partisanship on captiol hill, and the overreaching, all encompassing desire of the republican party to reassume the totoal political control they lost in 2008!!! Has there been one bill, one matter, that the republicans , since they regained control of the House, have reached consensus and agreement with the Obama administration? One?! Has there been one matter , one, since the republicans regained the house, that has not placed the quality of American lives in doubt? One?!! And, given this tunnel visioned, uncaring premise and stance that is continually taken by the republican party, would you, as a voter in 2012 find them fit to lead? Would you find the premise of them assuming  control a palatable one? I think the answer to that question is very clear, at least it is for me! And, as we are taken once more on a roller coaster ride in 2012, it will be up to every responsible voter to remember just who is the party and the people REALY responsible for taking the american people for this continous ride down the partisan political track!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Post Final Pub debate Analysis

With it all on the line, the Pubs didnt disapoint, and heck the Fox moderators even showed some fair and balaced moderating last evening in Iowa! And with it all on the line, the candidates showed that this race, until the data is gathered in Iowa, is wide open, and every one of the candidates could garner this first in the nation victory!Everyone went after Newt, Newt countered, Rick Perry picked up his debate game, as he analgolized ,like Tim Tebow in the final moments, Michelle Bachman showed her toughness( she hasnt done so well with out her red dress though) and Ron Paul was, for a Shining Moment, a voice of reason and sanity! Mitt Romney avoided serious damage, and clearly is in the drivers seat, but while he can survive a loss in Ohio, a loss in New Hampshire would be devastating! But right now, Mitt Romney is the only candidate with nothing to lose in Iowa and everything to gain!  Because if ,by some moment of Lucidity in the republican party, he wins Iowa, this race is all but over! But since when has Iowa been known for Lucidity?
Anyway now, finally the prelims are now over, its time for all the dust and smoke to settle and its time for the republican party to decide:WHO'S going to be the republican nominee!!!!???? JAN 3 2012 America. When  the battle for the future TRULY begins!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pre Final Pub debate Analysis

Look for tonights Final Republican debate to be a veritable donnybrook(yes black people can say donnybrook) as the candidate push and jockey for that coveted position of the winner of the Iowa caucus. Newt will try to remain cool, but he is clearly feeling the heat, Mitt Romney  will continue to twist in the political winds and at the whims of a media that has turned solidly against him. A word of Advice Mitt, just be you, thats all you can be! And If i were you, I would convey that very message to the public this evening! Rick Perry may be in a position to make a stunning charge to the front here, watch out for him. And Michelle Bachman knows that she can win Iowa, having done it once, and tonight she will do everything tonight to remind people of that fact, or she should! Ron Paul will be Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum will Hope for a Miracle, while Jon Huntsman will wonder why they just dont seem to get him(Republican Voters) Look for tonight to be quite the republican spectacle in Iowa. because this is the end of the Beginning of the republican presidential nominating process(Thank the gods that be!!!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The REAL state of the Republican race.

With all of the media pontificating over the Upcoming republican primaries, it is a wonder that anyone can make a real assessment of the candidates and whom or how they should vote. Well Pontificating aside, the fact of this race is that right now, Newt Gingrich is in a must win situation. He MUST win Iowa! For if he doesnt, then his so-called"surge" will be proven to be nothing more than a Media engineered sham! While Romney can survive losing Iowa, no other candidate will be as severely damaged by a loss in Iowa as Newt! While the other candidates can and will limp along out of Iowa, a loss for Newt Gingrich there will be simply devastating as in Howard Dean devastating. SO if i were Newt, I'd be feeling the heat right about now. Because Iowa, for him as noone else, is all or nothing!!!! THAT my friends , without all the media pontificating, is the REAL state of the republican presidential race!~

Monday, December 12, 2011

Post Pub debate analysis!

Another night in the mouth of madness!! While its clear that Mitt Romney is the best this current republican field has to offer, the continuing need for the republicans to appeal to the worst in their base compels them ever forward in undermining their best hope for success! The Iowa debate offered very little in surprises, indeed they(the debates) have only become fodder machines for  the media grist mill and that is so wrong and anethema to the process itself! Simply put, the 2012 election is fast becoming a all or nothing gamble for both the republicans and the democrats because its clear that the winner will take all, and the loser will take the hardest of political falls!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pre Pub debate analysis

The Republican debate tonight is looming in its significance and importance. For, as we get ever closer to the primaries, the effort intensifies to insure that Mitt Romney is not the nominee!Newt Gingrich reminded everyone, with his Palestinians are a "invented" people comment, of the reason why he was one of the most hated political figures of the 90's ,and why. prior to this media engineered "surge' he was a long shot to be the nominee! But this evening will go a long way towards seeing who will be first to truly set foot on the path to the republican nomination. A post debate Analysis will come on Monday so enjoy the fireworks!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Defending The Donald

While he's has been, shall we say, off the beaten path politically  on many issues, the king of the birthers, Donald Trump is not wrong , nor should he be castigized or   made as a scapegoat simply for hosting a debate! The fact that he hold such prominence politically, speaks to the tactics that have been pursued and supported for the last three years by the republican party as a whole!Donald Trump is not the first political monster that the republicans have surreptitously created in the Quest for Fire that has been the last four years in America. And the fact that nearly all those who have declined to attend have done so after seeking out and basking in the 'glow' of Mr. Trump when it was politically expedient is nothing more that hypocracy! This sudden show of "morality" by the republican party is like closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out!!! I see nothing wrong with Donald Trump Moderating a debate, because the fact of the matter REALLY is: The message and the mantra from the republican party would be, and will be the same be it Mr. Trump or say Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity or even Glenn Beck as moderator! For a good while Donald Trump fed the republican party, and for them to bite the hand that has fed them is a clear example of the desparate straits the republican party finds itself  in!Trump may be many things, but he clearly is not the issue here! And If this keeps up, the republicans will have four more years to examine what is indeed the real issue with the Republican party!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And so it goes(the payroll Tax cut) And a word about hope & change

And so it goes in Washington DC, the obstruction and politicking that has driven Americans to the streets!Why is it that the only thing congress can agree on is their own wealth and benefits? The American people clearly need to be placed above politics and the game of thrones, especially with millions unemployed, our forces deployed nationally, and with our massive debt burden. But for nothing more than the sake of politics our nation is in a quagmire, and for nothing more than the lust for power we are in political gridlock!! Not one issue, not a one in the last three years hasnt come down to last minute struggle and failed  compromise. This congress may be the worst in history, even worse than the one that Newt Gingrich headed, and by the way Where is Speaker Boehner By the way? He's been as quiet as a mouse TOO quiet!!! Simply put what is going on in DC and what has gone on in DC for the last 3 years is a insulting sham and a shame and all the participants involved need to be held to account!!  Now  a word about hope & change! Gov Chris Christie blamed Americans recently for the failings of his elected comrades. Well Gov Christie let me say that believing in Hope and desiring change is not, and never will be garbage, indeed those are two of the building blocks that this nation stands upon, but the fact that from day one republicans like yourself vowed in word and deed to defeat and deny hope and change THAT is garbage!!! Enough said!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Everything Old is Newt Again!

When I see President Obama dealing with yet more obstruction from this congress, this time with the Payroll Tax cut, it brings back memories of a past time, a old time, back when I had a Underground political  blog(before blogs were called blogs) called "The World Today". And one of the myriad of things I discussed and expressed opinion about, and provided advice on, was how to deal with the obstructionist congress of that time ,and the Speaker of same ,which was Newt Gingrich!!! And Now ,just as then, we in america are listening to the same old political song! And now, just as then ,we are watching as a popular president is forced to bang his head against a political stonewall! A stonewall created in the hopes of securing total political power! Yep everything old is Newt again!!! The racism is back, the extreme policies and candidates are back, its 1996 all over again! Hoo-Ray!( and yes, I'm being sarcastic by the way!!)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Courage of your convictions(Herman Cain's exit from the GOP race)

SO Herman Cain has exited the GOP presidential race, driven out by the media, personal peccidillos, and politics! And the sad fact of this is that, had he simply the courage of his own convictions, what could havebeen a great victory for him, has led to a disheartening defeat! This was not the time to cut and run, this was the time to fight, this was the time to seize the moment! People may ridicule Bill Clinton about it, but when he seized the moment with his"I did not have sex with that woman"comment, it was that moment that turned the tide and led to his second term! The moment when he, instead of cutting and running, decided to stand and fight! And I daresay, he had  far more to lose than Herman Cain. And look at the result! By standing up and showing that he had the courage of his convictions, he(Bill Clinton) went from the possibility of being one of the worst presidents in history to becoming one of the best!(and it must also be noted, there was another GOP candidate who is currently in this race who also lacked the courage of his convictions and who also got out of politics when faced with such a dillema as well, his name being current GOP front runner Newt Ginghrich!) The courage of your convictions.The willingness to seize the moment, and the gumption to not seek the easy road out, but to stand and fight!! Its sad that Herman Cain didnt possess these qualities, Because it is that which separates Presidents from also rans!!!! And it is that which separates good presidents from GREAT ones!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heart is in the wrong place( Senate GOP tax plan)

After seeing the basic premises of the Senate GOP tax plan, clearly the GOP's heart is in the wrong place! Firstly, in the middle of the worst economy since the great depression and with Unemeployment hovering at 9%, they want to cut jobs, Federal jobs! News flash GOP! A job is a JOB, doesnt matter if its A Gov. job or no! And you have been so wrong on that score for so long!!! But what really struck me about this plan was the hilarious premise of Testing Millionares???? What the hell is that???!!! Are you a millionare or simply pretending to be one? If you have a high income, but its not truly a millionaire income then you are spared paying a fair share? It is such madness like this, that has endeared the republican party so much to the masses as of late.Indeed it is policies like this that has driven everyday americans to occupy the streets!!! The GOP, the party of which Grinching is a full time job!