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Monday, December 5, 2011

Everything Old is Newt Again!

When I see President Obama dealing with yet more obstruction from this congress, this time with the Payroll Tax cut, it brings back memories of a past time, a old time, back when I had a Underground political  blog(before blogs were called blogs) called "The World Today". And one of the myriad of things I discussed and expressed opinion about, and provided advice on, was how to deal with the obstructionist congress of that time ,and the Speaker of same ,which was Newt Gingrich!!! And Now ,just as then, we in america are listening to the same old political song! And now, just as then ,we are watching as a popular president is forced to bang his head against a political stonewall! A stonewall created in the hopes of securing total political power! Yep everything old is Newt again!!! The racism is back, the extreme policies and candidates are back, its 1996 all over again! Hoo-Ray!( and yes, I'm being sarcastic by the way!!)

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