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Monday, August 30, 2010

Barbarians at the Gate?

So we were treated in America, on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech to the spectacle of Glenn Beck, CNN reject and Fox Blovator, speaking about God, and Honor. Pontificating about how" the experiment didnt work "and other such fol-del- rol. I think a song from James Brown said it best "talking loud and saying nothing. And It is sad, truly sad that a sector of America can be so easily motivated , and so easily manipulated.I ask you:what cause does glenn beck stand for other than ratings and self promotion? Did  he restore and honor to those he defamed and espunged with his racist comments on past radio shows? What Glenn Beck did was expose further A side of America that we dont need to see, a side that is motivated not by the positive, as Dr King was, but by the negative! And remember that is what Glenn Beck was all about prior to this event! And yes his commenatry has been the stuff of racist legend! And when a man such as this can motivate Americans , regardless of the debated number, it speaks ill for this nation! In this time when we need true unity, yet another divider springs to the fore. Another barbarian at the gate! Simply put: Go away Mr. Beck we dont want any of what you are selling! Because it is the same swill that causes us to build walls in Arizona and California, to employ racial profiling as a policy in Arizona, it is the same poison that puts muslim americans at risk in america. We have enough barbarians at our gates Glenn Beck, we certainly dont need home grown ones as well!

And speaking of racism and the Glenn Beck like, It was very sad to hear about the attack on the Muslim cabbie in NYC last week, and the rise of hatred against Muslims in certain places in America,because we are better than that in this nation, but again I  must state that there is no way in Hell  that the people who proposed this mosque could not see what this action would do! You cant rub salt in a open wound and not expect a reaction. I only hope they are ready for Next saturday! Because that is going to be something else!

Katrina had its anniversary over the weekend, and this great America failure brings to mind another:Why is it that some 10 years after 9/11/01 Nothing has been constructed of merit at ground zero? If you ask me, that is a even greater outrage than the building of a mosque there! The Gov cant rebuild New Orleans, Cant rebuild ground zero  all under a republican watch by the way, something to consider as we head towards the ballot box in Nov!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the day after

So the day after primary day has come in America. And, despite all of the hype and hyperbole, the democrats still stand  . And to the republicans frustration. No fodder for their grist mill arose from last evening. Indeed what happened last evening may indeed spell the death knell for republican interests and republican hopes. It seems that the Tea party is doing more damge to republicans  than it is to democrats. The schism that is the Tea party is like the snake that has swallowed its own tail, slowly consuming itself.How many republicans I wonder, were secretly hoping that John Mccain went down to defeat last evening.For indeed that would have been a real jump on point for the republicans, a opportunity for them to link arms offically with the tea party. But it didnt happen and the republicans are now at odds with themselves, working at cross purposes towards the same goal. From what I saw last evening, things look very bleak for republican hopes to claim power, indeed they are going to be hard pressed to hold their own. I think Kendrick Meek is a lock to defeat Marco Rubio in Fla and make history, and on that day the republican party will then miss and appreciate Charlie Crist! Sound and fury is one thing, but solid and valid candidates are another. The republicans have effectively rabble roused, but if you look at the races nationwide, who do they have that truly excites and ignites the electorate? Negative issues are one thing, but Positive candidates are another. And without such candidates all that sound and fury raised by the republicans may end up signifying nothing!

This election ,like most elections is the democrats to lose, and sadly they have a history of finding ways to do just that!But if they can muster up the will to fight and the will to win, if they create effective campaign strategies and plans of attack in the next 2 months, the great republican rise to power in 2010 could end up being a even greater fall for them than the election of 2008.  So ,The day after primary day in America I think the dems can say as Rocky said to Clubber Lang in rocky III  as it pertains to the republicans: "U aint so bad!" And the republicans need to worry. because I saw nothing in last nights results that bolsters their assertions and hopes of taking back power in 2010.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The thin line between right & wrong

A s the furor over the Mosque issue reaches a crescendo with the approching 9/11/01 anniversary, we must all strive to remember that there is a thin line between love & hate, that there is a thin line between what's right and what's wrong. We must remember that while its right to protest and debate on issues and principles, its wrong to condemn and judge with bias and unreasoning hatred!
We must remember that this is America, we are supposed to be better than that! This is a issue of concern, of consideration, its a issue that we must walk squarely the staright and narrow. Because what we do here, will influence(and indeed it has allready) the view of America in much of the world. And while the public who stand against this mosque have every right to raise issue and concern, we cannot allow ourselves to be seen as the Ugly american. And by the same token, those who stand in support of the Mosque cannot afford to be blind to the concerns of those who stand against them. 9/11/01 still remains a gaping wound in the american psyche, just as the very site remains a gaping wound in the Island of Manhattan. But what ever the cause, what ever the issue, whatever the concerns ,we must remain  americans , a nation united.THAT must be of primary concern here, more than religion, race, color or creed. Because just as all americans died on 9/11/01 regardless of race ,color, creed or religion, so must we stand and live together in its aftermath. We are traipsing the thinnest of lines here,and we as a nation must keep our balance and come to a common ground here. Because this issue is not a religious issue, its not a hate issue, its a american issue, and as the anniversary of 9/11/01 fast approaches, it would do well for everyone from the highest politican to the lowest protestor to remember that!

And speaking of american issues, tonights primarys will be a measure for the future in america , and the future in american politics. For indeed as John Mccain, and Kendrick Meek go tonight , So will go the nation.  Rhetoric versus reality. Will the rhetoric of the republicans win out over the reality of the democrats? If rhetoric wins the day, then america will be returned to republican rule inNov. But if reality wins the day, the very republican rules that was just voted out two years ago will be effectively crippled. Rhetoric versus reality. High stakes gambling, for the future of the nation, for the future of you and me. So I hope you all are watching closely, because its your future at stake here people!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Mosque, the N-word and the usual media mismash!

It is allways so amazing how the media can mismash issues so badly that, what was a relative simple matter, is turned into a major disaster or event of biblical proportions! For instance this current furor over the ground zero mosque. This has never been a issue of religion, or religious freedom. No one has disputed about what religion is being worshiped or the practice of same. This has been and is a simple issue of LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION! And noone can and should argue the point of this being a bad location for this mosque. But, as is allways the case, everything but the issue  is being debated and focused on by the media. As I said before , I truly believe that this was a intentional plan, created to garner the press that it is garnering.Because it would be ludicrious to believe that the people who proposed this mosque in this LOCATION didnt see this coming. But important facts such as this are being lost in the needless and exasperating exercise that is the current media coverage of this Mosque issue. The fact is, Had this mosque been proposed anywhere else in NYC, it wouldnt be a issue, and it wouldnt be dominating the airwaves. There would be no questions or accusations of religious intolerance, and why? Because its not really the issue here! The issue is the LOCATION! and the reason why is all too clear! Once again the public is being ill served by irresponsible media, creating stories instead of responsibly reporting news! No wonder Islamic terrorism flourishes so, because they look at us with the view the media provides and they say to themselves: What fools these americans be!
Now another issue Inflamed by the media(once again) has been the N-word controversy,due to Dr. Laura's ignorant misuse of the word on one of her shows.
The media of course talked up all the usual unnecessary and insulting angles while ignoring the facts and the reporting of same. Simply put: unless your are part of a people who were captured, enslaved, shipped over to this country in ships like chattel, sold like farm aninals, treated like less than that,had a war fought over the right to keep U enslaved,  were freed but denied equal opportunity, and rights for a century & a half after U were supposedly freed, and  u still suffer  the effects and treatment of a second class citizen in a nation that was built on the backs and with the blood of your ancestors to this very day, then No, you cant say the n-word! But rather than using and reporting on history, the media focuses on every insulting and ignorant angle but the simple truth! It's the usual media mismash, crapola only fit for ignorant consumption! The question is when are they gonna stop feeding us such crap?

Friday, August 20, 2010

friday open bar

First drink: I'm very happy to see that the Obama administration, led by Sec of State Clinton is finally putting Middle East peace on the fast track. And hopefully. action will be delivered as opposed to the talk that has came regarding this issue, talk and nothing more, for years and years! I think the 2 state solution should be fully embraced and I think the world community should take the lead in providing the resources to make this happen. But once the new state stands, there must be no excuses given or accepted for terrorism, or the failure to accept Israels right to exist! A Palestinian state, or the lack of one, has been the focal point and launching pad for far too much over the years, so once this FINALLY happens ,it will be both a giant step towards a peaceful middle east, and A giant step in the war on terror. So yes, lets remove that cover please!

Second drink: The Mosque debate: So Rudy Giuliani has weighed in(and youd have to wonder would this have even been a issue if rudy were still mayor?) but Rudy has joined the chorus of people who say no to this development. the only question is: When will these voices be heeded? Any hope of fostering understanding and better relations between americans and the islamic community has been dashed due to simple stubborness. And for the final time, its not about religion or civil  rights its about choices and this was a bad choice!

And third and final drink the economy, what we really need to do:
People keep talking about how we need to cut the spending, and cut taxes. I ask those who continue to advocate this: Will the needs of the public end when you cut spending? Will the need for revenue end when you cut taxes? Its about revenue, its allways been about revenue, and it is the lack of revenue that has us in the situation we are now in.No revenue, no assets to drawn upon where does that leave us. to be frank we have invested far  too much money in this nation over the last year and 1/2 to have continued high unemployment as we now do. We need people on the tax rolls, that is where our american revenue comes from! You wanna shore up our revenue stream then create jobs, jobs, jobs, and that means corporate america must invest in AMERICAN WORKERS!!! We have cut taxes, we have cut spending and where has that gotten us?( I wonder how many people would like to return that tax cut check they got back in 2001 now) revenue is the fuel to our nations engine, and until we generate it, we are going to remain in the hole that tax and spending cuts have gotten us!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

straight talk on the issues

A veritable smorgasboard of issues today,but for me one stands out the last combat troop left Iraq today. So president Obama delivered on a campaign promise.Wasnt too much hoopla or focus on it in the media, but hey Obama delivered! I understand Sec of State Hillary Clinton has given voice to the desparate need in Pakistan, Im sure that the world ,muslim and non muslim will heed the call! I wonder: for how much longer will those who want to Build this mosque At ground zero continue to stubborn stand against the wishes of the people?So much for building bridges between Islam and America. that's what happens when there is a total(and in my view)delibarate lack of consideration
of the consequences of your actions. America has been forever smeared by this stubborn stand it i going to lead to more terrorism not less and the fact that a little consideration could have avoided that is infuriating to me! and lastly I was watching Morning joe today on MSNBC and they were commenting on how haley barbour is now the most powerful republican in America, and how he is the front runner for the republican nod for president in 2012-13. Haley Barbour? Somehow I dont think so. The publican party is in desparate times. They have banged the gong relentlessly, but when they have put up candidates they have come up sadly short. To be frank my republican friends,  parrotting Rush Limbaugh and Fox news isnt going to win elections. putting up REAL candidates will! That is the appeal of republican  juggernauts like Sarah Palin. She seems(to republicans and conservaties anyway) real. I think personally that her association with Fox is undermining her creditability. not enhancing it, and if she is seriosuly considering a run, she needs to work harder at other media outlets. To keep it simple the republican party is on the brink, and if the democrats land a knockout punch in Nov, Haley Barbour is definately not the one who is going to get them off of the canvas so to speak. The republicans need real candidates and they need them fast!
And this is coming from someone who observed Ronald Reagan during his last term and who watched closely   Gov Mario Cuomo at the height of his powers.
Now is that some good joe or what?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blago and crying wolf.

The result of the Blago trial lends ,once again, question into the motives and the motivation of many of these recent criminal procecutions of political figures. Are crimes being found here, or is sensationalism, tabloidism creeping into the offices of justice? Rod Blagoiovich, Joe Bruno of NY and so many more. its like the boy crying wolf! Is it any wonder that Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters are ready, willing ,and able to fight the allegations that they are being accused of? Justice is one thing, but sensationalism and tabloidism is another. And given the history of such procecutions in America, all the way back to the Ken Starr days. I think that those in procecutors offices nationwide need to  actually establish that there is actually  a "wolf" before crying out that there is one.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque pit

As everyone who hasnt been under a rock now knows, THE major issue of concern, the latest political football of note, is the prospect of a Muslim mosque being built in the shadow of the former WTC site. As you know most people consider this site"hallowed ground" a view I personally concur with, so it should have been a surprise to noone when the ire that has been raised was raised over this proposal. We've heard all about how there is a a protected right to do this, and yes there is, but I think the question is: Is it right? I think the clear answer from day one has been known, and I am beginning to believe that those who are so intent on building this Mosque knew that this controversy would be the result of their actions, and in fact, that is what they wanted.

It has been asserted that those who wish to build this mosque are "Good Muslims" But I ask you, what good has come out of this proposal? It certainly is not advancing either the cause of Islam in America, and it certainly isnt advancing America into the good graces of the Muslim world.  You could call it a dumb idea, but Im beginning to think it was far more than that.
Now noone can or should ever be allowed to deny any religion its rights in America. It is one of the fundamental foundations of America and american values, and everyone who has stood up or is standing up for that from President Obama down to Mayor Bloomberg is to be commended for it. But the questions must be asked 1: Is it right? And 2:  Is there more to  it than that? Becasue as it becomes a growing political issue in America, it is also becoming a growing political issue in the international  muslim community, and I ask you all , do you really honestly believe that the people who proposed this mosque were so blindly ignorant of what was to come?

I think not.

welcome everyone

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