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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Mosque, the N-word and the usual media mismash!

It is allways so amazing how the media can mismash issues so badly that, what was a relative simple matter, is turned into a major disaster or event of biblical proportions! For instance this current furor over the ground zero mosque. This has never been a issue of religion, or religious freedom. No one has disputed about what religion is being worshiped or the practice of same. This has been and is a simple issue of LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION! And noone can and should argue the point of this being a bad location for this mosque. But, as is allways the case, everything but the issue  is being debated and focused on by the media. As I said before , I truly believe that this was a intentional plan, created to garner the press that it is garnering.Because it would be ludicrious to believe that the people who proposed this mosque in this LOCATION didnt see this coming. But important facts such as this are being lost in the needless and exasperating exercise that is the current media coverage of this Mosque issue. The fact is, Had this mosque been proposed anywhere else in NYC, it wouldnt be a issue, and it wouldnt be dominating the airwaves. There would be no questions or accusations of religious intolerance, and why? Because its not really the issue here! The issue is the LOCATION! and the reason why is all too clear! Once again the public is being ill served by irresponsible media, creating stories instead of responsibly reporting news! No wonder Islamic terrorism flourishes so, because they look at us with the view the media provides and they say to themselves: What fools these americans be!
Now another issue Inflamed by the media(once again) has been the N-word controversy,due to Dr. Laura's ignorant misuse of the word on one of her shows.
The media of course talked up all the usual unnecessary and insulting angles while ignoring the facts and the reporting of same. Simply put: unless your are part of a people who were captured, enslaved, shipped over to this country in ships like chattel, sold like farm aninals, treated like less than that,had a war fought over the right to keep U enslaved,  were freed but denied equal opportunity, and rights for a century & a half after U were supposedly freed, and  u still suffer  the effects and treatment of a second class citizen in a nation that was built on the backs and with the blood of your ancestors to this very day, then No, you cant say the n-word! But rather than using and reporting on history, the media focuses on every insulting and ignorant angle but the simple truth! It's the usual media mismash, crapola only fit for ignorant consumption! The question is when are they gonna stop feeding us such crap?

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