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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blago and crying wolf.

The result of the Blago trial lends ,once again, question into the motives and the motivation of many of these recent criminal procecutions of political figures. Are crimes being found here, or is sensationalism, tabloidism creeping into the offices of justice? Rod Blagoiovich, Joe Bruno of NY and so many more. its like the boy crying wolf! Is it any wonder that Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters are ready, willing ,and able to fight the allegations that they are being accused of? Justice is one thing, but sensationalism and tabloidism is another. And given the history of such procecutions in America, all the way back to the Ken Starr days. I think that those in procecutors offices nationwide need to  actually establish that there is actually  a "wolf" before crying out that there is one.

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