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Monday, January 30, 2012

Post Florida debate pre primary analysis: MItt's Big MO

In the aftermath of the Last Florida debate & and the Up coming Primary one thing can be said: Mitt Romney has Momentum. While encluntering a major speed bump in his debate performances in So. Carolina and his taxes, he has over come them and is poised to launch himself back into the"inevitable" nominee status. MItt has learned from this experience, he has garnered toughness and the realization that if he wants this run he must fight for it.  SO with the New MO gathered but Florida, Mit could concivedably, by "super" Tuesday wrap this thing up!!! We only have to see the results to verify this!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Round 2 Pre Florida Debate Analysis

And now its round 2 In the Florida republican debates, and tonight we will see if Mitt Romney can land a KO punch on Newt Gingrichs Florida aspirations! Because make no mistake :Mitt has to come out swinging and try somehow to keep the debate focused on the issues of relevance and not how rich he is! That aside Newt, while facing Mitt head on, cannot afford to forget about Rick Aantorum or Ron Paul, who landed a potential killing blow in the last debate that was convienently glossed over by the media, who are protecting their latest cow! Tonight will be make or break in Florida, and it will either restore Mitt Romney to prominence or it will continue to fuel the Media/Gingrich fire! So until tonight folks-----!!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post Florida debate Analysis

In the Aftermath of the Florida debate it is clear that Newt Gingrich continues to defy the gravity of his past as he remains the front runner in Florida, but sooner or later the laws of Physics and reality will take hold and, like Humpty Dumpty ,Newt will come crashing down! Last evening was simply the first round, and much damage was inflicted upon Newt, and bravo to Mitt Romney for taking off the gloves. But he (Mitt) must realize that it was simply the first round, and that round 2, at thursdays debate he must press Newt Even harder! The facts are clearly there, for indeed the most telling fact of this debate was when Ron Paul pointed out that "it wasnt the way Newt said it was" in regards to his exit from Congress, but it was glossed over by the media in favor of the Non issue of Mitt Romneys tax returns. SO in the aftermath of this debate it must be clear that Newt is ground zero, and everyone, if they intend to remain relevant in this race, must place him in their bombsights! And then, if Newt can somehow survive this and Win Florida, then he may indeed be the republican front runner.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pre Florida debate analysis & Pre Satate of the Union Analysis

As Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney prepare to rumble in Florida, look for the gloves to come off. Mitt may have "perryed" himself to defeat in South Carolina, but tonight he could make a giant step in florida. look for him to take it to Newt on his record And the many issues therein. Newt will be strong, but look for him to finally get his comemupance when he goes to the media bashing well yet again. It is long past time for him to be called on the carpet for it, and I think Brian Williams may just be the man to do it. Look for Rick santorum to also turn up the heat on Newt as well.

AS far as the State of the Union goes tomorrow night, in what could theoretically be his last state of the Union speech, President Obama will highlight all that he has achieved( and there has been much) as opposed to all that has been prevented by the relentless obstructionist republican/tea party! Look for it to be a speech that focuses on the facts! Wars have ended, the economy has been saved, terrorism has been culled and it has been done under this presidents watch. So look for the State of the Union to be a platform for continuing into the future, as opposed to returning to the past as the republicans have been advocating. Because as the facts clearly prove, America is better off today then it was four years ago, and President Obama can and should take credit for it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

POST Primary analysis

Simply Put, the worm has turned in The republican race! In the space of  one week Mitt Romney has went from THE candidate to one of three, and now with the race being split wide open the republiucans are almost certain to run on the campaign trail well into super tuesday and beyond!
MItt Romney, If he is to realize his dream, must take charge of this race, for it is his failure to do so which Opened the door for Newt Gingrich. If he is to lead, he must present the picture of a leader and that is something he has not done! His fumbling on the debate stage ALA Rick Perry in South Carolina, more than anything else killed his chances and it may have killed his campaign! Romney must and should have realized by now that this race is all about him. Win or lose, he simply now needs to decide if he wants to win or If he wants to lose. Are you in it to win it Mitt? Cause its time to prove it! As far as the "resurgence of Newt goes he has John King to thank for it! Because instead of giving the former speaker the admonishment he deserved for his continually whining about the media, he allowed him to walk all over him! THis is a presidential race Mr. Gingrich, not a race for Dog catcher if you cant stand the heat that comes along with it, if you cant stand being VETTED, then you need to get out of the race! And at the next debate , when the inevitable happens and Newt whines about the media, He must be taken to task by same!  Because the process cannot be constrained by a petulant sensisitvity to a public figure's public record and public issues! So South Carolina has changed the race and now the question is: Is Mitt Romney the next Republican Nominee, or the Next Rick Perry?We will see!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meanwhile back at the Klan rally!( a post republican debate analysis)

In the aftermath of the first republican debate in South Carolina, it was clear that while the south may not rise again, the spectre of republican debates past did! For ,with the enthusiasm of Klan members at a lynching, The republican audience cheered and supported every candidate in the advancement and continuance of every offensive  stereotype known to the white man! News flash to Newt, Santorum, Romney and all the rest, please dont speak out on what you dont know and what you clearly refuse to understand!Sterotypes and stereotyping is offensive and playing to them shows a lack of character and a nature Unfit to be a leader in ANY country, let alone the USA! Now to the debate itself. Mitt Romney had a chance to slam the door shut in SC but, by being too careful, and being too unwilling to get down and dirty on stage with Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, he may have swung the door open wide! In boxing even the best boxer sometimes has to mix it up, not only to please the crowd, but to win the fight! So in the debate tomorrow Night Mitt, if he is to salvage South Carolina, better not shy away from the fight! Because what could have been a run away for Mitt Romney could easily slip away just-like-that! Sometimes youve got to fight Mitt, and this is one of those times!!! because people will remember and repsect  if you put up a good fight and lose, but they wont forget or forgive you, if you do everything you can to avoid one( a fight)! Noone likes a coward but everyone loves a fighter!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Straight Talk(because I cant afford to give it any other way!)

A little straight talk on politics(since being unemployed for over half a year now I cant afford to give it any other way!) Simply put, if Romney wins in SC its over, and it will be time for the troops to fall in line! President Obama is raising tons of cash, while a good thing for Politics, in the end it will come down to if they hate Obama more, or If they like Romney less!(and despite all the efforts to the contrary there will be a great like of Romney by convention time!)Are Ron Paul and Gollum related? And besides his   anti war stance, has he said anything that has made any sense to anyone on the campaign trail? Will the upcoming southern debate be a game changer? Quite possibly!!! Will the republican candidates be interviewed on MLK day? Highly doubtful! But I do believe the public would like to hear their views on race and race relations, especially with Rick santorum and Newt throwing the B word around so liberally and Ron Pauls history, and Rick Perrys ranch and so on and so forth!
Is the media becoming partisan camps of political hyperbole?! Thanks Fox News for contributing further to the decline of western civilization! And with that said, i think that straight talk has been delivered!!! Take it in hand!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pre New hampshire primary Analysis

AS the New Hampshire Primary is pursued to its conclusion it will turn out to be another step on Mitt Romneys path to his political destiny arun for thwe white house, and as his challengers wonder where it all went wrong, they have only themselves to blame, because back when this process was wide open, instead of choosing to debate and establish their own crudentials as opposed to their opponents of the moment, they chose the hands off of each other approach and piled on President Obama, and to quote My girl Sarah Palin( who should have ran, and also to Fox News, why do you think ANYONE gives a damn about who Todd Palin endorses???? Give me a break!!!) How is that workin for ya? The public has had ample time and opportunity(due to those named debates) to form a solid opinion, and there is little that media spin or nonsense can do to change it( and speaking of media spin, did anyone really misinterpret what Romney meant about firing people? Im a democrat thru and thru but this type of milking the cow is nonsense!! enough allready!!) Mitt Romney , barring a New Hampshire miracle, is going to be the republican nominee, and his success should be a lesson about pulling your punches or fighting the wrong fight! Because other than Rick Perry when he first entered the race, NOONE went after Romney!  That is why he is the front runner, and that is why he will be the nominee!Because his OPPONENTS didnt put up enough of a fight!!! So with that, I'll see you at the Victory speech later tonight in New Hampshire!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pre Pub debate Analysis

as the Republicans come to the stage in New Hampshire tonight it will be perhaps the last stand for those who seek to stand in the way of what may be destiny, Mitt Romeny, as Ive said before is running the race of his life, he has shaken off the change of media hype and hyperbole, and to be frank if he continues to win as he did in Iowa, this primary process is about over! So look for shots to be fired and bombs to be thrown, but barring a major gaffe I cant see anything derailing the Romeny Express to the Republican Nomination.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Iowa caucuses ;A Win is a Win!

In the aftermath of the Iowa caucuses, it can be said simply that A win is a win  and Mitt Romnney won ,plain and simple! The Romney mission is claer as day, to win! And he is doing a good job of that! The lessons of 2008 clearly werre not lost upon him, and while he has endured the barbs and slings of the media, the fact of the matter is, and has been proven by his win In Iowa, where a few short months he was assured of not winning, is that Mitt is running the race of his life and he is winning! It may take a while, but the republicans better realize that Mitt is indeed THE candidate for the pubs, and hes doing it the old fashioned way, BY WINNING!!!! As far as Rick  Santorum goes, the same old Rick, throwing Bigioted bombs to those who eagerly await them!There is a reason why he lost his last re-election campaign by 18 points! Santorum for president? Maybe president of the Klu Klux Klan, but certainly not America!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa caucuses, let the schism begin!!!!

And now finally, after months of debate and rampant media shaping and speculation, the process to nominate a republican challenger to President Obama will finally begin. And no matter who emeges from tonights caucus a winner, Unless its Mitt Romeny, this process could go on for a very long time!   To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, it takes over 2000 delegates to win a nomination, and the 25 delagates of Iowa are a long way for anyone from that! So, as the race finally begins, it must be remembered  by anyone seriously contending that  this is a race!!
A race for delegates, not for media favor! SO run, Mitt, run Michelle, run Rick and run John, Run Newt, and run other Rick( the racist one) and keep running little Ron! Because this is a race and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line! Not the one who toes the Media line! But as this race is run it needs to be understood that to the winner of 2012 will go all the spoils, the white house and congress, and to the losing party will go the very real danger of a schism within it!!! The repubpican party danger is very clear, but the democrats face the same danger as well ! A compounding fail of a Obama loss and total republican rule will launch(and rightly so) schism as well! So let the festivities begin because this is a VERY high stakes game!!!