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Monday, January 23, 2012

Pre Florida debate analysis & Pre Satate of the Union Analysis

As Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney prepare to rumble in Florida, look for the gloves to come off. Mitt may have "perryed" himself to defeat in South Carolina, but tonight he could make a giant step in florida. look for him to take it to Newt on his record And the many issues therein. Newt will be strong, but look for him to finally get his comemupance when he goes to the media bashing well yet again. It is long past time for him to be called on the carpet for it, and I think Brian Williams may just be the man to do it. Look for Rick santorum to also turn up the heat on Newt as well.

AS far as the State of the Union goes tomorrow night, in what could theoretically be his last state of the Union speech, President Obama will highlight all that he has achieved( and there has been much) as opposed to all that has been prevented by the relentless obstructionist republican/tea party! Look for it to be a speech that focuses on the facts! Wars have ended, the economy has been saved, terrorism has been culled and it has been done under this presidents watch. So look for the State of the Union to be a platform for continuing into the future, as opposed to returning to the past as the republicans have been advocating. Because as the facts clearly prove, America is better off today then it was four years ago, and President Obama can and should take credit for it!

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