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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meanwhile back at the Klan rally!( a post republican debate analysis)

In the aftermath of the first republican debate in South Carolina, it was clear that while the south may not rise again, the spectre of republican debates past did! For ,with the enthusiasm of Klan members at a lynching, The republican audience cheered and supported every candidate in the advancement and continuance of every offensive  stereotype known to the white man! News flash to Newt, Santorum, Romney and all the rest, please dont speak out on what you dont know and what you clearly refuse to understand!Sterotypes and stereotyping is offensive and playing to them shows a lack of character and a nature Unfit to be a leader in ANY country, let alone the USA! Now to the debate itself. Mitt Romney had a chance to slam the door shut in SC but, by being too careful, and being too unwilling to get down and dirty on stage with Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, he may have swung the door open wide! In boxing even the best boxer sometimes has to mix it up, not only to please the crowd, but to win the fight! So in the debate tomorrow Night Mitt, if he is to salvage South Carolina, better not shy away from the fight! Because what could have been a run away for Mitt Romney could easily slip away just-like-that! Sometimes youve got to fight Mitt, and this is one of those times!!! because people will remember and repsect  if you put up a good fight and lose, but they wont forget or forgive you, if you do everything you can to avoid one( a fight)! Noone likes a coward but everyone loves a fighter!!!

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