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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pre New hampshire primary Analysis

AS the New Hampshire Primary is pursued to its conclusion it will turn out to be another step on Mitt Romneys path to his political destiny arun for thwe white house, and as his challengers wonder where it all went wrong, they have only themselves to blame, because back when this process was wide open, instead of choosing to debate and establish their own crudentials as opposed to their opponents of the moment, they chose the hands off of each other approach and piled on President Obama, and to quote My girl Sarah Palin( who should have ran, and also to Fox News, why do you think ANYONE gives a damn about who Todd Palin endorses???? Give me a break!!!) How is that workin for ya? The public has had ample time and opportunity(due to those named debates) to form a solid opinion, and there is little that media spin or nonsense can do to change it( and speaking of media spin, did anyone really misinterpret what Romney meant about firing people? Im a democrat thru and thru but this type of milking the cow is nonsense!! enough allready!!) Mitt Romney , barring a New Hampshire miracle, is going to be the republican nominee, and his success should be a lesson about pulling your punches or fighting the wrong fight! Because other than Rick Perry when he first entered the race, NOONE went after Romney!  That is why he is the front runner, and that is why he will be the nominee!Because his OPPONENTS didnt put up enough of a fight!!! So with that, I'll see you at the Victory speech later tonight in New Hampshire!

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