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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Straight Talk(because I cant afford to give it any other way!)

A little straight talk on politics(since being unemployed for over half a year now I cant afford to give it any other way!) Simply put, if Romney wins in SC its over, and it will be time for the troops to fall in line! President Obama is raising tons of cash, while a good thing for Politics, in the end it will come down to if they hate Obama more, or If they like Romney less!(and despite all the efforts to the contrary there will be a great like of Romney by convention time!)Are Ron Paul and Gollum related? And besides his   anti war stance, has he said anything that has made any sense to anyone on the campaign trail? Will the upcoming southern debate be a game changer? Quite possibly!!! Will the republican candidates be interviewed on MLK day? Highly doubtful! But I do believe the public would like to hear their views on race and race relations, especially with Rick santorum and Newt throwing the B word around so liberally and Ron Pauls history, and Rick Perrys ranch and so on and so forth!
Is the media becoming partisan camps of political hyperbole?! Thanks Fox News for contributing further to the decline of western civilization! And with that said, i think that straight talk has been delivered!!! Take it in hand!!!

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