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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Filling the republican void

AS the republicans struggle with trying to find someone with the political chops who can actually challenge President Obama in 2012 it is clear that only one candidate has the experience, has ran a national race, is media savvy, and can raise the funding needed. Who is that candidate? Why the republicans worst nightmare of course, Sarah Palin! So what do the republicans do when the person best qualified, the person with the most experience in a national race, the person who has the best chance of raising the funds required is the person you least want to run? Simply put the Republicans have got to swallow their pride and get with the Palin program, because Newt,Michelle, Tim, perennial Mitt , even John Mccain (who Im sure is entertaining thoughts of giving it one more try), have a snowballs chance in you know where of being president! Right now , as I see it, the only, the best option for the republicans is the one they least want and that is the little lady from Alaska! Plain and simple she is the only one who can run  and should run! The republicans have a void and the only one who can fill it is :SARAH PALIN!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Political stew 125

Here's a yummy stew of all things political folks! Firstly: If Donald trump is truly going to run for president, then he needs to get away from the same old mantras because they will diminish and trivialize his campaign very quickly! And to the mantras of which I speak, let us ONCE AND FOR ALL bring a end to the"birther"Nonsense! So are all those who keeping brining up this insulting and frankly racist nonsense saying that ever since Barrack Obama became a public officical noone in the city of chicago or the countyof same, Noone from the state of Illinois, noone from washington dc, the Us senate, CIA,NSA, FBI,SECRET SERVICE,IRS, SOCIAL SECURITY, noone has definitive knowledge of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES citizenship?  this is a most insulting and racist statement and it indeed speaks volumes on just how far we havent come in America! enough with the "birther" BS, and anyone who is truly trying to be a public official or is a public official or Media person needs to stop with such drivel! because its ignorant, insulting and racist"Ni--er wheres your Id?" WTF????

Now to those saying that Sarah Palin shouldnt run, I say why shouldnt she? People say shes going to lose power and influence by making a "Losing" run? Uh, isnt that how she gained her power and influence? I think its simply a matter of the republican establishment not wanting to accept or support her because of her being a "maverick" republican. Sarah has nothing to gain and a lot to lose by not running, and she shouldnt let the republican nay sayers deter her from running. She will bring a lot of to the race, and as the saying goes, if you cant stand the heat-----!

As far as the libyan effort goes, when will people admit that Obama got it right. its not a war, we are particiapting in a UN action THE WAY its supposed to be, not the way its been for too long. Let the chips fall where they may, as long as we  did our part, then our conscience as a nation can and should be clear!

Thats your stew, straight from the Kitchen at Politics 125 enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In the tradidtion of America(Obama's libyan involvement)

Ok  lets give credit where its due, the Obama administration with its involving itself in the Libyan affair, has continued in the tradition of Anerica to keep up and maintain its role as the leading democracy on the globe!  It is american tradition to be there as a brother in arms when people are crying out and fighting for freedom, as a matter of fact this was exactly what they were criticizing the preisdent for not too long ago of not being  ! So as Obama, in the tradition of Bush's 1 & 2 of Reagan, of Clinton, and so many more, reaffirms that America is that point of light, as he re- affirms that the fire in lady libertys torch burns bright for the world to see, lets give a little credit to him and his administration for keeping a  American tradition, the tradition of supporting and standing with those who are crying out and fighting for freedom against tyranny and autocracy!!!!
Because he and his administration stands in good company with this action!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

straight to the point!

A few short and sweet statements that get straight to the point of Political matters:

The USA should be a responsible international citizen, not a global policeman.

Japan should be the foremost concern of the UN.

It is very wrong for the republicans to be attacking everyone else while codddling wall street, and the banks and millionares.

The republican hopefuls who are coming forward right now are a who's who of potential losers!
(and by the way anyone who thinks Chris christie can be president, I have a nice piece of jersey property for sale!)

Sarah Palin is much too quiet right now.

Thats it thats all. straight to the point!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

repost( does the word moderation mean anythign to you?)

In the aftermath of the wisconsin debacle, and all other madness that is republican ,I offer this repost of a earlier online column. Enjoy!

As more and more Political leaders belly up to the bar of political excessiveness regarding fiscal prudence and govermental budgets among other things, I think its time to ask them all ,who are clearly over-imbibing on this political alcohol, if they know what the word Moderation means? Because clearly moderation has(as it all too frequently does when the republicans are in control) gone right out of the window!!! Rome was not built in a day, and our fiscal problems in America werent caused overnight! And even more importantly, they wont be solved overnight! But with a resolute and moderate path and plan they can be! But all this slashing away at things like social welfare Ie: medicare & social security, and the attacks on collective bargaining are simply outrageous and need to stop! There is nothing like the spectacle of a drunk, because to them nothing is too outrageous, being as insulated from reality by the alcohol as they are. but when the morning after comes, how regretful they are!! And that is what is coming for the republicans and all those politicans who are following the path of politically motivated extremism as it realtes to fiscal policy! The Morning after the drunken binge!! When you wake up and see just what bedfellows you have made, and when you have to face when you, in a drunken state, have wrought! Wisconsin, Ohio and more to come are the morning after! And its a wake up call those who think that Political excessiveness is the answer had betrter heed! Moderation people, moderation!

Friday, March 4, 2011

the sad fact of the matter

The sad fact of the matter in all this political hype and hyperbole nationwide regarding fiscal prudence, colletive bargaining, and the cutting of 'entitlements" as they say in political speak, is that the rich, while EVERYONE and everything else is taking a hit, are getting thru this budget process unscathed!!! They saved their Bush era tax cuts, and the Millionares tax is going to expire in states around the country! The capital gains tax may bite the dust and so much more! This blogger says that what is going on is a shame and a travesty! And for all the talk about change ,the sad fact of the matter is that we have nothing but the same old political same old! The rich get richer and bear no responsibilty for the system that they benefit from! And we in America have to hope that somehow in their largrese that,like manna from heaven, their prosperity somehow trickles down to us! Hope was the word in 2008 but the sad fact is that in America if youre not rich, times are more hopeless than ever!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Straight talk on Libya

Clearly with it being "strongly' considered by the US to set up a no fly zone over libya, I would recommend strongly against it! With all of the chaos and unrest in the Middle east, America is allready being blamed, and for America to been seen as actively committing to unseat a leader, we will have Iraq all over again! If the international community commits to this, then we should be on board, but this should not be a USA led effort. As egypt did before them, the libyans must fight and win their own freedom, the same goes for all the other nations who seek to step out from under the Arabic yoke. The middle east stands on a precipice, and it would only take one ill conceived or even worse ill perceived act of US involvement   to open the door wide to radical islamisim and radical islamists who are chomping at the bit to get their ball rolling! Fight hard for your freedom Libya and the others, and know that America has you in their prayers, but this is your war to fight, and your war to win, not ours!!!