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Friday, March 4, 2011

the sad fact of the matter

The sad fact of the matter in all this political hype and hyperbole nationwide regarding fiscal prudence, colletive bargaining, and the cutting of 'entitlements" as they say in political speak, is that the rich, while EVERYONE and everything else is taking a hit, are getting thru this budget process unscathed!!! They saved their Bush era tax cuts, and the Millionares tax is going to expire in states around the country! The capital gains tax may bite the dust and so much more! This blogger says that what is going on is a shame and a travesty! And for all the talk about change ,the sad fact of the matter is that we have nothing but the same old political same old! The rich get richer and bear no responsibilty for the system that they benefit from! And we in America have to hope that somehow in their largrese that,like manna from heaven, their prosperity somehow trickles down to us! Hope was the word in 2008 but the sad fact is that in America if youre not rich, times are more hopeless than ever!

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