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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Letter to Hillary.

Future President Clinton,

As they in the media and on the side of the republican opposition continue to villify and scandalize you with tabloid accusations, innuendo and political hyperbole, I, as well as many concerned Democrats and citizens,hope that you will stand strong and tall (figuritively speaking of course ;)) and run this presidential campaign!!! Because for all the focus on unproven scandal and candidates, with the media trying to create fodder for their grist mill, and with the Republicans trying to take total control, the truth and facts about you and your campaign is being lost!!! They forget that you adequately represented this nation for 8 years as 1st lady, setting template for all future 1st ladies to follow. The forget that you rather than simply be a showpiece 1st lady, ladi the template for the universal health care that all american now enjoy! They forget that you left the white house and made history by becoming the 1st 1st lady to be ELECTED as a united states senator, and that you served NYS adequately in that position for 8 years!! And they forget how after you ran a historic campaign for president in 2009 and lst to Barrack Obama, you were on his sort list to become part of his administration serving with distinction as Secretary of State! These are the facts we are NOT hearing from A media which is only interested in controversy and conflict, that whcih created ratings and such, and A republican party which has had and is employing their agenda to power!!! But with Stakes being so high for Far too many people in America, with the very future of the WORLD at stake, We need A candidate, a WORTHY candidate, a candidate who can WIN!!! So Future President Clinton, stand strong in the Media firestorm, and WIN!!! Because we are counting on you!!!