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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From The Political Grill!

A few things from the Political grill: Birther BS yet again? And as usual a half hearted rebuke by the republicans!  Has there ever been a president who has been so besmirched by his fellow americans?! This borders on treason! They destroyed the Dixie Chicks careers for less! It may be time indeed for the USA to go to the UN floor regarding Syria! Marco Rubio, No big deal! Fox News reminds me of 1313 Mockingbird Lane,(from the MUNSTERS) every house next to it is filled with sunshine and birds singing, but when you get to FOX News, its all gloom and doom and end of the world as we know it! Has Mitt released a humanizing spot yet? I hope that Preparations are being made to address the economic contagion that will take place if and when Greece leaves the European union! Speaking of economics, when will President Obama stand up and say what the facts bear out?That he has, with his policies, engineered a economic turnaround! Is  the nation better of than four years ago? The facts and figures say yes! And lastly from the grill, it is so sad that here some 12 years after, afghanistan, due to our"distraction" in Iraq, is no better off than it was when we first arrived! A golden opportunity squandered by politics and bad decisions!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama, Romney, the Middle,and how Pride and prejudice are driving this election!

With this Presidential race being so strongly contested, it remains to be seen how President Obama will hold the Middle , and how Mitt Romney will find a way to get to the middle without alienating the bases of Pride and Prejudice that are at the center of republicanism and conservatism! Firstly it is to his credit that President Obama has begun to roar, so to speak, in this presidential cycle. The republicans have had a uncontested theatre , and it well met that the President is challenging them, both in the media theatre and on their political strengths! Because the republicans have gone for so long without being challenged that they are hard pressed and unprepared to meet it!(Obama's challenge) And As Mitt Romney, and the republicans search for a way to make true inroads, the fact remains that as long as the bases of pride, which is the republican establishment, and the base of prejudice which is the republican extreme, continue to drive and shape the republican candidacy,the middle, which is the key to securing this election, will be Obama's to maintain! Romney must find a way to divest himself of the perception that he is both a tool of the republican establishment and at the whims of the republican conservative extremists, because if he doesnt, republican moderates and democratic conservatives will pass him over in Nov.! And If Romney Loses, the republicans will have Both their Pride & their prejudice to blame!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney and why should he be President?

I think that despite all the hoopa and caterwauling that has surrounded this presidential electorial cycle, there is one question that has yet to be answered to the satisfaction of America, and that question is: WHO is Mitt Romney?! Which leads to the second and more important question:WHYshould he be president? And with these questions remaining largely unaswered by the primaries and by the candidate himself, I think it is time America got some answers! Mitt has let everything and everyone define him during his candidacy, it is that which has led to his candidacy being undermined and subverted, it is that which has led to every sort of doubt being expressed, so given that, I think that it is high time that we got some straight talk from Mitt Romney the candidate himself! Mitt Romney to America. One on millions. Not Mitt the candidate, not Mitt the Media Image, the real, honest and true Mitt Romney! Because that will go a long way, more than anything that has gone before in this campaign, to answer the two questions that are on everyones minds: WHO is Mitt Romney REALLY, and WHY should he be president?
And by the way, could someone please put Cory Booker out please! Playing with fire like that he just burned away his political future!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

where there's smoke-------!!!

With the furor now being raised over Mayor Cory Booker's comments regarding Bain capital now reaching a crecesendo in the media, i would say to Mayor Booker's Ill timed and 1% sounding criticism, the simple saying of"where there is smoke----!! Mr. Romney has stated his job creating credentials and Bain capital is the majority of his Buisness experience so, its fair game! But I would say to the Mayor of Newark New Jersey, one of the places hardest hit by the financial crisis, that for you to decry the justifed criticism of the slanted Buisness climate and system in America is simply ludicrious, and it undermines any creditability you have as a "leader"!!! Taking the easy road, the low road, is never a example of political courage, and in this criticism of the president you have taken the path that many before you have taken. And In the face of such things as the economic meltdown, TARP,  JP Morgan Chase and so much more, it only proves that we have a serious priority and character problem with leadership in America!!!! It is such co-opted leadership as this that created the economic crisis in the first place, not to mention wars and so much more! We need leadership that will stand up for the people, not to continue the failed policies of greed and avarice that got us into this situation!!! Where there is smoke Mayor Booker there is usually fire, be careful that your political ambitions dont get burned in it!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painted into a corner!!!

During the Republican Primary process, Mitt Romney, due to the volitile nature of the republican electorate was forced to paint himself as a extremist in order to maintain his status as a presidential candidate, effectively painting himself into a corner! Then one by one his opposition fell by the wayside, so given that the need for extremsim has now been negated, why does Mitt continue to paint himself into the proverbial corner as he seeks to become president? Mitt needs to remember that he was seen as the alternative by much of the republican electorate and conservative dems, the candidate who, unlike his peers was the most electable, the most reasonable, the most in touch with reality of the republican field. But it seems that Mitt is determined to leave that perception on the field of extremism! Put down that paintbrush Mitt, because not only are you painting yourself into a concern, youre painting over your LAST CHANCE!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

the Obama Presidency (a study in Black!)

With some in the black clergy making the ridiculous public statements of Not supporting President Obama in the election due to his taking a position on Gay marriage, it not only reinforces my doubts in the leadership of said clergy in the african american community but it also motivates me to point out why, UNEQUIVICALLY, we should as african-americans support President Obama's re-election bid! Now if we, as african americans were to take issue with President Obama , I would think it would be due to his lack of advocacy on african american issues during his first term, not simply because of his public support of the gay right to marry! But  the reason why the President has EARNED our support is that his presidency has been a complete example of what happens when a Black man arrives at the lofty position he holds! AS he said today in addressing Barnard college, "this has been no Picnic for him" and I agree 400 percent with that! From the moment he was elected ,before he was even sworn in, they have worked ceaselessly and tirelessly for him to fail! Every and any question of his qualifications, character, and even his citizenship was posed, and in some cases and in some places are still being posed! He has been called everything under the sun, but he has been nothing but PRESIDENTIAL! He has made history and he has risen, In my opinion To the challenge!!He has laid the groundwork for the future as a positive example of a black man, a black PRESIDENT, and he has set a template that can be followed for future leadership in America by People of color! And for that, He deserves nothing less in this electorial season that our full support!!! Because if this hasnt been a BLACK presidency, then I dont know what is or will be!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gay marriage, the good, the bad, and the UGLY!!!

With the Ban on Gay marriage in NC. we are seeing in America a continuance of the good, bad, and ugly of American politics!    Now while Gay marriage is, for most of America,  Morally wrong, it is legally right, and nothing and noone should stand against it! For to do so is a clear imposition upon and against the rights of others!( and right now let's stop equating the gay rights struggle with the Civil Rights struggle! Sex is a choice, race is not! and no matter what Lady Gaga might say, if you are gay you werent born that way!) But in legislating against gay marriage on the grounds of personal morality, are we not becoming as immoral as what we are supposedly standing against? I believe that consenting adults, in a land of freedom, should be allowed to do whatever they choose by law, as long as they arent interfering or jeopordizing the health and welfare of others! That is the American way, and that is what our soldiers have fought and died to defend! But while it is legally right, that does not mean that it is morally validated!Because while you can and should be allowed to marry, it does not mean that I must accept your choice, or in accepting it, validate it!
No more than I should or would validate other "alternative" sexual choices! I respect the right to choose, but I dont have to respect or validate that choice, and no law can or should force me to do so! To paraphrase"I May not agree with your choice, but i will defend to the death your right to make that choice!!" That is the definative, in my opinion, on Gay marriage, which addresses the good, the bad, and the downright ugly! I only hope that those on Both sides of the issue can finally come to that realization, so we can go on with living and focus on more imprtant issues!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Tale Of Two Candidates!

This is the tale of two candidates, one a incumbent, one a contender, both driving and pushing to be the leader of the free world.One with a record and acheivements in the position he holds, and one who belittles them! One a democrat, and seen as for the people, and one a republican, seen as for the rich! A tale of two candidates. So with such a important and momentous election and decison  as this coming before the American people, how do we differentiate? How do we decide?How do we choose? Because politics and media aside, this is not a decision to be taken lightly!   This decision can be simply put a good one, or a bad one! It is a decision that will lift us as americans into the future, or drag us back into the past! It will lead us forward, as the Obama campaign asserts, or we will diverge to  another path As the Romney camapign would like us to beleive! It is a tale of two candidates, President Obama, and A man who would be President, Mitt Romney, and only the American people can and will write the ending to this Tale, be it for good, or for ill!

Friday, May 4, 2012

When up is down and down is up!!

I was sitting at home today( as I now do given my personal employment situation) watching the Buisness developments in America and while I watched I was curiously subjected to the strangest of things: As we all know for MONTHS now, the unemployment rate has steadily declined, to, and Im quoting here, its lowest rate in 3 years, but according to the media pundits and republicans this is not a measure of success! So essentially, what were are being led to beleive is that Up, in this current media and political world ,is down, and down is UP! Curious physics, that, and even more curious of a stat! It seems that only in a world where a Black president is  up for re-election that success is somehow deemed a failure! I mean, hasnt the Unemployment rate been hovering close to 10 percent since 2007? So a steady decrease does mean that we are, however slowly, getting a handle on the problem? That is what the numbers are telling me! But facts aside, it seems that the media, and the republicans would have us believe that, ALL OF A SUDDEN, everyone has simply stopped applying for unemployment? In what fantasy world is this??!!!! Youd think that such success would be trumpeted and celebrated (HINT HINT POTUS & DEMS) but in this bizzaro world of Politics for politics sake, success is somehow failure and failure is somehow success?!! Go figure America, but just remember when you attempt to do such math, apparently NUMBERS LIE!!!!