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Monday, May 14, 2012

the Obama Presidency (a study in Black!)

With some in the black clergy making the ridiculous public statements of Not supporting President Obama in the election due to his taking a position on Gay marriage, it not only reinforces my doubts in the leadership of said clergy in the african american community but it also motivates me to point out why, UNEQUIVICALLY, we should as african-americans support President Obama's re-election bid! Now if we, as african americans were to take issue with President Obama , I would think it would be due to his lack of advocacy on african american issues during his first term, not simply because of his public support of the gay right to marry! But  the reason why the President has EARNED our support is that his presidency has been a complete example of what happens when a Black man arrives at the lofty position he holds! AS he said today in addressing Barnard college, "this has been no Picnic for him" and I agree 400 percent with that! From the moment he was elected ,before he was even sworn in, they have worked ceaselessly and tirelessly for him to fail! Every and any question of his qualifications, character, and even his citizenship was posed, and in some cases and in some places are still being posed! He has been called everything under the sun, but he has been nothing but PRESIDENTIAL! He has made history and he has risen, In my opinion To the challenge!!He has laid the groundwork for the future as a positive example of a black man, a black PRESIDENT, and he has set a template that can be followed for future leadership in America by People of color! And for that, He deserves nothing less in this electorial season that our full support!!! Because if this hasnt been a BLACK presidency, then I dont know what is or will be!!!

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