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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Border Crisis!!! what it REALLY is!!!

As politics is played with the border crisis, I think its time we see whats going on for what it really is!! And the FACT of this matter is that its not a immigraion crisis, its a REFUGEE crisis!!!! We have thousands of south american refugees at our southern border seeking refuge!  And it is not the american way, nor has it ever been so ,that we ignore or treat those who seek our aid as far too many have would seem to have us do!! The hatred spurred by politics is unconcinable and it is sad that ,for many of these refugees, their first memory of America will be of UGLY americans shouting for them to go home!!!   The fact of the matter is they have no home, that is why they are here, because they want to have a home, a place where they can actually live in peace and safety, where they have a chance, and that place has been and must continue to be America!!! A refugee crisis no more no less, and THAT is how this must be treated!! This is and must not become a IMMIGRATION issue!!!!!! We need to house these refugees and give them the full largress of the USA ,and then we in the USA need to address and deal with what has spurred this migration!! That is how this crisis will be solved!!!! By seeing this crisis for what it is, not by playing POLITICS with it, which is what far too many in America are doing!!!!!!
Let us help those who are clearly in need, and let us stop painting them as something less than that purely for the sake of partisan politics!!!! THAT is the AMERICAN WAY!!!