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Monday, January 31, 2011

Chaos war( the egypt situation)

So once more the realm of chaos, the middle east erupts! And as madness feeds upon itself, the US and the rest of the modern world is stirred to concern. It is simply sad that the world is virtually jumping, flinching due to the primitive aspirations of neanderthalic Chaos! And its appaling that due to our over dependance on fossil fuels( and the money earned from same) that we must remain shackled to such madness! Simply put its time for some straight talk on the Middle east and I hope that in her meeting today, The Sec of state Delivered it!I dont know about you ,but as a American, and a NYER, Im more than a little tired of having to be concerned with the actions and whims of primitives, with the acts and whims of chaos! Chaos breeds chaos and destruction breeds destruction, but such darkness allways gives way to the light, and it is way past time for we  in the modern world to shine  a light on the middle east! A light of reason a light of truth! We have indulged the chaos, given way to the darkness for far too long! Its time for some serious strategy that will isolate and negate,once and for all the influence the middle east has over the rest of the globe! It's time to end the war of chaos that has been waged for far too long in the middle east! Because to be quite simple :we are better than that!!!! And the world deserves better than to live in fear whenever somethign happens in this region!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Post State of the Union America?

In the aftermath of Barrack Obama"s State of the Union speech, I can say that while he rose to the occasion, he is still missing the bar! You can and could feel the politics in the air, you could see the political blood in the political waters, and worst of all , as evidenced by the unprecedented 2 responses to the speech(and on a side note, why are these even had, this night should not be  about politics, it should be about the nation, it cheapens the moment! they should end that practice!) You could see  the salivating among the political elite and those who want to be elite! Barrack Obama, for all his idealism, for all his soaring rhetoric, is missing the point. Lofty ideals and high agendas mean nothing if you dont have the political power and posititon to back it up, and until he actually begins to play hardball poltitics with those who are playing it, have played it and will continue to play it until their ultimate goal is reached, which is his position of power, he is simply playing the role of a loutus eater. The Post State of the Union America remains political, partisan and divided, and until the president decides to change it in the only way it can be changed, with hardball politics, it will remain so!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The state of the Union statement!

AS Obama pursues his State of the Union address this tues its very simple, the statement made here must be one of ideas presented versus Ideas lacking. Support of what has worked and what will work versus what hasnt worked and what wont work! And it must be a statement staking a clear postion against what has been status quo!!! As Obama addresses the state of the union, his statement on same must be clear , concise, and pointed, and that point must prick, it should simply fail around in the ether of the moment! It should speak about the failure of status quo polices and ideas like deregulation and tax cuts. It should speak about the partisan nature of things like repealing"obama"care, and it should speak to those who benefit unfairly and and unjustly from the largress of the USA's economic policies and stances IE: China! The  State of the union, as it comes from President Obama  must, above all things , be a statement on where things stand , what they stand on, and where he intends to go on the issues as the leader of this nation, and it must be a pointed statement! Because whether he(the president) likes it or not, the response to the speech  is going to be very partisan and very pointed as well!!! SO simply put Mr. president, STICK IT TO THEM, because without fail they are going to stick it to you!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Clean up jobs! Obama's State of the Union address, and the state of Sarah Palin

As President Obama prepares to give his third State of the Union address, the president must take the prime opportunity that it presents to begin the clean up for 2012-2013 and the race for the white house! As well as to get the proverbil jump into this pivotal legislative season! This speech will be key for The president if he is to proceed forward with his progressive legislative agenda, or if he will continue to be bogged down in the political muck and mire of partisan and politically motivated regession that has been his bane the last two years! There must be fire, there must be passion, and there must be a lack of the restraint that the president has had in the last two years regarding the partisan nature of capitol hill. As I said this sppech will be key, either it will be used to get a good jump into this legislative session and pivotal political year, or it will serve to further enmesh the Obama administration in the  political morass that they continue to slowly sink in!

As for Sarah Palin, it is sad that as she continues to try to improve her pedigree, to polish her public image , she keeps, as Obama does, becoming more and more sunken into political muck and mire! And with time running short before things  get serious, Sarah Palin, if she is to truly make a run for the roses in 2012-2013 needs to clean up! She needs to sever her ties with Fox first and foremost, because as long as she continues to be seen as "Fox property" she will cotintune to be damaged goods! And she needs to step outside of her comfort zone, because that zone has characterized her and not in a good way politically. And most importantly Sarah needs a good clean interview with the "lamestream" media! And in her defense, the Mainstream does need to be more objective with her! I'd be defensive and in a shell if I was being treated the way she has been by the media as well!Dont take out your anger at Fox on Sarah Palin Mainstream media, be what Fox is not, fair and balanced! Calling Barbara Walters, Calling Barbara Walters! To be frank right now Sarah Palin is like Cinderella before the Ball, and unless she undergoes a magic cleanup and soon, there will be no happy ending to the Sarah Palin Political story!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remembering the Unforgettable(MLK)

AS we ,on this Monday, remember the unforgettable, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., we should all, as americans, particularly in this chaotic time, reflect on what he accomplished. We must remember that in the face of violence , rabble roused crowds and hatred, in the face of harrassment, hardship and intimidation, enduring all that and more, Dr. Martin Luther King jr. stood up to do what was right, and he lead america to do what was right as well. He changed the nation, not thru violence , intimidation or the threat of same, but by simply standing on the ground of what was  right. How powerful, how cool was that? Change not thru violence or war or hate, but by peace, and non-violence and most importantly of all, the conviction to believe in the decency of your fellow man. Dr. King was a man for the ages, a man who set the standard that is still striven for today, whos spirit is still felt today from tuscon to tennesee, from Arizona to Albany, indeed throught the world! If you are standing up for what is right, and you still believe in the decency of your fellow man, and you have the conviction of that belief you stand in supreme company, because you stand with dr king. If you stand against hate, racism, intolerance, violence, repression, harassment, and all their like, you stand with Dr King. And if you stand with Dr King, then everyday by your actions you are helping America to allways remember the unforgettable. That shining moment in history when America, as a nation, truly lived up to its ideals, to its consitutition, to all that it declared itself to be. America. Lead by a true leader, a american hero, Dr Martin Luther King jr.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rhetoric & reality the Tuscon edition

AS the world continues to reel from the tragedy in Arizona there must be something understood by all involved here. And it must be understood that violent rhetoric and negative imagery can create a violent reality!(and before we all go any further lets dispel the Notion that Sarah Palin is the Bogeyman here, she is not, and the attempt to paint her as such takes away from the true issue here, her badly timed attempt at looking presidential aside!) Simply put, rhetoric has created wars , spurred revolutions and far, far,more! Hitler was a individual but the third reich was a movement! The confederacy was a movement, mccarthyism was a movement, and they were all fueled by rhetoric! So to try to discount the effect of rhetoric in Tuscon was  and is a error! As we prepare in America to observe the Birthday of the greatest American, Dr Martin Luther King, his story can stand as a case study in positive rhetoric and negative rhetoric. The positive rhetoric of DR king improved this nation and changed the world in a positive way forever, while the negative rhetoric of his time led to his murder as well as the murder of RFK and JFK! AS the scamble continues by many to avoid being linked to what negative rhetoric has wrought, the fact is you cannot deny the reality of its history! Rhetoric can build or it can destroy! It can create peacemakers or it can make destroyers and murderers! But it can never be discounted or shunted away as a simple individual act! So I hope that all those who have over the past two years engaged in the most negative of rhetoric over the airways and in politics can finally come to grips with what they truly have wrought!And if they cant or wont then they need to think of Gaby Giffords this Monday when we honor another who was felled by a gunman awash in  Rhetoric!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like a voice in the wilderness!!!

If there is one real hero in the aftermath of the Arizona nightmare, its the sheriff who stood up and called it for what it is! The sheriff who didnt worry about being politically correct, the sheriff who didnt mince words! The sheriff, Dupink I believe ,gave straight talk about the situation when he told how the hate and vitriol in america spewed uncaringly and irresponsibly by certain media figures and political organization is wholly to blame for the state of madness that Arizona has become! And as those who are  truly responsible here, those who clearly have the blood of so many on their hands here scamble like roaches to avoid having the light of truth shone upon them, as was done in the mccarthy era the question must once more be asked of the limbaughs, the hannitys, and all the rest: HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?!!! And I ask you this , what if Gaby Giffords had indeed been a republican and not a democrat, can you imagine the furor the republicans and the hannitys and the limbaughs would have raised? So not only is their Hypocracy and demogougery clear, it is evident!Sheriff Dupnik, told it like it is, and to be frank it is a disservice to all that died and to the woman who is now fighting for her life, that all those who created a climate where such a action could take place are not held to social and public  account! Because while they may not have pulled the trigger they have(with apologies to Sarah Palin who is not to blame here) by the unceasing, irresponsible and uncontroled rhetoric, clearly been accessories to the crime!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The wages of rhetoric are death!!!

So the madness of the rhetoric spewed in Arizona and nationwide has finally come to a head, and a womans life may have been the cost of it! It will be most interesting to see how fast the republican spin machine springs into action to distance themselves and their politics away from the responsibility they so clearly deserve in this matter! This is what fanatical rhetoric begets! This is what abandoning responsibilty begets! this is what putting the pursuit of power above all else begets! The wages of rhetoric are death, and though in the coming days they will strongly deny it , the blood of this congresswoman and the others who were shot today in Arizona is on the hands of those republicans, media figures and media outlets who engage ,support, and employ the type of virulent rhetoric that has created a climate where a congresswoman can be assasinated on American streets or american soil! Whats the differance between republican rhetoric and Islamic rhetoric, clearly, given the result in arizona today, not much!!! I for one, hope this is the turning point! I hope that this is where the uncontrolled and irresponsibile rhetoric finally meets a hard reality, but whatever the case the price paid for it is far too high!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what republican could win in 2012

As the contemplation grows about what republican could bear the standard for the party in the 2012-2013 Presidential race, it must become radically clear to anyone who entertains those thoughts that , whomever it will be,  It wont be a "Fox news" republican! Because to be frank without the , as Sarah Palin puts it,  "lamestream" there will be no chance! And anyone who is seen ,above all else, as a "Fox" candidate will be almost certainly doomed to fail! The person who will win the nomination and make the run for the white house will, GUARANTEED, be the republican who is not  even remotely linked to or seen as a Fox republican, or a Hannity  republican or a Limbaugh republican or A tea party republican! So to Sarah, Huckabee and all the others who continue to suckle at the teat of radical rhetoric and fanaticism that Fox news represents, I tell you: WEAN yourself!Because if you truly intend to make a serious run for the white house, Fox News will swiftly go from mothers milk to Poison for you!

Monday, January 3, 2011

You cant be Bi-partisan without the word Partisan!!!

As all this silly talk about how there is going to be such efforts to be bi-partisan on Capitol Hill continues, the democrats need to know that there is only one real bi-partisan agenda afoot on Captiol Hill, the partisan intent to say goodbye to both the Obama administration and the democratic controlled Senate!! Simply put you can spell the word Bi-Partisan without the word"partisan" Just as you cant spell the term 'frenemy"without the term enemy!! So by all means lets continue to aspire to bi-partisanship, lets all be frenemies up on capitol hill , and we'll see who will be the better off for it!  the democrats put their hand in the moth of the crocodile in 2010 and the republicans gleefully bit it right off! and rather than learn the lesson, the democrats want to put the one hand they have left right back into that crocs mouth? "In the spirit of bi-partisanship? why dont the democrats seem to get it? I get it! Rush limbaugh has gotten it from day one!Sarah Palin gets it! Fox news gets it? Mitch Mcconnell gets it! everybody gets it but the democrats, HELLO!!! The republicans are out to get you! What part of that dont you understand? They partisanly want to tell you goodbye! That is the only Bi-partisanship they are interested in, and if you dont come to that understanding and soon, that is exactly what they will be telling you in 2013 democrats, and in a completely partisan fashion I might add!Bi-partisan=goodbye Democratic power on Capitol Hill!