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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Post State of the Union America?

In the aftermath of Barrack Obama"s State of the Union speech, I can say that while he rose to the occasion, he is still missing the bar! You can and could feel the politics in the air, you could see the political blood in the political waters, and worst of all , as evidenced by the unprecedented 2 responses to the speech(and on a side note, why are these even had, this night should not be  about politics, it should be about the nation, it cheapens the moment! they should end that practice!) You could see  the salivating among the political elite and those who want to be elite! Barrack Obama, for all his idealism, for all his soaring rhetoric, is missing the point. Lofty ideals and high agendas mean nothing if you dont have the political power and posititon to back it up, and until he actually begins to play hardball poltitics with those who are playing it, have played it and will continue to play it until their ultimate goal is reached, which is his position of power, he is simply playing the role of a loutus eater. The Post State of the Union America remains political, partisan and divided, and until the president decides to change it in the only way it can be changed, with hardball politics, it will remain so!

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