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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like a voice in the wilderness!!!

If there is one real hero in the aftermath of the Arizona nightmare, its the sheriff who stood up and called it for what it is! The sheriff who didnt worry about being politically correct, the sheriff who didnt mince words! The sheriff, Dupink I believe ,gave straight talk about the situation when he told how the hate and vitriol in america spewed uncaringly and irresponsibly by certain media figures and political organization is wholly to blame for the state of madness that Arizona has become! And as those who are  truly responsible here, those who clearly have the blood of so many on their hands here scamble like roaches to avoid having the light of truth shone upon them, as was done in the mccarthy era the question must once more be asked of the limbaughs, the hannitys, and all the rest: HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?!!! And I ask you this , what if Gaby Giffords had indeed been a republican and not a democrat, can you imagine the furor the republicans and the hannitys and the limbaughs would have raised? So not only is their Hypocracy and demogougery clear, it is evident!Sheriff Dupnik, told it like it is, and to be frank it is a disservice to all that died and to the woman who is now fighting for her life, that all those who created a climate where such a action could take place are not held to social and public  account! Because while they may not have pulled the trigger they have(with apologies to Sarah Palin who is not to blame here) by the unceasing, irresponsible and uncontroled rhetoric, clearly been accessories to the crime!!!

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