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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The mark of Cain!

Hilarious how, with the emergence of yet another sex scandal ,the media is pressuring Herman Cain to get out of the republican race. Nice how the media, the bastion of Unbiased and responsible journalism is focusing on such drivel when the histories of so many of the republican candidates are so apparent! Simply put while I do not support Herman cain, I will defend to the death his right to run! Im tired of hearing from this media pundit and that media pundit how he was never a'serious" candidate! Can anyone in the media explain to me why? Why isnt Mr. cain as serious a prospect as Newt, as Michelle, as Rick, or even as Mitt. TO take a salient point from Mitt and to quote it here"What is sauce for the goose is now sauce for the gander!" Herman Cain right or wrong, serial philanderer or no, has every right to run and should garner the same merit and consideration as every other candidate, and shame on the media for treating and considering him as otherwise!!! While he may be embroiled in scandal, as the saying goes, let he among  his fellows who is wthout sin , cast the first stone!!! Whatever direction the candidacy of Herman Cain takes, let it be decided by Mr. Cain himself and those who would support him, not a biased and overzealous media seeking to direct and cultivate the process!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Political leftovers

A few leftovers for the political plate! Is it time for the Occupy movement to occupy the message as opposed to city landscapes? Id say yes. The movement has been established and its time to employ it as a force for the change that it seeks!!!! Watch out 2012! The anybody but Romneny thing only highlights that it's the power that the republicans are interested  in, not the nation! What will happen if Michelle Bachman wins again In Iowa? Talk about upsetting the apple cart!!! Do you think Sarah Palin is now kicking herself for not getting in? Will this election become a "teachable moment" for President Obama? I hope not, because to be frank, If he loses then we lose BIG!!! Whatever happened to the TEA Party? Good riddance to Republican rubbish! With it being apparent that the Black vote will be the bulwark once again for democratic hopes dont you think its time that black issues were made priority by the party? If Obama loses in 2012 who will step forward as the new leader of the democratic party? And if the republicans lose in 2012 who will step forward as the leader of the republican party? Well thats enough of these political leftovers for today!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Post debate Analysis and a word about the political future.

Simply put the national security debate this past Tuesday on CNN, while a lively dicussion only highlighted just how serious this coming election will be for America. Because it showed that if the republicans enter into power in 2012, we will be back at war in 2013! It was clearly evident from the back & forth of nearly everyone on stage(John Huntsman being the exception) that Iran is in the crosshairs! And I ask you America how sad would it be for our troops to come home from the middle east, and then be redeployed right back there for a war with Iran? Not once in this debate did you hear anything about diplomacy in regards to foreign Policy, and that should be disturbing to nearly every american! We have been at war and our troops abroad for nearly 12 years now, and if the republicans get into office that period will indeed be extended. Asfar as the comprehensive review of this debate, clearly Mitt Romney continued on his steady path and nothing is seeming to change than in any debate.But the fact remains that these debates will do little to decide the political future. What happens from Jan thru March will decide the republican nominee, and until that process has begun and primaries are truly engaged in, until we have actual votes cast, and winners & losers established, this race is wide open for all of the candidates who have fought and hung in there as this race to the republican nomination progresses! AS to the political future, it will come down simply to what mantra will hold the day! The anti Obamacare/Pelosi/Democratic/tea party mantra held sway in 2010 and of course the Change/Yes we can mantra held sway in 2008. what mantra will lead the public to the ballot box in 2012? It remains to be seen, but to the victor will go the spoils! And that is not a political mantra, but a fact!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pre debate analysi & a word about 2012

Tonights republican debate focusing on national security should prove to be very interesting, a veritable refuge from reality for many  of the prospective nominees! I look forward to the extreme policies that will be advocated tonight and to see who will come closes to actually being a voice of reason in the wilderness that is Republican Securtiy policy! But, whatever the case and result of this debate is, and indeed whomever out of this field goes on to become the Repubican nominee, In the end, 2012 will come down to Barrack Obama, plain and simple! Because since election day 2008 this man has had a electorial camapign put in place against him, he has been ,for four years now, target no. 1 and enemy no. 1! The treasure trove of sound bites that he can avail himself of are many, from the infamous Limbaugh statement, to Mitch mcconnel's partisan posture!This election will not be the American moment of 2008. There will not be a Hillary Clinton in the race for Barrack Obama to springboard off of, or to benefit from as the "other" "anti" candidate. This race will be all about President Obama, a very personal and personalized race! The preview of which was seen in 2010, when the republicans ground machine outworked and outdid the democrats in conjuction with the Rise of their Tea party arm! Simply put the time for the dems to be at work was yesterday! Because with the historic gains of 2008 on the threshold of being wiped away, it is time for the democrats and Barrack Obama to light a fire in America because if they do not, then they are about to get burned by the republicans who are trying to light a fire all their own!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

OWS VS TEA PARTY a tale of two movements

With the rise of the OWS(Occupy Wall Street)movement, there has been a continued(and erroneous in my opinion) comparison between the two movements. Simply Put the OWS is a SOCIAL movement, geared towards correcting social ill's and seeking social justice, while the TEA party is a political movement seeking political goals, REPUBLICAN political goals! The OWS movement is by the people, for the people, while the TEA party is by republicans, for republicans! And this statement can be supported by the fact that A:The Tea party caucuses with the republicans on capitol hill, and B the tea party's platform paralells the republican platform. So as the saying goes, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck then quack, quack! It's a duck!!!
These two movements are moving in two oppostie directions and clearly have two opposite goals, and due to that it is, in my opinion, a insult to the OWS momvement to equate them with the TEA party! OWS is about people, the 99 percent, and the TEA party is about politics and the support and bolstering of the 1 percent, clear and present republicanism!!! The OWS is championing fair and equal treatment, the TEA party is about division and classism, not to mention racism and sexism! SO given these facts, and I defy anyone to dispute them, I would ask those in the media to stop equating the Tea party with the OWS movement. since, in word ,deed, action, & history it is proven to be far from the case!!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past----

There is a saying, I know we've all heard it at one time or another in our lives, the saying regarding how if you dont learn from past mistakes you will repeat them in the future. Well, as evidenced in the latest social effort being made for change and justice, the Occupy Wall Street movement, this saying is so true! Because ,as with Ghandis effort in India, and as with the civil rights movment in America, once more the status quo, in a effort to forestall and deny change has trotted out the failed tools of the past! The tools of police violence and mass incarceration, and the propagandizing of A movement! Well again, quoting the alaskan snow queen Sarah Palin, Hows that workin for ya?!! You see we've been down this road before and we know where it leads! We remember Ghandi in India, we remember  Dr.King. We remember the water hoses and dogs, we remember the bombings of churches, and the shootings of students at Kent state, we remember the beatings, the gassings, you name it,  And out of those fires came social change and social justice! And now, just as it was then, social change and justice is being forged! As the saying goes those who not learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them in the future, Well, to the status quo I say the future is NOW!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Politics leadership & the OWS(Occupy Wall Street Movement)

With the continued strengthening of the OWS(Occupy Wall Street) movement world wide, I think that it is time for a comprehensive overview of what it means for Politcs, what it says about leadership, and what the movement itself pertains!!!
! As far as politics goes ,OWS is and will be a game changer!OWS is not the wolf in sheeps clothing that The Tea party was and is, and it must be clear to anyone and everyone that it is OWS and not the TEA who will be the differance maker in the 2012 elections. As far as leadership goes, there has been a clear and sustained failure by leadership to address the OWS movement, indeed leaders have avoidied it, and simply hoped it will go away, but in the words of Sarah Palin, How is that workin for ya? Bloomberg completely dropped the ball, and indeed his failure and policy towards the OWS movement is what created the failed template of violence and police action that has exacerbated the problem nationally and indeed internationally! This is a major issue, you cant police it way, or jail it away!It is long past time for leaders to engage the OWS movement! Its time to bring them to the table, and discuss the issues!Its time to bring them into the democratic process and I will be the first to say it, the leader who does this will be the leader who reaps the political benefits! And as to the OWS movement itself, simply put, as it grows larger, it threatens to collapse under its own weight! Its own collective nature being the greatest threat to its success. We are indeed the 99, many speaking as one, but it is time for that voice to congeal, it  is time for the point that has been sharpened over the last few months to be directed and driven home! Its time to take it to the next level, the level that will create the change that is being sought. Simply put, the OWS movement can no longer be delayed , deferred or denied, be it by politics, be it by leadership(or the lack of same) or even by the movement itself! This is a movement whos time has come and that time is now!!! In my own opinion , speaking individually, and not as a representitive of the OWS of course! So that is My overview, and I hope, for the nations sake that it is taken to heart! because this movement and the handling of same could be one of Americans greatest successes to date, but further mishandling of the situation could lead to one of America's greatest disasters!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Pub debate Staright talk

Not much to say about the Saturday night Republican debate(since it happened nearly exactly as I posted on saturday) Rick perry had a solid performance which went a long way towards helping people forget his senior moment, Herman Cain passed the intelligence test, and of course there was Newt reliving his glory days of 1996( except of course the part about leaving office in disgrace) and that is one of the things that is facinating me regarding this republican election, the political skeletons that are being convienently ignored by the media and many of the candidates in their public pursuit of the presidency!! For instance Newt ,as i said, left office in disgrace! Rick Santorum was voted out of office, Mitt was a one term Gov. There are these facts and so much more substance that has been left untouched in this debate process, and i am surprised that candidates like Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry and others , seemingly in order to maintain the republican lovefest, are blinding themselves to the facts! Because it is indeed the facts that should be thinning the republican herd here. Substance not style, but again we are talking about republicans here! This is a race for all the marbles here, and the fact that so many truths are being ignored here , in a heated and close race is insane!!! This is a race for the presidency people as we say in Boxing when a fight lacks action(and this fight clearly does(which is why it is still so undecided) its time to Mix it up!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pre debate Straight talk!

With yet another debate about to unfold this evening, this one supposedely on Foreign Policy, We we will watch ,with baited breath, to see what unfolds. Look for Newt Gingrich, spurred by the positive media of the past few days, to glom much of the spotlight, and also look for A Rick Perry surprise( personally I think he simply needs to abandon the telepromter and go off the cuff! After all whats he got to lose now? )Herman Cain will be tested, Ron Paul has no foreign Policy, Santorum will rant, Michelle Bachman remains a question. But tonight I beleive that , with only Mitt Romney, and his olympic experience being the only comeptitor, John Huntsman as a former Ambassador will shine. its tonight, its prime time, its the republicans (yet again). Now to see who will be the talk of Sundays morning media, for good or ill!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Politics & the new morality

You are hearing it here first people, the next big political issue will not, be jobs, or the economy, or foreign Policy. The next major issue that will be of political concern in America will be the new Morality of America. And make no mistake it will be a battlefield issue! In the past few months we have seen Veterans booed, the death penalty cheered and supported whether applied fairly or no, we have had abandonemt of responsibilty to our brethern supported and, weve had the unemployed told to blame themselves! We've had protestors beaten and derided and we've had people seeking justice against immorality regarded as immoral themselves!!! Whats is going on in this nation?Have we abandoned all sense of decorum, all sense of decency? This Penn State issue has put a spotlight on the new morality in America, and it is not a pretty sight! Be it this Penn State issue, the issues that fuel Occupy wall street, the Herman Cain scandal, continued racism and so much more, there seems to be a problem with morality in America and it can directly be attributed to the politics of the day! And this new "conservatism" where the challenging of the status quo is challenged itself is something that must be dealt with, and in the coming election those who support such conduct must be addressed! Because this America where the status quo trumps morality, is more important than justice, where the status quo takes predecense and priority over the safety of children is not America that can lead the world, and it is not a America where democracy can live!!!! The new morality THAT is the greatest danger this nation now faces!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post republican debate analysis/and a word about Herman cain

In the aftermath of the CNBC Republican debate we can now say that nothing has really changed! Mitt Romney still looks like the class of the bunch. The fact that this process is getting old is clearly reflected in that the only issue of substance the media could find to discuss regarding the debate, was Rick Perry's brain freeze moment(and no it is not a game ender for Perry) The fact of the matter is, all of the candidates have long ago crossed over into the realm of overexposure. And this media strategy may well backfire on the republicans as they seek the white house and the senate. Because, quite frankly, these debates have went from serious buisness, to much ado about nothing!These debates have undermined the republican base, not strengthened it. And it will indeed be a challenge on whomever emerges from the primaries to re-energize it! Simply put, for all these debates, and all the media speculation and procrastination, not a one of these candidates are or can be ruled out of the race! This is a matter that the people will truly decide. So simply put, everyone stay in the pool!!! Because until Iowa, for everyone, the water is fine!!!!

Now a word about Herman Cain, is it me, or is the media trying to paint Mr. Cain as shall we say,Not intelligent? Now, IF,there is any racism surrounding Mr. Cain's bid, I think it may be centered in that! And i think all the media pundits who are overtly, or subvertly pursuing this tack needs to stop! I am in no means a supporter of Mr. Cain but let's call a spade a spade here! Mr. Cain is no more intellectually challenged than the rest of the candidates so lets get off of that stereotype shall we!!!???? Herman cain has plenty in his record and platform to be against, we dont need racism added to the mix!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pre debate Posting

 As the republicans debate this evening, I wonder how long it will be before Newt Gingrich takes the debate moderators to task about the Hermain Cain issue Inflitrating the debate?!  I also wonder if there is any republican who has a plan that doesnt include tax cuts? As Far as Herman Cain goes, being a black man, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this I do know(and something that Herman should learn from) if this was Obama, Neither Herman Cain nor the republicans would be crying out about racism or politics!! If the shoe were on the other foot, Mr. Cain would say "blame yourself'! I think Troy Davis is exacting a little revenge here! Clearly the republicans are doing themselves irreparable harm in this pre- primary process, and unless a candidate emerges from the beginning in the early caucuses and primaries, its only going to get worse for the republicans! Tonight I look for a lot of swinging for the fences especially from Michele Bachman and  Rick Perry! And also tonight we will hear the return of something that has disappeared over the last week or so: 9-9-9!!! Can herman cain re-stablish it, tonight we will see!
So Until tomorrow folks----!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Karma strikes!!! Herman Cain Blame yourself!!!

They may go down as the 2012 election camapigns most famous last words, Herman Cain, who famously told the Occupy wall street posters to "blame yourself" for not being employed or rich, Herman Cain, who decried the existance of racism as a factor in modern America is now blaming any and everyone for his current political woes, and finding a racist in every newsroom!!! I've said it before  and i'll say it a million times more, Karma is a Bytch!!!! And when she strikes, she allways, allways leaves well earned regret behind!!! If you forget where you come from Mr. Cain karma will allways find a way to remind you!!!SO dont blame Rick Perry, dont blame Mitt Romney, dont blame the media, and dont blame racism, as you said Blame yourself!!! And, as you also said to the occupiers, Man up!!!!! Because this is politics, and at this level, they play rough!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paging Sarah Palin(the republican Mess)

Does anyone think that sarah Palin is regretting her decision not to enter this race for president? Because with the weakness of this presidential field exposed for all to see, it is clear that if Sarah Palin would have entered, it would have been a cakewalk for her to the nomination! The republicans are in trouble and they know it! They are seeing all the efforts, all the stonewalling, all the obstruction, literally going down the tubes!  They are calling for a savior, but noone is emerging! And the sad thing is, the pre primary season is detroying their best hopes!!! So I wonder how long before the call goes out: Sarah Palin, paging Sarah Palin!!!!! Oh where oh where has Sarah gone, oh nwhere , oh where could she be?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Physician heal thyself!!!

How much does the old adage apply to us here in America? Because while we support and participate in the arab spring, why arent we addressing our own little American autumn that is currently taking place in America? Because we are committing as much terrorism against the people involved in Occupy Wall Street as they have done in Syria, as they have done In Egypt, as Quaddafi did in Libya! People are being shot in Oakland, in Chicago, people have been beaten In NYC, people have been gassed, jailed and more! I think that the adage does apply here: Physician heal thyself!! And if America wants to continue to lead in the world, then it needs to address the issue itself has at home! The issue of the One percent vs the 99!!!!