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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Blame Game(republican weakness)

AS once again the republicans ,led by Speaker Boehner ,choose to Blame the president for a ongoing issue, and for looking"weak" on foreign Policy, I wonder when they will learn as a party that it is they( the republicans )who are looking weak!!! We have had two important elections since the  republicans have embraced in earnest this policy, and it has garnered them NOTHING!!! And as we approach he 2014 mid-terms, where it's looking increasingly that the status quo will be maintained on captiol hill, and the 2016 Presidential election, where it is looking like the Democrats will continue to hold the white house, for the Republicans to continue to pursue the simple blame game and finger point , for political gain, is nothing more than a clear and present sign of weakness !!! Weakness of message, weakness of  record, and weakness of policy! Tearing the president down, has not built the republican party up and it will not build the party up!! The republican party dodged a major bullet this past winter, after shutting down the Gov. due to the misfired launch of the afforable care act. And they need to understand that they are dealing from a position of weakness not strength, and simply put the Blame game is not, in one IOTA, increaing their strength or viability!!! The Republican party is riding for a serious fall and unless the realize it and abandon this failed policy of blame the president and finger point at the president they are going to take that fall, and fall hard, perhaps into marginalization!!!!