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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Straight talk about the political year that was and the politics that will be!

AS the year 2010 comes to a end, it will be remembered for how the American public was led down the primrose path by rhetoric away from reality. Rhetoric, unceasing and unrelenting from the republican party charged the atmospshere around everything, from health care to religion. Rhetoric turned the electorate rabid and the resulting foaming at the mouth in america changed the agenda for change in Washington. Rhetoric turned us against them, turned black against white, white against brown and christian against muslim. Rhetoric ended dreams, turned sucessful policies and initiatives into percieved failures. Rhetoric built walls on arizona borders and put thousand of people into the streets in protest, rhetoric had cogressmen spit upon, and it made the rich richer. Yes 2010 was the year of the bully pulpit and there were no bigger bullies than the republican party ,who manipulated rhetoric as a means to their ultimate end, which was to seize power and control! So with the year 2010 coming to a close we now have to wonder: what will rhetoric bring to america in 2011? How will rhetoric drive the debate on capitol hill and in America in 2011, what will be the agenda?What will be of priority? Jobs?Tax cuts? Deregulation? immigration reform? getting the troops home? China? Korea?Iran? Israel & Palestine? Repealing "Obama"care? To be frank  I think the straight Talk that will be of Priority on capitol Hill will be that of taking back the white house, and continuing political agenda plain and simple that will not benefit the average american one bit! 2011 will be about Obama, the republican party , Sarah Palin and not much else. The year that was was the year of rhetoric, and the year that will be will, unfortunately for America  be more of the same!!! Happy New year America

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revisionist history NYpolitics2011 and a x-mas message

Do you find ,as I do, that the republicans are revising history as they continue forward with their political agenda? I was channel surfing thru fox news ( yes I watch fox news occansionally, they have hot anchorwomen, Gretchen Carlson, Kim Gilfoyle, ainsley earhart so sue me!) when I was subjected to Stuart varney talking about how the Bush tax cuts worked? You get the sense from Fox and the republicans that Obama's presidency was responsible for all the ills that be set this nation. Well that bit of revisionist history aside, the fact remains and will allways be so, that it was the Bush tax cuts ,deregulation and other such policies that forced Obama to create a stimulus package, finalize Bush's tarp package, and start working on the problems of this nation before he was even officially inaugurated. It is too bad that the ADD of the Youth of this nation, combined with the political hubris of the democrats and the usual suspects of racism, division, and hate that is conservatism, came together to essentially revise history in America. News flash people, these problems were what brought Obama to office, he didnt create them or make them worse, they were allready that bad when he got there! He kept them from getting worse, and check history, real history ,not revised republican and fox history, it could have been a lot worse!!!
a Ny Politics 2011 preview:
Gov elect Cuomo has decided not to have a public inauguration in favor of getting right to work. Well politics  aside, I believe that the people could have used a inspiring spectacle  and a rousing speech from the new gov, it would soften the blow of what he is going to have to do to them in the next few weeks!

And lastly as this will no doubt be the final Politics 125 before  Christmas, in the spirit of same, in the tenet of peace on earth and good will to all men, I wish everyone worldwide who is a reader a browser, a friend, admirer, hater, enemy, family, soon to be lover, democrat, republican, independant, tea , green, rent too damn high or other wise a very merry christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rhetoric & Reality Omnibus

As the year 2011 comes to a close, we can truly see a omnibus of issues, political issues, from which the public rhetoric differs from the Political reality. For instance, while the Dems have engineered a upturn in the economy thru stimulus and other actions, the republicans continue to present themselves as stewards of the economic ship. And while republican rhetoric has been that of fiscal responsibility, they have steadfastly defended and fought for the extension of Tax cuts for the Rich, which has been clearly acknowledged by all fiscal Policy experts and wonks as the primary author of our deficit woes. They(the republicans) have presented themselves as Tough on terror, but the fact is they have fought against any and all efforts to toughen up this war on terror. They have presented themselves as for Jobs, but every effort made has been steadfastly fought and undermined By the republicans from saving the auto industry to unemployment benefits. As I said there is a veritable Omnibus of political rhetoric that doesnt match the reality of the situation. And as we come to the close of 2010 with the republican party ready to take over, we can only wonder will this be a Capitol hill Driven by rhetoric, or will it be a capitol hill grounded in reality? I would say it will be the former!

AS far as dont ask dont tell goes, I really, really, wish that this wouldnt be so much of a issue, and Im counting on Military disclipine to quell it. I have no problems with gays serving in The military but the bedroom needs to stay in the bedroom. This isnt about race color or creed, its about sexual preferance. It shouldnt become a wedge between camraderie and Military function, and I hope it doesnt. I really dont care if youre gay, and to be frank Id be better off not knowing, as Im sure would a great many of americans, but it shouldnt be a barrier to americans either and therefore under law, it should be repealed.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Cost of Compromise II

AS the deal to maintain the Bush tax cuts for all limps along on Capitol Hill, we are once again reminded of the true cost of compromise on Capitol Hill. As the saying goes: When you make a deal with the devil, the devil allways wins! And as the democrats struggle to defend the undefensible, we can see that the price of this compromise has been allready too high! The facts are there for all to see, These tax cuts have allready been in effect for years, and in those years those who have benefitted the most from them have not created jobs, in fact they have cut jobs, leading to soon to be double digit unemployment! And while they have enjoyed record earnings they have not invested a single dollar in this nation. And while record spending and record deficits have been garnered in their(the rich) interests ,they steadfastly remain opposed to doing anything about it! Unless of course it means denying the basic  tenets of life to any american who isnt rich! Things like health care, jobs, unemploymnt, welfare. None of that matters but the continued filling of their troughs, that is a unshakeable priority! And I ask you how  is that benefitting America?  How is the continued enirichment of the elite class improving this nation? The answer is it isnt! It's making things worse. And knowing this, how can we continue to say that compromise is the way? We need to cut right to the core of the matter and engage in some straight talk, not pulling any punches! The cost of compromise is way too high! And its high time, right now for the democrats to stop paying it!!!!! They(the democrats) have compromised on health care, they compromised on trials on American soil, they Almost compromised themselves right out of power on captiol hill! When will enough be enough? Because to be frank, you cannot continue to give to takers, which the republicans are, because they will eventually take everything! Let this tax cut extentsion, be the last step backward that the democrats take, because every step backward is, for this nation as well as for the democrats, a step closer to a political , economic, and social abyss!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Tax Cut Deal(better now than never later)

The furor that has arisen over the Obama proposed tax cut deal, while understandable, is failing to look at the bigger picture, and for that Preisdent Obama neeed to be commended and supported! In less than a month the republicans will assume power, and when they do How many people  out there think that a fully empowered republican congress would fund Unemployment benefits for the poor and unemployed? Or vote for it? Obama had to face the fact, he was either going to get a deal now or no deal later. So ,as he said, for the sake of the american people, he made a deal with the devils!!! And Politically it was a good deal. Because in 2012 it will become a campaign issue! Another textbook example of what and whom the republican party represents! This was a big picture issue and for seeing this with a unjaundiced eye, the president is to be commended. and to the dems who are raising ire and talking about fighting, you should have done that months ago, youre late out of the gate now!!! This tax cut issue cuts straight to the core of american politics and what is wrong with America as a whole, and this debate will form the basis of all political action and politics for the near future. Change has been derailed, Change arrived in america, but was quickly denied access. And the result of that has been watered down health care, double digit unemployment, and now tax cuts for rich people that america cant afford! The next 2 years will be politically critical, but this tax cut deal can and should serve as a foundation and a rallying point for the democrats. Because the fact that cuts straight to the core of this entire matter is that it was better that the president made this deal now, because the republicans never would have later!!!

Now before we go this evening let's make a quick point about another zebra that for all its public bluster hasnt changed its stripes one bit either, and that is China! Its' holding hostage of the Nobel Peace Prize process is, in a word, criminal, and this extension of its repression should and must be condemned by every free nation.  And despite all the flashy headlines and media coverage of China's financial power and influence, China remains a repressive communist nation. A place where gulags and censorship still exist , a place where individual freedom is still denied! It is sad that the greed of the world, particulalry the greed of the USA has aided in enabling China to become this monster, but hopefully this nobel Peace prize furor will remind the people of the world , that for all the gaudy trimmings of it economic success, China remains a enemy to freedom loving people everywhere!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The chronicles of Washington(the wreck of the democratic treader)

AS the dems continue wrangling with the repubs regarding Tax cuts and other maters, this blogger is amazed at how akin to the coming Narnia movie is the current situation in Washington! Evil( and by evil I mean the republicans, for indeeed what else could you code those who would fight for millionares and not for poor people?) is on the rise, and the elected leadership in the White House is awash on stormy political seas! But unlike the Narnia series, there is no guaranteed happily ever after, there is no Aslan to step forth and make everything all right. As is shown in nearly every fairy tale, there is no compromise with evil, there is only the confronting of it, and the conquering of it! And to do so will require fortitude,bravery, and confidence and courage in your convictions! The ship of state that is currently being helmed by President Obama is in danger of becoming a wreck on the shores of political compromise, so to put it quite simply and again to take a page from the books of Narnia, its time for someone on the democratic side of the aisle to ROAR!!!!!!

AS far as the Charlie Rangel situation goes, this blogger has not lost one bit of regard for him as a statesman, and neither has his consituency, and that more than anything is what matters here, and that should indeed have been taken into account by those who made the decision to censure mr. rangel, but it wanst and that is the problem with washington and Politics in general. They hear what they shouldnt and are deaf to what they should hear! NY needs a lot more powerful and well regarded by the people representitives Like Mr Rangel and hopefully he will allow his continued representation of the People of Harlem to speak for itself!

And lastly This blogger just wants to say, Imagine if the dems had lost it all? would there even be any effort for compromise if the republicans controlled the Senate and the House? the poor in America dodged a huge bullet  but just barely!!! Something to think about!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Cost of Compromise

As Biggie Smalls once sang 'it was all a dream" And for president Obama and The democrats the dream is being lost, "compromised" away to the republicans!!!  Back in 2008 President Obama surged into office with a mandate for change, not compromise, but he has abandoned the pursuit of change for compromise, and due to that, his entire agenda hope and change has been in fact compromised! Compromise is not change. It is the result of a dogged resistance to change. Compromise is a manipulation of the status quo, the status quo in disguise. Compromise is not change. And in these times the Cost of compromise is far too high for America, President Obama, or the democrats to pay! Change is not about compromise. The founding fathers of this nation fought for change, not compromise. The greatest generation fought two world wars for change not compromise. Compromise was the province and methodology of the Tories, The confederates, Neville Chanberlain to name a few. Dr Martin Luther King fought for change not compromise, as did Ghandi. And they both  knew that compromise was not in the best interest of the people they served and that is the realization that President Obama and the democrats must come to! Compromise is not change, compromise is the maintenance of the status quo. compromise derails, as it has done to the Obama presidency, hope and change! And the continued compromise, and compromising by Obama and the Democrats will lead to one change and one change only, the changing of the power structure in America! A compromise that the republicans are working toward uncompromisingly! Hope and change being lost due to compromise, a price that is far too high to pay at this time in America!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

When Pigs fly!!!

Bi-partisan compromise on capitol hill? Between republicans and democrats? As the saying goes: when pigs fly, or of course, when its time to vote themsleves a pay raise! Other than that, it is simply politics as usual in America. The republicans fighting for the rich ,and the democrats fighting to maintain their political interests! But all that aside, the republicans must come to the realization and admit that Tax cuts for all is not feaseable , or right! There are some people in America who should not be afforded tax cuts plain and simple! And  Until they(the republicans) accept this reality, the tax cut legislation will not move on capitol hill, and the dems should not budge from this FACT( and let me say the 20 dems who voted against the middle class tax cut are morons! Morons who have politics as more of a interest than the people they represent!) And the republicans must also accept and admit the FACT that in a time like this, when the unemployment rate for AMERICANS is at a nearly DOUBLE DIGIT LEVEL, unemployment relief is vital!!! There is fact and there is fantasy! Fantasy is the world where there is bi-partisan compromise and politicans work for the good of the nation, you know that place where Pigs fly! But reality is right here in America ,where we have a major deficit AND a unemployment emergency to grapple with! And, for the sake of the american people, its time for congress to face reality, and not dwell in realms of fantasy!!!! NO tax cuts for the rich and cotninue unemployment assistance for the poor! It's that simple! Or at least it should be!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

How are those tax cuts working for ya?

As the debate over tax cuts rages on capitol hill, I thought I'd  pose the question to everyone Sarah Palin style as it pertains to them; So, how are those tax cuts working for ya America? Whats the unemployment rate at this time? Nearly 10 percent you say?! And how long has America been enjoying the benefit of those tax cuts?  Can anyone say why, with all this cash infused in them, the Job creators, as they've now been termed , the RICH, havent created more jobsin America? With the revenue, earnings and wealth being so top heavy in America, why hasnt some of the enormous amount of wealth up there trickled down and translated itself into new jobs and new investment here in America? Simply put, Tax cuts for the rich are nothing more than greed personified, and for the republicans this fight for them is nothing more than republican politics as usual! And the fact that they have taken a let them eat cake stand against extending unemployment benefits for the nearly double digit unemployed in america, while fighting to the death on tax cuts for the rich, is simply insulting to all americans, rich and poor!We have went in America from the greatest generation to the greediest generation! And as it  was said on capitol hill in the past, and what needs to be said again to the republicans. who have the audacity to stand up and fight for the continuance of these tax breaks for the rich while poor and average people are struggling in America, Have you no decency sirs????

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sour milk and bitter pills.

So with his call for Sec of State Clinton to resign, the true face of wikileaks is revealed. Yet another muckraker looking to suckle at the teat of Clinton scandal! But ,as this latest muckraker is finding, the milk may have finally soured! People are more concerned with the state of the nation, and what this latest "wikileak" has done to it, as opposed to another "clinton" themed scandal. Its pitiful really, because all this proves is that Wikileaks is nothing more than the work of a failed journalist, a hack to be precise! Sec of Sate Clinton, and rightly so, will come out of this scandal smelling like the proverbial rose that she has grown before the public eyes into, while for Julian Assanse, he is operating on borrowed time! Enjoy the taste of sour milk Julian!

Now to the republicans or should I say here we go again! 1996 redux. Power corrupts and noone is corrupted better than the republicans when they get a taste of power! This latest threat to shut down the Gov(Yet again) Until they get the tax cuts for the rich that they want only shows that, though it be a different year, it will allways be the same repubicans! Those same sad individuals for whom  such things as unemployment benefits for the citizenry are bitter pills to swallow! Be it 1996 or 2010 these scrooges are hard students of history!They didnt  learn then and they havent learned now! Trickle down doesnt work! How many millions of dollars in tax cuts have the rich benefitted from? And how many jobs have they created? What is the unemployment rate now?Guess that arguement goes down the proverbibial drain! And tell me, how in good conscience and faith can you stand there and say that you'll fight for tax cuts, but you wont fight for the poor , hungry, and chonically unemployed, and that you want to continue the process that has got us to this pass? Yep same old republicans! I only want to see how long before they are forced (yet again) to swallow the bitter pill(to them anyway) of common sense!!! 2 million people unemployed about to lose their benefits, or a couple of thousand people at the highest echleons of income earning about to lose their tax benefit, what do you think is gonna win out here?

Monday, November 29, 2010

How to train your madman and other political pot luck!

As the world dances to the strings pulled by another Long time madman Kim jong Il, it seems that the world is at a loss for how to deal with him and his madness once and for all! Noone wants war, a huge war(except for of course the madman himself) But what other option is he giving the world? I could see the anguish in the South Koreans presidents eyes as I watched him speak. He knows that his options are severly limited.So ,what is to be done? Simply put its time to get tough! Tough with north klorea, and  tough with the country that facilitates and shields N Korea, China!To be frank China has gotten too big for its britches and that bad attitude is clearly of the United States's making! As the saying goes its time  for the USA to remind China of where its bread is buttered, and let that trickle down to North Korea! Its time to turn the tables here! let's  limit access to US markets at least temporarily, to show China we are serious about their actions, and by proxy North Koreas actions and turn up the diplomatic pressure as well! Enough is enough its time to rein in and train the madman!! North korea is the little guy talking tough with the Big guy backing his play, but once the big guy is taken down, the little guy will fall silent like the coward he is! So lets get tough USA enough is enough!

As for Wikileaks
 this scandal will be easily handled by Sec. clinton, but the damage has been done1 I hope the Dept of State goes after Wikileaks and puts them out of buisness! We dont need a national enquirer when it comes to global politics! It's irresponsible and dangerous, especially in this time and day! Shut down wikileaks!

And lastly on the coming deficit debate. today pay was frozen for everyday americans working for a living, but yet it is impossible for those who can afford it to pay more taxes? I guess that is what republicans call shared sacrifice! and what the tea party calls reiing in spending eh? Go figure!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A line in the sand

One of former President  GHW Bush's greatest legacy was some of his iconic contributions to the american lexicon of phrases '"read my lips, no new taxes" "This will not stand" and other such catchy phrases. But His greatest staement was of course "a line in the sand" refering to dealing with Iraq and Saddam Hussein and that is a phrase that Current President Barrack Obama needs to take to heart as he deals later this week with the new republican congress on issues such as taxes and unemployment among other things! Obama must draw his legislative line in the sand, and like Bush before him, be resolved behind it! Because to be frank the more he gives the more the republicans will take! And every bit of political ground that President Obama relinquishes will become another brick in the political Foundation the republicans are building for 2013! though Obama seems to be loathe to do it, he must FIGHT!!! America cannot afford compromise toward the republican agenda. America cannot afford weakness against the republican agenda. Obama must draw a line in the sand and then he must defend it! Because the alternative, compromise,well we've allready seen where that has lead us IE: watered down health care, double digit unemployment, and a political landslide!
A line in the sand was a legacy moment for former President GHW Bush, and his resolve on that is something for which he will be forever remembered. And this upcoming legislative session will be a legacy moment for President Obama, will he continue to cave/"compromise" to republican interests or will he draw a line in the sand? Because to be frank the rest of his presidency may depend on this decision!

And as far as the Korean situation goes, this dance has gone on too long. WE need to get tougher with China the facilitator of this, and limiting access to american markets would be the best way to do it. The decreasing of this revenue stream would do china greater damage than anything, and it would serve to remind them of the power that America holds. Its time that China pulls the strings on its puppet, North Korea, and its time that we tighten up on China, which does so little for but gains so much from America!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Straight Talk on Korea and WikiLeaks

Ok, as the saber rattling intesifies in Korea, it must be understood, particulalrly by the South Koreans who , and rightly so, are seeking some form of retribution for the North's continuing madness against them, that each and every step towards confrontation and conflict in the region is a victory for North Korea plain and simple! North korea has only one option, only one card in its hand to play, and that is the card of war against its neighbor! And with such a weak hand , and even more importantly, with you knowing what they have in their hand ,why would you play to it! The strength of the North koreans is withering on the vine, and soon even their long time ally China will have to rebuke them, beacuse the playing of the war card is not in China's interest as well! North korea is like a drowning man. Failing about wildly, looking to drag anyone it can down with it. So I say to South Korea and to everyone involved in this situation, let North Korea fall! For them its very simple: change or die! But you will not drag anyone down into the pit with you! Let them remain isolated, sanctioned, and embargoed, let them remain alone, pulling ever harder on china's  coattails until they simply become more trouble than they are worth!(and that day is fast coming) And when even China comes to the realization that North korea must change or die, as China did, we will see a final end to the madness and a lasting peace and prosperity for all in the region! As the saying goes and as North korea must realize: one monkey dont stop the show, and the world will go on with or without North korea plain and simple!

And now on to the Wikileaks situation. Sensationalism and tabloidism for tabloidisms sake serves no purpose, and when it endangers global diplomacy and global policies, it must be decried! Those who leak such sensitive information in the interest of sensationalism and tabloidism and that interest only are nothing more than terrorists themselves! And they should be treated as such! The criminality of such actions knows no bounds, and with that being clear, those who leak such information for no better interests than sensationalism and tabloidism must be held accountable! The US Dept of State needs to put on the fast track actions that will lead to the swift procecution of any and all invovled in said leaks, and stringent penalties need to be applied so those who would "wikileak" understand that there is a price to pay for such irresponsibility of action on a global scale!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What to be thankful for in America.

Ok, as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Holiday season in earnest, I think that given the times, the politics, and the controversies at hand before us, We, as Americans, need to truly examine just what we need to be thankful for this Hioliday season in America. Firstly: We need to be thankful for the legislative action that led to the saving of the economic structure of America! Can you imagine what this Holiday would have been like for America if the banks had been allowed to fail? If   wall street had been allowed to collapse? Can you say depression America? There was a lot of political bluster about it, but if you can find anyone who was alive during that sad period of American history, Im sure they will tell you they were glad it wasnt repeated! We in America should also be very thankful that Tarp also saved the Auto industry in America. For as the holidays approach, there are many a auto family who still have means to live! There is a current unemployment crisis in America, but how much worse could and would it have been if not for the government stepping in? Though it was successfully painted by the republican party as a bad thing, ask any family whose  job, whose livelihood was saved, and Im sure they'll tell you different! From the auto makers down to those who purchase autos, the bailing out of the auto industry is something we in America should be very thankful for this holiday season! We should also be very thankful for the stimulus program, another postive legislative measure that was painted negatively for political purposes.   If there was no stimulus, How many americans thanskgiving tomorrow would be a sad one? The stimulus, Politics aside, was a Jobs bill, and I can think of no better example of a gov stepping up and serving the people than that. So that is something else we in america should be very thankful for this Holiday season! Another thing we can be thankful for this holiday season is pat downs at the airport, because without such security, lives could and would be lost! Can you say Lockerbie? how about 9/11/01? I think a little momentary insecurity is a good tradeoff for total safety and security as you travel to your destination( and on a side note, A mere 2 years ago such talk would have been deemed unamerican! Such a proposal as the one for protesting this policy would have been unthinkable during the Bush years!!) So, stupidity aside, we should be very thankful in america for those who are doing what must be done to keep us safe! And to that end, most importantly of all, we should all be thankful for the young men and women who are fighting and standing ever vigilant worldwide,our soliders, because without them there would be no thanksgiving! Indeed without them there would not be a America! So when you enjoy your thanksgivng celebration america, be very thankful. Because to be frank, if it were not for all that I  have cited, and more that I havent It could and would be a lot worse here in America!

Happy Thanksgivng to you all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Korean Craziness and Palin for President????!!!!!!

As the latest installment in a portfolio of craziness unfolds on the korean peninsula, the world is forced to turn their eyes and give attention to the immature petulance of a nation in agony! North korea, due to the leadership of a man out of touch, under the guidance of doctrines and a philosophy(communism) that has been a proven failure, has created for itself a no win situation! They have created, at the expense of its people  and the growth of its nation, a military regime. But what is a army with noone to fight? And what place does a million man army have in the era of smart bombs, drone planes and other such technological innovations? Simply put, North korea is in its death throes, with a failed leadership desparately trying to remain relevant. And as Kim  jong il heads (swiftly we can only hope) toward his demise, it is clear that despite all of the petulance, despite all of the madness, change will come to north korea. A change that will sweep away all of the madness that the North Korean people have been subjected to over the decades! Out of touch and rapidly running out of time, THAT is what all of the tirades and tantrums thrown by North korea are all about.Because for all of accumulated OUTDATED military might, North korea cannot even feed its own people, it cannot even sustain its own economy. North Korea to be frank is a joke, a nation perhaps the only nation on earth still operating in the 60s instead  of the year 2010, soon to be 2011. And to be frank it is to be pitied, not hated, and certainly not feared! True  South korea has to bear the brunt of North koreas childish petulance, but its a light burden. North Korea is in a box, and no matter what they do, until they move into the modern era and realize that such tactics will avail them nothing, we must not give them any way out of that box. Which is what they are seeking here. I must imagine that wanting a fight and not getting it is a special kind of hell for the North koreans and to be frank we need to do eveything to keep them in it. I look forward to Kim Jong il someday turning over in his grave when North and South Korea finally reunite In peace and harmony, when the Obstacle that he is is finally removed by the huighest power of all!

Now to another pressing issue  the question whether or not Sarah Palin should run for president?  And to answer that question I say why not, it is America after all and she is a former Gov. I think the problem that is had with the concept is more a republican problem than anyone elses, becauser depsite all that she has done since the failed run  of 2008, the party elite doesnt support her or believe in her, but while they seem to turn a blind eye to her public success, the look oh so lovingl on proven losers like Mike huckabee, and Mitt Romney, or to a falsae hope that someone can emerge like a chris christie , anyone but sarah Palin. and that from a political perspective is a bad i dea. I think the republican party would be better served being with Sarah that being against her, she is a force now, fully charged with the media spotlight and a charge like that doesnt fade take it from me and she will make quite the run, but it will be to the detriment of the republican party if they continue as they have done in denigrating her chances. to be frank barring a major faux pas By Sarah Palin IE: cutting her hair, she is going to look very good out there on the campaign trail against Romney ,Huckabee and all the rest!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Autobots vs Decepticons

AS battlelines are swiftly being drawn on capitol hill, and as eyes are cast forward to 2012, the continuing war between the Autobots and Decepticons that is the struggle for political power on capitol Hill is one that must be fcoused on and attended to Particulalry By Preisdent Obama and the national democrats. The republicans while they are deceptive in their means, rousing rabble and catering to the base instincts of their consituency, are not deceptive and never have tried to be when it comes to their Ultimate goal: Total conquest of congress and the white house! Total power and control, and they dont care who they have to eliminate to get it. And then we have the democrats, who, in their efforts to be noble and above the fray have failed to realize, unlike their autobot Avatars for want of a better term, that sometimes you have to FIGHT for what is right! And as this war continues and the autobots, I mean democrats are pushed to the brink by the decepticons, i mean republicans the democrats, from Barrack Obama on down are going to have to make a choice, and they are going to make to make it sooner rather than later!Either they are going to have to fight or they are going to have to flee! Because the republicans are coming for the whole she-bang make no mistake about it! So simply put Democrats Let's roll!!!!!!!!

And a word about the rangel situation: words cannot express the shame I feel about how this matter was handled, I only take solace in the fact that Mr. rangel, a congressional Icon if ever there was from Is from NY where we take care of and Love unconditionally our own ! Do Not hang your head in shame mr. rangel, but take pride in the years of service to this nation and your consituency. who as they proved in the last election know and respect the real U!!!!

Also just in case U didnt know people the republicans are fighting for Tax cuts for the rich while denying unemeployment benefits for the poor.  Yep thats what they mean when they say take back the country and less big government. If youre poor and unemployed, youre on your own!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pelosi,Rangel, and the new political reality

The Rangel situation and the Pelosi re-affirmation are just two signs of a new political reality that has come to dawn in the wake of the Nov. election.  Because what but a new political reality could have expedited the Rangel "trial"(and I use that world loosely) in such a manner? Clearly it was matter of Political fear than anything else that has denied the long time Political cornerstone his right to due process and a fair trial. This casual shoving aside of Congressman Rangel is clearly a Knee jerk reaction to the new political reality that is taking shape on capitol hill. But a greater sign of significance as it regards to that new reality is the re-affirmation of Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader in the House. For while she is widely seen as the reason for the landslide election of house republicans and tea partiers a couple of weeks back, her re-election as democratic leader shows the true nature of the republican victory. It is a tenuous grip on Power that is had by the new house republican/tea party alliance, and it is a VERY fragile new political reality. A reality where someone Like leader Pelosi could engineer one of the greatest Political comebacks in recent memory. Because the new political reality, forged in rhetoric and rabble , is filled with pitfalls. And what was for the republicans, a thrilling victory could easily turn to a agonizing  defeat in 2012.  Reality. Political  reality. And the Rangel situation and the Pelosi re-election are weathervanes to what is to come. Challenge and crisis.

Monday, November 15, 2010

what if the repubs get it right?

OK we all know that with their penchant for robbing for the rich and taking from the poor, the republicans have a snowballs chance in hell of holding on to the hosue for more than 2 years, especially given the dire economic straights of the nation, and their historically tin ear towards all that comes with economic challenge. But what, I ask all, if the republicans got it right? What if they saw the light and realized that Obama is right on ending the tax cuts for those who are making over a QUARTER MILLION  a year? What if the republicans woke up and decided instead of fighting to repeal Obama care, amended it to include a public option, creating millions of jobs and health care for all? What if the republicans supported a new and larger targeted stimulus with the point of creating jobs for the American public while the job market still lags. What if the republicans fought for the unemployed instead of against them ? Yes what if the republicans finally got a grip and saw that Gov is supposed to be there for the people in times like these? What indeed would happen if the republican party finally got it right? That is something we probably will never know!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Uppity negrow syndrome(and other political thoughts)

Are the republicans and their media giving Obama the "uppitty Negrow" treatment? The answer is: You damn well bet they are! From Sean Hannity on Fox daily calling the president "the anointed one" to the many other repubican commentators and such IE: Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, Glenn Beck, it is clear that once again In America, a negrow has gotten too "uppitty" and needed to be "humbled" Why oh why is it in America that whenever A black man raises the bar, and raises his profile it allways and i mean allways comes to this?! Obama, Tiger, from the Minute they excel to "that"level, the next thing that happens is Operation "Humble the uppity negrow"!! In 2006 we were all about how it was the beginning of a "post racial" america. But clearly, with this clear and vicious attempt by the republican party to somehow put the  president in his place, I mean come on, Oreilly has him on the cover of his book under the sign of Pinhead! The president mind you! It is clear that it was way too early to "anoit" these times with that moniker!!!Post racial? Give me a break!

Speaking of presidents, its nice to see G.W. Bush gaining a measure of respect and good will on his book tour from the people. I am of the mind that Bush and his presidency, like his father before him, was as much a victim of out of control republican politics as was America itself. He was swept along by the wave of his s time along with everyone else. And while that wave lead to many bad decisions being made,   EVERYONE made them, republican and democrat, Not just President Bush II. Its good too see that the darkness of that time and the politics of same didnt take his smile and his sense of Humor. I for one, do hope that history shines on GW Bush with a kind light.

And lastly on the G2  summit  and the economy as a whole.
Again, while the president is to be commended for trying to assemble a coalition of the willing, the true face of Americas economic woes stood revealed at the G2 summit. Noone wants to play fair with america, noone wants to be  on a level playing field. Simply put America, whether the world likes it or not ,is going to have to play economic, and monetary hard ball. We can no longer afford to be the cash cow of the world. And if they feel they can prosper without the american market then let them. If we dont take a stand now, we will certainly fall economically later!   We need to protect our market, demand greater and fairer access to theirs and if they dont like it, we have to stand up and say, to hell with you!!! To quote a phrase Fair is fair!!! And if they dont want to play fair, then we should take our markets and go home!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The worlds greatest superheroes(the American soldier)

As we honor and remember our american vets today, I beleive that the world needs to join in with us as we honor those who, in my eyes, are the wolrds greatest superheroes! And No, Im not talking about Superman or Batman, or Spiderman or Wolverine. Im talking about the American soldier, those who serve or who have served in our armed forces. Because when the world, not just America is in trouble, they come running. And whether its standing up against tyranny, or stepping up to fight poverty the american soldier is there. How many nations have changed for the better due to the efforts of the American soldier? How many lives have been saved?How many disasters have been averted? No other serviceman on the planet can lay claim to such
a resume of service.  And we in America should be very proud of that! The american soldier are the worlds greeatest superheroes in every sense of the word, and they need to be honored everyday, not just twice a year(veterans day & memorial day) and the world , not just America needs to pay them all due homage!

Happy Veterans day American soldiers!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is Obama a island?

They say No man is a island, but given the results of this past week, President Obama just may become one. Im sure he is feeling twinges of isolation as his Far east trip ends, and it will no doubt be reinforced when he returns to America to face a re-energized and chomping at the Bit republican party! But if Obama is a island, the democrats better start realizing that it is a island that they live on! Abandoning it wont work IE: this past election day, Gore leaving Clinton island in 2000, and the republicans drowning in the sea in droves, in 2006 leaving Bushland! Obama and his policies may now be a island, but the waters around the island is what needs to be concerned with by all democrats, not the ground that they,like it or not stand upon! Ground is ground,  and in a war such as this, it is the army that HOLDS the ground that wins the war. SO welcome to Obama Island Democrats, Either stand and fight or face certain destruction in the seas, republican seas that surround you! And i guarantee you YOU WILL  be destroyed if you take to the sea where the republican sharks are waiting!!! SO democrats better start Kissing the ground they walk on because if they dont------!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


With the president a world away, and with the republican mess waiting for him when he returns we have simple a bit of political fol de rol to discuss while we wait for the war to begin! (and No the first lady touching the Indos hands is not a international  incident, shes a black woman thats what they do!!) As far as the Tax cut issue goes as I aid Fol De  rol, this is a war the republicans will fight and lose BUT only if the dems fight hard to make the public understand that this is a tax cut for them, not the rich! Here's a slogan  the dems can recycle It's the rich stupid!!! AS far as the ending of the unemployment extension goes, again republican FOL DE  ROL! the first President Bush faced the same choice and the radicalism advocated by  the gingrich led republicans of that time led to him losing the white house and the gingrich republicans being thrown out on their ear! But hey lets talk about taking food from babies mouths in this time of record unemployment go ahead republicans Make -My -day! and lastly on the repealing of "Obama" care somehow I dont think this will be the continued cover issue that the republicans hope for, the Tea party has shot its wad, there will be no way the republicans can focus on this issue with the economy being foremost in the minds of the public at large(unless of course the Obama administration backpedals into that again) So what we have is more FOL DE ROL! THe republicans did a masterful job of pulling the wool over the eyes of the american public, a masterful job of fol del rol! but will it succeed? I say to that fol de  rol!! Because that is exactly what it is!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Marquis of Queensbury rules?

I wonder if President Obama has learned that the repuplicans arent going to play by the political Marquis of Queensbury rules when it comes to his seat? Because if he hasnt learned that, then  he better get up to speed real fast! To the repub licans, the devastation of tuesday night is only a job half done! They want it all and they will do anything to get it! So Marquis of Queensbury, reaching across the aisle and all that, to quote Sarah Palin, How's that working for you? This is MMA, dirty Boxing plain and simple, and the president Better start getting down and dirty and fast! Or 2013 for the democrats is going to be even worse that 2010!!!

As far as Nancy Pelosi keeping her post. I think that she should step down. The dems need a new beginning after this electorial debacle and Mrs Pelosi, accomplished politician that she is, would only serve as a reminder and lighting rod for the republicans and their media! Paging Chuck Schumer! He is the kind of fighter that is needed in the war zone that the house will be in 2011-2012.

And lastly on Sarah Palin.
It is so interesting that while the republican party reaped all the benefits from the efforts of the Tea party, and their Beloved Sarah Palin, they worked overtime to insure that she got none of the credit!Sarah Palin single handledly steered the republican party thru choppy seas, you'd think the least they could do is honor and acknowledge that. But like a horny teen on prom night they(the republicans) have done and will do anything to get what they want and where they want. And they dont care who they use or what they do to get there! So as Sarah begins to contemplate 2012, she will have to decide if the reward for loyalty has been enough to remain loyal, or will she be better off on her own? Decisions Sarah, decisions!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rhetoric vs reality redux!

Now that the republicans have successfully resurged in congress and in American Politics, it will be interesting to see how they reconcile the rhetoric of the last 2 years with the social realities that have taken hold in America. The republicans did a masterful job of domininating the media with their message, and given the non-existant response from the democrats, its a small wonder that all of congress didnt fall into their hands.But now that the politicking is over, the hard realities have come to bear, and true to their nature the republicans are quickly putting those reality to a back seat in favor of===MORE rhetoric and politics!!  One day in and they are stating that their main goal is to"dump obama" What about unemployment? How are they going to reconcile denying unemployment benefits to the long term unemployed with cutting taxes for the rich? How are they going to reconcile stopping the stimulus and cutting gov JOBS with deregulating Buisness?How are the republicans going to be, well republicans, without quickly, as in 2 years quickly, putting themselves back into the pickle that they were in prior to this election? As I have said many times on this blog, its all comes down to rhetoric giving way to reality, and for the republicans  soon VERY soon,there will be no further avoiding of that! There is work to be done, and politics will soon get very old and you can trust me on that!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

election 2010 aftermath (into the shark tank!)

In the aftermath of election 2010 it is clear that the democrats have, instead of jumping the shark,   went directly into the shark tank with the massive national defeat of last evening in America. And with Obama now officially becoming shark bait, we only have to wait to see how long before the republican feeding frenzy begins! The results of last evenings election was a hard learned lesson in Bi-partisanship for the Obama administration, and a harder learned lesson  about the nature of Politics for President Obama. The republicans arent interested in Bi-partisanship or cooperation, only power and control! It boggles my mind in the wake of this debacle, that from day one, when Rush Limbaugh came out and told him that he wanted him to fail that he didnt take it seriously! But he didnt, and the republicans did what they said they would do, they made him fail! And now that he has fallen and fallen quite hard, it will be for President Obama to assemble political experts and strategists to help him deal with the political shark tank that he is now floating in. Because make no mistake the next goal of the republican party is 2012 and the presidency. There will be no talk of Bi-partisanship, no hands reached across the aisle. As the cover comes off of the tea party and republicanism is advanced it will be up to President Obama to do everything he can to not end up dinner, because after last evenings debacle, he is definately on the menu!

Monday, November 1, 2010


What if the republicans do get back control of congress tomorrow? If they do how do you think that will affect NYS? Given the history of republicans in washington treating NY with disdain, I would think not that well! NY has borne the brunt of this recession   with very little assistance from Washington and if the republicans take control, you can be assured that even less assistance will come from DC. If the republicans take control of Congress do you think they will work in a bi-partisan fahsion? Well since they havent done it as the minority Im highly doubtfull they will do it as a majority! If the republicans take back congress will they truly pursue a agenda that puts jobs first, or will they pursue the same  old mantras of dereg, and tax cuts. more than likely again given their history! and if the the republicans take back congress will this lead to a schism in the democratic party against President Obama leading to primary challenges for him in 2012(if indeed he decides to run again)? the answer to that, again given history is decidedly YES! The sad fact of the matter is that a party that was D.O.A. is looking to rise from the grave tomorrow night in America as a even bigger horror than it was in 2008, and that is a sad thing. Sad for this nation and sadder for all the people who truly believed and hoped that change had come to America. For while the democrats basked in the sun, the republicans worked in the arcane darkness to bring us from the brightest of days to the blackest of nights, and that is what tomorrow night is looming to be in America!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Early in the Morning

Who would have thought Id be posting about Politics at 6:00 in the morning!? Oh well ,when opportunity prtesents----! Caught Obama speaking yesterday afternoon, and if you didnt know that the  democrats were in a fight, you  learned it yesterday afternoon.  What a differance 2 years  has made for Obama. From a magnetic and charismatic figure to this person desparately trying to create a sembalance of order amid chaos. and as I post this  early(way too early on sunday morning I must add)I, as much of america wonder just what the dawn willl bring on weds nov 3 for America. Im tired from a rough night of clubbing in NY, so I can only imagine the fatigue that the president and the Democrats are now feeling from their long struggle! I only hope that their sowing of the field does not bear bitter political fruit. Because if the republican party rises again early wed morning then you and I and indeed the entire country may just want to stay in bed for the next 2 years!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turning back the clock (political ignorance)

With election day fast approaching, I truly am wondering: Will Americans truly turn back the clock with this tuesday's election results? Will the mantra and endlessly repeated catch phrases of the tea party and the republicans truly hold sway in America? And Are americans truly stupid enough to allow the rich to have tax cuts, in a time of economic crisis? As I watch and listen to these champions of of the new america, Sharron Angle, Meg Whitman and the like, I, being of common sense, realize that the only thing they are championing is wealth for the wealthy, and rights for the rich. And I am continually amazed that so many americans ,blinded by hate and hatred dont see this. I am hoping that america proves me, and the fanatics wrong, but I think we are on the path to disaster this election day! And I truly believe that the inmates will be running the asylum on Nov 3. This election wont be a great victory for anyone but the rich and powerful and they will have the poor( as poor is to a rich standard,because REAL poor people dont even matter to them) to thank for it! Ignorance is bliss they say, but, sad to say, I think America is about to prove that political ignorance is bliss for the rich!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Conspiracy therories(or are they?)

Is race playing a major factor in the political and social situation in America and american politics? Is the fact of the President being black contributing to the state of the economy, to unemployment and to the political situation in general? Is the current Political and social situation in America a "Scorched earth strategy" created and manipulated by political and coporate interests in order to undermine the Obama administration? Indeed would you say there is a conspiracy founded and fueled by the race of the president to bring his administration down? You could say these are simply conspiracy theories, but I would say to you; ARE THEY?

While you think on that I would say to the individual who had the nerve and the lack of respect for the President of these United States to actually tell him to shove it, I hope he is roundly condemned as he should be! I havent seen such audacity since the George Wallace and Bull Connor days.

10 days until America votes. choose wisely because its the future that America is deciding people !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fire In the belly( THE differance)

As this political cycle comes to a close, if there are major republican gains and major democratic losses, if the Obama administration becomes lame duck two years out, it will definately be because there has been a lack when it comes to having  fire in the proverbial political belly for the democrats! While the republicans have churned up the waters and  attacked, attacked, attacked, on every front, the democrats have seemed to be sleepwalking. and even when it became clear that the democratic agenda was in clear jepoardy, the democrats,individuals and as whole, did nothing! And that has been the clear differance this election cycle! Be it the party as a whole, or the individual candidates, I dont see, despite the seriousness of the situation, the get up and go, the fire that is clearly needed to stave off political disaster! As the saying goes, you have to fight fire with fire, and the sad fact is the democrats have brought none of that to this election cycle. and if they lose their majority on capitol hill, it will be due to that and that alone!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

thoughts from the home stretch

As we enter the final week of this political season, it will VERY interesting to see if the Democrats have staved off disaster. What looked like a republican landslide(to let Fox news tell it) is now a ? mark, due to such wonderful candidates as Christine(consitutional)O'Donnell, Meg( I didnrt know  she was undocumented) Whitman and of course Sharon( the befuddled) Angle. The republicans are desparately looking for a giant Scott Brown moment to reclaim validity and a stake in the process, but to be frank, If the Dems maintain the majority of power, and all signs say they will, then the republican party will remain in real trouble. For if the democrats come thru, if they escape disaster on Nov.2 They have to realize that the opportunity to maginalize the republicans cannot be squandered again. Talk about a pressurized night. Nov 2 will be one! The future is about to be decided America, and the eys of the world will be upon us a week from this tuesday!

Now a few words about a issue: the issue of education in America & charter schools. Simply put, education, public education, cannot and should not ever be about us versus them. And education should not be a issue that divides us, it should be a issue that unites us. Charter schools have merits and they have questions that must be answered,but simply put efforts to better the education of americans cannot be belittled or discarded. But make no mistake, its not the be all or end all. And the fanaticism that I see surrounding this issue, and the politics is not a good thing!! But that aside, we must remember and get back to the issue at hand, which is not charter schools versus Public ed( a misnomer since charter schools ARE public ed) But repairing and correcting the education system in america so everyone, every child gets a quality education! Its not a us versus them issue, and eveyone who subscribes and pursues it(education) from that standpoint ought to be ashamed, because they are doing the kids of this nation a great disservice!! and on a personal note, I just want to stae for the recrd that in my area, if it wasnt forMy voice standing up for the original charter school, speaking out demanding that it be given a fair chance, the 11 schools that are now in existance in the city of Albany, wouldnt even exist, so dont include me in that us versus them BS! Its about better education plain and simple! all that other mess is just that: Mess!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ideas & insanity(the NY gubernatorial debate)

Ok, so last evening there was a "debate" in NY among the Gubernatorial hopefuls, and we can now say that it definately wasnt democracys most shining moment!  Hookers, inanity, and a little insanity, and yes the rent is too damn high! But the circus atmosphere at what was supposed to be a serious debate aside, I think it was clearly shown that Andrew Cuomo was the class of this crop.(with a nod to charles barron of course, who pulls no punches when it comes to black people I salute U sir!) Andrew rose above this political morass as a leader should, and as a leader is going to have to do, If NY is to return back to the state of prominence that it held until recently. But that aside, I must say that despite the carnival of souls that was held last evening, many good ideas were advanced. Progressive tax reform, Hydro-fracking. special procecutors and the like. And I hope whomever ends up the Gov(as if Andrew isnt a lock) will look into these Ideas. But out of all the issues voiced in the debate One stood out (at least to me anyway) and it wasnt the rent being too damn high, (and to be frank it is!)   The issue that stood out the most to me, was the continual blather about special interests and the distracting focus on same! Simply put: EVERY vote is a special interest, every party is a special interest, every support of any political candidate is a special interest!It's not that special interests are hi-jacking the political process, its that not enough Politicans are taking interest in doing whats right for America and the people as a whole! That is why Obama won, because he looked to have the BEST interests of the people of america at heart. And that is what, more than anything we need more of in America. Doesnt matter if they're democrat, republican, tea partier, libertarian, hooker party(a party I may have to look into) or the rent is too damn high party(and yes the rent is too damn high!) We need someone who has the best interests of the people at heart. And not someone who just talks about it, but someone who is about it! THAT will be the measure of the leaders who are elected this Nov. And I hope it's a standard that Andrew Cuomo will set and meet once he is elected. Because when you get right down to it, the people of this nation are the one real special interest, and they must and should be catered to!!! That is what this nation was founded upon and that is they way we must go, if we are to return to the greatness that was both NYS and the greatness that was America!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


As I watched most of the Delaware Senate debate last evening, I was appalled at the manner in which the Democrat in the race was pulling his punches, especially giving the fact that Christine O'donnell was not pulling any! I was hoping that some Democrats would finally be learning the lesson that President Obama  has been taught regarding the republicans and their Political mantra's in America , because  the lesson is that you cannot play nice with people who are out to destroy you!!!! I mean even the Moderators of this debate were stunned at all the wide open shots that werent taken, which opened the door for O'donnell. To be frank the moderators went after her far more than her opponent did! I doubt if there will be another debate, but if there is one, I hope that the kid gloves are taken off! Because with so much at stake in this election, posturing and pontificating is something that cannot be afforded, especially by democratic candidates! So next time, if there is one, KNOCK HER ON HER AZZ!!!!

And speaking of Delaware, with Obama and Biden endorsing the candidate there, and with Sarah Palin committing to endorse O'donnell, this is shaping up to be a preview of 2013 perhaps? We'll see in 3 short weeks America!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the gay potboiler

Simply put I wonder how much long the Gay issue will continue to potboil in America? As A issue it continues to divide and enflame america. and its is clear, given the contuing extreme nature of the issue, that it is long overdue for resolution. Simply Put I beleive that what the Gay community wants, America cannot give to them. You cannot legislate legitimacy, you cannot legislate self esteem. The validation that the Gay community wants I dont believe can ever be had, acceptance maybe to some extent, but never fully. But one thing is very much for sure, the Gay pot that continues to boil away on the stovetop of America needs to be removed one way or another. It has been on the cooker for far too long! Dont ask ,dont tell , I  and the rest of the straight community dont really want to know, and I think there are a lot of things the Gay community doesnt want, to know or hear, and would be better off that way. But it may be too late for them to remove themselve to a safe distance anymore! A hot pot can burn and I think the Gay community better become more aware of that before its too late!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama On the trail, Palladino continuing his Giant fail, and the Gay issue.

As President Obama sounds the clarion call out on the campaign trial to the electorate, I hope that he is employing all the contacts and networks he has to forestall any and all republican gains in this coming election. Because to be frank, for him, a republican victory and regaining of either house would be a complete disaster, as it would be for this nation as a whole. For the last two years the republicans  have given this nations well- being a back seat to their desire to undo the election results of 2008! And to portray themselves as anything other that the power mongering, self servers that they are is ludicrious! But they have and they have dont it to some measure of success! So with disaster looming, President Obama has no choice but to put the affairs of this nation on a lower priority while he tries to statve off what is nothing more than a Political coup! (You can referance the last few years in NY gov. as a more purient example) Simply put this is a huge fight, a fight for the future and for all our sakes we better hope that the better party wins! Because if the future becomes the past, if the republicans re-take control in any measure, then we have no future!!!

Now to Carl Paladino, Let me say I love this guys fire. He is a everyman, the beer swilling white dude from down the block, to whom  every black guy  is a black guy and so on and so forth. But while that guy is a part of Americana and to be expected, that guy could and should never be a leader or considered to be a leader. Carl Paladino is like the Archie Bunker of the new millenium, backed by a party of archie bunkers, the tea party. And as we continue to enjoy the spectacle of this pot stirred by republican aspirations, we must remember ,when we marvel at what new foible Carl Paladino's personality has wrought, that this apple fell from a republican tree, as did Christine  Odonnell, Meg Whitman, Sharon Angle and all the rest!

And now a point about the continuing Gay furor. Right is right and wrong is wrong, but we need to examine what makes it wrong! What is provoking these strong reactions against Gays AND indeed by gays! And let me say I agree with Mr. Paladino about the efforts to force acceptance of the Gay lifestyle into the mainstream. In america that is, because around the world the Gay culture is not accepted and indeed it is still, as it has been throught history, rejected! But that is another issue and fact to be examined. Me, Id like to see greater focus on the the extreme nature of reactions and action towards the whole gay dynamic. I mean why are gays killing themselves  as opposed to straights? That is a issue in itself. and something I dont think the gay community has yet to face. Shame is killing gay people and we need to try to understand and address why it is a shame and why people are shamed by it. Once we address that, we will take a giant step I believe   in this matter!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The full meal deal( including the Veggies!)

AS this election cycle progresses, Its amazing(at least to me anyway) How the debate has become like a childs meal, Not the full meal deal, and with the public definately not geeeting enough Nutritional Information to make the right choices. The republiucans have shaped the dialog and the debate so that it is sweet as dessert(to them anyway) but it totally lacks and substance or intellectual nutritional value. SO I and I hope many other are wondering, when will we get the full meal deal? when will we get all sides of the issue. The issue of Unemployment didnt come out of Nowhere. It certainly wasnt created by the Obama administration. and Neither did this defict! Neither did the wars we are emboriled in or a great many other issues that, according to what we are being regulalrly fed are the fault of Pelosi, Reid and Obama!!  So As this election progresses I hope that somewhow and someway Americas get the Full meal deal as it pertains to the issues at hand and of Importance, because  we aint getting the   full meal deal!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the weight of the world(political world that is)

As the political season progresses, I am reminded of the old myth about how Hercules took the burden of Atlas for a very short time. To bear the weight of the world, what strength must be had to accomplish such a feat? How akin to that is the though of Bill Clinton, as he has done so many times in the past shouldering the Hopes of the Democratic party in this election. With Barrack Obama so weighed down by the burden of trying to repair a cripped nation, how lucky is he to have a force like Bill Clinton to draw upon. And to think that democrats had the nerve to run away from anything Clinton at one time. Bill Clinton has been a consumate Democrat, a party loyalist and a party leader, and as he once again heads into the breach for a party that seems to forever need him, I can truthfully say How akin to Hercules and Atlas. Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. The weight of the Political world Borne  on two strong sets of political shoulders!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The road less travelled (and other campaign signs)

Sad that the road less travelled in this campaign season has been the high road. for indeed it is to wonder where would the candidacies of such tea party icons as Christine Odonnell & Carl Paladino be if they had travelled that road instead of the road of Political expediency that has been paved by the Tea party. Where would Sharon Angle be? Where would Meg Whitman be? The runaway locomotive that was the tea party express has become bogged down in the morass of gutter politics,backroom deals, and exposes! and As the Tea party plow goes, so goes the hopes of the republicans for political control! Sometimes the fast way is not the best way folks! And speaking of that Tortise and hare anology, I will say that in keeping to the high road, Linda Mcmahon up in Conn. is making inroads and indeed she may wrestle( yep I had to say it) her way into a seat! I wonder: Will Sarah Palin step up and speak for Carl Paladino? Will she for Christine Odonnell? Sharon Angle? Meg Whitman?  I know the phrase of the moment is waiting for superman, but the hopes of the republican party may rest with Super Sarah!

Monday, October 4, 2010

sleazy and cruel

Sorry for the long hiatus folks been a little busy. but lets get back to the political issues of the day! simply put the farce that has erupted over the Paladino statement about Andrew cuomos infidelity is a example of what can truly happen when the inmates are allowed to take control of the asylum. any Validity that Carl palidadino had was effectively destroyed with this action, and with the continuing saga of of such candidates like Sharon Angle,Meg Whitman, and of course Christine Odonnell,  it is clear that the dreams of the republican party of taking back the congresss are going up in  sordid and sleazy smoke! Hoisted on their own petard, how fitting! And to the issue of the day, while it is not really a political issue, it is one that is gripping America, and will no doubt become political shortly: simply put ,a man was driven by cruelty, not bullying,  by cruelty to kill  himself , and that is what must be understood and addressed in thsi ! Its not about him being gay, or the perpetrators being college kids, its about cruelty and sadism! The willful and delibarate attempt to take pleasure in someone elses pain and humiliation. And we as a nation need to address the rise in cruelty and sadism in our youth! That is the real problem here ,a problem that has been too long ignored. I am neither gay or a sympathiser of gay rights ,but none deserves to be abused, noone deserves the cruelety that was inflicted on this soul, gay or no, and I hope that the 2 idiots who saw fit to inflict this level of cruelty on this individual are made to suffer as they clearly wanted him to. And I hope that people, especially the young can somehow regain the respect for the lives of others that they have seemed to have lost! Cruelty is not cool!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tyranny & triumph

simply put, Israel is to be shamed for the tyranny it is esposuing with this continuance of its expansion of settlements and the encouragement of settlers. This is not the way to peace and the fact that the Israeli gov is dragging its feet or even wrose ignorning the issue is totally unacceptable. How can the nations of the world stand behind and supprt any nation that is in effect a tyranny? Can you imaging the wailing that would come if the situations were reversed? If Israel is so ready to squander the peace process due to stubborness then we as a nation must seriously being to rethink out alliance and support of Israel. Because how can we , as America, support Tryanny? How can we reprimand Iran, invade Iraq, challenge The taliban when our ally is as great a malefactor as they ever were! Stop the settlements NOW!!!!!!

Last evening MSNBC held a special education prtogram regarding the state of education in America, a subject and issue I have been grappling with for years here in Upstate NY and for all of the hype and hyperbole of last evenings programming the fact remains that we are just as far away from solving our educational problems in America as ever. And why, because we refuse to see the forest for the trees!  the Problems with American education lies in American sociology. and until we adress the continued flaws that are in our social structure until the same resources, opportunities and facilities that are available for one and avialable for all we will continue to decline as a nation. the problem with education has been highlighted for quite a while now, but as is allways the case in Ameirca rather than taking the steps to solve the problem we simply create another one. Public education had declined, and the creation of charter schools and the like sounded that alarm, but what has been done since the alarm sounded? Now instead of one functioning educational system for all we have two, one that isnt functioning and another that's barely fucntioning. there was much talk last night about helping the kids, but how can it be done when the continual jockeying for position has become more important than the kids themselves. when the politics that surround and permeatethe situation take predecesnce over the issue itself! When will the future of America  take priority over politics, posturing, pontificating, and the like? We know its a problem in America why cant we solve it? Because the solution is so simple .Resources, opportunities, and facilities no more no less thats all thats needed! I think it is so sad that we are so focused on charter schools and ignoring the fact that there are successful public schools throught this nation. And in every community they reside in are three things. resources, opportunties, and facilities, right here in Albany, where we have more charter schools per cpaita than any where in NYS , less than 20 miles north or west of albany we have school that have continual graduations and   exceptional students, so what is the difference between these students and the students in the more shall we say Urban areas? resources, opportunities, and facilities its that simple! THAT is what needs to be addressed, because to be quite frank the schools arent the problem!The teachers arent the problem  its as simple as Black and white, have and have not, its as simple as resources, facilties and opportunities. and until that mantra is crerated until we create a resource zone in communities nationwide that dont have them, until all communties mirror one another with resources, and facilities and opportunity education wont improve indeed america wont improve. That is the model we must follow, not some Indoctrination, it is outrageous that rather than fight the REAL fight we settle  for less. Forgert charter schools, forget childrens zones. I know where to look for success, and I know why there is success there, give me the resources, give me the opportunities, give me the same facilties that are in those communtieis that thrive without charter schools or childrens zones, and Ill give you A better america!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Presser

Simply Put: It is things like the settlements issue that stand in the way of true peace  and solutions in the middle east! This shouldnt even be a issue, it's wrong and everyone knows it wrong, so whats the problem? There should be no further expansion By Israel into Palestinian lands, and If Israel expects their right to exist to be respected then they should respect the sanctitiy of Palestinian land as well
Hate for hates sake. Be its the Mosque issue, immigration, gay rights U name it, hate for hates sake is allways appealing to the boors of our society.And boorish politics is allways appealing as well. That, more than anything else, is the allure of Tea Party Politics! Where haters can give voice to their hate and feel right at home!

Its sad that with his administration in such question and political trouble,   President Obama would learn such hard lessons about politics on the Job! It must be remembered that when the republicans are down, youve got to take them all the way out! Because they will work and stop at nothing to do the same to you!
the samaritian and the snake its that simple! Political nature. THEIR political nature!

And for all the squawking, the republicans need to learn and accept that it has been the outsider who has had the most success. Former Gov George Pataki came from nowhere to be the most suscdessful republican in NYS   Recent History. It is that kind of candidate, tea party or No, that republicans need if they are going to contend as a viable party again. And no, Carl Palladino and Christine Odonnell arent in the Pataki Mold.

And lastly Velma, Velma, Velma!what more can be said that she hasnt allready said herself?Way to stick the knife in Velma! House negros everywhere and Uncle Ruckus would be proud of you!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday GRAB bag!

To those decrying Andrew Cuomo's candidacy, hey, he was ELECTED to ATTY GEN and has served well. He has put himself in the postion he is in now by deed and action as much as anything else. The position like it or not as frontrunner was earned, so it is not wrong for him to enjoy the fruits of his labors. The travails of Carl Palladino only serve to show the true weakness of the Tea party and Tea party candidacies, sells well with red meat republicans not so well with everyone else! The promise to america, a promise of cotninued economic disaster if elected back into office! What will the next 2 years in office be like for President Obama? I dont like what has happened in the wake of the rise to leadership for black men in America.
What is the Gov of NJ doing camapigning in California? Why does Bill OReilly allways whine about white people being mistreated? I mean, how much have white people suffered in America? Will Sarah Palin run for president in 2012? R there bears in Alaska? And finally after president Obama , with efforts led by Sec of Satate Clinton secures, a 2 state solution for israel and palestine will they both share the credit?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deja vu?

So the republicans have  made a promise to America. Is it anything like the infamous Contract with America?Is it all about tax cuts and all the other republican mantras that we've heard so many times before, mantras and ideas that in every decade for the last 40 years have led america to ruin and financial insolvency? If that is what their promise entails and it does, All America should, In the words of our former first lady ( and fellow red afficinado)Nancy Reagan  JUST SAY NO!!!!! We've been down this road before with the republican party, we allready know where it leads, or has America forgotten the Gingrich led shutdown of the Gov in 1996?
So why in the h-e double hockey sticks would we, as a nation, consider going this route again? The promise the republican party is offering to America is to continue to cut taxs for the rich, abandon govermental responsibility, and leave all those who are poor, or disenfranchised, or not a certain color, to fend for themselves! We know this truth to be self evident because we've see it all before. Now the only question is America: Do we want to see it again?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tempest in the teapot.

So The republcan media is desparately trying to find a way to control this tempest that they have created called the tea party. As evidenced by the powder puff Interviee given Christine O'Donnell Last evening on fox with Sean Hannity, republican hopes for control are fading fast!!! This Election is rapidly  becoming  about choice and the covert racism and hatred that has been espoused  should not be the choice in 2010. And as the political waters are coming To A Boil it must be clear that
 it is the republicians not the democrats who are in danger of being Burned! Radicalism and out of control rhetoric, while a easy sell among the republican consituency is far harder to convert to votes among the general electorate. So  what we have here is  A proverbial tempest in a teapot. a bitter brew indeed for the republicans and hopes that seemed so lofty just two weeks ago!

40 something days until election time and I forone dont see the republican landslide that was so highly touted. Palladino made a bold statement with his victory in Ny ,but it was a statement for the republican party only. he'll get one shot, one debate with andrew in the next month and that wont be enough. Cuomo is too polished and too professional. he wont lose his cool, he wont make mistakes in the words of the greatest float like a buttefly sting like a bee! odonnell is a sham and soon to be a shame,and other than Sarah Palin Alaska doesnt matter at all. So this temptest in a teapot for all the tooting and steaming will soon be at a end, and the reality is that it will be the republican party, not the democrats who will be drinking its bitter swill!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

empire state edition

As NY is a microcosm of this nation, today we will begin by examining the state of state politics in NY! As you know  Andrew Cuomo, the odds on favorite to become the next Gov of NYS, is facing a long shot challenge from Carl Palladino, who won the Republican nod Via his tea party connections. And ,as most tea party candidates are known for, he has extremism in both his politics and his personal life. So as usually is done with ticking time bombs you maintain a safe distance and let it explode! Because that way it will do more damage to itself than anything else. Palladino will wing away for the next month, but as it sets in that Cuomo is a lock, the shots he will fire will become more and more ineffectual. It's too bad that Palladino didnt run for Senate, he might have won that race! But simply put the experience in public life and Leadership quality that Andrew Cuomo has will virutally lock this race down for the Dems. But crazy or No Carl Palladino was and is a shot in the arm for NY Republicans, who  at least now have a challenger as opposed to Rick Lazio, Who was never a threat.  Andrew Cuomo can and should preserve his energies for the storm that is to come in 2011. Because what David Patterson went thru with the Budget process is nothing compared to what Andrew will have to grapple with in 2011! As far as Rep Rangel goes ,like the wily old soldier  he is, he has weathered the media and political storm that surrounded him, and He is a lock to maintain his seat in congress and indeed perhaps even regain the power he lost on capitol hill. To be frank in the tough political times that are coming for the national dems and for NYS a man like Mr. Rangel is and will be needed! Experience and leadership personified in Rep Charlie Rangel. someone that President Obama needs to look to in the tough times that are ahead! The Mosque issue is offically over, so lets wind it down. The right of freedom to practice your  religion has been protected, but relations between Americans and Muslims have been set back a bit. But the say has been had both pro and con, let us now all go in peace!
so thats it for now on the NY  state side of Politics.

I will say about the town Hall meeting that was plastered all over the NY post today, there is a old saying there are none so blind as those who will not see.  And there is another saying, something that is being lost in all the political manipulation and hype that has blinded America to the effort that President Obama has made in just shy under 2 years! That saying is: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! And come Nov., we will see just how big a fool the American voting public is!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inmates running the asylum?

It's quite karmic to see how the republicans , who have been touting how much the democrats have been running away from President Obama  and his record in this election, are now running, indeed scarmbling away from the tea party and the assorted nuts who are coming forward as their standard bearers in this election!  Odonnell, Pallidino, Paul earlier all of them have had their WTF moments and Im sure their will be more to come. And now with such madness reaching the pinnacle  due to the revelation of Candidate Odonnell's former interest in Satan ,the republican party , as well as the american voting public, are wondering: Are the Inmates running the asylum in the republican/tea party? Usually it is the democrats who snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory in crucial elections, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that 2010 may become a missed opportunity for the republican party! And it is a missed shot that is clearly of their own making!

As far as the economy goes, simply put its time for some tough talk and some even tougher action coming from the white house and capitol hill regarding unemployment and the economy!  Simply put there is no money flowing, no money for expansion, no money for jobs! So where is all the money? Same place it has been for the last 2 years ,locked up in the banks!!! Banks who have benefitted and profitted at the expense and from the grace of the american people! Unusual times call for unusual measures! The white house must take the lead and make it understood that it cant be buisness as usual.Too many people are unemployed and facing hopelessness! The banks must be forced to free up credit, the Gov must take action to stimulate expansion, and I think that a small buisness Tarp fund , specifically created to create and facilitate jobs would do that!  We are facing Tough times  here in America and as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, its time to get going!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah Palin, from Joke to Juggernaut!

How the political worm has turned, as in the space of 2 years ,Sarah Palin has went from national joke to political juggernaut!  From the poster child for political inepetitude to the face of the republican party. How did this happen?Firstly Sarah has prvoen herself a lot more politically savvy than people gave her credit for, she took the ball that that was handed to her, and she has ran with it admirably! And ,as she spoke in Iowa last evening, it is clear that she is the one to beat in 2012. Who would have thunk it 2 years ago, but it looks like Sarah Palin, political force and kingmaker in the republican party, is having the last laugh on all her critics!

As far as the election goes, it is clear that thsi election will be a refferendum on America.With the forces of extremisim taking center stage. And I for one, find it hilarious how hard the republicans are now fighting to minimize the damage that these extremists are inflciting on their party and the public image of same. As the adage goes, when you lie down with dogs---

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chaos ,or would you like some sugar with that tea?

It seems that the tea party has brought the true nature of Chaos to the republican party. Choas, knows no party, has no allegience. Chaos only breeds chaos.Chaos feeds upon itself, and when you have the lLikes of Michelle Malkin, who worshipped at the altar of Karl Rove for all 8 years of the Bush administration rebuking her Lord in the manner in which she did on National TV last evening. You can see what sort  havoc that the chaos which is the tea party is reaping with the republican establishment! Nationwide, the question facing the republican establishment is What is happening? And the answer quite simply is :CHAOS! And who will bring order to this chaos come Nov? Looks  more and more like the Democrats! Michelle Malkin attacking Karl Rove?Whats next, Rush Limbaugh endorsing Obama?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primary potporurri

Last evening said a lot about the political situation in America. For one thing, the hype was dispelled by the reality and fact that the incumbents being thrown out in America are republicans not democrats. Last night also said that both the Tea party, and Sarah Palin, are becoming a force to reckon with in the REPUBLICAN hirearchy! Last night was also a powerful statement about Political love and loyalty as Rep Charles Rangel ,despite being under a cloud of ethics charges, won his primary challege with nearly 50 percent of the vote!  Note to those of you out there in Politico land who think you know, such status and loyalty can only be earned. People standing with  you thru thick & thin is a beautiful thing! Only In NY! In the space of 24 Hours the republicans have went from juggernaut to once again teetering on the brink of marginalization, and it is something of their own making. Simply put, the extremism of the tea party wont sell across the Board, there will be no Scott Brown miracles , No  mishandled camapigns. The Democrats stand poised and ready to score a significant victory in 2010 and the republicans are faced with the one thing that they have struggled against for the last two years  becoming crucial to their very political existance:CHANGE! Talk about supreme irony! The Tea party was created in resistance to the change promised in 2008 and it may be the force that creates change in the republican party and America in 2010!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Common Sense Cuts reality over rhetoric

A huge political victory was scored by President Obama over the weekend, when House Minority Leader Boehner was forced to admit that he would have no choice but to accept the common sense policy advocated by the president regarding the Bush tax cuts.For it was radically clear to him that even the most partisan of arguments could not stand in the face of common sense, plain and simple! And the realization that this was something that could not be spun negatively or misrepresented in the media by the republicans or the Tea parties! And this victory of reality over rhetoric is one of  what hopefully will be a series of victories lead By the president as he, and the democrats push forward in the Next 60 days!

Reality over rhetoric!( A tack first advanced at this blog) The keys to victory for the democrats in 2010 and the key to the marginaliozation of the party of NO  in 2010!

As the tea party continues to assert itself, it is clear that the republicans have created their very own little monster in this out of control movement! And as they continue to unseat republican after republican, you have to wonder, given a positive result for the tea party in Nov, will Sarah Palin be a tea party candidate for president instead of A republican standard bearer? Curiouser & curiouser!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama,turning the political tide, bible burning idiots, and 9/11/10

Can Obama turn the tide, can he break the back of the republican party by denyiung it the victory it so desparately needs in Nov.? It's very possible, but its is going to take a massive campaign level effort by the president to do it. The issues are there to stand upon, and there are many points that can be driven home, but this will take a campaign level push, day in and day out to make victory a reality. I guess it all comes down to how bad does President Obama want to push his legislative agenda and see it succeed? The ball is in his court and ,simply put, the future of his administration and democratic control is now in his hands!
Speaking of points to be driven home, it is the pointed headedness of these Bible burning Idiots in Fla, these mornonic mullahs of misguided madness that remind us all of just why we need to stand against fanaticism and out of control rhetoric in America! Sarah Palin came out against this plan as should all conservatives of merit in America, because this is the idiodacy that the rhetoric of the Sean Hannitys, the Glenn Becks, the Laura Ingrams, the Michelle Malkins, and the Rush Limbaughs of the world, and Fox news have produced! You cant preach morality from a immoral foundation! A pot can't call a kettle black! I call upon all media in America to ignore this action if it is taken, because that will send a stronger message and serve a better purpose than the telvising this burning could ever acheive. Responsible journalism. I know its hard ,but Have a little deceny please!
 And lastly:
‎9 years ago , in the greatest city in the world, the forces of hatred ,fananticism, and intolerance struck a blow the likes of which had never been seen on american shores. It was on that day that everything changed for americans and the world. It was on that day that Fear took a firm grasp.That day was 9/11/01. A day when hate felled the greatest of Mans achievements , his reach to the sky, the World Trade Center! I remember how it was pre 9/11, how carefree the world was, before fear and terror became the watchwords for a generation, and  now ,9 years later, as the world continues to writhe in the grasp of fanaticism, terror, and hate and fear mongering , I wonder :Will we ever return to those care free days of pre 9/11/01/? I for one truly hope so, but we must never forget that on that day THOUSANDS of lives were lost! Innocent lives to a cowards blow. Lives that shared only one commonality: they were in America! These were white lives, black lives spanish lives indian lives, asian lives! These were chrisitian lives, hindu lives ,buddist lives, even islamic lives! All different but with one commonality :They were lost in America! And that we must never forget to honor: that commonality! Because as americans we all lost a piece of ourselves on that day, we all became a little less safe, a little less free, a little less happy, a little less american. On 9/11/01 a piece of America was taken from us, but as we commemorate that sad date on 9/11/10 let us, by standing united in commonality, the commonality of being Americans, speak loudly to all thsoe who would still wish us ill in those dark and primitive corners of the world that you will never take anything else away from us again! and never forget 9/11/01 and what we lost that day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fighting fire with fire!

Yesterday the deafening silence that has been the democratic response to the media onslaught and siege waged upon them by the Republicans/Tea parties was broken in a big way as President Obama got very loud and very in your face with the republicans and their policies. And to be frank, that is what has been missing both from the Democrats and in the media, the other side of the story. While the Dems dont enjoy the luxury of a propaganda wing(Fox news) They still should have long ago made some kind of effort to get their side of the story out for public consumption.But I guess if they had done so they wouldnt be the Dems Ive known and watched snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory so many times in the past! But what the repsident did yesterday was a telling point and it will be interesting to see if he presses those points in the next sixty days, for indeed he must! Because this is his agenda, his political future at stake! A massive republican victory in Nov means in all likelihood that he may be a one term president, or a very ineffective 2 termer. They say those who dont learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them in the future. And its clear that the dems have yet to learn that the republicans are single minded when it comes to political power,   that they plan  and strategize from day one and clearly their strategizing is paying off once again! Like them or not, they are a well oiled political machine and if the dems, excuse my cantonese dont get their sh-t together, Both they & Americaa re going to once more be in the dog house! So I was very heartened to see Obama finally beginning to fight fire with fire here.  I was hopeful to see him calling a spade a spade as it pertained to republican policies and republican agendas. Because the only way this election will be won is thru confrontation, with the dems voice getting as loud as the republicans has been, the only way this election will be won is with the dems calling out the republicans as much as they have been calling out the dems on the issues, the only way this election will be won, and the legislative future secured is for the Democrats to fight fire with fire! So to President Obama for the Next 60 days its time to burn baby burn! And let your fire light the way for the Democrats!

And speaking of fire, once against the ugliness and stupidity of racism raises its head in america as some idiot preacher decided he's going to burn islamic bibles for 9/11. Genius move, just what the world needs more hate & violence spread in the name of "God" Nice to know that we are, in america, so ready to sink to the depths of hate that those who wrought 9/11/01  were so ready and willing to do! Youre not calling attention to radical islam, only american hate and racism! We must never forget 9/11/01 but commemorating it with hatred and ignorance is a insult to all those who died, and to all that we stand for and fight for in America! 9/11/01 was about hate, blind and unreasoning. Ring a bell Islamic bible burners?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


P. Sarah Palin is definately going to be in the running for the Republican nomination for president, and come 2012 she may even be big enough to run independently If the republicans establishment gives her too much of a hard time. But she must wean herself away from the fringe and the loonys that Fox continues to link her to IE:Glenn Beck If she is to truly make a run for the white house!
O. Obama(thats the president not the first lady) made a great speech(as he allways does) regarding the end of the iraqi war. Simply put, he did what he was elected to do, put us back on the right track ,and with the ending of the iraq war he did just that. And no amount of political spin or hype can change that fact! Well done Mr. president.
L. Labor. as we enter into this labor day weekend, President Obama and indeed all of washington DC's next task, the real war that must be fought, is to create the investment of capital by american corporations into america! We need jobs and in order to get them we need MONEY!!! A new stimulus in time for the Holiday season should be fast tracked, but due to politics it clearly wont be and that is a shame. But with more and more people suffering ,its time for partisan politics to take a back seat to united action on Labor! Labor meaning Jobs for Americans.As this is the lead issue, so must the president and the Democrats take the lead on it!
I. Information: Something which the public is clearly lacking as they ,like rabble, are bing roused byu the very Bums they just threw out, to put them back into power. Go figure!

T. Triumph Let us all hope for the ultimate trimuph in global diplomacy as the palestinians and Israeli's are once again at the peace table. Many have tried, but the ultimate trimuph, peace in our lifetime, has allways been just out of reach. Perhaps finally we can get what is indeed long overdue, two states living in peace side by side!
I. Illumination. As we prepare to commemorate all those lives lost on 9/11/01 it wwill also be time to once again shine the light of freedom worldwide! A light that all of us must remember. There is a reason why so many died and why the towers came down, and it wasnt Islam! It was because of freedom, freedom the like of which has never been seen and is like nowhere else on this planet! American freedom! A light brighter than allah, a light brighter than islam, a light that will never die out!
C. Community, the world community. Do not forget the people in pakistan. Give what U can, and do what U can. We are our brothers keeper and I hope that the USA is at the forefront(as it allways is) in this humanitarian effort.
S. Support, speak out and stand up! Remember, in less than 2 months the future will be decided for us here in America and for the world! This is a milestone election coming up! Too important to be decided by media hype , partisan hyperbole, and exploited ignorance! So support change, stand up agaisnt ignorance ,racism, and hate! And speak out and spread the word about Nov 2010! Because its about the future your future!

Enjoy the Holiday weekend!