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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primary potporurri

Last evening said a lot about the political situation in America. For one thing, the hype was dispelled by the reality and fact that the incumbents being thrown out in America are republicans not democrats. Last night also said that both the Tea party, and Sarah Palin, are becoming a force to reckon with in the REPUBLICAN hirearchy! Last night was also a powerful statement about Political love and loyalty as Rep Charles Rangel ,despite being under a cloud of ethics charges, won his primary challege with nearly 50 percent of the vote!  Note to those of you out there in Politico land who think you know, such status and loyalty can only be earned. People standing with  you thru thick & thin is a beautiful thing! Only In NY! In the space of 24 Hours the republicans have went from juggernaut to once again teetering on the brink of marginalization, and it is something of their own making. Simply put, the extremism of the tea party wont sell across the Board, there will be no Scott Brown miracles , No  mishandled camapigns. The Democrats stand poised and ready to score a significant victory in 2010 and the republicans are faced with the one thing that they have struggled against for the last two years  becoming crucial to their very political existance:CHANGE! Talk about supreme irony! The Tea party was created in resistance to the change promised in 2008 and it may be the force that creates change in the republican party and America in 2010!

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