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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tempest in the teapot.

So The republcan media is desparately trying to find a way to control this tempest that they have created called the tea party. As evidenced by the powder puff Interviee given Christine O'Donnell Last evening on fox with Sean Hannity, republican hopes for control are fading fast!!! This Election is rapidly  becoming  about choice and the covert racism and hatred that has been espoused  should not be the choice in 2010. And as the political waters are coming To A Boil it must be clear that
 it is the republicians not the democrats who are in danger of being Burned! Radicalism and out of control rhetoric, while a easy sell among the republican consituency is far harder to convert to votes among the general electorate. So  what we have here is  A proverbial tempest in a teapot. a bitter brew indeed for the republicans and hopes that seemed so lofty just two weeks ago!

40 something days until election time and I forone dont see the republican landslide that was so highly touted. Palladino made a bold statement with his victory in Ny ,but it was a statement for the republican party only. he'll get one shot, one debate with andrew in the next month and that wont be enough. Cuomo is too polished and too professional. he wont lose his cool, he wont make mistakes in the words of the greatest float like a buttefly sting like a bee! odonnell is a sham and soon to be a shame,and other than Sarah Palin Alaska doesnt matter at all. So this temptest in a teapot for all the tooting and steaming will soon be at a end, and the reality is that it will be the republican party, not the democrats who will be drinking its bitter swill!

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